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Want to join a server full of furs who care and can support you?
A server that you can spend time on and meet new people in?
Or a server that accepts everyone no matter who they are?
Well you've come the right place!
Come on in and meet new furs today, and maybe your future husband or wife!
Non-furs welcome!
Hey! Come and join candlelight today and meet your significant other! We have cool chats and some cool bots and we would love to have you. 13-19 only. This is a dating server.
MAYBE | Social community.

Active Community, Self Roles, LGBTQ+ & Female Friendly, Minigames, Gaming, Selfies, and much more. Join us and make friends!
Welcome to our safehaven dedicated for mythical races situated in the small town of Forks, Washington.

Based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer, our server is dedicated to STRICTLY LITERATE ROLEPLAYS including vampires, werewolves, humans, and hybrids. OCs ONLY. With quality bots, a variety of channels and a great community, there's no reason not to join our home. Don't want to roleplay? No problem! You're always free to stay in our server without claiming a character. Our staff is always here to hear your questions, suggestions and concerns. We hope to see you in our haven!
☆★ Welcome to Ally's Territory. An anime and trap themed discord server ★☆
❤︎ Anime ❤︎ Gaming ❤︎ Traps ❤︎ Transgender ❤︎ Femboys ❤︎ Selfies ❤︎ Lewds ❤︎
*boops* Hey there I'm Matty this is my new server!

What we have so far...
Plenty of emojis, roles, channels and bots for fun
Nsfw for adults of course

Feel free to join and help us grow, I promise I won't bite...hard~
In this server, we roleplay and chill in the same place and, our server might be still under construction but we have a friendly staff and we are glad to help and get suggestions to make the server really good and I hope to make the server really big. Our roleplay is about A WW2 theme and a steam punk style and a little bit of power, So please join us and have fun!
Thank you, <3 Owner
Before we get started, this is not an nsfw server but we do have a nsfw channel. But it’s not the servers purpose.

I’m sure you’ve been on your fair share of toxic lgbt servers, whether its people being insensitive or just plain idiots we’ve all been there. This server hopes to not have that with kind admins and a caring owner.
It’s got a meme channel for your meme needs and pokecord for some wholesome fun. This server definitely isn’t perfect and that’s why we have a server suggestion channel so you can help make it enjoyable. When you join please make sure to make an intro and get those roles so we know more about you.
Named after the Japanese fox god, Inari, we are a gaming and anime community. We’re here to have fun, joke around, and build friendships. We are 18+ and the majority of us are 21+. In addition to our gaming and anime focus, we offer a variety of interest channels including Art, Music, and 420. Active members are rewarded access to exclusive channels. The goal of our community is to have fun. We come from all sorts of different time zones and backgrounds, and this is our hangout spot where we can chill with friends.
Fort de la Pussi™ is a community-focused roleplay server. We're LGBT friendly, furry friendly, and if someone's not interested in doing NSFW roleplay, they're more than fine to join! The server itself is 18+, and we'd like to keep it that way! If you're curious about anything, our friendly staff will happily help you out!
P&K House is an LGBTQ+ accepting server, it's fun for many, if you want a lover or some friends to chit chat to, you can enter into here :)
Once your in, a Co-Owner, 'Zim', will greet you, well anywho thank you for joining, we'll be waiting~

We're a 100% SFW, growing community of players and chatters, hoping to bond together to form a fantastic environment where everyone has access to the support they may need in order to truly get by happily in the world. We thrive off of the idea of gaining members of all different backgrounds and maintaining a safe space in which where, no matter who you are or where you come from, YOU are the most important.

I have massively high aspirations for this community, even if, when inside, it doesn't seem so at first. I'm desperate to build this community how I envisioned a truthful, honest community, where others can chat and make the friends that I've always wanted, myself.

This community is ran by me, a trans, male to female, late teenage student, currently battling through the NHS to be where I want to be and live happily. So, building this community is something I'm honestly really looking forward to, as it allows for others to chat, make friends and close bonds and also get the support and friendships that everyone needs in life to keep them happy.

The server also incorporates a slight affiliation with my Twitch streaming career. Over there, I plan to do exactly the same as what I plan to do with the Discord server and highly value deep connection to my viewerbase and aspire to become something special within Twitch, providing a place in which everyone can chat and be strongly involved with me, as a Twitch affiliate streamer.

✨Our Intentions✨

🎀Grow, forming a large and stable, strong community of committed, amazing people
🔮Over time, increasing activity and promote chatting
🎊Make use of voice channels and forever increase their popularity

What will can/plan to offer

💎A large variety of custom roles, events and special features, making the
💡server more unique and special!
👪An active n' welcoming environment!
🎉Events covering a range of different interests!
🥳A levelling system, giving you access to different n' special perks as you rise - based on activity!
🎨Media channels for you to show off your beautiful faces, artistic talents, ect!
Beautiful organisation and cleanliness!
🏳️‍🌈LGBT+ and general support - a place where your happiness matters!
We're one of the largest and most active furry servers on Discord, established in the summer of 2017. US Furries, sometimes abbreviated to simply "USF", is not only for Americans, of course– everyone is welcome! We offer venues to display art and advertise commissions, both serious and casual general chats, gaming chats and groups, and a wonderful, inclusive community! Come hang out!
The Gynarchy is a new 18+ server tailored toward those with a love of femdom. We are LGBT+ Friendly and have over 50 vanity roles. With an interactive economy and collaring system. As well as a good healthy community.

Come and visit our server and live out your fantasies!
This is a server for LGBT people where we will try to make you feel like family!
Keep in mind before you join that:
-Only LGBT people are allowed!
-You must be 13-17 to join!
⚠️Admin Positions Open⚠️
» ──────»** **«────── «

Hiya! Welcome to ScriptlessTales, we're always open to partner and if you ever need anything ask our admins (details are below)

♡━━━♡ What We Offer ♡━━━♡

♬• LGBTQ+ Roles + Pronouns
♬• Furry & Scalie Community
♬• Growing Roleplay Chats
♬• Server Partnerships & Commissioner Advertisement
♬• Artist / Writer / Photographer Chats To Get Critiques
♬• Open Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns
♬• Welcoming Environment For New Users + Bi-Weekly Server Updates.

♡━━━♡ Introduction ♡━━━♡

We have many supportive channels so if anyone ever has any concerns you may contact the owner Blue_Oasis#7098 before or after joining!
Welcome to T-V-B Corner (Top Verse Bottom Corner), a newer server where LGBTQ+ can hang out and make some friends without extremely oppresive rules, but we do have self roles , and a diverse field of personalities in the server,so there is a friend for everyone.

We offer many things such as:
•Being one of the only non-power abusive LGBT servers on Discord
•A variation of channels (both SFW & NSFW)
•Lots of activity; not another dead server
•Music channels for your music needs •Open to partners •Pokecord!!! •Channels to post your art or memes. •Humor is not really restricted to much.
•A level up system for some friendly competiton.
•A place for support if you are going through problems.
We hope you decide to join! ❤️
Welcome to The LGBTQ+ Space, the perfect server for you with support for your Sexuality and Gender!!

We are growing a great community here for LGBTQ+ people and, of course, allies are allowed as well! We have:

》an accepting staff run by other LGBTQ+ members
》self assignable roles
》tons of colors
》a vent channel
》discussion and debate channels
》gaming.... or should I say, GAYming
》art, writing, music, and photography channels
》cards against humanity
》nsfw channels
》and much more!!

Come and join us anytime! 3, 2, 1, blast off!
Prism is a safe space for anyone part of the LGBTQ+ Community. We stand to provide ALL of our members with a sweet, friendly, and non-hostile environment where you can be yourself and meet others just like you!

Somethings you can find in our server are:
- Support Channels.
- Many roles for you to express and tell everyone who you are.
- Channels to show & fuel your interests.
- Game & economy bots.
- A safe, judgement free zone.

Come join us today! (We're looking for partners!)
This is a discord server meant for female Fortnite players only!
It’s a place where females can find other females to play with, chat and discuss the latest updates for Fortnite.
We also organize server activities and customs for the members.

Please note that before you become a member you are not able to see the channels untill you completed a short screening to check your gender and if you have good intentions. :)
LGBT sever male only sever hangout and chill find new friends
Chat2Gether is **strictly** for anonymously using a new service similar to Dirtyroulette and Rabbit. Join to use it with us. JO together with your matches.