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.・゜゜・⛧ Welcome!! ⛧ ・゜゜・.

✧ We're a chill server that's growing! We have some really friendly people who are here to talk and joke around with. We prefer if you are 17+.
✧ Self-assignable roles for age, gender, sexuality, interests, games, hogwarts house and pingables for server activities.
✧ We have movie night every Wednesday around 6-8pm EST. You help pick the movies with suggestions and polls!
✧ Aesthetic layout and 200 cute emotes.
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ Come join our family! ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*
Nieoficjalny polski serwer wsparcia programu Discord Bot Maker.
Otrzymasz tutaj wsparcie w sprawie hostingu bota, gotowe Raw Daty oraz ogólną pomoc, masz także możliwość poproszenia o Raw Datę. Bot posiada wiele komend, które z pewnością pomogą użytkownikowi w pracy z programem.
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Welcome to Genshin Impact!
We're a discord server inhabited by Genshin Impact players who like to share their experience with other players.
We have support channels for when you need help with hard decisions or advice on what to do, a selfpromo channel and more!

Feel free to join and invite others!
This is a server created to help anyone affected by cancer. It can be a place to vent, and it can also be a place to escape. There are channels to cater to everyone's needs. There are channels for venting, advice, music, private venting, general chat and many more (plus lots of cute emojis!). We can get through this together <3 In memory of my beautiful little sister, Grace <3
support group is a server owned by blue, that's based on giving others a safe place to let out their feelings and emotions, along with a friendly, and active community and staff team.
We are a mental health and addiction support server where all ages are welcome! Newly an Official Non-profit!
🌼🌿🍇☁- Hello and welcome! -☁🍇🌿🌼

• This is my new server made for people who would like to make some new online friends! Don't be afraid to join, we might look big but everyone here is so wholesome and nice and I betcha you'll enjoy your time here. ✨🍇☁💞
☁🍇- This is a server made for people who are looking for long-lasting friendships and maybe even relationships! We are LGBT+ supportive community! 💞
☁🍇- We have lots of interesting channels and wholesome chats, we are active every single day. Share lots of love and kindness, we have a venting and support channel, and also a compliments channel!!
☁🍇- We'll invite all kinds of bots and make all kinds of channels, and answer all of your suggestions.

☕✨🌿- Thank you for reading and please join if you're really looking for close and good friends! -🌿✨☕
We are Content Coalition, a big group of amazing people who stream some awesome games! This is a place where we all support one another, we believe what goes around comes around, and together we are building something amazing! We are all things content related, where honesty and integrity matter most, and above all SUPPORT! 🔥 Let's grow together 🔥
We're an aspiring support group here to help those who are dealing with hardships in their lives.

Our server was made to vent in, we would love to help you in our venting channels!

We host game nights on Roblox, as well as some of the ".io" games, feel free to join us!

We hope to see you join us!

[Side Note: Please fill out the verification from YAGPDB in your dms upon joining, it's to prevent bots from entering.]
Do you ever just wish you had somebody to listen when you’re feeling depressed, anxious or alone? Shelter from the Storm is a very engaged and welcoming community focused on offering support for anyone who struggles with a mental health issue or difficult life situations. You don’t have to go through this alone!

We offer:
☆ A relaxed, kind, non-toxic, supportive group of friends
☆ A full list of channels dedicated to specific mental health issues
☆ Trigger-free safe zones
☆ Well-moderated support groups for discussion of triggering topics
☆ 1:1 peer support with caring volunteers
☆ Fun, creativity, events, contests, VC and more
☆ Active and caring staff and mods

Join us! https://discord.gg/pMCJRym
Welcome to it gets better a support server that just started we offer a long list of roles supportive non judgmental members game nights movie nights also looking for new staff
╭┈───────🌙 ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-

╰┈➤ ❝ Push For a Better Tomorrow ❞✨


🌙Push For a Better Tomorrow is a 13+ mental health and community server here for

·̩̩̥**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ you ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥•

We have...

✨Many channels to talk in

⭐Friendly members

✨A LGBTQ+ and POC friendly environment

⭐A SFW and welcoming place

✨Support for depression, anxiety, anger issues, ADHD, DID, etc


🌌Join today!🌌

Need friends? Want support? Need someone to listen and vent to? Want to share your written or art works? Want some coffee? (Unfortunately I can't do that, everyone keeps breaking the Espresso machine)

This server is for you, for your healthy and your happiness. Don't be afraid to share about your struggles. You are not a horrible person if you made a mistake and sometimes you need someone. That's what we are here for.
Here to help you. Here to love you (in alll the ways you want), here to be your friends when no one ele wants to be.

We offer a ton of stuff, from a bunch of chats, and roles, and a bit of organization, and Staff applications are totally open. Since i have school and stuff, I need people to get managers to fix the espresso machine, and make people coffee, see?

So if you need support, want some friends, or just want to share your talents, We are here for you. We can do this, together, no need to be afraid.



A cool community that for the first time provides free personalized tech support to users in need!

What we offer:
* Free personalised tech support
* Talk to your technician over a specific private voice chat called ONSIP
* Remote support for people in need (Only with your permission)

To Begin the tech support process we require your email address to record everything on our customer database

We record every and each session for your and our protection. Everything recorded can be sent to you via a request to our staff member.

When we connect remotely we don't have access on your files or any data on your system.
Studio Ghibli theme, 50,000+ messages a day with weekly giveaways! An active community full of support, plus we have memes! No matter how different you are in the real world, in this space, you're nothing but "normal" to us. Say hello!

If you're looking for a judgment-free server, especially if you have a mental illness, this is the perfect place for you!

No matter how different you are in the real world, you'll always be considered "normal" here.
Hey you over there! Are you
lonely and in need of love ? well this is just the place
we offer:
Friendly staff
Mostly active chats
Tons of reaction roles
People are usually in vcs
Mild toxicity
This is a small server dedicated to giving support to survivors of CSA and/or COCSA.

Enjoy your stay and remember: You deserve recovery, safety, and happiness
🌸🌷Hi! Welcome to Ocean. 🌷🌸

We aim to be a tightly-knit community server where you can mainly :
🌊 Discuss things you like
🌊 Get support for mental health issues
🌊 Find new friends

Come join us if you like! 💕
💛 Loving community
🏅 Rank-up system!
🎭 Self-role channels!
💖 Fun channels!
🙌 Hand-picked Staff!
If you would like to support consider bumping the server :)

► | Server info:
👥 Etai#7738
🖼️ https://gph.is/g/aQQVwxq
Hi, this is our little world, where you can vibe, chill, and talk to people. Come and join us.
Welcome to Your Worries Here! A friendly server dedicated to supporting people **aged 13 and above** where you can share your burdens with people willing to lend an ear. Whether it be mental health issues, issues with relationships, family or just life in general, we want you to know that you will always find someone willing to help here if you ask for it.
Your Worries Here is a server dedicated to providing a judgment and toxicity-free environment for people to feel safe in, to be able to make friends, and enrich their social life. We've got lively general chats and VCs for people to settle themselves in and hangout with other amazing people. Venting channels, by categories, can also be found here for you to get things off your chest if you wish to. We have an excellent support team to assist you too! Moreover, we also have fun roles and bots, including music bots, for people to enjoy. Your Worries Here is a community dedicated to helping you feel safe, happy, and to get you the help you deserve!

Disclaimer: None of us are professionals or licensed therapists. If you want to talk to us about problems, please feel free to do so, but we also advise you to seek professional help if you are going through hard times, as they provide many other forms of help that we can't.
The official Discord server for the beloved modder Bejoijo. He has created the "must have" mods for LSPDFR such as Stop The Ped and Ultimate Backup. Some of the main attractions of the server are:

- Dedicated team to provide support.

- An in depth FAQs.

- Make suggestions for his plugins.

- Community channels to socialize with members.

- Ability to promote your LSPDFR videos when you're using Bejoljo's mods.

- Up to date information pertaining ti Bejoljo's work.

- Friendly and active staff.

- Star Wars themed droids/bots!
Artists Support Artists is an art community server that helps to reach out to other artists.