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Making new friends in this server and chit chat, there's cute emojis and it is a pretty aesthetic server. a SFW server for everyone and all ages. We do partnerships as well.
Hello this is my server Sugoi Lounge! we are a bunch of kind weebs that are really chill and just wanna socialize Hello it would be appreciated if any was to join im trying to grow my server.
-has no toxicity everyone’s friendly and kind
-make new friends easily
-were weebs love anime
-we accept everyone
-and a kind staff
-different Channels for everything
This server is a community to talk about, games, fun events and more!
------Spooks World-----
24/7 music channels
Interactive Owner
Animated server information
Chill members

Not convinced yet?
No pressure on members
And fun events!

There is way much more to explore in my server, have a great day! and we hope to see you join

Invite link:
GIF animation:
Voting place:
🟠 Plag EB is an open-wide website that allows to the visitor to explore the world of games and download tested games for free.
Can it get anymore obvious? This server is literally ENTIRELY about sexy anime boys. Here's what we got:
-An archive of anime boy pictures to suit your tastes (you can add to it, too)
-Areas to discuss your favorite anime boys (or general things you want to talk about)
-A great (and slightly crazy) group of owners

Come over and have fun scrolling through the various pictures we have! Hope to see you there~ 🤗
👋Welcome to Yassine's crew, a small team that want fun among poeple!
🤍Among us every Thursday!
💜PUBG Channels!
💛News every day!
💚More and mooore!
A new PODCAST team that want's to grow up!
Support us by joining and also,
Subscribing to our YT
and Twitch!
Fireball Entertainment is a server to make friends, hangout, and talk with people!
You can talk about anything you want (as long as it is SFW).
A place for all woodland creatures to get along! We're new so we don't have a lot of members right now, but we'd love to have you along!
Hello! Welcome to my sever! We have all sorts of cool stuff we are a Henry stickmin sever if not known!
What we have instore:
All sorts of channels
Fun roles
Voice channels and text channels for all your needs!
All sorts of fun stuff
And a verify system!
Come join us please we would enjoy you
- Events
( Movie night, Kahoot, skribbl, Simon says!)
( Fun Bots)
(All about chatting and fun)
- FRIENDLY (No bad words)

Welcome to Redride's Hub, we do events and try to give you as much fun as you need. We let out moderating applications alot! The owner has a youtube channel and posts really cool videos for you and the comminuty. What are you waiting for, Join now!
A community based mostly on gaming, but we do other things too. Talk about your rage in playing videoagmes, have some laughs, whatever, we're just here to have some fun.
we are a small division 2 and destiny 2 server just starting up we focus on fun and fairness with minimal rules
✿│ Cupcake's Promotion Server
❝ looking to partner? ❞ ... ❝looking to promote?❞

We are a 2 in one server ... we are a portal and A promotion server
We can help your server grow

we offer...
• Self Promotion
• Free Advertising
• Ping partnerships
• Multiple Partnership channels
• Giveaways & hosted Giveaways
• Over 100k+ member servers to Mass partner with

Put your server up now!! JOIN NOW
we are looking for staff !! apply now !!
Server Builders is a business dedicated to help server owners and build servers for others.

We give out advice, sell servers, make fully custom servers, and anything else you need! We also have fun bots for you to use and a place to share your stuff.

We have on time deliveries and easy to contact staff. Please feel free to join and check us out!
What we provide...
|¥A completely SFW server!
|¥Adorable roles and cute people!
|¥Fun bots! We are always adding more bots so feel free to ask for one!
|¥Looking for staff!
|¥Loving and accepting!
Come to our cafe today!
This server is mainly focused on content creators like yt and twitch
You can promote your content here also you can do partnership with us!
we are a fun community where we RP.
Advantages about us:
-We have a-lot of roles to offer.
-Staff members are always active and helpful.
-We are a nice and friendly server.
We have a variety of porn bots for you to enjoy and use as you wish.
Если вы начинающий деятель в музыке,артах и прочем, то этот сервер для вас.Здесь вы можете обсудить свои работы и показать их остальным людям.Также просто завести новых друзей и хорошо провести время