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Добрый день, открылся официальный дискорд канал от Team 17 для любителей разных игр, в том числе и Hell let loose. Присоединяйтесь к нам и играйте вместе с нами. У нас на сервере есть множество кланов и мы собираемся в скором времени разыграть несколько ключей для данной игры.
🎥 Are you sick of YouTube's bullcrap? Do you want your indie-films and other content to be discovered? Want to be paid for your videos, regardless if they are offensive, or Non-PC? Well, Vidyeo is the place for you!

🎬 Come, join our discord server and chat with other independent content creators just like yourself! Be a greater part of our brand-new community!
Official Discord server for r/NLEChoppa
Welcome to our server! You can find new people to talk and discuss. Let us grow it and become one peaceful community.
Discord server but it's only 1 channel
It's a discord server but with everything in 1 channel. I'm a genius.
Retard hellhole where racists dick each other off and masturbate to traps
This is a nice server for anyone who likes Steven Universe. You can talk about episodes, share theories and fan art, and overall have fun! Come join us!
Infamous ones is a Mental health focused server that was made
for, ASPD, Schizophrenic. people primarily, however other mental disorders are welcomed here, Keep in mind this server may contain
*NSFW content (in NSFW) channels
*TCC (true crime community) without the gorey content

*This server follows Discord TOS*

No children allowed.
We are a growing academic discussion server with a focus on analytic philosophy, political discussion, and scientific analysis. We have many popular bots set up, a comprehensive role system, and server events regularly. All are welcome to join.

Generally speaking, some of the major topics on this server are:

• Socialism
· Marxism
· Leninism
· Anarchism
· Democratic Socialism
• Animal Liberation
· Veganism
· Wild Animal Suffering
· Ecological Collapse
• Health Science
• Philosophy of Science
Come by if you're looking for love uwu

Server is for everyone. owo

There's also pokecord.
Nudzisz się i nie masz co robić? 😴
Nie masz przyjaciół 😭
U nas znajdziesz kolegów do gier 🎮 i nie tylko!
Możesz również dzielić się swoimi umiejętnościami i zainteresowaniami
Będziesz się świetnie bawić!
Dolina Graczy
This is the place where fans of Rock and Metal can come and hang out.
RaZe is a little server to chat with people about stuff like games, or just to chill, meet people, or something like this!

Currently it's still pretty small, but with a bit of help we will get bigger and bigger, don't forget, everything starts small! :D
You will be blessed with memes, bots and good people UwU
Here we like to keep it friendly to the LGBTQ+ community.
Talk about gaming, music, anime and more!!!
This is a server exclusively for knowledgable growers to share their photos, experiences, memes, and much more! Non-Growers are more than welcome to come and socialise!
A server for heartbroken hoomans, you can find friends, maybe e-date or even just have a chat when your bored!

This server is chill and has only 5 rules which are easy to follow!

Exclusive one of a kind Rosé server.

Topics are organized into its own categories.

Have fun!
Zapraszamy na FlameTalk!
- Nasz serwer jest bardzo dobrze dopracowany,
- Posiadamy miłą oraz pomocną administrację,
- Często organizujemy konkursy,
- Posiadamy rangi 4fun oraz kolory!
- Dzięki ekonomii można zdobyć FlameCoinsy!

Welcome to Nova, a community discord server.

Here on Nova, we strive to be a healthy community full of friendly people who will accept anyone, and we have fun! We also have many features, some of which are listed below.

We offer:

◎ Art
◎ Bots
◎ Events
◎ Selfies
◎ Memes
◎ Movie nights
◎ Free advertising
◎ Active members
◎ Self-assignable roles
◎ A channel for your pets
◎ Politics & debate channels
◎ Outstanding staff members
◎ You can level up by talking in chat

Список Отзывов Discord Серверов

BuggetNug BuggetNug
Small But Ok
As a Co-owner, this server is a small but a pretty nice one. Speaking as the Co-owner for this server, I wouldn't say it is all perfect. But, it is something that I believe people should try and look at. I hope the server is too your liking and if it isn't, we will try our very best to improve ^3^.
Rynnical Rynnical
Uses content creators and graphic artists until he finds better ones. DO NOT TURTS THE OWNER!!!!
- ̗̀Will ̖́- - ̗̀Will ̖́-
Eric safada
Me obrigaram a dar 5 estrelas socorro aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2 1
Fate Fate
Sehr chaotisch und lustig
Alle auf dem Server sind echt nett, zumindest die mit denen ich schon Bekanntschaft machen durfte. Das Admin/Support Team ist fair und mach eine gute Arbeit um den Server immer weiter zu verbessern.Ein sehr guter Server für nette Leute wie auch Chaoten und Spaßvögel.
1 1
Semel Semel
the best community

it is very helpful if you are a box critter fan because you always know all the news
Support Support
Nice DatingSite for gamers - but its new can need more members to grow up
senpai senpai
Great Server
୨୧ nice degenerates and wholesome chat.୨୧
𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝙽 (犬バーガー) 𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝙽 (犬バーガー)
its good pls join we have cool people
Apocalyptic Friday Apocalyptic Friday
cool server
kinda dead though, please join, the owner is cool, the admins are not abusive and theres cool people ;)
🍬Little Flowey🍬 🍬Little Flowey🍬
I adore it!
It's a very friendly server, unique emojis, its amazing!💜
2 1
|benthekul| |benthekul|
Great server that is chill and doesn't have pings every 5 seconds that plug themselves. Great community with no trolls or people you could hate really. Owner is very nice as well. Will always have a great time there.
HowToZombie HowToZombie
Hours of enjoyment... Probably.
So yeah this seems like a pretty neat server. You know, lots of RPG elements but it's something new. Entirely homebrew as well. Yeah, I'd recommend joining, and trying out at least one game. If you don't like it, that's aight - it's not for everybody. But I think it'll be pretty fun for a good few of you who join.