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(18+) Welcome to the Kaka village! the hotspot for everyone that loves thick thighs, tan skin, and toothy smiles, aka all that is tao !
also a great place for meeting others with taokaka inspired oc's and checking out all of their fantastic art !
Looking for a somewhat active fighting game server?
if so this is the place for you!

❗❗Smash Ultimate Weekly Tournaments are now being planned❗❗
Planned date and time: 12 PM (PST) / 8 PM (BST) On Sundays
Along with this we are looking for Tournament Organizers that can help with questions and general tourney set ups

what does the server offer?
For Smash Ultimate:
- Help with Ryu, Ken & Terry combos, inputs and their matchups
- Active players at all skill levels

For Street Fighter:
- Character help (Hopefully you can and someone for your character & Game)
- Having players for both Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V & More

For BlazBlue:
- Character help (Hopefully you can and someone for your character & Game)

Other than the games we have:
- Unique custom emotes
- Friendly members and staff
- Places for art, music, links and much more
(Street Fighter and BlazBlue are all grouped as one)

So, why not join and check out Misinput
Shiba's Switch Cult is a Nintendo switch server for the online games we love on the Switch. We play Dragon Ball FighterZ, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, SkullGirls and many more online titles. We're a community that strives to stay connected and have fun. And remember this is a SWITCH server. We hope to see you here :)
I'm Jinny, the Touga Hyoujin Queen. AKA The random chick that mains Jin in every BlazBlue.

This is a SFW server for (mostly) fighting games and anime. This server has fighting game streams on most Saturdays.

This server is for casual play of all skill levels. Please keep in mind that it's sfw.


Kaltia, a rather large continent thriving with life, magic, and culture; a realm of beauty forged through wars. A continent who’s culture blends together the architecture of the Romans and Mesopotamians with the military style of the Spartans, Aztec, French Knights, and even the Sweedish Vikings. However, nothing ever stays still in the process of time, and as such an unholy force has torn the veils of reality to take hold and conquer the luxurious lands for its own. A mysterious Android calling itself Dr. Silver broke through the barriers of reality with an army of mechanical beasts, hellbent on taking the lands as its own, however the natives had other ideas. With Spears and Shields of Ironsides facing uniforms and guns, the soldiers of Kaltia (under the command of the wandering Storm Legion) took up arms to face the mechanical menace. Unbeknownst to the two conflicting groups the elusive ruler of Aronersia, the Vampire Lord Levits Dumas saw an opportunity to both entertain himself and distract the masses by pulling an entire region from his viewing glass. With the hopes of using this distraction to sate his vampiric thirst and pull his play at achieving godhood. How does Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fit into this wild, and flashy world? Why, as a bid to gain further control of Kaltia, Dr. Silver decided the best course of action was to research previously documented realities in attempts to find both modifiable weapons, and persons who would join his cause with the right amount of negotiation. Upon his surveillance, he happened upon the version of Earth where the Joestar Bloodline existed, intrigued by the unique powers, and the existence of the Pieces of the Saint, He used his technology to pull the antagonists and protagonists through time and space at mere seconds before the defeat of each part's villain. Despite convincing the hellish villains to join his cause, his interloping within the reality pulled the Joestars into the world as well, and scattered the Pieces of the Saint across the regions of Kaltia. How will all of this play out with figures like Rachel and Hazama stepping into the stage of history? How will the Joestars handle this bizarre new world and the mastermind who pulled them here? What shall the NOL do against the natives of Kaltia? How will Ragna face the new threats without losing all of his money to Tao? You decide their fates, in BlazBlue: Shifting Fates!

Welcome to BlazBlue: Shifting Fate, a server that pulls the characters from Continuum shift into a wild new world on the verge of total war! We are a friendly RP server that obviously takes place in the BlazBlue series, but with a unique twist that turns the characters in Continuum Shift on their heads. We allow Original Characters, as well as all 18 playable characters from Continuum Shift! (including two Characters from the series to be revealed later!). The Roleplay Style of the server revolves around in depth character development, Semi-literate posts, and most importantly, Flashy and intense fights! Come on over to see what happens in BlazBlue: Shifting Fate!
Hello! we are a community of pirate fighting games we play online: blazblue, guilty gear, skullgirls, tekken, soulcalibur, umvsc3, dbfz among others
A Discord server created for the content makers of the Blazblue series. Come and join, all artists of all skill levels welcome! This includes:
- Digital art
- Writing
- Cosplay

Ask an admin about our NSFW role (18+ users only)
Brawlbrothers is a fighting game discord mainly focused for ❤Nintendo Switch Player💙

We are trying to gather all the Nintendo-Switch fighting Player and create a simple big community!

Super Smash Bros.
And more!


An RP server set in the Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle universe! All 7 universes currently in the game are welcome, so drop on in if you're interested in trying your hand at RPing your favorite fighting game characters!
A small server looking for new members. Please read the rules when you join so you can get permission to type.
A discord server for all of your fighting game needs! Whether it be questions, or just want a nice community to talk to about your favorite fighting games! Just come on down to the Fighter's Cantina!