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Nerds & Nabs is a public Discord related to Pika Network, a Minecraft server. Our goal is to provide a safe and chill environment for as many Pika players as possible. We mostly talk about BedWars and SkyWars.
This is the ssshoh server
We all play Among Us and other games as well..
I also have a YouTiube channel that is small , but you can appear in one of my videos
Join me let's all have fun!!!
A group of people who like to game and socialize.
hope to see you in the server and make some new friends.
Kanciapa to serwer stworzone z myślą poznawania nowych ludzi oraz dla zabicia nudy i wspólnego śmieszkowania...(zwlaszcza w tym okresie). Zajrzyj, może zostaniesz na dłużej.
Welcome to HyperPlayz cave this is a cool server with Giveaways and welcoming members
:mega: __**Hey salut ! Je viens te présenter 𝐎𝐦𝐞́𝐠𝐢𝐨𝐧**__

Il s'agit d'un serveur minecraft mini-jeux [en développement], où vous pourrez trouver les mini-jeux classiques revisités ! Mais aussi quelques jeux exclusifs imaginés par nos soins ! ;) (Un UHC-Bedwars et un Sky-Faction)

Si cela vous intéresse, je vous invite à passer sur notre discord :)

| Recrutements 𝐎𝐍 --> Liens candidatures (et rejoins le discord ;) )
| https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScQH0yIYunIziH-zSWXJCB8F-SGZ5VMSEtb-wodUt9sjKldtw/viewform

Viens au moins faire coucou :wave: !
| https://discord.gg/yaUaMQAXEW

A très vite !
Jay's Hangout Server!
We are a social hangout where you can make friends and have fun.
What we offer:
movie nights
game nights
a friendly community
a good staff team.
no toxicity
LGBTQ+ friendly
We Are Voxel Void, a growing Community Discord Server with a fantastic staff team, friendly members, and so much more! We are currently developing a Java Edition Minecraft Earth Server the likes of which have never been seen before. If you're interested, come check us out!
Chill and Play ❤ exists since 02.01.2017 and is a small community server where you can play and chat together. If you also want to be a part of the community go ahead and join 🙃

Chill and Play ❤ existiert schon seit dem 02.01.2017 und ist eine kleine Community die zusammen Spielt, Schreibt und Spaß hat. Falls du auch beitreten möchtest schau gerne mal vorbei 🙃
**Current Comp: £10 CASH and Nitro Premium**
*We host a lot of giveaways, win CASH prizes, Nitro and more!*

CalamityMC is a classic survival server running 1.15.2. We are proud to bring a unique and dynamic twist to the classic formula of survival servers.

We have an incredible and dedicated staff team that takes the server and its success very seriously and would be honored for you to join us!

We have many fun features such as jobs, achievements, player based economy, shops, free donation ranks. events and much more, and fueled by our amazing community we strive to constantly bring more updates to our server to provide the best possible experience for you!

We look forward to seeing you!
Краткость сестра таланта.
На сервере тебя ждёт:
-Адекватное общение
-Неадекватное общение, контролируемое администрацией
-CS:GO комьюнити
-VAPE комьюнити
-Аниме дисскусии
-minecraft комьюнити
We are a Survival Minecraft Server. Inspired by Hermitcraft, we are a melting pot of players from around the world.
Come join us and our small community Java Minecraft server! We host events, share Builds, And promote Content Creation!

Current Game Version: 1.16.4
Check out our Dynmap:

Our server has Plugins like:
All to make your Minecraft Experience better!

Need more info? Check out our Planet Minecraft server status!

We have a moderation team on the stand by if anything were to happen! Our Moderators and Helper can easily help you out with problems like Griefing, Theft, And other rule brakes that involve creations being destroyed or vandalized!

We want to make Voidance the best server it can be, and we need your help. Come join us and have fun!
Welcome to The Shitass Community!
We have
- Nice Bots to use (including Music Bots)
-Nice people
-Friendly people
And more!
So come on down to The Shitass Community!
Be sure to have fun
MinersX™ is a Minecraft Server running from 2019 August,
Started with Survival but now has Creative and Skyblock.
It has an almost non-toxic community.

Server IP : play.minersx.net
Привет, меня зовут Бови и я тебя приглашаю в свою семью. Здесь мы проводим съёмки с игроками и тебя приглашаем с нами. Приходи.
Hello guys, there we record videos with players. Также мы играем в кс го . THere we play cs go
Раз в неделю открываются новые испытания и кидаются айпи, ты заходишь и наслаждаешься. Ждëм!!!
Bienvenido a MultiCraft, una comunidad de habla Hispana, en la que hacemos distintas series de minecraft, como élites, permadeaths, series con mods y muchos mas tipos, tenemos un servidos propio con el que se puede jugar sin problema y sin lag.

También estamos buscando gente para un super survival técnico, si sabes mucho de minecraft y crees que puedes entrar, entra y contacta con un administrador.
We are a friendly server made for 16+ (with exceptions) with the aim of making a safe and comfortable community to make friends and play games with!
୨୧ invite from → kanii and sydney
🐝 → welcoming members!!
🐝 → make new friends!!
🐝 → fun channels
🐝 → daily events
🐝 → daily polls
🐝 → custom minecraft server
🐝 → loving community
୨୧ join the community!
This server is mainly dedicated dedicated for Bedwars and other Hypixel games!
Friendly Gamingserver to find new friends and have a good time. The members are very friendly and supportitive.
InfinityParks - Infinite Fun, The Next Generation Theme Park Server

Welcome to InfinityParks, we set out to be the next generation of Minecraft Theme Parks servers, our server will include multiple scenarios/parks in which you can role play on, or even just have fun with.

Feel free to join our discord server, soon we will be announcing more about the server while keeping the excitement high for the servers release.

Our servers are looked after and maintained by Velix Entertainments, a group with a lot of experience in this part of the Minecraft community.

We set out to please the Roller coaster and Minecraft community with our fun coasters and fantastic attention to detail.

Join us for infinite fun today: https://discord.gg/Q4ArnwX
Owners are european/asian. All gamers are welcome in this server (: multicultural. weebs and kpop fans are welcome. Somehow most the people in the people are filipinos lmao. Preferably 16+ based on our language usage analysis :P