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Laid-back server with a focus on personality theories and typology tests as a means of self-discovery. Tags for MBTI® and Enneagram.

💙Friendliest chill server on Discord!

💚Dedicated to everyone looking for pleasant, meaningful conversations

🧡Friendly, supportive staff and members!

💛Regular events — movie nights, competitions, giveaways and karaoke!

❤Great server setup and lots more!

La EPoseidon est un serveur Discord dédié à la communauté Steam gérer par un staff compétent avec de nombreux jeux disponibles !
A place where you can chill and have a great time with welcoming-“friendly” staff and active members.
you can make some not fake friends or go further than that😏
-we are all life worthless people
-trying to build up the server
-want to die? Mee too
-Hotel? Trivago
-some kinda gay but friendly admins
-Join and get free spanks
Hello! We are The Fridey Hub comunity!

We are a collection of people who enjoy chilling, gaming and chatting together. We have a few games, as well as other topics, already including a server on one of them.
- SCP Secret Laboratory + A server of our own.
- Minecraft
- Sea of Thieves
- Space
As well as:
- Giveaways
- Contests

We are always open for more ideas, so if you are interested in a game or another topic, you can DM me and possibly get a section for that! We here want to grow and become an amazing community so if you're interested, feel free to join!
Welcome to Artist Nation, a group of people with an artistic side to them. Whether it be from drawing, to writing, to photography, we have respective channels where you can post what you have created.

In this server you can share your art, photography, writing and other creative things that you have made. There are dedicated fandom channels to talk to others about the topic.

We’re very friendly and welcoming towards new members, always looking forward to those who are willing to stay.

Have a lovely week~!
Serdecznie zapraszamy Cię na nasz serwer ♥ serwerze są organizowane często eventy i konkursy dzięki którym możesz otrzymać piękne i wyjątkowe role, które upiększą i wyróżnią twój profil!
✬Miło przywitamy nowe osoby!
✬Każdy ma prawo do własnego zdania!
✬Organizowane są nabory na Moderatora!
✬Serwer posiada masę bot'ów które zapewniają dobrą zabawę!
✬Nasza Administracja z chęcią Ci pomoże (jeśli chodzi o pomoc przy własnym serwerze lub jakieś porady)
✬Serwer jest ciągle ulepszany!
✬Już na sam początku możesz wybrać sobie rolę, która zmieni kolor twojej nazwy!

𝐃𝐳𝐢ę𝐤𝐮𝐣ę 𝐳𝐚 𝐮𝐰𝐚𝐠ę! M𝐚𝐦 𝐧𝐚𝐝𝐳𝐢𝐞𝐣ę, ż𝐞 𝐝𝐨 nas 𝐝𝐨łą𝐜𝐳𝐲𝐜𝐢𝐞! ♥
So, you're a Minecraft (Bedrock/Java) player huh? You're in the Cubecraft Bedrock Leaderboard? If yes (or no), join this server NOW. The server contains Minecraft player that plays on mobile, console, pc and are the èlite of the èlite. (We also have people from different regions, such as Europe, America, South/West Asia). Noob or Pro you're still welcome. We also give roles to our members, you can check them on #roles. Sometimes we also do events like UHCs and stuff like this. So. WHY AREN'T YOU JOINED YET, JOIN OR I WILL DELETE UR FORTNIGHT ACCOUNT!!!
Advertise Center

📈 Now with 800 members and we are growing!

Looking for a server to advertise in? A server with experienced staff and owner? A server where's low cooldowns, and unlimited advertising channel? We are here just for you! We offer you:

📊 Growth support and statistics.
📁 Total of 50+ advertising channels.
💎 Featuring and premium advertising.
🔓 Only 1 hour cooldown in each channel.
📰 Advertising channel with no cooldown.
🔎 Channels to find partners, staff and more.
🤝 Simple partnership program.
📝 Open staff applications.
🏷️ Advertise anything from servers to social media.

⚡ What are you waiting for? Join us now, promote your social medias and make your way to the top.


We have some simple requirements-

TEAM PLAYERS -Required to be active in chat every day and to attend practices - DO NOT be toxic to other players! We like to have a laugh in Team LeX from time to time but dont go over the top its honestly not needed! - Make sure to be friendly and active in the server and join in all the customs and zone wars when you can! -Make sure to send in clips for future teamtages!
GFX: - Must show us your work in #⇒gfx-pics (do not dm us your work) - Must be willing to work for free for now! - Must be active!
STAFF: - Must have good experience with discord. - Must be active alot. - Must be helpful in the server. - Very friendly and have enough patience - Must know everything in the server so you can help others!
CONTENT CREATORS: - Must post content at least 1 - 2(times) a week. - Must have a decent following. here is that a little bit shorter but better.
Like listening to music? Here you can have your own vc and listen to music whenever you want. Also there are a lot of roles. Everyone is welcome! Hope you enjoy and play all your favourite songs! 😄🎧❤️
Stephen A. Smith Fanclub ♔ Our animated server PFP doesn't work here :(
✓ All sports fans, NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, whatever it is, please join us! We are a rapidly growing server with many, many active members. If you aren’t actually a SAS fan, don’t worry, the server name is just a joke.

✓ If you aren’t a sports fan, we will still welcome you! Weebs, gamers, whatever! Just please keep in mind this is a sports server first. We have many non-sports fans.

✓ Many server events throughout the week! Some of the main events include watching a game together,, Mafia through a MafiaBot, and more! These are all accessible to everyone, as they are free and simple.

✓ Server awards! Every month, our leaders come together and vote for the “MVP” of the month! Our votes are based on how active you are, how much you’ve impacted the server, how funny you are, etc. The winner receives their own “MVP” role for that specific month and Discord Nitro Classic/5 US dollars. Rewards will be improved as the member count increases.

✓ Make sure to join us! We are almost always active throughout the day but ESPECIALLY active at night-midnight. Anyone is welcome! Please DM @Reuben#2020 or @FeanSranco#9778 for questions.
En server med ett gäng galningar där man kan snacka om vad fan som helst.

Vi har massa slumpmässiga level up ranker, flera kanaler och några roliga bottar.
Går även att spela Pokémon här om man skulle vilja det.
this is a server to play sword and shield, Minecraft, and Splatoon 2 and have fun together making new friends. we are setting up our own gym system in sword and shield. anyone can be a gym leader. rally together to do max raids together in sword and shield. rally together for salmon runs in Splatoon 2. we have giveaways in sword and shield.
A [Detroit: Become Human] based server which allows you to discuss a range of topics from the video game, to fan fiction, roleplay, and art. You can even discuss non-DBH content here.
The Bench is an art community, where you can express yourself widely, granted it's within the spectrum of "art". We're a whole new community, who strive to become a big community of artists, who help each other out and progress in our thirst for styles and colors.

To ensure that there's a quality standard, we do ask people to think about their art before posting it here. We accept all kinds of art, but we're not just an "art sharing" community. We strive to get better, which means, when you join this server, you do it to get better artistically.

Список Отзывов Discord Серверов

norafity gamer norafity gamer
Sehr Kompetente Leute
Dieser Server ist wirklich sehr gut für die Leute die eib bissl miteindaner zocken wollen. Ich hatte eine Frage und der Support hat mir direkt beim problem geholfen. Einfach wunderbar dieser Server 1+
the bean the bean
fortnite burger
this server is good we hace many funny memes and epic and we are epic so JOIN US or i'll cry and this server has hot anime babes so if you want one join and we do giveaway and free minty pickaxe join now!!!!!!!!!! join the ononanenonaneoneoanenanoanoenaoenanoneonnoaonneaoenoaneonaeoenaoenoaenoaenoaenoanaoenaoenoaenaoeeon server have ave a aonenaoneoaenaenaeonaeonaeonaoenoaneoneaoenaoeaneoenoaneoaneo tastic day or nigt
[Jeden z polecanych serwerów przez R3MEZIS]
Powiem tak, nie ma nic do zarzucenia, spoko społeczność, nic nie brakuje, ogólnie polecam.
2 1
Khloe Khloe
Needs Improvement
The server needs a lot of improvement including the owner, the owner herself does not follow her own rules and is toxic which I believe is a downside to being owner of any server, the owner may seem nice but actually is not nice once you become her friend. The server can talk badly upon you and it can create a bad atmosphere especially with the drama, and all of that. I don't recommend the server because it's just not what it seems.
Roma Roma
Fantastic Community
Hey, admin here. You've probably heard about the server from the other reviews, but I'm here to talk about the community.

When we started this place...2? 3? Weeks ago, we never imagined we'd grow this much this quickly. Every member of this community is a fantastic writer, and more importantly friendly and helpful. When staff is too busy writing critiques or with irl, the members help answer questions, welcome newcomers or offer critiques of their own. This community is one that is supportive, encourages growth and is really something extraordinary. It's everything we ever dreamed of and more.

Thanks guys. Truly, *you* are what makes this server special.

Love, your local dadzawa
bohemia bohemia
I was hesitant on joining this server at first because I'm not a social guy, but I don't regret it. The community is actually very welcoming and the environment is friendly. Didn't know I needed this until I actually gave it a shot. Very helpful for advertising!
1 1
🍪Koki_🍪 🍪Koki_🍪
The place really is pretty damn chill, especially with the freedom of speech rule because not a lot of discords have that. The mods there a pretty nice but some can be shit lipped ego jerkers but lifes a Bitch get over yourself you Nig***, Your not special. Anyways it's not like most popular discords because its got a different hmmm vibe to it a good one.m
3 3
steph steph
Amazing server!!
I have been part of this server for about 4 years and everyone here is so sweet and welcoming! This server is very well organized and a great place to chill and chat with new friends. :') You definitely won't regret joining this server! <3
1 1
Kalibrated Eden Kalibrated Eden
Amazing Server
Love this server with a passion and I would not give it up for any other ♥️. Love u Tsukei!!!
IAmRed IAmRed
Staff is nice, people who misbehave are given strikes and punished so I'd say overall it's a pretty great server.
3 1
Zizzathan Zizzathan
iss fun
iss fun
BigBigCat94 BigBigCat94
Definitely the place to be
Very positive atmosphere with great people to meet and talk to. They have a lot going on, from in server ranking systems to channels to fill just about any need. I hope to be able to stick around here for a long time and just enjoy the company, what they have to offer, and just be a part of a great community.