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My goal for this server is to have a wholesome community for people to hang out in and make friends!
-cute nitro emotes
-kind community
-custom roles
-introduction channel so we can get to know you
-soon to have question of the day, polls, and more events!
-art, kpop, musicals, vent, positivity channels, and more!
hope to see you here!
We're a community of passionate & friendly gamers.
If you're ever bored you can ask people to play with you.
Even bring your own friends over and chat with us!
Also we have some fancy own bot games.
Just a General Gaming community trying to grow for any and all games and have a lot of fun (new games can be suggested) and giveaways to happen at least once a month
Something for Everybody is an amazing server which aims to provide a place for everyone to communicate. The difference with “SFE” is that we have no set theme for the server, as instead we have many different topic channels to provide a server where most things you may be interested in are all within one place and community. Not only that, but it gives an opportunity for members to learn about new hobbies and different interests which others may have to widen your mind on different cultures around the world and potentially find new likings and things you may enjoy. We have a kind warming community that everyone enjoys. We are also partnered with discord which is amazing!
Hello from 🖤ᴡɪᴛʜɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀʙʏss🖤

Here's a bit about us!
🖤Community Based Server
🖤Gaming, media and general chat areas
🖤Loads of voice channels to suit your needs
🖤Self-assignable roles
🖤Drama free and non-toxic
🖤All people welcome (LGBTQ+ Friendly)
🖤Partnerships are available!
🖤Staff applications are open
🖤Open to suggestions & more to come!

We are all here to have some fun and make friends. Why not join us!
Programming channels
Gaming channels
Music channels
General text and voice channels
Economy gaming bots
So be sure to join!!
hey!! this is a server for anyone who is willing to make friends and communicate. we have movie nights every weekend (depending on free time for others) and other activities. mostly just communication and making friends.
Are you interested in discussing your favourite topics, listening to music, and meeting new friends? if some then we recommend that you join the Discord Addicts today!
Welcome to Delinquents! We ask that if you're above the age 18, or above highschool that you stay out of this server, thanks!
Delinquents is a server where we accept people with mental health issues, but we do not stop there. We accept the LGBTQ+ community, and pretty much anyone else. I ask of you to be a decent person while in the server, and not become toxic. Anyone being very toxic will be punished. Anyways, here is what we as a server offer to you:
- General chatting
- Introductions
- Self roles
- Music channels
- Voice chat
- Venting (if needed)
- Writing channels
- Bots
And more, so come join us. Hopefully you enjoy your stay! <3
General shitposting. Rules are pretty gay so I'm not having any of those, just come and do whatever you want really. Toxicity is always fun so if you like being a dick to anyone and everyone, come along

(probably stay away if you're a bit of a snowflake)
Anime/Otaku server where everyone is welcome!

☆Ai to Yume☆(Love and Dreams)

Hey there! Visit the wonderful plave that is Ai to Yume! This is a dating server that started recently and is growing rapidly, and one that we manage with lots of love. Here we have a good amount of roles and channels, we're a nice and accepting community of weebs and other peeps!

Perks to be had at Ai to Yume!:

☆ Roles to express yourself with!
☆ A lot of exciting bot channels to have fun with!
☆ An active community of kind people, with great staff and owners!
☆ An accepting and non-nsfw anime server that focusses on making every person feel welcome!

So come around! We'd love to see you there!
- Spectre ☆
hehe, we want friends and you want friends! let's be friends! we are a new server looking to grow, so let's do this! please join uwu...
Welcome to Rainy Days! this is where you can pretty much just chill and relax without any drama. We are a non toxic and active community with chill rules. looking for staff and active members. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? JOIN US!
**Welcome to the Spinjitzu Academy!**
A place for Ninjago fans to hang out and have fun.
We have:

Element roles.

8 Custom Houses to be used as teams.

Role Play.

And more!
Join today!
Our server was made to combat T-Series in the Battle of YouTube, for all the 9 year olds and pro gaming squad, lets win this battle, and keep the king on top
👾 New & Active Gaming Community 👾

➳ Active Chats // Voice Channels 📞
➳ Cute Retro Arcade Theme 🎮
➳ League Events // Movie Nights 📽️
➳ Mini Game Events 🎲
➳ Fun Level Up System & Rewards 🕹️
➳ Player Shops !! 🛍️
➳ PP/ RP Giveaways 🎉
a smaller, low moderation server that is growing every day!
we have:

♡ friendly e-girls
♡ decent conversation
♡ active members
♡ music bots
♡ giveaways & events

join if u like attention :)
Welcome to The Lewd Service!

We all at the staff team hope you'll enjoy your stay. Here's what we have to offer:

- Many different roles to choose from!
- 18+ role (check the pins in #🤹⎪role-selection ), and NSFW channels you can browse to your heart's desire!
- A great community!
- So much memes!
- Selfie channels to show off what you look like!
- And so much more! You'll just have to see for yourself.

See you there!
Hey! Come check out our server, The Cow Barn!

We’re a meme/barn themed server, and would appreciate anyone willing to check it out.
Some of our features include:

- Active staff members

- Active community as a whole

- Dating

- Rythm, Waifubot, Tatsumaki, and other bots

- Loads of varying roles

- Acceptance of any race, genders, and sexualities

- Memes

- Enforced rules (That are fair and square.)

- Active voice channels to chill and chat in

- Friendly and generally chill people to chat to!

Come and check out the server! <3
We're a server made for mostly just hanging out. We're recruiting staff and a strong amazing community will be built starting with me and you.
Swearing is allowed but NSFW content has to be requested so ask the Owner if you would like it.
We also love music. Music is amazing and a form of talent.
Our only rules are:
No Racism
No saying anything sexist
Have fun!
Are you looking for a friendly place to hang out and chat? Meow Cafe and Lounge offers a great community to make friends in, but also fun events and much more!