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Welcome to Hotel Cosmo's a hotel themed Supernatural type server We Offer
A welcoming Helpful community
Plenty of Fun and Roleplay
More to come honestly this servers is pretty early in dev but Hey who doesn't like a risk
I made this server just to host duck emojis.
50 emojis of the same duck (see server icon). Enjoy!
🌺Just a place to hangout and talk about art or other things! 🌺

🌺We have Mudae and WaifuBot for entertainment, and a generally cozy feeling to our server! 🌺

🌺We often join together to watch movies together at night🌺
🌺Feel free to join if you’d like!🌺
A pretty standard homework help server, but without the trolls and mods that are never on.
Join us for secular discussion and literary criticism of the Bible and related religious texts. We have regular voice chats, many knowledgeable people, and more papers/books uploaded than you could ever read.

Welcome to Mel's Dungeon!

Here we are support complete drama free, and lovely friends with amazing staff members!
We have:

♡ Introductions
♡ Fun bots
♡ Family friendly love
♡ Game nights
♡ Movie nights

And more!~
:cloud: We support your suggestions, opinions and your loving deer participation.
:cloud: Fun times my lovelies~!

:cloud: Sincerely
Mel :cloud:
Discord de la guilde BlackHorde.
Guilde sur le jeu Black Désert Online (MMORPG)
Bonne communauté / entraide / Expérience du jeu

Rejoignez nous, nous recrutons !
This is a new server that is centered around making money and living an easy life.
Here at umbrella gaming company we are trying to build a community for gaming and server hosting for many games like Rust / Gary's mod / FiveM / Ark / Minecraft We do giveaways from shirts to games we want a community that has common interest are are open to adding to our server for more and new games once the server hits a peak we want to be able to start doing gaming pc giveaways and graphics cards but we need members to make this happen. join us and help the communitty grow were all friendly and got plenty to experiances and storys to share
Are you looking for a quality gaming discord server with active members? Then you've come to the right place, because Gamers United is just perfect for you!

Please note we do have a verification channel, just before you can gain access to the main channels.

Hello everyone! We're a community of gamers. We play all different games such as minecraft, csgo, siege, fornite, apex and more! Don't see a game you play on our discord? Create a ticket using -new! We will be happy to add new channels to allow our members to chat with people of the same game! Invite your friends and have fun!

More Things About Us

⭐ We host a community to find players that play the same games as you
⬆️ We have a community that is growing
✏️ Content creators can advertise their gaming content
👋 We have a friendly staff team and non-toxic community
🎉 We host giveaways for the fellow gamers
📅 We host events for all gamers to have fun at
🛡️ We are hiring staff members to help our community
🎚️ We have levels based on how much you chat. We reward top chatters with special roles!
💪 We have self assignable roles to allow our community to choose what they want to see
😀 And much more!

Join us to see what we have to offer! We may seem small but we are newer and trying to grow!
the bunny cafe is a server where you can paly games,hangout with pepole or enjoy music there are no toxic pepole on our server.

the bunny cafe is cafe themed server

hot coffee

We're a 100% SFW, growing community of players and chatters, hoping to bond together to form a fantastic environment where everyone has access to the support they may need in order to truly get by happily in the world. We thrive off of the idea of gaining members of all different backgrounds and maintaining a safe space in which where, no matter who you are or where you come from, YOU are the most important.

I have massively high aspirations for this community, even if, when inside, it doesn't seem so at first. I'm desperate to build this community how I envisioned a truthful, honest community, where others can chat and make the friends that I've always wanted, myself.

This community is ran by me, a trans, male to female, late teenage student, currently battling through the NHS to be where I want to be and live happily. So, building this community is something I'm honestly really looking forward to, as it allows for others to chat, make friends and close bonds and also get the support and friendships that everyone needs in life to keep them happy.

The server also incorporates a slight affiliation with my Twitch streaming career. Over there, I plan to do exactly the same as what I plan to do with the Discord server and highly value deep connection to my viewerbase and aspire to become something special within Twitch, providing a place in which everyone can chat and be strongly involved with me, as a Twitch affiliate streamer.

✨Our Intentions✨

🎀Grow, forming a large and stable, strong community of committed, amazing people
🔮Over time, increasing activity and promote chatting
🎊Make use of voice channels and forever increase their popularity

What will can/plan to offer

💎A large variety of custom roles, events and special features, making the
💡server more unique and special!
👪An active n' welcoming environment!
🎉Events covering a range of different interests!
🥳A levelling system, giving you access to different n' special perks as you rise - based on activity!
🎨Media channels for you to show off your beautiful faces, artistic talents, ect!
Beautiful organisation and cleanliness!
🏳️‍🌈LGBT+ and general support - a place where your happiness matters!
●▬▬▬▬ஜ۩【Chideku 🎋】۩ஜ▬▬▬▬●

**Vous recherchez un serveur communautaire bien fait ?
Chideku🍇 est fait pour vous. Ce serveur possède un bon nombre d'activités. Sans plus attendre, voici la description du serveur :**

**📍➠ Pleins de channels divers et variés**

**🗡➠ Plusieurs Rôles à obtenir**

**🎫➠ Système de rôle par levels**

**🏆➠ Staff actif**

**💪➠ Montrez vos talent grâce au rôle graphistes ou encore partagez vos vidéos grâce au grade YouTube**

**🥨➠ Serveur possédant une catégorie Divertissement et Publicité**

**🏔➠ Partagez à tous les membres vos photos , gifs et images préférés**

**🤖➠ Bots bien configuré**

**💰➠ Système monnaitaire**

**Vous êtes tenté de rejoindre 😁 ? Alors voici votre invitation :**

** อาจจะเห็นห้องเก่าที่ค้างอยู่ พวกเราย้ายบ้านนะครับ **

- SERVER [ 18K 👑 ] ประเทศไทย -


- การพูดคุย -

🔼 นักเรียน ( ❤️❤️❤️ )
🔼 บุคคลธรรมดา ( ❤️❤️❤️❤️ )
🔼 บุคคลทำงาน ( ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ )
🔼 เกมเมอร์ ( ❤️❤️ )

- กิจกรรมภายในกลุ่ม -

🔸 บอทที่ทำขึ้นเองจากผู้พัฒนาภายในกลุ่ม
🔸 มีการเก็บ EXP และการหาเงินภายในกลุ่มโดย
🔸 มีบอทฟังเพลง ใช้คำสั่งภาษาไทย ค้นหาเพลงจาก
🔸 มีบอทฟังวิทยุ เป็นคลื่นวิทยุออนไลน์ 24 ชม. ของไทย
มีดีเจ ขึ้นตามเวลาในบางครั้ง ขอเพลงได้ พูดคุยกะดีเจได้
🔸 มีบอทเล่นเกมภายในกลุ่ม มีซื้อลอตเตอรี่รายวัน
ลอตเตอรี่รายเดือน เกมปล้นคนจร และเกมอื่นๆในอนาคต

- การใช้งานอื่นๆ -
Flight Rising is a browser game where you care for and collect virtual dragons. This server mainly focuses on this game, and provides a space for people to buy, sell, trade, and share their dragons as well as other in game items. If you have an fr account, or are interested, feel free to jump right in, and join the community.
- Mod Fox ♥
Forge your destiny in this alternate dragon ball universe RPG set 400 years after the start of Z. A FORUM BASED ROLEPLAY; We have original characters, a dice and stat based battle system, progression tied to how much you write, and numerous events running. Don't miss out: WORLD MARTIAL ARTS TOURNAMENT COMING SOON, Spring 2020.

Our website:

Wir sind ein neuer Anime Server.
Unser Server bietet:
- Faire Regeln
- Gewinnspiele
- Minispiele
- Aktive User
- Nette User
- Abwechslungsreiche Emotes
- Partnerschaften / Werbung
- Bewerben als Supporter
- Mögliche Beförderungen
- Spamchat
- Englischer Chat
- Sehr gutes System
- Faire Behadlungen

... und vieles mehr...
Schaut einfach mal rein.

Список Отзывов Discord Серверов

ya bou2(2 ya bou2(2
Really nice server for beginners
Great server, very helpful and friendly, definitely recommend to anyone who is a beginner with Python looking to learn from more experienced people.
Epic 🌙 Epic 🌙
Ce serveur est juste magnifique, les gens sont sympa, il ya des giveaways no fake, le serveur parfait quoi, ya même des infos sur les MAJ de Adopt me !
Pete the gat Pete the gat
its one of the best
the staff are very nice and do their jobs pretty well for the most part
in most other servers id be kind of intimidated by everyone but its easy to fit in and at least make a couple of friends
Senor Navel Senor Navel
Good server
Pretty good server I can this as a good running server in the future : ) Good admins and self assign roles on the server its great!
⚡Yarom⚡ ⚡Yarom⚡
this dude is actually legit
just have patience and you will have money I bought the standard recovery pack will definitely buy from these guys again there super good prices and vary fast delivery thanks @⚡Yarom⚡
i bout the super recovery pack and im so impressed i couldnt have asked for a better price either very well worth it xD
Cassie 🐾 Cassie 🐾
Great Server 💕
Friendly positive community full of wonderful people . Really recommend joining this server
slimegaming15 slimegaming15
I love Chungus yes I do so much I made a sever for it and I am keeping the meme alive.
3 1
Kaz Kaz
Incredibly Fun
I am not the easiest to open up to people so honestly I mostly lurked in this server for a long time. Which was definitely fun on it’s own but I started talking to the people on there as well. Everyone is super nice and warming to talk to and I love getting feedback and advice on things witchcraft related that normally I wouldn’t be able to have. Honestly my favorite server I’ve been a part of and I’ve floated through a lot. Definitely recommend!
2 2
Ðata Ðata
Excellent Community
This server has one of the best structures I have ever seen. The moderation is great, as well as the community. By being in this server I personally have learned a lot as well as expanded my own views. 10/10
Garrf Garrf
Good Server.
Just join and you will figure out why. Has pretty funny people and has a decent amount of people to play various games with. Overall it has nice and inviting community of members who will surely make you laugh.
! Jerick ! Jerick
Best server ever
isa good server u should join
Matt jones=) Matt jones=)
Not your typical depression server
A very humor based server, as long as you don't join and instantly say *I have blood on my arm because I just self harmed* they're very welcoming and social.