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We’re a small growing community that likes to have fun and chat. We also do events like game night and movie nights.

So if you’re interested in meeting new people and chatting about your interest, this might just be the place for you.

There’s only one way to find out..
𝙃𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙤 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙬𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙏𝙚𝙖𝙢 𝙀𝙣í𝙜𝙢𝙖! 𝘿𝙤 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙬𝙚 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙖𝙣 𝙖𝙨𝙞𝙖 𝙗𝙖𝙨𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙚𝙖𝙢.
In this server, we believe that everyone is unique and should be accepted regardless of how good you are as a player. ♡ We play all sorts of games such as fortnite, apex, skribble.io, mafia and even roblox uwu. Don't be afraid to say "hello" when you first joined! We promise we'll make you feel at home! (:
*Do note that this is a newly created server by me and my friend so there's not much people yet. So, let's grow and create a wonderful community together* <3
For yall Virgins out there who play Minecraft or Fortnite
this is the perfect server for you all to hangout , find your new love owo , insult other people and find new friends to play with
- cool emojis
- best roles kek
- good admins
- we are just the best lmao
If you feel like a trash then this is the perfect server for you. ✨
🌺 ↺ Anime and Meme Chats ↻ 🌺

🌺 ↺ Custom made emotes. ↻ 🌺

🌺 ↺ Currency Bot with rewards and 3 Music Bots. ↻ 🌺

🌺 ↻ Talented Artists and Designers open for requests. ↺🌺

🌺 ↻ Self Assignable Roles and ranking system. ↺ 🌺

🌺 ↻ Friendly staff and community. ↺🌺

🌺↻ Verification needed. Also idiot safe. ↺🌺

🌹 Everyone is welcome. 🌹
Wir sind eine große deutschsprachige Gaming Community, die oft zusammen spielt. Dank unseres innovativem Bot können wir Spiele zuteilen indem ihr diese in eurem Status anzeigen lässt. Täglich sind mehrere Nutzer im Voicechannel und Chataktivität ist vorhanden! Wir sind Teil des Multicord-Servernetzwerkes!
A Discord Server for everything Dead By Daylight! Come join the community and share, videos, art and find people with similar interests to game with!
Hey salutations a toi, tu cherche un discord tranquille et animé avec des événements, pour jouer ou tout simplement parler c'est ici.
N'hésites pas a nous rejoindre pour un max de fun et de délire
Da poutou l'équipe NVOB
要 RIKU'S 陸 FORTRESS 塞 is a well-rounded server with all sorts of people from all over the world. We do not discriminate, and thus we have a wide range of people with different personalities and characteristics. We all welcome and enjoy meeting new people and would love for you to come join us in our newly revamped Fortress. We can assure you that the Fortress is a beautiful place that can be called home. We have a variety of activities and content for you to enjoy, along with a friendly and caring environment that will never make you feel left out.

『What We Can Offer You!』

➻✾ Active, Friendly, and Welcoming Community
➻✾ An Ever-Changing and Ever-Improving Server
➻✾ A SFW Section
➻✾ A NSFW Section [18+ and Optional]
➻✾ A Very Immersive Currency System
➻✾ Newly Revamped w/ a Retro yet Modern Theme
➻✾ A Variety of Events Every Month
➻✾ Attentive, Kind, and Protective Staff Members
➻✾ Ping are Rare, Non-existent and Taken Seriously
➻✾ Safe yet Lenient Verification System
➻✾ A Place to Meet Like-Minded People
➻✾ Interactive and Active Chats
➻✾ And More!

Come join and help us foster a better community and an even better place to be. - ✾ 要 陸 塞 ✾
Come to the Midnight Bunker to chill, talk about anime, movies, music, games or whatever. We have movie nights and contests! This is the best server to just hang out, be comfy, and have moderately serious discussions with really cool people.
Just random ass folks joking around and talking about random shit. Come chill with us some time. 👀
Friendly 18+ community with a few nsfw aspects, gaming, memes, events, monthly themes and more. 3k+ members. 🎉🎉
Noob Squad is a small, friendly, active server looking for new friends and teammates.

We aim to build a vibrant community of all noobs alike! Whether you are an Xbox gamer, PC gamer, mobile gamer(?), you are welcome to join us.

We plan to start hosting local events for server members and hopefully building it into a Noob Squad team! All are welcome to participate. Events are most likely to be PC side.

Other things we offer:

• Little to no moderation
- Moderated as necessary
• Server emotes (custom server emotes soon™)
• Custom patch-notes
• Integrated YouTube posts
• Currently League of Legends Skin Spotlights
- Any others can be requested and will be fulfilled, as appropriate
• Weeb chats
• Lewd chats
• Memes
• Music bots
• Misc bots
• Custom roles
• Level ranks
• Streaming advertisements
- Can be automated upon request, or post custom ads yourself
• Partnerships
hellou unser Server "Potato-Army" ist relativ neu und auf der Suche nach aktiven Mitgliedern :3 In dem Server könnt ihr euch über Spiele, Anime, euren Problemen und vieles mehr austauschen und unterhalten. Ich hoffe, dass ihr schnell neue Bekanntschaften schließen könnt und das ihr viel Spaß haben werdet, dass können wir euch versichern.
Ihr seid alle herzlich willkommen ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
╭══• ೋ•✧๑♡๑✧•ೋ •══╮
Anime Sicks
╰══• ೋ•✧๑♡๑✧•ೋ •══╯

this is a small community made for talking about your tastes shade art, etc
Here you can find:
-respectful and friendly members
-Color roles
-art sharing and discussion
-Music bots
-And much more to come
A fun and caring Gaming Community with pingable matchmaking roles for the following:
*Smash Bros. Ultimate
*Brawl Stars*

Weekly Tournaments!
Experimental server currency, JahCoin!
Party Games!
Open moderator signups! (Contact an Admin or higher.)
United is a new server, our aim is to make everyone feel welcome and happy and to help those who feel they need it, and those who trust the staff i have carefully picked out.

United involves the following:
- LGBTQ channels, such as a general and an advice chat
- A dedicated gaming category for PS4, Xbox and PC (If asked I will add Switch channels and role.)
- An advice team specified to helping those who ask it, can be in the #Advice channel, #LGBTQ-advice or DM's if that's where you feel most comfortable.
- Voice chats and a music voice chat
- Fun bots such as rhythm and Unbelievaboat

Anyone who joins will join the fight of acceptance, because remember, when you're in our server, you stand united with us all.
☕ Cafe Le Bliss ☕

- We are merely a community to strive and create diversity, whether it be talking, sharing interests, hobbies or professionals. We want to make you feel as home as possible. All topics range from Anime, Gaming, NSFW and all other sorts of stuff people might appreciate. Lay back, chill and even find your second family, so please enjoy your stay and simply follow the few and fair discord rules so everyone could enjoy the server equally!

More in depth:
- Active and fair staff
- Friendly community and extremely diverse. (America, Europe, Asia etc)
- Variety of channels and topics (even a games section)
- Get notified about free stuff and server giveaways
- Self-Assignable, seasonal and purchasable roles (via in-server coffee system not irl money)
- Optional: Should you feel generous, donating to our paypal grants you irresistible perks! (one time or monthly)
- NSFW content in dedicated channels

We are currently at 2.3k+ members and growing!
This is a new server, we're trying to get this started by having you joining us! We offer all kinds of stuff like: anime chats, gaming channels, self-assignable roles, selfies-chat, and music channels. Our server is well moderated by our staff and is pretty active!
Herzlich Willkommen auf dem Server der Anime Corporation!
Wir sind eine entspannte Community die gerne zusammen Animes sieht oder gemeinsam zockt.
Also wenn Ihr jemanden zum quatschen oder Gamen sucht seid ihr bei uns genau richtig.
Am besten ihr schaut vorbei und überzeugt euch einfach selber darum.
Our goal is to help others and be there for people that are in need of Pokemon or a group of people in wild pursuit of pokes. We never leave anyone out of anything and we always do our best to help our members grow and catch pokes.

Our Server is Different than any other Pokémon server on discord
What Our Server Offers:

⦿ Custom Server Bots! 👾
⦿ Pokécord and bunch of other Gaming Bots! 🤖
⦿ 20 Gyms and Elite 4 🥊
⦿ Active and Friendly Members! 🥂
⦿ Rapid Giveaways and Fun Events! 🎉
⦿ Leveling System! 🥇
⦿ Custom Community Emojis! 💎
⦿ Custom Rainbow Roles with Custom Font! 🎭
⦿ A Simplified but Unique Ranking Structure with Promotions! 😮
⦿ Fun lotteries that you don’t want to miss 🎫

❏ Server Creator: @ᐯ 乇 ㄒ 尺 ㄖ 乂#1236
❏ Server Owner: @BONAFIDE BOSS#0008
❏ Location: Worldwide 🌎
❏ Channels: 129 Text, 5 Voice, 16 Categories
❏ Verification Level: Medium

Server Member Count
👪Total: 1100+
🤖 Bots: 50

🔗 Invite Link: https://discord.gg/vEMJF4D
🎴 Banners: https://gph.is/2NERMOC | https://bit.ly/2zpo6wX
Female-only, non-dating server mostly wanting women who are 18+ to join so we can have mature discussions about different topics. We want to keep things pretty chill and we plan on watching movies or playing video games with each other. You will have to be interviewed in order for us to verify.
Furrily is a new server for furries of all ages from all over the world! Relax, talk, share, play and meet new furs! Focuses on keeping mature, civil & active members. Various channels for SFW, NSFW.