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📯🔔Hey There yes you! Alright do i have your attention now if so good! Have you ever wanted a marvel and dc world were training to become a hero at any age in elementary to college was allowed? Like it was an actual thing? Here it is!📯🔔

Imagine, Marvel and DC were always sharing the same world but the two sides never spoke much until they had to face a threatening evil and surprise of new powers popping up around the area in the cities and such within children from almost the ages of 10 to even adults this caused a spure of chaos and panic as not most of the population had powers and were unaccustomed to this dramatic change of events, banding togwther to make sure these children and even adults learned how to control these abilties and properly used them formed the next generation 101, a school for all ages between the appearances displayed of when powers were notified of their awareness in a individual soon slowly it also had a rise of villains the school is mainly to proper educate the trainees of new powers, but don't be distraught dor it also concentrates around the cities within the area..so who will you be?
ENDED(CONTINUE with ur characters the storyline!)

But yeah so if your looking for a friendly place to come and roleplay your favorite DC or Marvel and even make an original character come to Next Generation 101, just a welcoming community for all people!

First of all, our server is mostly used in Turkish and English.
You can access everything like memes chat music on the server. CORONAGANG for a great environment!
Hey, wir sind zurück!
Auf German Dating kannst du neue Leute in deiner Umgebung kennenlernen oder dich mit Leuten über gaming, anime, serien und Filme unterhalten!
Beim Beitritt müsst ihr bestätigen, dass ihr über 18 Jahre alt seid.
⌎⊱⊶⊷⊶⊷⇲__ Fuzzboyzz 🌈**__

● ✙ Fuzzboyzz 🌈 is a fully SFW, LGBTQ+ friendly server for all furs and allies! We are accepting and heavily raid-protected. We offer a safe space for all of our wonderful members!

╭ ╮
🌈 ✙ lions & rainbows theme
🦁 ✙ simple, easy layout
🌈 ✙ open vc channels
🦁 ✙ leveling system
🌈 ✙ great staff
🦁 ✙ self-roles and colors
╰ ╯
Kurumi's Hideout is a place to talk with people about anything u like.

We offer:

- A fun non toxic community
- Chats for all ages
- Find someone to play games with
- Watch Anime with others
- Add music to the Spotify ServerPlaylist
- A place to vent and share with others
- Bots Dank memer, Eli, Mudae, Astolfo etc.
- Play on our minecraft server with others
- Counting till u die
- Many roles and colors
- NSFW channel (hidden behind a role)
- And more (ノ・д・)ノ

-Looking for New Active members and Staff

Come Join us and Enjoy ur stay in
Kurumi's Hideout
☆Welcome to ☪⛧𝕹𝖊𝖋𝖋𝖞'𝖘 𝕯𝖚𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖔𝖓⛧☪!☆

🎃🍁 Temporary server icon for upcoming spooky season!🍁🎃

☆We are a friendly, freshly new community server based around ddlg and bdsm☆

☆We are extremely LGBT+ friendly and do not discriminate against others for who they are. Our server being 16-25 only☆

☆Do not miss out on making friends, events like giveaways and contests, as well as finding people just like you (:☆

☆If your looking for a new server with a hellish aesthetic or just want to learn or hang with like minded people, drop by! You will be greeted warmly☆

●The server Ultimate Light 2.0 is a gaming server addressed for specific games like the Super Smash Brothers series and more this server is primarily supported by the smash series, This means that the Fortnite & Animal Crossing are Secondary games for the server this server will be mostly focused on Smash, that is to say we will have interesting events for Animal Crossing and Fortnite.

●This server can also be a chill and chat server we encourage members to chat with fellow users here and create bonds that will make your experience better with our server and discord in general, we try our best to make a Healthy/Strong Community here with that being said please follow Rules.

─ 🏖️ Dip your toes into Pascal’s Oasis! 🐚 ─

We're an exciting ACNH giveaway community! We aim to bring happiness and fun to everyone playing Animal Crossing.

Here are some of the things we have to offer:
『🐠 』HUGE giveaways
『🦀』Spontaneous island raids
『🐙』Giveaway mini-games and in-game events
『🐳』Duping channels
『🐡』Cute self-assignable roles
『🐬』Very friendly and active staff
『🐚』Trading and free items channels
『🦐 』And lots more!

Come lay back and catch a tan with us at Pascal’s Oasis! ☀️🕶️
About HLRRP We Are A Realistic Roleplay Server | NonWhitelisted | vMenu | Now Hiring LEO & FD | Now Hiring Staff | Communications | Gangs | Scripts | Custom Cars and more!

- Los Angles Police Department
- Ventura County Sheriffs Office
- Los Angeles Fire Department
- California Highway Patrol
- Los Angles Dispatch Communications

Sub Divisions
- Air Support Unit
- K9 Unit
- Court System
- Speed Enforcement

Some Features
- A working CAD system
- vMenu
- Good and experienced staff
- Well made departments
- Custom EUP
- Custom vehicles
- Custom liveries
- California based
Spaceflight Reusability is a medium sized Discord server focused on SFS, the game. We are an active, growing community, with 250+ members. We mainly make reusable builds, but non-reusable builds are also welcome.

We have:

> Active Chat and VC
> Friendly Members And Staff
> A Channel Dedicated For Blueprints
> A Guide On How To Get Flat Textures
> Off-Topic Chat
> 50 Unique PNG Emojis
> Big Contests With Big Rewards

We hope you join! 💫
After centuries of war, the Fae- a race of mythical creatures most humans believe to be nothing more than myths and legends- fled to a small cluster of islands located within the Bermuda Triangle, shielded from the rest of the world by powerful illusion magick. And while humans still find themselves washing upon the islands' shores, they find they have little means of escape, and as such must create a new life on these islands.

We just started the server, so please help us grow!

We have:
-Fun bots
-Friendly Staff
-Plenty of species to choose from
-The chance to play a god/dess, or make your own!
-LGBTQ+ friendly
-An ever-evolving plot and world
This server is founded in the Philippines, by a group of friends envisioning a place for different people around the world to hangout, play games, and do many creative things.

▶Verification System
▶Arts and Games
▶Ranking System
▶Voice, Music, and Gaming channels
▶Game News
▶Reddit,Youtube and chill
▶Advertisement Chamber
Bonjour/ Bonsoir les amies!
Ici, on s'amuse, on se clash, on chill...
Nous sommes un serveur en pleine expansion.
Viens nous rencontrer, une petite équipe de staff qui adore faire de nouvelle rencontre.
On passe notre temps en voc, donc ben, généralement on s'amuse tous ensemble!
(Partenariat possible)
✧*:・゚✧ Welcome to The Study Room! ✧*:・゚✧

The Study Room is a growing server, welcome to all students from any grade level, anywhere around the world! We understand that since the pandemic hit, many classes have been transitioned online and your motivation and productivity can be low. This is where we come in. Please come join the server as we offer:

• self-assignable roles
• membership upgrades
• a friendly & diverse community
• professional & welcoming staff
• homework assistance
• music bots
• vc study sessions
• movie nights

Nitro Boosts and inviting your friends to our server would mean so much to us! Thank you for joining our server!
My name is Kaiden, I want introduce u smt interesting, but before that I want tell u smt about us!

◉ Fun Zone
◉ Gaming Zone,
◉ Support,
◉ Good/Skilled Mods, (Still recruiting)
◉ Event's
◉ The most extensive server,
◉ Self Roles,
◉ Good/interesting special roles,
◉ Unique roles,
◉ Cool bots/emojis and more!

Warning! This "project/experiment" is still in "Beta", this means u will have after joining Beta Tester role. That doesn't means that is not completed, just to know this is not kinda. . . finished/doned?
Ofc after "Beta" this server will be still growing, expanding.

More informations in the server!
Hope u guy's will enjoy and like to stay here! 🤗

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Deleted User kdeg4o7i Deleted User kdeg4o7i
Very great
Just an good Fan Club for Crash Bandicoot games where I can ask my questions about these games.
20 Часов назад
kyla_is_dog kyla_is_dog
It’s cool
It’s cool and there’s no 🤢men🤢
Yes Ik I’m reviewing my own server🤠 and ok it gotta be 80 characters Alr I’m just spam skenenekkenansns Diane Keene Elmer wiwknwe skansbs email a amend shame skene w w ksnd
4 Дней назад
! Oscar.Rdz ! Oscar.Rdz
Uno de los mejores servidores
Todos somos muy unidos, nos ayudamos en todo y nos gusta jugar un poco de todo aun que el servidor sea enfocado al RolePlay. Que esperas para unirte!
12 Дней назад
TMPS - Tanjiro TMPS - Tanjiro
Best Server Ever
This server is so amazing. TheTThe Server owner is so caring. There so friendly and Amazing, I made many friends in that server. Pls Join this server.
16 Дней назад
Novers Novers
I'm the owner
Gotta give my own server a 5 star rating lol. Great people and fun bot. Would recommend!
35 Дней назад
𝓽𝓮𝓴𝓾 𝓽𝓮𝓴𝓾
Bardzo polecam serwerek jest na poziomie i myślę że gdy wybije się mocneij to będzie totalnym sztosem
49 Дней назад
SpeaKU SpeaKU
best libyan server you'll ever find
basically cuz it's the only one ;)
83 Дней назад
cloudvity.♡ cloudvity.♡
very nice
as an administrator, i always felt great there and the owner is rlly funny and nice istg.. the server is very active and has good staff members
100 Дней назад
HotDayum HotDayum
Best stats
Been playing on this cluster since early 2017, I’ve never found another Ark cluster with such balance in the stats! Fun, but not too easy or too hard. Perfect for people who have a life outside of Ark!
117 Дней назад
ghostfacedpatzah05 69 ECF ghostfacedpatzah05 69 ECF
119 Дней назад
Madz. Madz.
An Amazing Server!
Blacktail is a friendly and active server. The staff is extremely helpful, if anyone needs help making an OC, and kind to everyone as well. The server is full of friendly and creative people. It is really a lot of fun roleplaying and meeting new people. One of the best!
295 Дней назад
Tuna Tuna
Asks for Personal info/Beware
Admin asks for your personal information. Do NOT send your birth certificate or any personal info to internet strangers.
302 Дней назад