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Very small tight knit group looking to expand and make many more friends along the way! This server is very down to earth, adult oriented, and relatively active. It is a kink hub, aimed at the DDLG community mostly but we welcome all kinksters over the age of 18, and yes you must verify to get access to adult channels. We have many different text channels, roles, and voice chats, but not so much as to confuse you. Come join us today!♡
Welcome to Angels Home!
A server where you can talk shit and overall have a good time!
This is a server for the new BigHit kpop group, TXT! But other kpop fans and people in general are also welcome!

✧゚Bias roles, color roles you can buy, age and gender roles!
✧゚Friendly community welcome to everyone
✧゚A range of different channels for different topics
✧゚Update channel for TXT activities! (+translations!)
✧゚Appreciation channels for each member
✧゚Entertaining bots like Tatsumaki, Mantaro, Robyul and music bots
✧゚Separate channel for BTS!
This is a fun server where you are able to do pretty much anything it's for gamers Anime Fans and ur able to self advertise
Also I'm trying to unite people from all over the World So since I know Spanish feel free to speak it with me
Hi there! We’re Wasted! 😈 Dedicated to life-of-the-party types and people who just wanna have fun, we’re a fast growing/active community server that comes together just to have a nice time with one another. ☺️ We have many things to offer unlike other servers and we provide partnerships to ANY server! Big or small, it doesn’t matter.

We offer:

-10+ Bots 😎😋
-Roleplay Channels (Kinky and Non) 😏💦
-NSFW Porn Channels 😩💦😍
-Partnerships 😱😨 (Gain members fast with us!)
-Active Users 😉😘
-Simple Rules 🤓🤩
-Events 😏
-Nice Staff 😘😇
-Random Conversations 🤔👀
-Sweet/Laid Back Owner 😘💕❤️
-LGBTQ+ Loves 😍🌈🏳️‍🌈

And much more!

Come join us today!

Let’s get wasted, shall we? ;)
Bei uns dreht sich alles um Animes, Hentai und Roleplays! Unser deutschsprachiger Server mit Levelsystem und RP-Kategorien bietet euch erfahrene Roleplayer und viel Spaß beim Schreiben an. Schaut mal vorbei ;)
A new friendly server looking for members!
We have:
Chat channels
Friendly members
Friendly staff
Meme channel
And much more!
Hey, I’ve got a movie server called A Very Groovy Movie Server. On this server, you can discuss movies, tv shows, anime, and anything else related to that. We also have events such as :
1. Movie Nights: Everyone gets to suggest a film, and then the server votes on their favorite. The winner is then streamed on on a specific date
2. Movie VS Movie: Everyone gets to suggest a movie that they love. Two are randomly decided and then the server gets around two weeks to watch and discuss the films. Afterwards, everybody votes on which movie they liked better

So please come join A Very Groovy Movie Server!
Du suchst den perfekten MC-SERVER?!
Dan bist du bei uns genau richtig!

Ihr fragt euch was für ein SERVER es ist!
Wir haben ein City-Build-Server!
Schaut mal vorbei!

Was erwartet euch auf unser

Es erwartet euch eine sehr nette COMMUNITY,
und ein sehr nettes SERVER-TEAM!!!

L.G das Sommercraft- TEAM
This is a danganronpa themed roleplay!
The roleplay is still starting, and apps are still opened, so feel free to join in and make new friends and have some fun!
If any of you roleplay Danganronpa OCs, this is a server where people can do that freely and show off their characters to others. Even if you're new to roleplay or you'd prefer to just watch, feel free to join if you're interested! Everyone is welcome!
A note/warning: Some characters do have backstories with mentions of r/pe and similar disturbing topics, if this might bother you, please be mindful when joining.
This is a casual furry server/community. With that being said and in mind, please understand that we encourage free speech and that users on our server may speak their own mind so long as it is not intended as harassment. This is in place as a retreat or escape from the infringement and censorship of speech seen on a lot of other furry servers.
~~~~~~ Welcome To Chat ~~~~~~
🐾 Over 1000 members and still growing
🐾 Very nice 👌 VC moments
🐾 Game/Movie nights
🐾 MineCraft:
🐾 We accept anyone even normies/ weebs/ Bronies/ trolls/ Etc
🐾 Owner is very chad
🐾 Very Active Members
🐾 Nsfw Section
🐾 Open to change
Welcome to the world of Aefiarhia. Where 3 major races fight for domaniance over the main land. The elves being protective of there jungle. But they cause the attacks on it. The humans. And there three kingdoms. Looking only for peace as their done with war and blood shed. The dwarfs the crafty makers and bold movers. The world of Aefiarhia is welcome to all. Will you be a pilot of a great airship. Or a arch mage of the elven empire. Or a tyrant ruler of the dwarfs. You chose. As any man women elf or dwarf can change history forever.
Knights versus Vikings versus Samurai versus Chinese? Quite simple right? Wrong. Warriors of different cultures exist everywhere, each with their own personal codes as a people and as a nation. When new factions begin to join the fray, how will the game shift? No one knows, but we do know, that the world has gotten a whole lot bigger.

Make friends, enemies, and love with four unique factions and 27 classes, and change the game between nations!

Become the Deadliest Warrior you've dreamt yourself to be.
chill and friendly server for users 18+. we have bots for music and games, and self-assignable roles. we also have vc events and are open for partnerships. please join us! our goal is to create a prosperous community filled with friendly users!
A UK based community server for casual variety gamers, and people who just want to chill online. K-pop fans, Gamers, otakus & memes welcome. We also help support Twitch streamers new or old.

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xDulci xDulci
Estrelas são fofasno
Não gosto de números ímpares mas o server é fixe por isso yeyyy e como o icon é uma estrela assim ficam 6 :D
Hikari Hikari
A bit toxic and not very user-friendly.
Their leader seems very immature and rude to new members. He began hurling insults at a new member just for using the term 'gaymer', claiming he invented it. He told this member he "just joined hours ago", calling him an idiot, whacko, and other rude names, excusing himself by claiming it was "obvious sarcasm" when no, it really wasn't, nor does it excuse his toxic behavior in the first place.
༄ Desi 꿀벌🖤 ༄ Desi 꿀벌🖤
Chill Server
I really like this server because its very chill and its perfect to hang out with nice, friendly and sweet people, I'd say join and check it out!! The owner is pretty cool with everyone.
Extra Faded Extra Faded
It's a beautiful server..!
When I joined I saw all of these beautiful pastel colors. I also liked that you could pick your own roles and how many options they have. I also we greeted when I joined and the owner is a wonderful person. I highly recommend this server..!
QuakeTerra QuakeTerra
The Y.T.R.S. Discord Server
This server is really well put together. The community is very friendly and enjoys talking with newcomers. The owners are super nice and are very active in their server and are sure to try and make a connection with all the new members. All of the games such as the Pokecord and Gambling bots help keep the server active when the public chat is slow. Overall, I really enjoy the server! Would definitely recommend to others!
T_Man T_Man
Awesome server to be a Soldier
Great Discord server full of gamers and surprisingly musicians. It's not active yet but if you want to have a lot of fun and be known has a soldier this is definitely the place to be.
Sky Sky
Great server & community
Truly a lovely community, worth joining, lot's of cool people & things to do. Friendly and helpful staff, generally a great place to hang out and definitely good for finding people to date or at least interact with. One of the best servers on discord and very underrated.
Anime Scrap Baby Anime Scrap Baby
Freddy Games Review
This group is awesome!
I sooooo recommend joining. Its so cool.
In my opinion, Freddy Games is worth joining, and at first it may seem stupid, but if you stay for a while, and chat to other people, then it becomes a lovely experience. Right now, we need more members, because there's not a lot of members...
And most members are offline quite often. So it would be awesome if you joined! Yes, you!
Bored? Bored?
Amazing RP
Amazing Fairy Tale RP, 10/10 active
Mr. M Mr. M
Guter Server
Gut Strukturiert
Nettes Team
Aber leider nicht ganz so viele User.
Elegant Egotist Elegant Egotist
The Server Staff Makes This An Instant No For Me
I was very hopeful after reading the ad for this server as it seemed promising and like it was written by someone who knew what they were doing. Upon joining it was made very clear that I was going to be disappointed as the owner seems unable to go for too long without using racial slurs. Rather than try to curb the behavior other staff members either support it by joining in or do nothing. The owner has even gone as far as to make one of the roles for the server a racial slur. It is truly disheartening that a server with such potential is in the hands of such immature and cringe-inducing individuals.