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Do you want to hangout, talk and roleplay in a friendly Beastars server? well you've found the right server!

-Positive vibes!
-Beastars chats and role-play!
-Various Media + Hobby section
-Vast amount of role selection
-Friendly Staff
-Safe for work
-LGBTQ+ friendly!

Will you cross the wild side or will you be like the others?

~ 𝓙𝓸𝓲𝓷 𝓷𝓸𝔀! ~
After Null Sector's assault on Paris, many heroes have begun to join Overwatch, seeking to legalize it and stop Talon's evil plans. While Talon is looking for new recruits willing to follow Doomfist's vision. Who will you join?

◉ European server with different nationalities and a very big social/ooc part. Friendly people from around the world.
◉ 1 AUS: Experimental RP (this one can change every month)
◉ Unlimited OC. CC x OC allowed.
◉ Semi-literate: We don't force paragraphs by answer! But we encourage the use of more than one line in response
◉ Veteran roleplayers often create plots and missions. Atlas News always updated with important events.
◉ We are looking for active users! Monthly Activity Checks!

Avalable Characters:(copy and paste to see the Canon and cc side Characters) 👉https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TL5YFduR2aT7RzFN8MSnvl-B9ztITDHQu3QExOLoVh4/edit?usp=sharing (Available 🔷) (Taken 🔶)
A wonderful little pocket dimension that people and beings from all different universes, timelines, and dimensions can travel to and from freely! There's hardly any law, no rent or monthly bills, the ability to do whatever you want, and many many different people to meet. Just a quiet little existence with plenty of calm and maybe an extremely dark past (but what does that matter- there's a beach side view!)

This rp is highly flexible and takes place in a large setting. There is a well built town and quite a few surrounding areas; all open rp and free to join at any time. You are allowed to submit any oc, canon character, joke character, etc and have no character limit. You're also allowed to submit original species, have a channel dedicated to where your character(s) live, use your own character sheet, and do nearly whatever you want. There is no approval process which means you can submit and immediately jump into rping. The only two big rules involve making fights fair and following the time system, but otherwise you are Fully encouraged to go absolutely wild.

If you're still looking for a reason to join that Isn't rp, consider checking out the following!:
-monthly events and polls
-friday and saturday game nights (among us is most popular!)
-infinite art
-a place to openly promote yourself (ex: if you want to share your insta)
-dnd nerds
-an all ages environment
-a place to write your heart out
-a calendar
-the option to just watch instead of rp
-highly friendly and welcoming community!
-an unwritten rule where people post cute animals right after someone unsavory leaves

Please note that this server is Big, so if you are easily overwhelmed or shy, it may take some getting used to!
●──***Naruto RolePlay Tr***──●

KATEGORİ! 3 Seviye boost!
*Kendinizi geliştirip Hashirama gibi Hokage olmanız için bir şans! Sakın kaçırmayın.*

*Yüksek emek verilmiş türkiyenin en büyük nrp serveri. Kendi özel sistemimizin yanında onlarca alabileceğiniz clan bulunmakta ve hergün yenileri eklenmekte. Emeğin kazandığı bir server kısacası...*

*Yeni İnsanlarla Tanışın ve Naruto dünyasında eğlenin.*

*Hadi ne duru yorsun? Sende katıl bu Maceraya.*

*Aktif ve güzel rp yaparsanız Uchiha veya hyuuga clanına sahip olabilirsiniz.

*Geç kaldıysanız üzülmeyin. çok kısa sürede gelişip diğerlerine yetişebilirsiniz bu sistemle.

*Yapılacak Eventlerden Hediyeler kazanabilirsiniz! Her hafta düzenli eksiksiz Eventler ve sınavlar hoşunuza gideceğine eminim.

*Market ve içindeki birsürü eşya!

*Gelişmek için bir sürü şans!

*Öğrenebileceğin binlerce teknik!

*Sohbet, Galeri, Video chat ve bir sürü sesli odaları!

*Gelişmeye çok açık bir sistem!

*Yüzlerce oda roleplay yapabileceğiniz ve hepsi göze güzel görünsün diye süslü!!!!!

Hadi sende gelsene!!!!!!

Ever wanted to Rp as and attend school with some of the kids of some Dc and Marvel heroes and heroines? Well now you can. Injustice High….an rp server where you get to rp as the sons and daughters of some of the most notorious heroes of the Dc and Marvel universes.

The year is 2040. Most heroes and villains have retired and their children (which you can create) have taken up the mantle. All these hero kids have been put into a school called 'Injustice High' where they get their education and learn how to control their abilities while still dealing with several threats along the way. Previous principal, Clark Kent, has died and now Tony Stark leads the school as it's principal with Bruce Wayne as vice principal. The students and staff definitely have their work cut out for them.

The offsprings of these heroes have continued the teams that were there before them to carry on their parents' legacy. New romances have come up and new villains are taking the spotlight. What will you choose to do?
(Ocs allowed)


lgbtqia+ friendly server

friendly and helpful staff

great events

fun rp's

friendly members
* * . ✧ **Herzlich Willkommen** ⋆ ✵ * ✧
. ✵ * **in der TEs BETA 2.0,** ˚ * . * ⋆
⋆ . **in unserer Roleplay-Community !** *

Du suchst nach einer spannenden Gelegenheit, Teil von einer Roleplay-Community zu sein? Dann bist du auf unserem Server herzlich Willkommen.

➥ In der Welt von Elementaris kannst du deinen eigenen Helden erstellen.
➥ Erlebe bewegende Momente, die dir Gänsehaut bereiten als auch kein Auge tränenleer lassen.
➥ Aber pass auf! Alle Handlungen tragen im Verlauf der Storyline Konsequenzen mit sich.
➥Verleihe deinem Charakter mit deiner Stimme im
**Voice-RP** Leben und durchstreife ganz Elementaris. **Chat RP** ist auch vertreten !
➥**Ein professioneller Gamemaster** begleitet dich durch das Abenteuer mit auserlesener Musik für das beste Erlebnis!
➥ Ein **eigens programmierter Bot** erleichtert den Spielern das Würfeln & Looten von Items und begleitet euch auf Schritt und Tritt.
➥Bereitschaft Partnerschaften mit anderen Roleplayservern zu knüpfen und in einem eigenen Channel Werbung für diese zu schalten

> The Elements ist eine Welt, welcher eine mächtige Kraft namens "Elemente" zu Grunde liegt.
> Diese Elemente können von den verschiedenen Rassen, welche die unergründliche Welt von "Elementaris" behausen, gebändigt werden. Euch erwarten ewige Weiten, die sich bis hin zu den kleinsten Nischen dieser Welt erstrecken und jeder Ort davon beherbergt seine eigenen Abenteuer. Lernt die verschiedenen Kontinente kennen, erforscht die düsteren Dungeons, welche mit Monstern vollgespickt sind und genießt spannende Geschichten und Quests, die ihr nie vergessen werdet!
Welcome testers here is where you will test the new game {REDACTED} has made pls watch your head.... And enjoy!
⊱Ӝ━⊰ Kingdoms of Malenna ⊱━Ӝ⊰

♕ What our server offers ♕
Welcome to the Kingdoms of Malenna. This is a medieval fantasy server where you can explore different kingdoms and meet new people. We offer a free, small group rp, character development focused experience for you. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy and magic? Enter and explore the Kingdoms of Malenna!

◇ Server events & Quests ◇
We have active quest makers making quests for your characters to test out their might and progress!

✰ Expansive, in-depth lore✰
Immerse yourself in our settings, with lore that’s constantly being updated and added to!

⚔Balanced, detailed abilities!⚔
Please note that this is a low power sever. We require balanced abilities with good details, so you don’t need to worry about OP abilities or how to react in combat!

☁ Active, friendly staff! ☁
Our staff team is normally online throughout the entire day. We’re friendly and eager to help you. No toxicity in our server!

❃ Friendly, inclusive community! ❃
Although the server is big, our community is very inclusive! You’ll feel at home and will have no troubles feeling in once you start roleplaying!
Welcome!!! I’m Gem, one of the Co-Owners of this server, here to tell you about MHA: Broken Limits!!! Our server is a completely OC (Original Character) server set in an alternate universe, around the same time as UA’s grand opening. Our custom setting, Highwater City, boasts 8 entire districts of easy to find and varied roleplay destinations, as well as immeasurable opportunities for fun and interesting experiences. We are a humble server, and don’t plan on expanding too greatly, as we feel the quality of characters and their relationships far outweighs quantity. If you’re looking for a server with staff dedicated to fair balancing, unique and interesting characters you actually want to interact with, and a developing story centered around your OCs and their choices, why are you still reading? We’re waiting for you!
Age of Octavia is a **Medieval Fantasy**, **16+** server.
We have very simple, straightforward lore, set races, and a gorgeous world to get to know and explore.

We are;
-Google Doc Free (Lore is pasted into Discord, Character Sheets are pasted out also)
-Semi Literate - Literate; **Minimum 1 paragraph per post, NO one liners**
-Respectful; We want everyone to feel welcome
-Laid back; We don't want to ruin anyone's fun. Stick to the lore and rules and we'll be grand.
-Simple; Very on-point information.

We value;
-Character Development
-Story Progression

Hop on in now and have a look around!
Ever had one of those Wet Dreams and then you wake up and there is no one to help you with that? Well.. then its time to join us and let us help you with that! A nice community friendly environment that is still growing and changing.

❤️ Cute Emojis!

❤️ Hentai and Roleplay Channels!

❤️ Fun bots with cool features and interactions

❤️ Selective and Custom Roles

❤️ Great and Active Community!

Interested? Then feel free to join and give us a try, we're waiting for your arrival!
☆Welcome to Mha: Pro Hero Life☆

★ Member Count:15 ★

This is a 16+ server with all your favorite characters a few years after they all graduated UA! What happened to your favorite villain? How strong has your best boy become over the years? Come here to find out!

Some of what we have!

★Literate roleplay
★Lots of canon characters open!
★Relaxed atmosphere
★Upcoming Events!
★Fun bots like Eli and Fredboat!
★Regular Game Nights!
★LGBTQ+ friendly
★POC friendly
★Everyone is a part of the main plot!
★Seperate rooms for 18+ content(only 18+allowed in those rooms)
★Spam protection and active mods
★Anyone in the canon universe can be played!
In dieser Welt leben wir zu einer Zeit, die wir normale Menschen das 19. Jahrhundert nennen würden. Es gibt hier keine Handys oder andere elektronische und neu moderne Dinge. Krankenhäuser sind klein und haben nur begrenzt Platz, Apotheken spielen eine wichtige Rolle im medizinischem Bereich, Essen bauen sie meisten noch selber an und vieles mehr, was wir aus dieser Epoche, in unserer Welt, kennen. Nur irgendwie hat sich hier die Bevölkerung ein wenig anders angesiedelt. Sie leben auf Tieren, die vor langer Zeit, einst als einige Tiere, auf der Welt lebten. Als sich von ihnen die heutigen Lebewesen und ''Menschen'' entwickelten, zogen sich diese Menschen zurück. Aus Angst vor dem ungewissen. Heute haben sie sich auf diesen Tieren, in Form von Städten und Dörfern, niedergelassen. Diese Tiere sind die letzten ihrer Art. Alle hier, versuchen ein normales Leben zu führen.
The second cuddle pile, risen from the ashes of the old - now hopefully less toxic.

Relaxed and pretty cuddly place for furries and furry-tolerant people to hang out, come chill!
hello! thank you for checking out the server. we offer :

this is a server for haikyuu, we are pretty new so we have most characters open so feel free to join. as of now there is no character limit, so go wild ( with exceptions ofc ). we also accept ocs, so if you have one you would like to use they are more than welcome.

this is a safe place for lgbtq+, any race, any religion ect.

we also need mods, so feel free to apply if you think you can handle co owning the server.

this server is still a huge work in progress but thank you for checking it out anyways, i hope you have a good time <3

- kyle
Hello! This is a general vibe server loosely focused on the game franchise Danganronpa! This is a 16+ server where you can come and interact with other fans! We also run roleplaying games based on Danganronpa, and other roleplays not in this category! Please keep in mind that, due to the nature of Danganronpa, there are mild trigger warnings. Other then that, we're a (relatively) safe space! Come in and have fun!
Server per tutti gli utenti appassionati di anime e manga ma non solo...anche per chi ama giocare ai videogiochi o vuole divertirsi ;)
Qui abbiamo canali di vario genere come il canale spam dove potrete essere liberi di fare ciò che volete, il canale media dove potrete condividere meme, video,immagini..e molto altro.
Offriamo un ottimo sistema di ranking e un canale cinema dove vi intratterremo con film, serie tv e anime.
Il nostro canale roleplay è perfetto per chi vuole staccarsi dalla realtà e vivere nuove avventure ;)
Per finire lo staff è gentile e disponibile e accettiamo dei suggerimenti da tutti quanti^^
Vi aspettiamo, un saluto da tutto lo staff :D
This is a server for the RWBY fandom! Meant to connect with others in the community and make new friends. This server hopes to offer a place in the community where others can talk about the show in-depth, post pictures, or even play games with one another.
The RWBY FNDM server hopes to accommodate all sides of the RWBY community by having a bit of everything for everyone! I hope to see many people share the same interests as others as we grow!
This RWBY server is built to accommodate the theorists, roleplayers and ERPers, shippers, cosplayers, gamers, the NSFW aspect, and overall discussion about the show! Everything is sectioned off for each respective area to keep it friendly for everyone while maintaining the ability to have everything for everyone to bring together people of the RWBY community!
Ihr habt Bock auf einen Fantasy Roleplay Server? Und dazu auch noch einen, wo ihr euch wie in der Schule Klassen weiße aufsteigt und euch weiterentwickelt? Dann seid ihr bei "The Kidnapped" genau richtig. "The Kidnapped" ist ein Deutsches Roleplay, das darauf basiert, einen Schüler oder einen Lehrer zu spielen, der/die eine Übernatürliche Fähigkeit hat und lernt während der Schulzeit mit dieser umzugehen. Man arbeitet sich in höhere Stufen und entwickelt seine/ihre Fähigkeiten weiter. Das und mehr findest du in diesem Rp heraus. Joint doch Gerne und erstellt euch einen Charakter um an unserem großartigem Rp Teil zu nehmen

-Dark Shadow
Skyfall is +18 roleplay (ERP OPTIONAL) server based around Cyberpunk genre with magic and other races than humans (so based around Shadowrun series)

Lore Summary:
In the Gritty Cyberpunk Future , humanity was met with new species on earth called Anomalies (meaning you can create whatever race you want) which either coexist with humans or cause mayhem

You can join Syndicates which are always expanding

What do we Have ?
1. We are Fairly New so we are understanding
2. you can create ANY race (either if u are a furry or something more freaky its fine !) which are simply called Anomalies
3. No Google Docs Templates (if you want do it on Docs im not stopping you) WE SUPPORT ANY TEMPLATE , we just transfer it onto our one
4. Many different City Zones and Badlands
5. overall we are friendly and rookie'ish

Greetings, Owner - Askie
Join Alastor, charley, angel and vaggie on their adventure through hell, become characters from your favorite hasbin hotel episodes as well as helluva boss! Plenty of room for everyone, have fun! Just remember ♤♡Alastors waiting◇♧
Loading email...
A beautiful school founded in 1984 by a wonderful woman named Alice Moritigan, with amazing staff and a peaceful, supportive environment...

Closing email...

Opening email...
To: xxxx xxxx (You)
Re: Morganite isn't what it seems

Going to Morganite this year, huh? Well, you shouldn't listen to the pamphlet. It's a normal looking highschool, built in 2001. Alice was a bitter and cruel person, and made the school to make her dirty work easier. She went missing 14 years ago after she was a suspect for kidnapping and killing 26 of the kids that went there in 2005. After that, they linked the murder of 7 other people in 1999 to her. Now, the only talk of her is between God and Satan. Since all that's in the past and it's now a cold case filed with all the others, you'd think we'd have a normal highschool, right? Wrong. We have a gossip girl at this school. She hears everything. All the drama. All the rumors. Every single thing about you, she knows. No one knows who she is, there's been people who have went as far as tracking where things are being posted from, but every time someone goes, there's nothing there. She ruins lives, reputations, futures. Watch your back. Make sure you aren't followed. Check corners. If you feel sick, she's watching you. Nothing is private at Morganite.

A school of lies, a gossip girl out to ruin lives, a mass murderer as a founder, and so many other scandals-to-be at Morganite High School. Will you choose to be a part of the drama, or will the drama choose you?
This is the start of your UA journey, it is up to you to choose where your path leads you, be it along the road of heroics or villainy. It is your decision. Who will be your friends? Your enemies? And even you love? Will you join the Baku Squad and become friends with them or will you play a while with Dabi, Toga, and Shigaraki? Who knows where the future will lead, the question is, are you willing to go beyond and take the leap?

Welcome to UA, Plus Ultra, and good luck!

This server is a fun, interactive, and safe environment to roleplay and chat about your favorite anime and manga, My Hero Academia! We have friendly and helpful staff and caring members, and we would love to have you! Not only do we have a multitude of canon characters to be played but we highly encourage original characters as well. We allow heroes, villains, students, and civilians alike, and all plots are open as well. This roleplay will take play near the beginning of the anime, so there will be many opportunities for you to insert your character into the story!

We are currently looking for people to play the main cast of Class 1-A, villains, and pro heroes as well, specifically we are looking the Deku Squad (Todoroki available), the League of Villains (everyone but Shigaraki, Twice, Kurogiri, Mr. Compress, Mange, Toga, and Dabi available), and pro heroes.

We hope to see you there! ❤

- BNHA Roleplay server staff