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~*Welcome to the Imaginarium of Nabudis*~ 18+ ONLY
The Imaginarium is a server with a Silk Punk setting and strong lore focus tied in with nsfw roleplay!

==Things we have==
👑variety of emojis
💗an array of RP channels and seasonal events
✨friendly staff & community
🎀several bots
Hey welcome to AnimeAcademia! We have multiple channels for art related stuff and a Weeb lounge of course! You may say this server is mainly for beginner to professional artists AND weebs :3
Make online friends and discuss interests without judgement or advertise your stuff.
Or chill in one of the gaming channels.
RP allowed
1. No Promoting without asking Me first

2. Kidnapping is allowed and can happen without consent thats why its called kidnapping

3. Rape is also allowed but only if you dm the victim we don't want people to be uncomfortable

4. Murder is also allowed just dm the person and ask of its ok

5. You can cuss just don't be excessive

6. No racism at all there is no exception

7. Bullying is allowed IRP but no other place

8. Keep Nsfw in the servers marked with the tag no other place

9. You can have up to 6 characters but please don't be your own yandere or Senpai

10. Use "" when you're talking IRP use ** for actions use () for Out of rp use [] for thoughts

More rules will come eventually if things get out out of hand
„Waffen Hoch!“ CAMP HALF-BLOOD RPG; FSK15!!!
Die Sommerferien haben wieder angefangen und es wird Zeit für alle Kinder der Götter ihren Weg zurück in das Camp Half-Blood zu finden. Es gibt Abenteuer zu bestreiten und neue Freundschaften oder auch Feindschaften zu schließen. Es gilt Flaggen zu erobern, Streitwagen zu fahren und auch mal die eine oder andere Prophezeiung zu erfüllen. Begegne den Wesen der griechischen Geschichten und erkunde geheimnisvolle Orte. Werde auch du Teil des Camps und der großen Prophezeiung, schreibe Geschichte als ein Kind der griechischen Götter
Wir sind eine Gruppe von Percy Jackson Fans, die ihre eigenen Charaktere durch die lustige, dramatische und teils vollkommen verrückte Welt von Rick Riordans griechischen Helden rennen lassen. Und da es sich besser mit vielen Leuten rumrennen lässt, als alleine, wollen wir euch in unser gemütliches Camp einladen.
P.S. Kommt zu uns ins Camp, wir haben Kekse!
Hi, and welcome to this new Server where you can roleplay in diffrent channels or just normally talk with each other.

-If you ask nice enough you can get your own Chat
-English is the norm but you can ask for an extra channel in your language

This Server is still in the development Phase so please be Patient if something dosent work
After the FinalFest, a great presence of chaos started to arise in Inkopolis. In the mist of the chaos, a new evil began to arise from the fall of the telephone. The world of Inkopolis is changing.

Included in our server:
-Tons of chatting areas
-Loads of areas to roleplay in
-Secure and fair rules
-Voice Chats
-Bots and more!
-Amazing mods and always looking for more!
-Server is always open for suggestions!!
- and many many more features that you gotta join to see!!
- Monthly activity check!
A Jojo RP server currently in the making! Come on in and have fun! We offer:

-45+ RP Channels

-Friendly admins who will help you and solve any questions you have

-Rythm Bot, Paisley Park, Tatsumaki and Dank Memer bot to entertain you while not RPing

-A developing plot which offers you plenty chances to play a role

-We don't only allow Stand. We also allow you to be a Hamon or Spin user, a cyborg, Rock Humans, Vampires, Pillarmen, and even an ultimate lifeform, You choose!
Welcome child, to the divided land of the ancient Moon and Sun gods. Long ago, the chaos of their feud created a war towards the skies(moon) and the land(sun). Many, many years later, the land is still thorn appart. Angels want the land and the heavens for themselves, the livings want the heavens too, and in between people who just cant choose a side.
So who will you be? A moon spirit? A sun soul? Or an outsider?

Hii! This is a newly made server. This is a pretty chill and free type of rp, set in old medieval times in a divided kingdom. What we offer:
-Fun bots💯
-Welcoming and caring staff💕
-Many rp channels🔥
-Almost all species and creatures are allowed👌🏻
-Nsfw channels for those interested, it’s not visible until you get the role so no worries if u dont want nsfw there wont be any🍀
-and much more!!

We hope you come join us and have fun!☀️🌙
A sudden burst of mysterious energy wafted throughout the universe, emanating from an unknown source... Suddenly the energy drew in many planets to their (seemingly) doom! The planets that were sucked into the energy were transported through space, set into an orbit around a massive star... The planets were far enough away from the star to survive without issue but were suspiciously put close enough for travel to be possible between the planets. There's no way all of this happened on chance... Someone had to have planned this.
The discord is changed frequently and has new things added fairly frequently.

What we have in store:
A great community
An active chat
NSFW Channels
Roleplay Channels
Great and active Staff

Join our server with a great community , and active role-play! We love getting new members and we accept them into our community with love and our staff team is ready to help you out and get into the world of MHA: WORLD!


It is 2123 and there has been around 4 generations of quirk users. Quirks first started appearing in ChinChin, Japan with the first person who ever had a quirk having the ability to make things float by touching the object. The world was forever changed by the introduction of quirks into the political and social arena. For the first and second generation, many issues such as quirk marriages, quirk discrimination, and mutant healthcare were discussed. Society's progress halted for a solid 50 years before the Quirk Innovation Act(QIA) was made by the Japanese government to be inclusive towards Quirk Users in public utilities. By the third and fourth generation, most social problems according to quirks were solved although extreme mutations and other quirks can be still isolated socially. in 2100, a school specially made to grow a crop of students to fight quirk wielding evil doers, and the school initially accepted quirk users, and there was heavy corruption at the very beginning of the school many only the most powerful quirks would be let in, encouraging parents to quirk marry and try to make powerful children(basically quirk eugenics). In 2110, the European Union along with other major international organizations made involuntary quirk marriages illegal and ChinChin High for the first time started allow quirkless people into their rankings into support class. Interestingly right now, the social belief went from Quirk users being lower, to Quirkless humans being inferior across many parts of the world, and infant many parts of Africa and East Europe have had genocides and eugenics in order to make the population more "worthy". The world has many social and philosophical problems underlying, but the light that is hope is brighter than ever for the next generation to use to make the world a better place to live for everyone!
👋Hey Dawg!🖐
👉Yeah you dawg!👈
You rp or nah? If you dont that's chill but if you want to try it out their is a cafe that I like to go to for some of that.
It's called River's cafe, it's got chill people, good vibes, all the music and some good ass coffee.
Even if you think were missing something or you dont like what you see, you the member can decide where the server goes with suggestions! Like addition of a new channel, or events!

So hey, couldn't do any harm right? Come on sit down and share a coffee with us!
Hello guys and gals! This is a server based on the events that happen after the Buu Saga, so the start of DBS, Resurrection F to be exact. Join and make your character and role-play as this server is new, but we do have a few human members [5] , they're on their work on making oc's. You can also play Goku, Vegeta or Freiza if you make an application to be the official NPC for 2 months or more [IRL Time]. So come and join have some fun!
Just a random server i made for those who enjoy doing ERP with their voices rather then text, so if that turns you on, feel free to join

WillowCreek Highschool was made right after the Endless War of species, the UA - the head of everyone made WillowCreek Highschool for the purpose of learning and experience, WillowCreek Highschool was the heart of Willow City, the most populated city in the country.

WillowCreek Highschool was originally made for the special children, (meaning the humans with powers), but there were too many hybrids and or nonhuman species, The UA were generous enough instead of making individual schools, they made one big campus for all, they made it for everyone, and anyone.
The Principal, or owner of the building -Mrs. Nightingale- made the classes by her standards and her rules and beliefs, her thought in making each class was that she wanted the teachers to work with the students individual, instead of making it a lecture. Her words for her Students.

"Welcome Students to WillowCreek Highschool, the academy filled with peace and learning, i hope everyone is having as much fun in the school as my sons and daughters did, we hope that your years here in Bluebird is a memorable, and that you learn to have a successful and wonderful life, so now, as you all part to your classes please remember To follow the rules and have fun."
“There is no such thing as a good man. There are only great men. I’ve come to realise, life is a paradox, life is a contradiction, things can be good and bad. You can be both happy and sad. No-one is pure evil, and there are no saints. You and me and everyone as human beings have fucked up alot of times but we’ve also done amazing things. There is no black and white. Just shades of grey.”

New York City, the city that never sleeps. Full of life. Full of danger. Both humans and metahumans live side by side, most metahumans join the Special Forces, but those who don't are frowned upon. Would you join the Special Forces and give them your freedom, or would you cherish and keep your freedom and become an outcast, a target?
The city of Borealis was launched and sat above earth in the year 2574, earth had been exhausted of all of resources, down to the last drop of water. It was as useful at the moon at this point. there were several other cities that flew around the earths orbit. 3 years later during The Great Famine, the sun collapsed on itself and instead of a super nova, a black hole spawned. This was known simply as The Collapse. Hurtling through the event horizon the cities defensive shields barely held, the city reached a pocket in the black hole. various resources began to appear, some unknown, some as desperately need to survive. The cosmetologists speculated this was do to a wormhole like affect. Eventually the balance was restored and an official government and police force was formed. but people began to mutate as well, gaining strange abilities to benefit the city. Its been 3 years since The Collapse. Only time will tell if the city will hold... or crumple to nothingness.

We are a very friendly role-play server, we are super lax on character creation (with exceptions like mind control). we are currently looking for new mods to help run the server. so please, don't be afraid to pop in and say hello, or ask about the application progress, but other than that you have a good day!
Hello! and welcome to the official Jerry server! we have:
Friendly People
Good Mods
Fun Bots and more!
Though it is a little dead at times I'm hoping that people from here can make it a little more lively plus FREE CAKE- Jerry hopes for your arrival Bye!-
An original character-driven game done in the style off of the seven trials of Habit from the web series EverymanHyrbid. Unity is an experience like no other. Witches, Proxy's, Cannibals, Ghosts, Deep Web depravity, Killer plants, and a strange mastermind behind it all, are you up to the challenge to see if your character will survive?

Welcome to Blood Rising.
A literate, dark fantasy roleplay server set in Victorian London.

The year is 1853 and the City of London is controlled by the most powerful vampire and werewolf families in the country. There is a constant war in the streets between the two races and the humans who are trying to survive each and every day without becoming a meal for a hungry werewolf or a drink for a bloodthirsty vampire. The wars aren’t only fought in the streets, though, they are also fought with words in the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the secret transition of coin to get jobs done or say the right things at the right time. It’s a hellish place to live, but everyone makes do with what they have. Some make allies in high places, others make allies in much lower, darker places. Which will you choose?

We are an open community that not only focuses on the writing but the server community. We have staff working to make sure everyone feels welcomed and able to meet new people and make friends!
Welcome humans and creatures to Phoenix Drop!

It's 2019 and school has just reached halfway through the year. Phoenix drop, home to monsters and humans. The city is filled with creatures, along with the human race - Puny little things in the eyes of the monsters. Tension has been held among them all for years after their war; around a millennia it occurred. Humans do all they could and can to avoid interaction with monsters, but it just doesn't work out for them. Bullying, racial and species discrimination; a part time job for the monsters clearly. This of course, only occurred after the humans lost their rank of superiority. Monsters are gaining their way up to the top; whispers of another war flooding the air, subtly growing. Perhaps, this war will occur? Perhaps, there will be misfortunes for the humans and monsters? Maybe, there will be friendship - of sorts-, rebelling against the labels of everyone's rank o the hierarchy?

It is a well thought out monster and human high school server. The staff will usually be around to help if not you can always ask the owner about any questions you have in mind.

I hope to see you all there.

Things we have and will continue to have:
~An interesting and ever growing lore!
~Your own character arcs!
~Active and reliable staff who can help with anything needed.
~An active community!
~Helpful channels that will be kept up to date!
~A fortnightly competition that rewards our active role players
~LGBTQ+ friendly and accepting community
~Plus more!

Server Banner:
Welcome to a server where consent to erp is almost null! We are a loving and accepting server that is very lewd and on the dirty side! LGBTQ+ Friendly, many roles, themed rp rooms, custom bot and coffee shop bot!
This is a mix of halo,destiny, ark and league of legends, all in one and made into a custom server. if you like at least one of those then you'll like this server.

The beginning of the universe was the dawn of life, the creation of life itself. This brought forward beings of immense power, beasts of mass destruction, living elements, and humans. The life of this universe was a constant struggle for humans, the beasts preyed on them, the shortages of food. That was until the first human found this substance called Ora after he killed his first beast , he drank the substance, which boosted his power immensely, it was then that humans began to fight over the very essence that they were made from. To consume each others Ora. After this epidemic, they created cities, began to create higher technology, AI, Weapons of mass destruction, that marked the age of the Iridsian empire, ruled by men who had consumed so much ora that they were almost invincible, this empire uses the class systems heavily, there were rich people, there were poor people.

There was minor bits of slavery, not muc though, there was capital punishment for those who deserved it, there were the use of concubines, of course that meant that there was a bit of sexism. This empire flourished in technology and power. The other lands seemed almost pointless without this massive empire. Then a revolution began to spark, which of course, failed due to them being overpowered by the military. Most of those involved being publicly humiliated as punishment for defying the emperor. The emperor then created a line of generals that took orders specifically from him. These generals were called Ordinals. The highest of the high. They wore no ribbons, no medals, merely prestigious black combat suit. One such Ordinal named Shieda Kayn rose in power over the emperor after he consumed an unsafe amount of Ora when he killed quite possibly the biggest “demon” they had ever encountered. He rose to the emperor title, he created stricter laws, revolutionized Ora usage by using it to power engines, and electricity. But, he began to grow into a tyrant of sorts, killing all those who defied him. His Ordinals backed him through everything. There being 7 Ordinals and a very powerful military.

So that’s where we are now. What will you do? Will you try to start another revolution to get rid of this cruel yet cunning emperor? Will you serve the military under him and earn his respect? Will you find love, will you find your deepest darkest power lying within you? That is all up to you young adventurer.