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We are a military rp server, we do 4 branches and have ranks to every branch we also do campaigns and hang out!! We accept everyone
Air Force

We also do ribbons and awards after each campaign and promote!!

New server looking for help and tons of people!!
Anime, memes, lewds, fanart, gaming, other generic weeb related stuff, active staff, music bot, MEE6 rank system, and a social community. Not into anime? Who cares join anyways; we're better than those other servers. Those other servers said you smell bad. We wouldn't talk about you behind your back like that. So come join.
Sup, my name's Angel. I made this discord because I want people to know that they're not alone. So I've decided to build an army of Angels [Good People]. If you know any good people, please bring them here.. :blue_heart:
Heyo welcome to the ps4 queeries come chat and play games hehe with us hehe 😜 be a fellow gaymer with us and hang out! ❤️
tbh my first server
guess this is for making friends and playing with others in the otaku community
yes no one is here
but you can change that
talk and just have fun
yaoi it out!
and be nice and not judgeful
Small group of people not always active. Looking for more friends and active users please feel free to invite your friends we are trying to make the server a bit more active. Everybody is welcome we have plenty of members that are NOT stoners lol come say hello and get to know a new set of friends. I look forward to hearing from you

Sincerely ~ Bong
In a world of creeping vegetation, dangerous creatures and flowers that can snap you in two with one lazy bite this world isn't for the faint of heart! Come join the few races who dare to dwell on this hungry planet and save it from the infectious rot that threatens to devour it. Magic and machines meet in a incredible melding pot of whimsical horror and imaginative wonder. The Rot takes place on a discord server and we would like it to become a welcoming and active community where people can not only role play but make lasting friendships. Details: Occasional dice use, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred.
Добро пожаловать в сообщество, любителей и ценителей role play, в основном по тематике сталкера, но бывают и исключения. На сервере вы можете увидеть различные РП стримы, или посмотреть записи уже отыгранных персонажей. Будем рады всем кому интересны разные РП проекты.
Of mortals and Gods is a modern day fantasy rp server
Before there was gods, now none remain. No one knows what happened to the gods but what we do know is that the city is attacked almost daily by corrupted Mythical creatures. Perhaps you are a chosen one, handed a small amount of power by the gods to help defend the city and find out the source of the corruption? Perhaps you are mortal, just trying to help as best they can against impossible odds? Or maybe you're a mythical creature, trying its best to not only help protect the city you once built in harmony but also to help your corrupted brothers and sisters?
The choice is yours what you believe. But Gloria needs your help, that is certain
The Church of the Broken God is a church of followers of the Broken God, Mekhane.
This is a RP server about this.
Welcome to pastel's server where you can meet people
just a funy fun fun lewdy dewdy server with a nice toxic/chill community UwU :3 x3 (18+) !!!!!!!

Dont be easily offended
- active and chill
- variety
- different time zones
- experience and not shit staff members
- react roles
- 1:1 female to male ratio
- aesthetic, memes and food
- lenient rules
- react roles
Yo les gens, Compose est un serveur dont le principe est la création de musique, le regroupement d'artistes en tout genres (musiciens, chanteurs, rappeurs, ...) donc si vous même utilisez des logiciels tels que fl studio, jouez un instrument chantez ou vous avez juste l'envie de discuter musique avec d'autres. Welcome ;)
A server to hang out on and chat with other people, we arrange gaming nights sometimes when enough people ask for it.

We also have partnered servers
Server para reunir todos os Gamers do Brasil and World, Otakus, fãs de Seriados e Animes em geral. Jogos Atuais como CS, LOL, Minecrat, Dota, Freefire, Fortine, Battlegrounds ETC..e Retro GameS.
•Welcome to SteroTypical•



And more... dating , Anime, ... so join now and become apart of an everlasting server

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Sandstorm Sandstorm
Great Server
This is a great server to find friends, it's not that hard to find people to chat with on there. It's really fun.
Fruitmachine15 Fruitmachine15
Great for posting cute art
Small group hoping to be built up
Reiko Reiko
Shockingly Unique lore, massive world, and engaged community and staff.
There is plenty to do in Twilight Realm! The staff takes the roleplay seriously and ensures quality, content, and availability for members. Members are given ample access to roleplays, events, and a wonderfully nice and lewd community.
Rakanishyu Rakanishyu
best nsfw channel
meet that special person or just fuck around
BigDickLarry BigDickLarry
this place is fun and is full of nice people
Matterfall Matterfall
The Server itself is good for those who like to rp and love the Transformers Franchise. People here love to talk about Transformers thats why i like it so much. Even those who dont really know the Transformers can learn about those, which is good. Sure, sometimes there are some bad things but apart from that i find this Server Awesome! I just wish more members would be active
ilyLaurie ilyLaurie
Yo bro this great server 10/10
aislow aislow
Très satisfait
excellent serveur discord, très utiles pour avoir les liens d'épisodes de nos animes favori. Staff a l'écoute, sérieusement Best Serv.
⑦⃣ 🇦🇬🇷 | ɭยςђเՇ ⑦⃣ 🇦🇬🇷 | ɭยςђเՇ
Server molto carino! Creato tutto col loro bots ufficiali!

- Una verietà di mini-giochi e comandi programmati da loro!
- Server molto originalissimo! Mai visto una roba del genere su discord!
- Puoi giocarci pure con i tuoi amici!
- Sempre ben aggiornato!

- Il server per ora è in Italiano.

NekoJolly NekoJolly
Best Server 10/10
Active members , caring staff , everyones friends , etc i can go on and on this server is great :#
Deevo Deevo
A nice and helpful community
I'm a member of this community since it started to exist. If you have questions about playing guitar, need some help chosing gear or just want to talk a little, you are most welcome to join.
๖ۣۜƊⱥrky𝕸uncђii 🔰 ๖ۣۜƊⱥrky𝕸uncђii 🔰
Is a good discord community not so active! so pls join to make it active!