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Just a little server for furry femdoms looking for furry femboys and vice versa for roleplay and relationships~

Keep in mind we'd prefer that you're OVER EIGHTEEN if you join this server. If you're under, we cannot guarantee you'll be allowed to stay. MAYBE if you're like 14 or up and aren't annoying as hell, you can stay.
Quick Stop Scrolling!
Hewwwwooooo! there traveler i do recommend passing by and coming in to see what it is like but u dont have to but i do beg you too as we are a growing server and would like to get bigger :D so pwease come in!!
god i fucking hate furries they are annoying like omg just die already

anti furry server kek
Welcome to this new server, it's apleasure to receive you here, we hope you enjoy your stay and eat- uhh... MEET new friends!
How the actual fk do i start this?! Idk but this server has channels for almost anything you want so come and join, i can give two-fricks who you are or what you like just don't be a dick and we are good. There is self roles too.
We have channels for things like
art, anime, games, content creators, etc.
we also have a snake
This server is just a little hangout for people wanting to fit in,All oddballs are welcome here! we consist of mostly Gaming ,Many Fandoms ,and social gathering . Come join are small family and become one of the gang.
Hentai, nudes, you name it, we have it. If we don't, ask. As long as it's not against discords rules, we'll add it because if you like it, someone else does too.

we have 13 categories and 126 channels for porn and counting, so it's highly likely that we have what you're looking for.
As long as you read the rules and behave, you are 100% welcome in this server!
☾ ✰The erp place✰ ☽

Welcome to the ERP place we a chill easygoing RP sever. We are a role-play server but we cater to artists, gamers, LGBT folks, and all kinds of nerdy stuff. We have places for you to post art, talk about anime, and manga. we are looking for more fun people to join our 100+ community.

➳No wait time for erp requests because thats annoying to wait 6 hours for a rp

➳SFW sections for general conversation, game nights, and more.

➳locked channels for verified members only!

➳art chats for artists

➳color roles

➳LGBT,Furry,kink and fandom friendly

➳All ocs are allowed here including nbs

➳We have porn bots and fun bots

➳We have open rp channels
And we are looking for more ideas for them

➳Caring staff

➳lots of Tags with more to come

➳A Suggestion box

➳We are looking for more fun people.
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Hey yall Twilights Realm is a place where anyone can chat, hang out, amd have fun without being judged. We always excited for new ppl so if you want to check us it we would love to meet you :D
A no judging, accepting community where all people are welcome to join. Have fun, hang out with friends and enjoy the atmosphere.
Examples for stuff to do:
-Be silly
-Share memes
-Post you creations such as art/music/con experiences
-Explore the naughty corners
and much more.
We would love if you took a sneak peek into our little space ♥
Hello there! I'm Zenith and I own the server that I'm currently trying to advertise to you!~

Before I go on let me explain the main purpose of the server, This server is mainly used as a FURRY DATING SERVER so you may find many other cute creatures wandering around the server... Don't leave yet if you are not a furry! You don't have to be a furry nor want to date anybody, you could just join the server in search of good and loyal friends!

Now that I'm done explaining that let me tell you what the server has to offer for you all!

111 roles up for grabs ( And counting ) 😩

79 channels for yall to talk in ( Including admin and Vc channels ) 🍑

200+ members ( Not always online tbh ) 💦

Almost 200+ Users ( like without bots ) 👥

18 fun bots ( mostly fun ) 🍺

Love finder channels ( Find lOooOOove ) 💘

Friend finder channels ( Find friendsss )👀

DANK MEMEESSSS 😩🍑💦👄👀 ( mostly dank )

Art related channels 🎨

Rp 💦💦💦💦💦

And lots of other stuff👀👀👀👀

( We are full on admins rn sorry disappointed)

We hope to see YOU here in the server with us!😳
💝You wanna find a small server friendly and open to anyone? Join the glory hole and have some fun adventures with us💖
THE BIGGEST furry server on Discord with over 26k users. Perfect for artists, furries, roleplayers, gamers and more!

🔷 Incredibly active VCs and text channels
🔷Chill chats/channels for people who prefer slower areas
🔷18+ channels for adults , + an entire NSFW Server
🔷Daily/Weekly Events such as movie and karaoke night.
🔷20+ member Moderation team active 24/7
🔷Custom made bots ranging from gatekeeper to modmail.
🔷Channels ranging from photography to cooking, gaming, music, literature and more!
🔷Commission listing and showcase channels for artists!

We welcome you to come join us at the Furry café. Meet others and make new friends. Join us on monthly events like playing games, watching marathons, and more. Share your favorite games, videos, or movies in our cafe’s streamer area. The drinks are on us!
“Where anyone can be anything”

Take part in a tight-knit community where nobody judges you. We here at Zootopia aim to accept all mammals of different species.

Currently we have verified writers and artists who worked on the movie.
[NSFW] bitcat's femyiff serv 2.1
the last one got yeeted by sun the betrayer, so here's the new one :3
server for posting furry fembois, other cuteness and memes. 200+ members and 1000+ femyiff images!
most of the users are lurkers. the server theme is minimalist and there are few channels, so don't expect a super social experience
come in and enjoy your stay~
Jsme novší chlupatý server, který se bude možná zväčšovat! Stojíme na svobodě projevu a bavíme se a setkávame se s novými lidmi!
Pro informaci nepodporujeme žádný nenávistní projev proti Furry fandomu i ostatným komunitam uvnitř nebo mimo serveru.
Hello sir/ma'am, having a good day? Ah! Say have you've heard about Chuniverse? No?! Well... Allow me to introduce you to this absolutely fantastic server!

->• Chuniverse is an all out Roleplaying and Chatting server! You may talk about any interest, ideas, stories and etc you have! Or.. you roleplay your most favorite plots and characters as you wish!

->• And don't worry about people making fun of what you interested in, every possible kink and fetish is WELCOMED here! What ever you like, is what we've got! Say, you have a thing with smelling dirty underwear~ Well, that is A-O-KAY with us!

->• You must believe that we have many and many members that you can share your interest with! Over 300+ members and still more joining! There are many to make friends with here! ;3

->• We have 5+ partnered servers with all their approvals for this server! Go ahead, ask them, and see what they say about this AMAZING server! Guaranteed, a good server to be in!

If you have any ideas or questions you want share and make this server even greater! Here are the staff team below:

Drake (Server Owner)

Everyone below are Administrators!

KC(Prince Mason)
Tori and Eureka
Furion and Thunderhead
SIde The Sylveon

Welcome to the Blooming Furs of Society! We'd greatly appreciate if you'd join us, to hang out and to chat and to make friends and have fun!

> We have:
> - 🤖 Our own custom fun bot that’s being added to every day!
> - 🪓 Our own MINECRAFT server!
> - 🎉 Events and giveaways to come!
> - 🌈 Color roles for you to express your favorite color!
> - 🔞 NSFW channels (includes NSFW RP, must provide ID to gain access)
> - 🎨 Art/Commissioning channels
> - 🎮 Gaming channel
> - 🎵 Music channel (Where you can talk about music and share music, but we do have a music VC too!)
> - 🖐 Very active staff and community!
> - 🎭 And roleplay of course!
> - That also includes sona introductions as well as personal introductions, of course

And we are always taking any and all suggestions too!!
Hello! Welcome to the Furry Hollow!

Here we RP and play games and make friends

We accept ages 12+

We do have NSFW Content but you have to have the NSFW 18+ role to access it, so its safe for kids!

And we help and support other young to old furs thru their harsh times and give them comfort and hope they enjoy their stay.

Any questions? Just ping an ADMIN or the PAPA FUR for more Information!

Hope you a Purrfect day and enjoy your stay!