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We are a social discourse server that enjoys talking about politics, religion, sports, games and other world events. Join and be welcomed by our nice staff!
I'm sure we've all been on servers expressing views within the server rules and not one of the views were extreme or offensive but because one person didn't agree with it, you had to be muted or kicked. I can say that this server isn't like that. In Religion and Philosophy we have rules that everyone must accept and you can express them without being judged or attacked for them. Out of that, you will receive an educated discussion with anyone else in this server because that's what we believe. This server has values of the very foundation of free speech and anyone is able to express as long as it doesn't turn into hate speech. It doesn't matter what ethnicity you have, we are all equal and the staff will make sure your rights remain.

We bring people from all different nationalities and religions together where we can discuss political and religious differences. Some people that may have a hatred towards a specific religion most commonly being Islam who can speak with Muslims and this is all under control with our highly trained staff team. We have a fairly basic rule system if one breaks it then they will be warned. The purpose of Religion and Philosophy is to increase our understanding of and respect for other religious systems and institutions, thereby increasing our appreciation of their values. Dialogue should enhance our sensitivity to the feelings of all professing religious people in their relationship with God. Good dialogue should, in addition, result in the deepening of the faith of every participant. Just bring up a certain subject or question and you will be given an answer or a good conversation by other members in our community.

Unlike other religious discords that are flooded with trolls, we are known to keep our conversations respectable and monitored by our staff. Regardless of the situation, if a rule has been broke, you will be dealt with accordingly. This is a server with rules but still manages to be fun. So have fun and you should be welcomed by other members already in here. We value our members, there's a feedback channel for any concerns or issues. This server was created to be friendly and welcoming, to talk, have fun and engage with others globally. With us being a server of all religions and faiths, we avoid it being a Liberal Server that follows Secular values. With a muslim majority, we don't follow the west and the Kuffar over Islamic values.

Don't waste another minute and become a valued member of our most respected community
RoD is a comprehensive "Mock Government" with a dynamic environment for people of all races, ideologies, and beliefs. We welcome anyone and everyone to join us and start their political journey!

(down with the monarchy!)
we are a simple server, with a mostly political theme. here we discuss political, philosophical and religious ideals from around the world in a friendly environment. we are LGBT+ friendly and are also non-toxic!! we have friendly staff who are available to answer most if not all of your questions!!

within this server, we can talk about:
- UK politics
- US politics
- European politics
- Religion
- Philosophy
- Ethics
- History
and much more!! (including memes and such!!)

we are:
- partnership friendly!!
- generally friendly!!
- accepting of most ideologies, as long as they don't hate other people's existing!! ☺️

contact @onnadhiel or @融澹 for more information! ☺️

so come join us for some democratic doowops and partisan politics!!
The Return is a server that promotes the idea of returning to a lifestyle that is not polluted by the unnatural forces of the modern world. Our mission is to create a community for like-minded people and also to give support to those of us who are not yet able to exit a toxic lifestyle so that they too can be part of this community of ours.
Emperor Pyromancer has been deposed after the 3rd Great Discord War. His server is now occupied by the Transitional Council of The Anti-Pyro Coalition. We are a Nationalist server which aims to reunify the community.
No Islamist, Satanists and Siegefags allowed.
The Templars Empire

The Templar Empire, the powerful Empire of all of Middle East, would be set into the era of 1900s, with European - Like Government System, and Society too, they'd quickly invade the rest of the Middle East, which role will you take, as you join the Server? The Military? The Government? The Police Forces? Well, the Emperor is in need for you to Join the Special Templars Order, so join the Server, now!

' 𝕯𝖊𝖚𝖘 𝖁𝖚𝖑𝖙!' - Pope John I

The Crusading Templars, is a Community - Based, with a RP channel to spice things up ( Life Role-play ), we even have economy bots, and other fun bots you can play with, along with politics in it, like the Parties, Debates or more over, I do not guarantee we have great staff, but we could have a great community? What are you doing? Join the Templars Empire, and make it glorious, and victorious!

' 𝕲𝖔𝖉 𝖂𝖎𝖑𝖑𝖘 𝕴𝖙! ' - King Richard the First of England

We're unhistorical, and there might be huge load of history accuracy broken, but we're a Fictional Nation, with a fun community, we have many things, and if you want something to be added onto a server, there's a suggestion channel for you to suggest something, to greatly improve the Server, and to further guide us to success, our goal is to be big, and a friendly community, having roleplay, political debates, community, debates or whatever, we still need your media's help to improve the server, so, you can support us by joining the Server, to fully make it successful, and we'll try to get feedbacks, and improve the server.


A server equipped for gymnastics, games, politics and other physical and mental exercise. Join now, you might as well because people have been telling you to join a gym anyway, may as well be this one.
We are a political discussion server that aims to promote the exploration of political, religious, and other debate topics in a manner that is civil and in-line with Discord TOS. We would encourage anyone of any political ideology to join because more variety often leads to more interesting debates.

Here are some things, things we offer:
- Weekly VC's with moderation .
- Daily activity and polls, which can start interesting dialogue .
- Friendly staff, who enforce rules with impartiality .
- Welcoming community .
- LGBT+ friendly conversations .
- A vetting system, which prevents raiders and spambots, which plague so many other similar servers .
- Partnership channel, with a range of enticing servers .
- A sister server with a greater focus on philosophy and religion .
We are a diverse, active, political debate server with the goal of discussing and debating politics in a civil manner! We have 3k+ members and growing.
We have self-assignable reaction roles for ideologies you endorse, exclusive ideology channels (i.e. Liberal only), and daily suggested debate topics.
We aim at having a civil server, so we try to keep the server as clean and professional as possible, without heavy uses of crude language, spam, and racist slurs.
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~Welcome to Non-Stop 24/7~
╰══• ೋ•✧๑♡๑✧•ೋ •══╯


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Non-Stop 24/7 is a small yet very active server that is growing in members with each passing day. We are looking for kind good hearted people who wish to help each other and build them up. We are focused on keeping this a safe and welcoming community which seeks to help support and encourage people and help them have hope, joy, and peace. We have many goals and focuses for this server!
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☁ミ✲ extremely active vc

☁ミ✲Roblox gaming

☁ミ✲movie night- every night

☁ミ✲frequent events and many debates

☁ミ✲people of all ages under 18 and over 18

☁ミ✲ female and male owner

☁ミ✲very light amount of cursing

☁ミ✲supportive and sfw


☁ミ✲happy and friendly environment yet we also joke around a lot

☁ミ✲open staff roles

☁ミ✲new friends

The server is mainly used for hanging out, shitposting and talking about interests, but we have more serious debate related discussions for those who are interested.

As mentioned above we have a general chat as well as rooms dedicated to interests such as video games, music, fashion, etc. and rooms for various debate topics.

General Rules:
- Must be 15+
- No MAPs, supporters, etc.
- No extremists, trolls, raiders, etc. (Seriously, the owner is an edgy shitposter. It does nothing.)

Other than that we're pretty laid back and welcome people from all views to come and hang out with us!

Fireside Politics is a cozy community that hopes to foster respectful and thought provoking discussion and debate. Welcome home.
Discuss inceldom and the blackball. Are you attractive? Are you ugly? Want to grow taller? Are you tall?
Come learn about heightism.
If you're not attractive you're ugly.
This is a server for civil discussion of any topic. You can chill with other members, make new friends, have lively debates, participate in AMA's and other events we host. Discuss trending topics, politics, religion, philosophy or anything else as long as you're following the server rules. The amazing staff will ensure that trolls or anyone who detracts from the productive discussion are dealt with quickly to ensure everyone will have a great time on Today's Discussion!
| Welcome to The Empire! |

~>The Empire is a growing Community server.

What we provide:

✓Cool emotes.
✓Different channels for Memes, Spam, Venting, Selfies, Bots, Art and even Politics.
✓Meet some cool people from many different Cultures, Societies, Countries and Religions.
✓Toxic Free Environment.
✓Color roles
✓Suggestions channel which is daily read by our Owner and Mods.
✓Emoji Suggestions channel which are daily read by our Owner and Mods.
✓Active owner

Join Today!


Server Invite: https://discord.gg/mSjWJyX
Pings: @here @everyone

Owner: @Emperor Sky.
Dragon Kingdom — pretty communication,games and stream, listening to music,politics, 18+ Connect and click like 💙
For english we have channel #otherlanguages you can try speak with russian people.
A welcoming server for Europeans and those interested in Europe.
We have lots of topics such as;
General Discussion
And much more.
Includes a role system based on region, country, language family, age group, interests and gender, as well as a rank system.
Server includes a Minecraft realm, QOTD, and FOTD

TW: Chat may contain sensitive material
Open to partnerships
A server for pretty much everything (but mostly debate).
-politics talk/informal debate
-formal debate
-weapons talk
-active voice chat
-politics role play
Lax rules but strictly no pornographic or gory images. Free speech supported.
Australia's premiere discord server, with quality users and quality chat.
Discussions both serious and light hearted about politics, culture, books, gaming, computing, sports, and much more.
Eccentric or creative people are very much encouraged to join. People from other countries welcome too.
This is generally a safe for work server, griefers and creepers are not tolerated.
[PP] Prime Politics

We aim to provide a healthy environment for a free, productive, organized and enjoyable discussion of the most relevant political and non-political topics that concern every citizen no matter where they live. At your disposal, to challenge your ideas and views, and to help you grow as an individual, we count with a carefully selected administrative unit, composed of people with vastly different understandings of life, with different views of the world and contrasting ideologies. We count with teachers, economists, data analysts, linguists, mathematicians and people from all fields of study. We can be serious, disciplined and strict, but also free, wild, charmingly flamboyant and juvenile!

In our server you can talk about:

-US politics
-EU politics
-Racial discrimination
-Every fun topic you have in mind

We're an expansive community and we aim to grow, befriend each other, challenge ourselves, learn, and build our server.

We encourage you to join today, make some friends, have a good time, and share with us!

[PP] Prime Politics
Looking for a free speech server without discord trannies and simps? Hop on over to Dixieland for a fun time. (Plantation workers not included)