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Hello everyone introducing a brand new server: Zer0 Her0, this server is a gaming/hangout server where you can chill and meet some new people!

We have
And litteraly everything else
The War zone is a place for roleplaying and talking about war and weaponry. You can make your soldier/mercenary/assassin in anyway you want, it can be in the realistic, sci fi, steampunk, or whatever you want. So please enjoy your stay here.
This server was made for playing any game you want and just a place for people to talk about anything game related. We have online staff ,if you ever have a problem with people on the server you can ask our staff. We will try to get to you the fastest we can. We also host some scrim matches so be on the look out for that.
This is a server for people to chat and get to know each other and make friends! We got plenty of bots, self assignable roles, cool text channels, music bots, etc.!
It is a fairly new server based around gaming and has many different channels for sharing pictures, video's and other things. Gamers saloon also has an advertising channel where you can share adverts of other discord groups and that. Everyone is welcome to join. :). Whether you enjoy playing roblox, avakin life, sims games, fortnite, MMO's or other games... this server is about gaming.
Whats up? We play games and do stuff its all chill here all games are there and everything is cool
Crowd 9
Created 09/11/2018

Crowd 9 is a Discord server for gamers.

Introduction: Introduce yourself and let us know who you are.
Anything-goes: Chat about anything and say what you like. 18+
Memes: Post your best memes.
Meet-players: Meet a new friend or just find someone to play with.

Game Chatroom's (More on request)

Crowd 9 is a newly opened server and is looking for a serious
and trusted member to become and mod and help out.

Come and join Crowd 9 and have some fun, meet new people and post your content.