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Anime, and gaming for those who wish to make friends in a welcoming and growing community. Ease going and drama free with 3k+ members and a advanced anti-raid/spam system that doesn't blanket target every new member but only those who have shown to cause issues in the past.
PRiVCY is a safe and secure, no frills privacy coin. It is a hybrid POW/POS coin utilizing the X13 algorithm the combination of which provides protection to the network from 51% attacks. PRiVCY also utilizes Tor routing for protection of ip address information, and Stealth addresses for yet another layer of user privacy. The POS reward system is safer, more secure, and more fair to all the participants of the network then a masternode system. POS rewards are set at 10% through 6/20. With more innovative, simple, and effective Privacy features planned for future implementation, and a low total supply, PRiVCY is a great choice for all of your private transactions.

☆✼★ Welcome to Holy Grail! ★✼☆

‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ NSFW server (18+) ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙

‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ Make new friends!  ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙

‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ Shared interests!  ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙

‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ Kink-shame free!  ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙

‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ Fun/freaky emotes! ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙

‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ VC’s with music bots! ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙

‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ Cool giveaways!  ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙

‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ Self-assigned roles! ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙


Come earn your angel wings or devil horns now in this very sexy server!
Story takes place 15 years after Izuku graduates from U.A. high school and the League of Villains have become an established organization. Come make a OC and roleplay with us! Can play anyone in the school or a Villain.

- Literate / Semi-Literate Roleplay
- Recent restart
if you join us we have good admins fun games and much more it would mean a lot if you joined my discord I'm trying to get bigger discord and make it more fun and enjoyable!!!!! thanks to who ever joins
We are a developing community based around the idea of providing a place of sanctuary for trans people through the internet. We have identity specific text and voice channels, as well as a support and venting channel. We welcome anyone of any gender-identity to join us. No sexual or NSFW content allowed. Heavily moderated to ensure we provide a safe space for fellow people on the trans spectrum.

This server is specifically for transgender individuals a sanctuary away from all the hate.
If you're interested in an open, accepting and lightly-ruled server that does events like group gaming then this is the server for you! Here, we have channels for you to express your love for animals and spread your art skills! You can have your own spam channel for you to post how you feel, what you're eating, or even your dreams! We all love to meet new people and would love to get to know you, so come join!
Here is a place to talk about Fire Emblem! It is the perfect place if you prefer a smaller server with people who are more comfortable with each other. We have friendly staff who are happy to help with anything you need, and everyone is welcoming. It’s a fairly casual server. You can pick your own role for a base class of your choosing, so check it out! (I wouldn’t recommend joining if you’re easily offended or hate vulgarity.)
This is a server for writers where we build our skills and share our work for honest, respectful feedback. We allow casual conversation in designated channels and provide many resources to help our community grow as writers. Events and discussions will be hosted. Be sure to check us out!
This server is for the Thigh of mind, this server is not a NSFW server but is does have some NSFW elements. Join if you are a thigh man like us.
Welcome to Rishovia! This world is full of deep lore, arcane magic, and adventure aplenty to appeal to those who enjoy medieval/colonial like fantasy. In Rishovia your imagination is your limit.
Rishovia is set in the world of Rishovia, a land of political influence, spell mages, and pioneers of adventure. Find yourself adventuring one of the many realms of the world, from the valley forests of Haphos Expanse, to the grand prairie of Renathi, or the eerily tranquil Tyrwen mountains and the boreal tundras beyond them.
Rishovia is a world of order and chaos, wind and earth, but most importantly, a world of soul.
A Warhammer 40k RP! (Yes, REALLY!)
-『Easy application, friendly staff! 』
- 『Any Imperial faction! 』
-『Lore light, focused on RP! 』
-『Staff run missions & events or free RP 』
-『Active member base! 』
-『Ńo҉ẁ ̧Wi͡t́h̀ 10%͏ ̶Les͢s ̡H͜ereśy!͠ 』
💕💕 JOIN QUICK! Social-Platform DATING Server! 💕💕
» D A T I N G - Chat. Meet. Love.
» S E L F - R O L E S - Various options to describe yourself
» M A T C H - M A K I N G - Dare to get matched?
» L G B T - D A T I N G - Supported at ease!
» 100+ P R O F I L E S / DAY - Quickly get into DMs!
PlayRoom provides a handful of fun options in meeting new people worldwide and nearby. Create your profile now and directly start chatting with other singles. We also provide a loving engaging community to seek bonds beyond a relationship.

Website: https://www.playroom.dating/
Hey! I'm surprised you even found my server here. Good job, you are pretty good at looking in every nook and cranny aren't you? But if you are looking to advirtise, or want to meet some colorful people, then this is the discord for you! Very simple and basic. You can advirtise your discord, twitch streams, social media posts, whatever! Or if you feel bored, we got some memes, wholesome memes, and cursed memes. But we don't talk about the cursed ones. Everyone is welcome! Come join if you want!
The rise of a revolution - a hope - a resolution.
Welcome to Detroit.

+ Literate roleplay! ( Over two sentences )
+ A helpful admin who loves everyone!
+ LGBTQA+ inviting and a Safe Place!
All Families start small, and we are thrilled to have you!

We are a WORLDWIDE English/Español speaking Pokémon server! Thus, I invite you to have some fun!

Pokémon Fans of all sorts can find themselves at home here. ARTISTS COME JOIN US that is if you draw art. :D How 'Bout Some Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? Well we do too! Also Roleplay is basically the whole entire server xD

· Art Contests are Currently On-Going.
· Bots: PMD, Pokecord, Myuu (Poké-Journey)

Toda famila tiene comienzo pequeño. ¡Estamos encantados en recibirlos!

Somos un server de Pokémon MUNDIAL habla Inglés y Español. ¡Así por lo invito a que se divierte!

Todo tipo de fans de Pokémon se pueden sentír en hogar aquí. INVITAMOS A TODO ARTÍSTA sí es que dibuja :D ¿Que tal un poco de Pokémon Mundo Misterio? ¡Lo tenemos!
Por cierto, el roleplay es literalmente todo lo que es nuestro server xD

•Actualmente estamos teniendo Concurso de dibujos.
•Bots: PMD, Pokécord, Myuu (Poké-Journey)
This is the community for you!

CyberGameway is a community helping streamers, gamers, and content creators gain more exposure to help you build your dream! Utilizing our social media platforms, website, and marketing experience to make a difference! Speak with Imfeelnlucky (Founder) or any member of management to get started!

Just looking to game? No worries! We have plenty of gamers here too!
«─ « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ─»
greetings. this is a women only server, that means no men allowed. we accept anyone of the feminine spectrum of any form. you must be at least thirteen year old of age to join.

╔═ ∘◦⋆⋅☆⋅⋆◦∘ ══
♢ active and friendly staff
♡ self assignable roles include colours and personalities
♢ events, questions and quotes
♡ vent includes support and confessions channel
♢ interview system to keep the server safe
╚═ ∘◦⋆⋅☆⋅⋆◦∘ ══

✧ join us ✧
━━━━━・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.━━━━━

『United Ink』

🍰 Join because we have

🐰 Partnerships
🐰 Creativity and creative people
🐰 Lgbt+ and furries are supported
🐰 Aesthetic vibes
🐰 Active community
🐰 Cool bots such as pokécord and owo bot!
🐰 200 emojis!
🐰 Boosted!

🍰 Join cause why not!

━━━━━・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.━━━━━
░ Friendly ░ Social ░ Gaming ░ Anime ░ Giveaways ░ English ░ Art ░ Music ░ Memes ░ Roleplay ░ Mystery Game ░ Movies ░ Color Roles ░ Leveling ░ Pats and Hugs ░ Bot Games ░ Karaoke/Singing ░ Welcoming, supportive members and staff! ░ Everyone is welcome to come chat and find friends! ░
Salut! Hi!

Nous t’invitions à rejoindre notre serveur si tu aimes discuter de tout ce qui porte au:

- Films et séries

- Animes

- Musiques de tout genre

- Livres, poésies, textes

- Art, aestethic et mode

Nous sommes une petite communauté pour le moment mais vous serez toujours les bienvenus!

We can also speak english!
~~Brand New Server!~~
We're Butt Nuggets, an 18+ server w/ a Verification Wall! We're setting out to create another chill place for people to feel free to hang out, be themselves, and make some friends!
Come help us build our community!
Fulfil your desires here at Alespias' Isle, an 18+ ERP server with an active, welcoming community and attentive staff members.

We cater for a large variety of people through multiple points of interest:

• Plenty of NSFW content ranging from ERP to porn and hentai, to sate your lewdest fantasies.
• Over 60 roleplay channels with different settings on the island, following well-written and always improving lore that provides a good starting base for characters of all sorts.
• SFW topics to extensively bond over - hobbies, debates, animals, cooking, movies, music, art and so much more!
• Self-assignable roles to make partner choosing for roleplay quicker and easier with your personal preferences on display.
• A currency system to provide active members with special rewards.

There is something here for everyone - different skill levels, all sorts of kinks, unique personalities, and the most alluring, sinful temptations. Alespias' Isle is most definitely a thrilling experience!