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Welcome to Airedale, a fantasy server. Come take a look and start your own quests. Go on adventures with friends, fight against custom npc's and explore an expanding world! We have quaint Airedale village, as well the mining town of Hebrahm. Magic, mysteries, and occasional mayhem await you!
The Forest of Darkness is a very new, small server on the dark side of Discord for socialites and mature audiences to chat daily, share interests, advertise servers and social media pages. This is a new server and we are looking for new members to bless the forest with their presence...
Have you ever wanted to do Magic? Have you ever wanted to explore a world that you've never experienced before? Do you like thrilling roleplay and exciting plots? Well, this server might be right for you.

Crescent Moon Academy is an Original RP based on lore designed by the admins themselves. All Lore and Information is on the server for those who wish to immerse themselves in a new world of fantasy. We're welcoming and open to new roleplayers and experienced roleplayers as well. We have tons of events, battles, and stories that'll keep you wanting more.

Crescent Moon Academy was originally created by Prince Eldric as a private academy. He created the academy with the vision of the noble children of Aquaria having a good education and a well organized school. He wasn't expecting his project to succeed in the slightest. However, after the overwhelmingly brilliant exam results and the magnificent performances of his students at a fighting competition, he decided to open the Academy to anyone who wanted to apply. This drew people in from all over the world, hearing the magnificent reviews of the Academy. Crescent Moon revolutionalized the education system by creating a ranking system for Semblances and Mystic Arte. Their goal was to motivate the weaker students, who got lumped together, to become stronger and kept the strong students, who were also lumped together, to keep getting stronger because it was competitive. However, Crescent Moon Academy didn't just grade based on magic, but also personality. Making it a Military school.

Thousands of years later the Academy has grown. Crescent Moon Academy is now run by a Red Panda Eferri. Headmaster Scout Aori, despite his child-like appearance is both loved and feared by his students. He's a kind yet stern educator.

The Academy is huge. In the center of the academy is the main building with the majority of the classes. To the left is the Magical research building and behind it the armor and weapon research building. To the right of the main building is the gymnasium and behind it the arena and auditorium. Behind the academy are the dorms and the cafeteria. Between the two dorms is the Student lounge. Behind even those are the pactical classes buildings and a few administrative buildings. The campus and school appears welcoming. Students hang out in the courtyard or student’s lounge, usually.

Want a thrilling story? We have it.
What in-depth character development? We got you.

We reward roleplayers for being more active and showing interest. Please come check it out, our admins are very friendly.

In Summary we have:
- In depth Lore
- Flourish in character development
- Interactive events and combat scenario
- LGBT friendly
- Friendly admins and members

Please come and check us out. It's my first RP server.
Nisi Isles
If you are looking for an unique twist on fantasy rp then come check us out. We encourage creativity in customer characterization allowing a large variety of approved races. We currently have 40 white listed races with human races simply being listed as human though all human races are allowed. We offer a large map that is mostly unexplored as well as the option to build up the main town adding new buildings. We allow each person to choose up to 2 specialized magicks or powers for their character and the limit to what you can do with them is up to how logically creative you are. Our server is 16+ and we have a level up system in place allowing people to progress their characters and the lore more and more as they level up. Our islands Backstory is set though new lore is entirely up to the rp.
Welcome! Azriss is a roleplay in a desert continent filled with violent creatures, people and vast amounts of gritty sand you'll find in all your clothes for weeks. Magic though is much more Violent for those who possess it for the user and the victim because of a mark.

We are a small group but friendly and accept lots of varieties of people. Please note that this server does have erp but in DMs for the sake of keeping it PG13 ish.

Never the less feel free to join in and @ a staff for role!

Hey there :)
Tired of every server telling you, “Night Furies are only available to Admins”? Are you sick of not being able to roleplay the dragon you want because the owner(s) of the server only allow a certain number of those dragons to be played by people such as you? I couldn't agree more. That is why I've made this serverㅡHTTYD: Forgotten Lands.
It takes place on a planet unbeknownst to mankind on earth, named Zaryath. Here, you're free to become who you wish; want to be a Terrible Terror? Go for it. Want to roleplay a Night Fury or a Storm Cutter? Go right ahead. You are not restricted to any one dragon just because the Admins feel as if they're “too powerful.” Yes, we acknowledge that these dragons are rare and indeed powerful, but we aren't greedy and don't wish to hog a breed to ourselves.

⚠️ Offensive
💠 Fair
🚫 No NSFW allowed

Come join us!
A text based fantasy roleplay server suitable for all ages
Join us and begin your adventure in the magical realm of Meidolon
Fight mythical beasts
Make new allies and friends
Your adventure is in your hands
Welcome to The Dragon Forest, a small community server where we talk about gaming, furry stuff, general. We aim to create a friendly community where everyone is comfortable at!
We do events and we have lots of fun bots!
The server is pretty inactive, though we don't give it up.
Want to make friends? Talk about your favorite videogames? Be comfortable being from any fandom? Join us!

We have:
•Leveling system with ranks
•Game bots
•Game chats (To talk about certain games)
•Voice chats
•Custom emotes
•Continuous server updates
•Language roles (Spanish and English)
•Rythm, for music in voice chat
•Role play
And much more!
Venture into the forest, and see how your fortune can bless you, or curse you.

This is a brand new roleplay server centered around an original idea of mine, and I’d love it if people could join me here!

You’ll be able to create your own characters, magic items, and more!
Enchanted Erotica is a niche group who love a little magic sprinkled in with their sex. Telekinetic women, superheroes, shapeshifters, cloners, ghosts, witches, warlocks, and gods are all things you will find here and more! We love to post images of women who may or may not be magical as well (due to their amazing bodies and outrageous physiques). Our emphasis is on the written word, but we also love to find such things in images, gif, and video formats. Come join us! Share your works, discoveries, or see what we have to offer you!
This is a modern fantasy supernatural roleplay taken place in Redwater Village. This town dates back centuries with both unworldly beings and humans co-existing together. Of course the humans do not know a lot about the supernatural beings or that there is a school for them there being disguised as a school for the rich and troubled instead. With this town and it’s people trouble stirs deep within. What part will you play? This roleplay is a fun community for all to come and join! At lest check it out!
An RP that takes place within the Fairy Tail universe but without canon characters. It has its own, ever expanding plot. Its own villains. But don't worry, the guild you know and love are still here! With the ability to create your own original guilds and magic as well!
Welcome to Ursus! Join a family of magic and climb the ranks! Survive assassins, power feuds and natural disasters. What matters more? Family or power?
Welcome to Anarchia. This reality was made by an extremely powerful being who got bored. It's not that big of a reality, it being just one planet. On every continent is a hub, a "spawn" if you will, that contains many stores, restaurants, and pretty much any service that costs money, excluding storage, which is free. Outside of the hub is, of course, Anarchia. The rules here are simple. There aren't any. Murder, drugs, anything. Some fun activities to do here in Anarchia are: Murder, making a town, murder again, bounty hunting, racing, monster hunting, and much more! Did I say monster hunting? Well, in the wild, you can find all sorts of crazy enemies to fight, and maybe even get some sick loot off of. There are even boss monsters too, but they're pretty rare. There are even rarer versions of existing enemies, and even monsters so rare you'd think they're unique. That brings me to my next bit. Defrum! Defrum is the only valuable resource found on this planet (that constantly renews itself on occasion). Defrum, when purified, can be used as a currency, and in fact one of the only currencies you can use in the hub. Of course, impure Defrum can be used as a currency, but it costs about three times more. I bet you're wondering, how do you get to Anarchia? Well, the being who created this reality specifically chooses people from any universe/other reality and brings them over here, even if they're dead! That's right, even previously dead people can get revived and brought here! For the mega jackpot, the means to obtain are currently at 1. The jackpot is: Your own reality in which you can control and live in, plus spectator access to Anarchia!
Now get out there and give em hell!
This rp server has barely any character restrictions! Go nuts!
The bravest of the people sought freedom, taking to the seas just as their forefathers, thusly the pirate brigades were formed, not allied to the kingdoms or amongst each other, but free to live as they wished, chasing the dream that many considered foolish, to get rich, overthrow the fat monarchs and bring liberation to the oppressed, taking a hearty cut for themselves along the way.
Are you interested in fantasy roleplay? Well, welcome to the World of Bion!
In this world, there are many different races and many different places! You can make friends, create your own character, and, of course, roleplay!
We bring you
- a nice staff always there to help
- overall a nice community
- fun plotted events
And much more! So join :D
๑۩۩๑▬● Balamb🏰Garden™ ●▬๑۩۩๑

▷Action RolePlay!
▷Active Staff!

**▼ Current Theme: ▼**

🎮 Final Fantasy VIII: SeeD Academy!

*-Balamb Garden is a major location in Final Fantasy VIII, situated east of the town of Balamb. Students (usually orphans) attend school in hopes of becoming SeeDs. Balamb Garden is one of the three Gardens in the world.*
*-Squall Leonhart, Zell Dincht, Seifer Almasy and Selphie Tilmitt live and train at Balamb Garden, and Quistis Trepe works as an instructor.*
*-The Garden works both as a location, and as a method of transportation around the world map. Using the Garden is made redundant by the game's end as the player obtains an airship that can be used to move around the map more efficiently.*


**▼Join us here!▼**

《 <https://discord.me/balambgarden> 》
《 <https://discord.io/balambgarden> 》
《 <https://invite.gg/seed> 》

**Banners** 🖼 《 https://imgur.com/a/hM8hTG5 》

**Tag(s):** @Partnership Pings @everyone

๑۩۩๑▬● Balamb🏰Garden™ ●▬๑۩۩๑
Tied together through intricate roads and trade, the Road of Vyrms is a broad term for all the strange places it stretches to. Portals open as quickly as they close.
It's a good start for any new bard or adventurer who wants to see what's out there. It's also a melting pot of all kinds of races. Centaurs, Tieflings, Orcs, Mer-folk, etc.

But Vyrms has seen its fair share of the undead, and the people are certainly weary after the plague that swept it.
Now the ghostly victims of the old plague search for a way out and torment Vyrms, and it all has to do with the disappearance the witch who cursed them.

- We are a small and semi-literate to literate server, hoping to create a neat little story. But if you just want somewhere to roleplay, go right on ahead. We have a guild system, spookiness, and community hangouts.
This Server is a Literate Rp Server that focuses around Fire Emblem Awakening. We are a Cannon Character based server.

What we Offer:
• Friendly and Helpful Staff
• Self Assignable Roles
• A Server filled with Literate Roleplayers
• Main Storyline Plot and AUs
• Information about the FE Awakening Lore
• A Safe Community
• Fun Bots and Multiple Leaderboards
• Fun Server Events

We have over half of the cast filled, but we are still in need of some important roles! ESPECIALLY VILLAINS. We're looking for active people to join us.

Embark on a journey to challenge your fate!
Hello and Welcome to our kingdom. We're a new rp server and are accepting anyone who follows our rules. Ask our admins about our lore if you are curious about joining.
Hello, Welcome to Averus RP! The realm of Averus is a large and strange realm, you have many places to explore and conquer, many beasts to slay, and magic to learn! We're a new, Semi-Serious RP group looking for members to join.We're Semi-literate, so you'd have to be able to write at least two lines per reply. You can suggest races to play as, make small subplots that the staff will support, and so on. We have a main plot that players can join on as well! So, what are you waiting for? Join now!
Welcome to Alterra, a literate fantasy RP with 200+ users!

It’s been ten thousand years since the goddess of creation used her powers to seal away the goddess of destruction. The world was thrust into turmoil and a thousand year war began between the nations. Choose from 10 nations to pledge your allegiance to, create a character with 9 races to choose from, and throw yourself into a job system with over 20 classes to choose from! Join our welcoming community today!
Willkommen auf unserem Server!
Wir bieten einen Server an, auf dem du deiner Fantasie freien Lauf lassen kannst und du in einer Welt mit einer freien Wirtschaft, unabhängigen Gilden, einem eigenen Rechtssystem, einem Levelsystem und einem Serverstore mit eigener Währung dich austoben kannst.

Du bestimmst dein Abenteuer!

Wir warten auf dich, dein
Hello I am the creator of this server this is a hybrid of wild west and Fantasy elements so come to the server and have some fun here is the lore.

What does server have to offer

• A different magic System
• friendly staff
•lore that changes because of the actions of the player