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World of Vigilantes - Yukon Containment Zone!

In 2033, individuals who harbor special abilities that make them able to commit feats of superhuman acts have been looked down upon as a menace to society. These individuals, known as 'Empowered' have been locked up and tossed away into many containment zones all over the world by a totalitarian organization known as the Sectorate. One of these containment zones dubbed the Yukon Containment Zone is looked over by Sector 1, a sub-division of the Sectorate. The Yukon Containment Zone harbors millions of unique Empowered in a cyberpunk dystopia, and all attempts of escape have been foiled by the psychic anomaly that surrounds the cyber-city, this anomaly is a seemingly never-ending forest that mutants, eldritch abominations, and many more unknown horrors dwell within. Here, you must learn to survive and adapt to this ugly world, or be left in the dirt like many before you. World of Vigilantes is a three-year-old sandbox cyberpunk-fantasy roleplay that emphasizes well-done characters and their stories. Explore a grimy, cursed world within the Yukon Containment Zone where mega-corporations dominate over the working class, crime is rampant and the average man is manipulated. Given time, you can be anything- a warlord, a ganger, a businessman or someone trying to make a new life within the containment zone.

What do we bring new to the table?

- A character progression system that rewards you for developing your character.

- An emphasis on player-oriented storylines and interaction. Your actions will be met with distaste by someone, but may be applauded by another character.

- Explore a dark, grimy and harsh cyberpunk world where crime is rampant. If things can go wrong, they will.

- Literacy! We require one to write out actions that are at least two sentences minimum, and we encourage you to make lengthy actions to give others an insight into your character.
╚»★«╝ NARUTO: BLOOD MOON ╚»★«╝

- Welcome to Naruto: Blood Moon -

╰☆☆☆☆╮ What can you find here?
- A "Dark Ages" themed timeline set somewhere after second great ninja war
- The ability to start at any rank! Start at the top as a Kage, or work your way from the bottom as a Genin.
- Various OC Creation options
- Organized Staff .
- Tolerable RTK
- Server Events
- Organized Channels and Categories
- Weekly Mission Board
- Hunter-nin, Bounty Board & Bingo Book
- Fair, thought out Banned List & Caps channels
- Various canon and custom clans
- Custom Organizations
- Moon
- Custom Clans, KKG or Jutsus
This is a place for artists to get together and just enjoy the company. The server is a place for everyone to get along and bring each other up. My goal is to keep others inspired to do what they love.
~Partnerships OPENED!~
Welcome to The Weeb Department! <3
We are a brand new server that strive for its community.
What do we have?
|>| Active chat and semi-active voice chat
|<| Daily events and qotd to keep the server active!
|>| Nitro giveaways!
|<| Fair and active staff
What are you waiting for? come join us!
Hmm, czyżbyś szukał/-ła ciekawego serwera związanego z RP na bazie średniowiecza z elementami ze świata Fantasy? Idealnie trafiasz!

-Różnorodność lokacji, gdzie może się znajdować Twoja postać
-Ogólne lore, które służy dynamice rozgrywki
-Wspaniałe community
-Ogarniętą i chętną do współpracy administrację
-Eventy wpływające na rozgrywkę RP
-Rangę, i docenienie, za pracę na korzyść serwera
-Aktywny voice chat, więc jest o czym gadać

Mamy nadzieję, że dołączysz i wesprzesz nasz serwer swoją obecnością!
Hello, Welcome to Cafe Snowflake a very new! Discord server created for teens who want to make new friends or find the love of there live's and join a fun community of kind people and have fun no toxicity just a chill happy time ^-^
We have
(◕‿◕)Waifu Bot
💵Fun Economy
🌈Color Roles
😭Meme Bot
Hope to see you here !

The Official server for Best Boi Project! We are the largest server dedicated to the Best Bois and making a friendly and welcoming group with creations and worlds based upon them! We hope you will join us in future fun and adventures! We feature an open fun loving community where all are welcome!
Just a chill server for maximum vibes. If members want to hook up then that's totally fine. Drama will be yeeted out of existence and into your dm's cause that kinda behavior don't create the max vibes we're looking for here.

Banter is fine yo the mods aint nazis or nothin but if you start radiating vibes we really can't stand by the mods will be forced to enact our rules

Just a place for regular folk to hang out really, we're sure you'll make great friends at this place and make some vibe ass memories.

Welcome to **𝐵𝓁𝓊𝑒𝒻𝒾𝓇𝑒 𝐻𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓈𝒸𝒽𝑜𝑜𝓁**, This is a highschool roleplay where you can be anything! *(With certain, limitations.)* It’s a new server so it’s not crazy active yet. Gives you time to settle in and meet the folks in this strange town... This server is not your typical one. It’s, cleaner. We don’t allow NSFW comments or images fly around, we try to keep cussing down to a minimum, there aren’t dozens of channels with no purpose laying around, but most importantly, we care about our members. We will do everything we can to make sure things stay fair and clean, and we will try to make a comfortable place where people can unwind after a long day...
│ │ │ │. ;; [🌱] `, - :;'.
│ │ │ ✧
│ │ ◆ Lo siento, creo que esta de moda
│ ✧ poner decoraciones a la descripción ._.

.¿Como te va? La verdad me da igual, unete a mi server.

.¿Quieres amigos nuevos? No te garantizo que lo obtendrás aquí, unete a mi server.

.¿Quieres un server para subir NSFW? Pues lo siento, aquí no se permite ctm enfermo, unete a mi server.

.¿Te gusta el juego Mugen? Que bien, a mi tambien, pero el server no es
sobre eso igual unete a mi server.

.¿Eres pequeño y no quieres encontrarte con pedofilos? Tranquilo, estaras seguro aqui, unete a mi server.

.Aqui hay poca gente, asi que puedes acomodarte mucho mejor, unete a mi server.

.Probablemente te insultemos el primer dia pero igual unete xd.

¡Yo y mis panas te daremos el abrazo maternal que siempre te falto!

¡Unete al server!

(Creo que ya te deje claro que te unas)
Playboys Partnering portal, feel free to join and gain partners for your server!

You can make use of our free advertising channels too!

You will find these around our 10,000 member Server network!

Join us today!
A new and improved version of 💜~Inflation Hangout~💙
Please join the server and take a look around
We have friendly staff
Happy to help admins
And hopefully lots and lots of friendly faces~
Holiii, el día de hoy vengo a presentar un servidor secundario en fase Beta, el tema principal es la música y sus diversos temas a tratar.

Tenemos economía (en proceso)
Tenemos unos lindos rangos con hermosos colores.
Tenemos chats de entretenimiento
No tenemos NSFW
Tenemos un servidor lindo y limpio de hate, y esperamos que tu también estés limpio de hate.
LGBTQ+ Discord server.

Like the beach? Looking for a supportive LGBTQ+ family? Join our Discord server!
Active, fun, and free to join for everyone, including non-LGBTQ+! We're all friends here! A safe, non-judgemental haven for everyone.
We do not accept any forms of hate or drama in our server. You will be kicked if you start any types of hate or drama, no exceptions!

We're waiting for you! <3
❀ )) ៹ welcome to sherb’s hideaway:⸝⸝
︿ °
- we are mainly for fans that play animal crossing: new horizons but anyone who wants to have a fun time can join!

⋆ there are many channels to keep you entertained!
⋆ we provide rewards for those who are active!
⋆ we are a fully nsfw-free and safe server!
⋆ we offer a fun, non-toxic welcoming community!
⋆ we have multiple giveaways and rewards!
⋆ we have our own small bot with an item requesting system for level 5+ users!

we are a small but growing community! we have a lot of different bots, nice moderators and and a cute layout! ꕤ


⁺◟come join us today, and stay for how long you want!ꜜ
An astronomy server with the aim of simply making conversations about astronomy happen. We also have a bunch of off-topic channels and science channels if you wanna discuss other stuff. We hope you will enjoy
A really active server! Tons of people, really active channels, active voice chats, friendly mods, friendly community and more! In this server we like various games like: Fnaf, Terraria, Minecraft, TF2, Geometry Dash, CS:GO, Pokemon, Danganronpa, Jackbox. We also don't ping spam, so if you don't want to be pinged every now and then, you have the option to not get pinged! We welcome new members every day, and if you join, we hope you enjoy your stay! :D

Список Отзывов Discord Серверов

phaantom. phaantom.
Highly Recommended
This server is full of active and friendly people and is a great place to meet and make new friends! There is a very active economy system, meme chat and several unlockable roles! We also talk about many topics such as games, anime and sport! The staff are kind and respectful and make all members feel included and at home.
41 Дней назад
MinigunMiniguy MinigunMiniguy
Loved it!
I loved the server great and they are doing Duck Debates which are tons of fun really recommend it
49 Дней назад
Leafeon_Ali Leafeon_Ali
Great spot for people to exist
Despite having a dead chat every ten minutes, this place is amazing. They have a fare amount of giveaways that you can create or participate in, and tons of heist events!

The community is quite friendly and welcoming. Be sure of a warm welcome if the chat isn't dead!

The place doesn't mention it, but it has quite a few more bots than dank memer, and everyone uses them in a friendly and calm way.

The one downside to this place is how many times you get pinged, but you can choose if you want to be pinged for these reasons, and the people there will only ping you for a good reason!

So far while being there, I have gained new friends and new knowledge.

Chat may be dead there, but you can revive the chat and talk to people!

They aren't joking about the giveaways. On average, I see about 100-500k given out a day whenever the server isn't dead! I do believe that there are at least a couple heists a day, and people sure love those!

Now, come complain about school with us!
72 Дней назад
[SG]Aswlel [SG]Aswlel
The Best Server Ever
Hi I love this server because of the kindness, Supportiveness, and Caring for one another they inspired at teenagers like me that there is always someone watching your back and looking out for what you feel the humor and talents that they have are so unique in their ages some can sing, some can Beatbox, some can humor anyone. That is why there is never a dull moment whenever you have them that’s what makes me happy for meeting them so come on and join now.
96 Дней назад
Eye Boy Eye Boy
Fantastic Roses ^-^
I have been in the server a short time but in my short time with the server they've helped me and loads of others. They are not a dedicated mental support server but if you need a friend to talk to they can be quite helpful. Theres a wide range of people in the server aswell truly anyone is welcome and you can 100% find new friends. The owners are brilliant and so helpful and they them selves can be very good friends who help you. I strongly recommend this server 💯🙌🏼🔥
104 Дней назад
1 3
CleetusZ CleetusZ
Role perms are wack. Simple words/letters in messages get deleted.
The roles don't let you use external emojis and the perms are really weird. There is definitely something wrong with the person who made them. Also, the owner set up a bot that deletes messages that contain certain letters and/or words. For example, it will say something in your DMS like Your message was deleted for containing "n". Why you might ask. I have no idea why the owner thought that it was a good idea to set that up. The owner even gets super aggressive when u just ask simple requests. He will start to say stuff like "Don't teach me how to set stuff" and "I know everything by myself". Probably one of the worst servers I have been in. The reason why no one even talks in it anymore is that you can't even say anything. It used to be a good server too but I don't even know what is going on with the owner anymore.
123 Дней назад
lillith~! lillith~!
this is coming from the literal co-owner. (well I was co-owner for a while but now I'm not lmao) this server was good when it was first created. I think the server is aesthetically pleasing and it is enjoyable at times but the current owner AND previous owner do not care about their members or the server in general, that's a FACT. the members/mods/admins are super kind and fun to talk to but besides that, I wouldn't recommend joining. lol you might get banned for just talking about another server or for really no reason at all. not sorry for this review there's plenty of better servers out there, with actual owners who CARE about what happens to the server.
143 Дней назад
Simp Lord Simp Lord
So many girls
amazing server with lots of toxicity and a 10:1 ratio of girls to boys so you better join
200 Дней назад
ε૨เ૮ҡא∂ƶ ε૨เ૮ҡא∂ƶ
Server Top
Server Muito Bom, Melhor Server Para Fazer Amizades, Staffs Muito Gentil. Melhor Server BR.
460 Дней назад
2 3
🎶 EpsyTheOne 🎶 🎶 EpsyTheOne 🎶
Quality Members, Genuine Fun
I've been apart of this server for quite some time. In my time spent here I've seen lovely individuals laugh together, help each other, and support each other. At it's base, this is a server of acceptance. 5/5 would waste countless hours again.
541 Дней назад
ค๓๒гเร_ςђย ค๓๒гเร_ςђย
Come join
Lots of kinky and perverted people, greate nsfw channels, very pervert owner
566 Дней назад
ai am so lòn lí -moon ai am so lòn lí -moon
iu KCM <3
Be proud when i am a member of động nhạt
602 Дней назад