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LAVA is a discord server that aims to bring gamers and nerds together, creating a fun community to stay and chat and also play games with.
We are an global OSRS discord community dedicated to providing a richer experience to all members, and . Welcome home.

Uhh Scape is an alternative to traditional clans that use possessive tactics and tyrannical structuring to subjugate clanmates. While we will initially use a 3-tier hierarchical system, the goal is to end up with 1 rank among all members: CREATOR. I hope to start this community, and for U to complete it. Lesgo! For the time being, I will hold a temporary DEVELOPER role in the creation of this order. As developer, I pledge not to delete this discord server, and to remove the role when we reach 1024 members on discord, at which point we will poll upto 24 creators.

Please visit the #✔🔆0rderves🔆✔ channel to !agree to community guidelines, and gain INITIATE rank, which unlocks all non-creator voice and text channels.