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Come on down to the Rwby roleplay server! it is a starter like place but everyone that joins is treated equal and kindly. We hope to make the server grow and updated to its finest piece. we will also announce when Roosterteeth uploads a new episode right to your front door! Chat, game, rp, hang out, anything! I hope to see you there. (Also Salem is there too)
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100 years ago, a dangerous organism called the Corruption invaded Earth. It quickly devoured everything in it's path, Consuming almost half the Earth. The horrible event became known as the Black Skies. Governments united and quickly built a wall that surrounded half the planet, exhausting the planet's resources and it's people, but it was successfull at stopping the Corruption. Now all life hangs in the balance.
Half-Earth is a small fantasy / post-apocolyptic RP server looking to grow!
We have:
💞 Friendly community
💯 great staff!
✅ laid-back rules (WIP)
🤖 fun bots!
📢 regular updates and community input!
🔞 NSFW zone!
We are currently looking for active staff and partnership managers!
We hope you join!
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RWBY RP is a brand spanking new server for all of your RWBY-based roleplaying needs! We boast friendly staff and an extensive list of channels to roleplay in!
hey welcome to my server we have
deputy sheriff
and police
trial police
police dog
Toyozou High School is looking for students to come join!
We support both RP and ERP. Just don't be really desperate.
Your character is naturally a Traveller, and through your journey you found your way into a colorless world, if accepted you will come to find you are roommates with a very sinister person.

Be a villian and begin your personal plot in harming others or be a victim and just try your best to survive.
You may be as twisted as you want, just simply follow the rules and you two can find this wicked place to be your home!

**If accepted you may post all your explicit gore images and come chat with us about it!**
Please note this is new so don't expect much

Hey there, looking for a new discord server to join? Well why not join this one!

We have...
Bots and roles for all your needs
Roleplay channels
Sfw and 18+ channels

Join if interested! 💜
Welcome to the Voidless Realm!

-We are a fairly small, but active roleplaying group that aims on growing its community and helping fellow roleplayers interact!

-Our server consists of:
🔹 A growing community of 400+ members! 👐
🔸 50+ channels for all of your needs 😮
🔹 Dank memes, of course 😄
🔸 Medieval and Fantasy stuff for nerds-alike 🤓
🔹 A pretty hecking chill staff team, if I do say so myself 🔥
🔸 Some pretty intense events to get your blood running 💦
🔸 Fun Bot Commands to waste away your life with! 🤤
🔹 Have I mentioned we have memes? 😏
🔸 Combat RP for venting your anger out on imaginary characters! 😅

Udrium is a midieval fantasy RP

Welcome to the Kingdom of Udrium! where all sorts of races can be found inside from human to Anthropomorphic. there have been orcs, halflings, dwarves, elves, genasi and much much more.

but absolutely no magic what so ever can be allowed inside. if found weilding magic you will be hung.

the kingdom is currently in a war with this so called.... rebellion. vile creatures quite frankly if you ask me. attacking the kingdom with their,, magics. the rebellion contains those we attempted to exile but escaped unfortunately. all who dislike the rules in the kingdom end up in the rebellion. thankfully not a lot of our citizens think so. or so I know of. Other wise the kingdom would be in great peril.

Thank you for visiting Udrium I hope you enjoy your stay traveler!
🔵🔴⚫️⚪️🔶This server is an open community and everyone is welcome. If you feel the need of attention, come and we will help you out. Roleplay on the server is optional but it does bring out the joy and comfort to many people if they want to spend/pass their time. 🔶⚪️⚫️🔴🔵
🔆Art Raffles / Events / Giveaways.
🥰Partnership / Affiliation
😋Open Community
🚨Own Rust Server
🤔Fiction friendly
♥️ Active/Helpful staff members.
🦊 Furry/Pokefur friendly
⚜️Multiple available roles.
💙Come and join us if you wish to try out our server, we invite everyone who is not just part of the My Little Pony fandom but also everyone else. Adults and children, there are specific roles for everyone.💙
Ps. Please keep in mind when you join to use the "?ranks" command when you wish to obtain roles.
Interested in Star Wars Roleplay?

We're a new roleplay community using a mod for the game Jedi Academy that overhauls its already superb saber combat system and adds roleplay elements. Our RP style is probably more lax and off the cuff than hardcore roleplayers will be used to, this is because it all takes place in-game and flows freely, which means it can get pretty interesting. Hope to see you!

The year is 850 BBY. The Galactic Republic has ruled the galaxy peacefully for over a century. This era has been designated as the Great Peace of the Republic. Though not all is quiet. Over the years while the Republic has been growing and branching out colonies into the outer rim the system of Mandalore has been in quiet chaos. With Hutts and raiders taking planet after planet. With dark forces operating on the fringes of the system. With Republic colonies and influence branching as far as the planet Mandalore itself the Mandalorian way of life is at risk of being overwhelmed and exterminated. With no legendary Mandalore to rally the clans, the last bastion of the Mandalorians has sent out its last and only fleet. In hopes to restore order to the Mandalorian worlds. Saving their way of life as they know it. Join the fleet and rise through the ranks, prove yourself as a true Mandalorian and leave your mark on the galaxy forever.
In my Mew Mew Magic Squad server id like to make a fun and friendly chatroom where you can roleplay and talk about games and play them with others, also Nsfw channel for 18+ plus we have pokecord for battles. There several Vc's for different things so one isnt over crowded! Please remember to have fun and to invite your friends!
Hey! This is a new server. We are a roleplay server set in the 1990s.
I’m highly in need of staff,too.
This is the quest of Dragon Riders, enter now for a literate roleplay experince ~Full of fun and constant quests.
Welcome to Essentia, a place for people of all ages and kinds. Gamers, artists, writers. We are all here to create close bonds and to find love, friendship, or simply a server to vent to.
Sincerely, The Breakfast club.
Mature content may appear, side effects may include happiness and joy.

🍓🍑Welcome to the BTS Cafe!

Here we want to make a fun community for you to enjoy yourself in. We are a SFW server and have lots of things for you to do like:

🍑Bots to play around with

🍑Custom role menus

🍑Roleplay channels and rooms

🍑Places for you to showcase your lastest works of art

🍑Active Staff!

🍑Welcoming community!

🍑A channel for other groups!

So consider joining us at the BTS Cafe!🍑🍓

❗❗Looking for Partners❗❗
Hello! Welcome to Home! We are a new multi fandom based server that's now opening to the public. Were here to just provide you all with a good time.
✵ ۩✵ 𝐑 𝐄 𝐀 𝐋 𝐌 𝐒 - 𝐑 𝐎 𝐋 𝐄 𝐏 𝐋 𝐀 𝐘! ✵۩✵

Realms is one of the most complex and immersive RPs on discord!
Join our server; find out just how customizable the magic is and how massive the world is!

۩ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ۩ 𝐅 𝐄 𝐀 𝐓 𝐔 𝐑 𝐄 𝐒 ۩ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ۩

✵ Intense events which can help every character grow and slowly advance within mage-hood! Be a part of our story!
✵ Skill-trees, with a semi-custom magic system!
✵ 30(+) abilities to pick from in total!
✵ Two Large and Immersive Cities (20+ Channels)!
✵ Amazing sets of OCs, that can surely give you RP that you desire!
✵ Events that can help you develop any character!
✵ Medieval based society, with lots of olden aspects!

۩ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ۩ 𝐈 𝐍 𝐅 𝐎 𝐑 𝐌 𝐀 𝐓 𝐈 𝐎 𝐍 ۩ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ۩

Join right into this immersive world that we have created within Realms. Each person is a mage nowadays, allowing them to use any form of magic they can unlock. This allows them to try to achieve their goal of getting to be one of the strongest mages within the universe of Realms! Maybe you don't want to be combative, you can always have a trade, maybe you can become a tailor, a craftsman, a militiaman, or maybe even an alchemist.

This group allows any type of RPer (skill-wise), as long as you are willing to place in some effort.
The Elementals originated within this group.
Universe created by InfernalRevelations#0666 and NotMyProblem.Exe#6582, within the year of 2015-2016.
It is a role play continuation of the ending of American Horror Story Apocalypse or AHS8
Hello! We are the Circidan Dominion! We are a 5-Diamond Chat Roleplaying Group! We allow roleplayers of all types, and we are a very smol and friendly community! We are looking for new members who can join us in roleplaying! We offer Requestable NSFW Channel Roles, A Climb-Up the Ladder Role System, A Secure Verification System, and More! Here, you can play as your OC. Starting from the bottom, and getting to the top! We believe in equal treatment for everybody and ofcourse great overall service! We are open for partnerships for small groups, and for members who want an NSFW Channel, you got it! If you want to make suggestions to make our group even better, theres also a Suggestions Channel!
As I said before, we are a Chat Roleplay Group, I do not plan to create a game on Roblox. Invite your friends!

What are you waiting for? Join now!
In a world were supernaturals must hide their existence from humans, more and more unexplainable things have been occurring, threatening to expose the supernatural population forever. Supernaturals from far and wide have come to the city of Red Point to investigate these unnatural events, will you join the investigation to see what's happening below the surface of this city?

This server has:
°Friendly staff
°Original characters
°And interesting lore
This server is a Work In Progress[WIP], but join us if you’d like anyways :)

We have 4 unique clans, and our own custom world.

We have a roleplay 'seasons' system.