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Witaj towarzyszu!

Dołącz do naszego grona.

Serwer jest dwujęzyczny.

Mamy miłych ludzi na serwerze.

Własnego bota.


Kanał do randkowania

Rozmawiamy o japońskiej sztuce.

Gramy w gry.

Świetnie się bawimy.

I troszkę więcej.

To perfekcyjne miejsce aby nauczyć się angielskiego.

Jeśli chcesz być jak my to dołącz.


What's up comarade!

Join us please.

Server is bilingual.

We have nice pepole in our community.

Own bot.


Dating text canal.

We are often talking about japanese art.

We are playing games.

We have fun.

And a little more.

It's perfect place to learn polish.

If you want to be like us, join!

Kamu telah diundang ke dunia baru Earth 7!

Mencari discord server seru dengan member yang santuy living? Keluar dari duniamu sekarang dan berkunjung ke Earth 7!

Kita punya
➪ Komunitas paling chill di seluruh Discord
➪ Member 100+
➪ Channel-channel spesifik!
➪ Bot Games!
➪ Event seru seperti NOBAR!
➪ Event seru seperti MABAR!

nunggu apa lagi? cepetan join!!
Diktatör sunuculardan sıkılmadın mı ?
tamamen eğlenceye dayalı her türlü değere saygılı bir discord olmak için kuruldu oyun oynayanından sohbet edenine herkese yerimiz var hadi gel ve eğlenmeye bak
So, What is Koukou Dabora?
Koukou Dabora is a visual novel parody with a deeper lore behind it. A lore that spans a journey across the internet to find it's hidden secrets. It's also a dating sim. Meet the girls:
Rosetta: Timid and mature. She is the most responsibile of the friend group.
Ivory: The classic tsundere type. She's always there to call out your crap.
Lilac: She's goth and proud of it. She believes in ghosts and magic. She's super sensitive about it, so don't make fun of her for it.
Can you put up with Lilac's paranoia, Ivory's rudeness, and an opposing force affecting your world?

This is a the OFFICIAL community server dedicated to Koukou Dabora! Here, you can talk to fans, talk to people who've worked on Koukou Dabora, and browse fanart! As always, have fun, and remember: Be an Iris, not an Ivory!
Sunucunun aktif kişilere ihtiyacı vardır !
Bu sunucuya neden katılmalısın ?
Sade ve kullanışlı bir ortam
Aşırı küfür yok
Yaş Din Dil Irk Ayrımı yok
Bu yüzden sade ve kullanışlı discord sunucumuza senide bekleriz !
The server is based around the YouTuber HowToRoblox, who creates Roblox scripting tutorials.
The server is a community for game developers using the Roblox Studio game engine, where you can get feedback, help and collaborate with others.
The official server of Gamer Daksh. Here we have:-
1. Events
2. Ranking system
3. Gaming bots
4. Gaming voice channels
And many more...
Join us now!
Welcome to chillax!
Chill and chat with our members
Server ini tujuannya buat chat bareng member lain, topiknya bisa apa aja yang penting kalian nyaman.

Owner, moderator, dan membernya baik kok. Kita gak gigit wkwk

• Private VC
• Play Bot
• Game Room
• Public VC
• Public Chat Room
• English Chat
• And many more
Welcome to Emma’s Garden!!

We are a identity V based sever but feel free to check us out. We are still a wip but basically everything done! It would be a pleasure to have you join us.

We can offer things like,


-team ups
-rank team ups
-duo team ups
-custom matches

-crackhead humor.

- yolo

- color roles.

- organized channels.

- Fun emotes

And just fun. Ya know. So why don’t you come check us out? It would be a lot of fun!

~~And the owner is tired of having to play games with the admins. We lowkey suck as a team together~~
This is a server that handles role play, hangout, and is themed around the game/anime/manga Angels of Death.

We welcome anime Weebs and Roleplayers of any kind!

If you haven't seen the anime or played the game I wouldn't recommend joining. As this server will have spoilers.

We are all here for fun and to get to know other people that have similar interests. We don't have a set time for roleplay so that means you can roleplay with anyone you want.

We have multiple bots including but not limited to:

Dank Memer(ah yes we also like to meme)

So if your interested, please join! We are a small community looking to expand!

We are also semi-active :D
- set notifikasi/ reminder
- giveaways
- room mabar
- room yang membahas anime
- room yang membahas kpop
dan masih banyak lagi
so? segera masuk

📧 Contact dan Sosmed

Contact Bisnis : [email protected]
Email : [email protected]
Instagram : @onta.diamond_player
Facebook : Aldi Onta

๑₊˚ ɞɞ┇Clover ☘️ !┇˚₊๑

We are Anime Community aesthetic server we always search new member, Friendly | Gaming | Anime | join us now and make friends!. Server based on Indonesian


╭๑˚ :: Lot of bots
┊๑˚ :: Partnership and Affiliates
┊๑˚ :: No Toxic, No NSFW.
┊๑˚ :: Channel simple.
┊๑˚ :: Staff Friendly and active.
╰๑˚ :: Event {Giveaway and Podcast}

.・。.・゜✭ ・✫・゜・。.

๑₊˚ ɞɞ┇Link:
Сервер где ты всегда сможешь найти приятную компанию и что орошо провести время за разговором с новыми знакомыми и со своими друзьями
Looking for a server to join with a good community? Feel like talking about games, anime, or even something different entirely?

Come check out Haifuri Fleet Harbor!

While not explicitely named after the Server's namesake, an anime of the same name, this server is actually the home server of a guild based in the mobile game Azur Lane. Our guild has a server of its own, and it's open to everyone! We are a community server, and while we do spend time talking about the mobile game our guild is based in, we also discuss many other topics as well.

What we have:
- A small, but good community to socialize with, don't be afraid to participate in chat!
- Roles exclusive to members of our guild, and roles for those who are there simply to be a part of the server
- Fan-Art related channels
- Channels for memes, dark humor, and more!
Shame is a server based around making friends, having a good time, and overall just becoming a family. Everyone in Shame has grown to have love for eachother and it’s an amazing community.
:relaxed:Eğlenmek mi istiyorsun?:relaxed:
:relaxed:Aktif bir sunucu mu istiyorsun?:relaxed:
:relaxed:Yetki kazanmanin kolay olduğu bir sunucu mu istiyorsun?:relaxed:
:relaxed:Erkek veya kız ayrım yapmadan seni bu sunucuya davet ediyoruz!:relaxed:
:crown:Seni aramızda görmeyi çok isteriz :):crown:
Vuoi un server dove divertirti ecco Prippo Community!
In questo server puoi:

•Conoscere altre persone

•Rollare come meglio preferisci

•Fare Partner con noi

Entra no?
This is server to have fun and relax
Features :
- Music
- Bots
- Active Admins (Maybe)
- Many channels
Join my game https://beta.modd.io/play/SpaceLiftingSimulator
╔═══.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═══╗


╚═══.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.═══╝

This server empire was created by its empress,
gypsy! We are a literate to semi-literate community.
We accept a variety of species and do everything we can
to enhance your creative side!

─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ────── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───

Here is what we have to offer:

:sparkling_heart: Friendly and welcoming staff!

:art: Channels where you can showcase your art and embrace your artistic side!

:ribbon: A unified yet diverse community!

:robot: A wide range of bots to test and play with!

:musical_note: Music of any kind you can listen to!

:loud_sound: Voice Chatting!

:map: Unique and explorable lands through role play!

:heavy_plus_sign: So much more!

Join to see what we truly have to offer for
Bundles is an innovative DEFI project that challenges token holders against each other to own the most $BUND. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20), it features staking mechanisms to allow token holders to use their Crypto prediction skills to choose which cryptocurrencies will perform best over a variety of staking periods.

Out of 10 popular cryptocurrencies, $BUND token holders can choose to stake their tokens on a single asset or a ‘Bundle’ of assets (yes, that’s where the name came from!) to achieve the highest returns during the staking period. We offer low risk and high risk pools to meet your risk profile.
Esse é um servidor feito para #democratizar

- Múltiplos bots de músicas com canais de extrema qualidade.
- Akinator, Gartic, Mudae.
- Temos rank, mas só para brincar.
- Gestão ativa de membros.
- Gerador de Call