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This is a discord server meant for female Fortnite players only!
It’s a place where females can find other females to play with, chat and discuss the latest updates for Fortnite.
We also organize server activities and customs for the members.

Please note that before you become a member you are not able to see the channels untill you completed a short screening to check your gender and if you have good intentions. :)
This discord is for a Minecraft server called "Flames of Arda" using the Lord of the Rings mod. We are a PvP based server with lots of building and even some RP. You are able to hire troops and have wars, battles and more! There are over 20 factions to choose from.
Официальный дискорд сервер ютуберов и стримеров | У нас вы сможете найти себе адекватную команду для разных игр, а также пообщаться с известными стримерами и ютуберами!
join here we have everything you need

we also have alot of bots even 2 custom programed named
miri and miri 2
Hey, you!
I see you're looking for a cool and awesome LiS server to join right?
Well, i wanna welcome you to the VORTEX CLUB!

We are a Life is Strange server with 150+ members. We usually talk about LiS of course. Ya know BtS (no not the kpop group) but Before the Storm. And of course LiS 2! We talk about each season of Life is Strange and discuss about your favorite characters, soundtracks, the wildest theories for LiS 2 and much more!

We also have a regular schedule with activities for everyone to take part in. Moreover we have a leveling system and the more active you are, the better your role will be. Additionally we also have lots of bots that you can play with for your entertainment.

We support everyone in our community and the LGBT part is very important to us. So feel free to chat with all of us!
We welcome anarchists of all kinds. Whether you are new to anarchism or already an expert of it. We also hold free speech where you can express your opinions and views freely.
Canadian Hangout
Owner: Canadian Supreme
Canadian Hangout is a Canadian run, majority Canadian server for people to meet new friends and chat! We are an ever growing community, so don't feel shy to stop by and say hi!

-->Tons of bots to play around with!

-->Meet new people!

-->Learn about Canada!

-->Discuss things such as star wars, halo, anime, star trek, etc.!

-->Custom roles!

-->Friendly staff!

-->An actually active owner!
A kingdom where mages and knights are at each other’s throats, they stand on equal ground one seeks freedom while the other seeks control. Both sides choose to hone their skills even after the most bloodiest war the kingdom has ever faced. Now the kingdom lives in peace with mages helping society while knights help protect the mages as well, though despite the truce some do hold some ulterior motives… which side shall you be? The freedom seeking mages? The Dominant and overwhelming knights or a bystander who attempts to live their life normally in this strange new golden age....

^~^ well then seeing as you’ve been reading our quick summary of the lore why don’t you also read what we have to offer?
Trippiest occult server on Discord with the hottest cutthroat bitches and the best memes. Join if you're dead inside.
We are a new server and we are after you. We want to build a community filled with fun and freedom for people. We have gaming, food, pets and specific channels for yourselves to advertise in such as:
✅ Kreative Spiele (online).
✅ Gemeinsam online malen.
✅ Zocken, chatten, lachen.
✅ Musik- und Chat-Bots.
✅ Wettbewerbe.
✅ Du!

We are a growing PewDiePie fan server that originally started from the Social Blade livestream of the PewDiePie vs T-Series race.
It's a fun community with plenty of people to talk to and lots of things to do!

Bot Features:

MEE6 Activity Leaderboards and Leveling features
Rhythm Music Playback in Music VCs
Pancake Bot currency and more!

Come join today :D, we would love to see you in our active server!
Partnership Centre

- network with other PMs or arrange mass-partners with known PMs
- help with server building and technical assistance
- channels to advertise your servers in
- find partners or staff
- find bots/help with setup for members new to creating Discord servers
- extras, such as Pokécord and Global Chat
- earn global Tatsumaki levels/EXP
- advertise your social media
- staff applications

↳ Looking for partner managers!

We will help you find partners if you are having trouble growing your server!
Just ask in the main chat!

Coming Soon
- maybe a NSFW channel
- featured servers area
We are a new server.

Generate free or premium accounts!
- Includes:
And more coming!

We also do drops of premium accounts!
All accounts restock regularly.
Welcome to the School of LGBT! Here, you will learn to accept yourself, all the while taking typical classes. You'll get to meet those similar to you.
This is an RP Server. The main plot? Your character has been sent away to a school year at a "correction camp". In reality, and what those who sent your character don't know, is that this is a place where you learn to accept yourself. Your character will have the opportunities to learn like at any normal high school, but this time with pure acceptance from everyone around.
Med 140+ medlemmer er Dansk Shitpost discord server, på få måneder vokset hurtigt. Join i dag og bliv en del af vores fællesskab. Vi har vores egen 100% custom lavet bot (Skrevet i Python, med rewrite). Vi tager imod alle med åbne arme. Vi har nogle giveaways en gang i mellem.

Vi har vores helt egen minecraft server (Vanilla)! Ja, en minecraft server som alle medlemmer kan joine!
At 4500+ miracle is a newly opened community for socializing with 30k+ messages per day! Join for fun bots, an active chat, events, giveaways and more!
Visionary Survivor is a new Survivor ORG complete with a full 39 day format. During which, you'll compete with various contestants from all around the world in challenges while navigating nerve racking strategy and sticky social situations. The game is filled with all kinds of custom twists and challenges as well as some from the actual show. Some special features include; bots, a wikia filled with contestant stats, custom mangatar avatars, fan favorite voting, live reunions and much more!

Список Отзывов Discord Серверов

Gratisninja_ Gratisninja_
Sind viele Chillige Leute drauf.
Neulinge werden gut aufgenommen und integriert. Langeweile kommt nicht auf hier ist immer was los.
Jeder der nicht reinkommt kann einem leid tun :D
CopyKater CopyKater
The perfect server for people who can't shut up about their opinions
Unlimited Debate has a lot of helpful features that make debating easier. Upon joining the server you get to choose a bunch of roles to showcase your opinions on certain topics like religion, politics, morality and more (even some extremist views are included). On top of that there is a separate channel containing a list of logical fallacies to give people a better understanding of certain mistakes that are often made when constructing an argument. I've actually learned a bunch of new things since I joined just because I talked a lot.
2 1
"<Colgate>" "<Colgate>"
Geriausias serveris
mldc serveris visi draugiski vyksta atrankos giwaway labai geras serveris patariu uzeiti !!!!!
🔰Ken Kaneki-Kun🔰 🔰Ken Kaneki-Kun🔰
Mert richtig gut gemacht :D
richtig coole server richtig nice menschen da sind und allgemein Geiles klima ^^
2 2
Alpha Books (in pain uwu) Alpha Books (in pain uwu)
Has it's flaws, but generally good.
I generally really like the server, though a few issues have arisen in my time here. The moderation team is kind and fun to be around but can be strict which is like. I have seen a few people who have been kicked or banned for reasons that shouldn't require that much of a punishment. There are a few toxic members but it usually gets taken care of. One issue I have is with the voice chats is the people in there can be pretty bad but it doesn't usually get that bad. It's a great place, and I feel very loved by most people, and it's nice feeling accepted.
shadoe shadoe
Most friendly server out there
Very kind community, welcoming, and a nice server to hang out in, highly recommend
1 1
fantasyZ fantasyZ
very good server
nice work on the bots
2 1
Wrzlbrmpf✓ Wrzlbrmpf✓
Subba dubba
Joa bassd der Server 👍
2 1
Tony10911 Tony10911
its awesome
i dont have a job or do anything all day and this server lets me be a loser and get away with it
FruitHoopz FruitHoopz
Great server
Its mine so yuh
Sel1s Sel1s
Сервер, как сервер, админ активит / неактивит, от настроения зависит у него все, а так, сервак не мертвый, это радует.
Tree Tree
Very Nice server
This server is great