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☆.。.:* welcome to angelface ☆.。.:*

a new, social server for people who are looking for a sense of belonging - positive vibes for every angel!

i'm looking for admins and jus some new people to be friends with!
i hope to see you there 。・:*:・゚☆
Underage server 12-17, trading/dating server. Enjoy.
Welcome! We're a gaming/hangout community of chill people and we're here for a good time. (12+ recommended, English-speaking server.)

Our server hosts events, giveaways, and a fantastic group of people which creates an environment for all to enjoy.
Blooming Romance
Lonely all the time?

Want to find new friends or a potential lover?

This is the perfect server for you


We have...

currency bots

self roles

Game Nights

Karaoke Nights

Music bots

Private Voice chats

Private Chat Rooms

I’ll see you at my server <3
if you are bored, love marvel, and over the age of 12 you will fit right in. this place is about making friends and talking/texting about random stuff. you can talk about any thing and do whatever you want but not porn. NO porn, ok if you do, you will get banned. that is really the only rule, so have fun and met other bored people.

PS this channel has swearing
Join us today! So we can talk about life, and disuse the hidden secrets in our society! You can choose your secret agent code name, read letters and more. Fun activities here for you to play, so what you waiting for? Become a member today!
Hello! Were a a new server looking too make new friends... if your anti-social or just lonely come in! looking for staff applications (admin, moderator, co.)
˜”°•.˜”°• Welcome to Heaven's Love •°”˜.•°”˜
We're a LGBTQ+ Community and if you're a LGBTQ Supporter
who is trying to find more people to find our one and only lover or just make long-lasting friends!
Any age is welcome but most recommended is 12+, here is some stuff we offer :vigneWink:
✿ ~ Memes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
✿ ~ Music :notes:
✿ ~ Mental Help Center :hospital:
✿ ~ NSFW :underage: (only accessible for people with the role; warnings involved)
✿ ~ Art :art:
✿ ~ Real Life Center :house_with_garden:
✿ ~ and much more~!

Join us today! You'll be sure to like it, and we hope you enjoy your stay! Yours truly,
Heaven's Love Admin Team.
♡ Welcome to You're My Everything
♡ We are a community of people who like to talk, make friends or perhaps get an e-partner!
♡ The server is very chill and alot of the members are very welcoming and try to help you have a great time!
♡ So, Why not join this server for the thing your looking for! Is it to talk, get some friends, play games and have a good time like the others? Well c'mon then! Join.
♡ Please feel free to join and be comfortable in the community, relax and let your stresses be released and get stuck in conversations ♡

♡ Thank you for reading :)
this server is for people who are lonely and want to make new friends 🦋☁️
Hey there! This is Smile we're a community that tries to help everybody to stay happy and let them smile. We're new and we'd love some help!
A Dating server and a server to find and make good friends. Hope to see you there!
Hangout Server Just To hangout have fun and Talk
This is my server, I am hosting a non toxic server with fun topics like gaming, manga, and others. This is a sfw server with a supportive community and a channel to vent, or help someone else. Furries are allowed but If I find porn, your're out
♡ Welcome to Falling For You♡
♡ We are a commune of people who like to talk, make friends or perhaps get an e-partner!
♡ The server is a very chill place and members are very welcoming!
♡ So, Why don't you join this server for the thing your looking for to talk, get some friends, play games ect.
and have a good time like the others
♡ Please feel free to join and be comfortable in the community, relax and let your stresses be released and get stuck in conversations.

♡ Thank you for reading and I hope you decide to join us! >.<
Raiding Migth Be a Perm Mute Welcome Dear Member

Join the New World Empire!
If you are looking for a military-style roleplay server with friendly people this server is for you!
The NWE has an extensive, detailed, and illustrious history that makes the roleplay all the better.
Here, you are free to be yourself as long as you follow the rules.
Our server includes, for your viewing pleasure:
~ A fully fleshed military-style rank structure with promotions
~ Awards for various deeds
~ Games such as Trivia and RPG
~ The chance to to become a leader and to lead others
~ Many roleplaying opportunities in the form of campaigns
~ Memes, lots of ‘em
~ And with you joining, so much more!
So what are you waiting for?
Be a part of something!
Join the New World Empire Today!
The After Midnight Roleplays is a RP server. (Obviously..) What will you find here? ✨ Amazing Roleplayers! ✨ ✨ Great RP Ideas! ✨ ✨ RP & ERP Channels! ✨ ✨ Private VC/Text Rooms (FREE) ! ✨ ✨ Friends To Chat With! ✨ ✨ More! ✨
Any kind of shamming will result in an instant BAN, so don't even try!
If you like to RP, just join! And I can tell you a secret....
Your skill levels don't matter!
✨See ya soon?!✨
Welcome to Lovely Lounge! This is a place where people with the same interests and same ages can come and chill out, find a new friend, or maybe even more if you're lucky! ;)
An Roleplay Server, Made by Dario.
This server has:
Multipal World Rp's.
PRemade Characters.
Awesome Staff
Lovely Owner's (The 2 Roleplay Founders Are A Couple!!)
And also, We are one of the only who accept suggestions of new parts for an Roleplay <3