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Aye join to have a hella fun time and meet lots of ppl. Voice chat is pretty active 24/7. We have a variety of members with different types of personalities! We're
a new server hoping to grow and be able to connect people with each other. So come and join and meet people from alotta countries and maybe even make friends with them! B)

˜”°•.˜”°• 𝕊𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕝𝕦𝕕𝕖𝕤: •°”˜.•°”˜
☆ Variety of bots (dank memer, owo bot + lots more!)
☆ Coloured roles
☆ Reaction roles
☆ VC of which is active!
☆ Welcoming and kind staff
☆ Variety of different channels
☆ We do partnerships!
Come join for a pre cool party :))
✩。:•.───── ❁ ❁ ─────.•:。✩
Hi!, Welcome to Dodo Island, this server was created for people like me to meet people from around the world, have fun and make good friends. This is a new server so please don't leave if it seems empty.
This is not strictly a dating server, but if online dating works for you then you're open to try it here.
See you in Dodo island!!!
This is a small server looking for new members. It's quite close-knit, but very welcoming. We joke around and have fun together, and are welcoming of everyone. Roles are given based on Tatsumaki xp, but we may implement a #get-roles channel feature.
≋ Aku
✿ Self-roles (general, ping, personality)
✿ Preferably not a dating server, Its a community.
✿ Friendly community, not toxic or any nsfw allowed.
✿ Active chat (depends)
✿ Watch out for some people, otherwise enjoy our delight

✭Lacking emotes ✭Looking for staff
#Teen #13+ #Community #Chill #13-17
The Teen Gathering is a new discord community looking to provide a safe space for teens looking for a relationship to find their match. This is also a place to find like minded people to make friends and hangout. So hop in, we'd love to chat!
Any age is welcome! Here you can discuss anything you want freely, no judgement. We have rules but are very lenient!
Welcome to Andromeda! Andromeda is a server all about meeting new people and making new friends. Over the server's lifetime we've built a wonderful sense of community, which, we would love for you to be a part of. Here's what our server has to offer...
✧ A space-themed rank system
✧ Partnerships
✧ Active Community
✧ Podcast
✧ Andromeda Twitter Account
✧ Minecraft Server
✧ Several Channels
✧ A wide variety of bots
✧ Wonderful Staff
✧ Andromeda Bot (Coming Soon)
A random discord server meant to host a small community of dimwits :)
*NOTE. WE JUST STARTED SO WE DON'T HAVE MUCH PEOPLE. Join and there can be more :)

Hey there traveler. Nice seeing you there. Would you be interested in joining this community friendship server for 13-17 year olds?

We have:
- Friends
- Fun
- Events
- Chill staff
- A need for people
hang out server for teens!! chats for all types of topics, we also have a suggestion chat if you want to add any. we're very friendly and welcoming!!

our features include:
- self assignable roles
- many fun bots
- loads of chats
- friendly staff members
... and more!

we are always improving and updating <3
Dating server where you can chill and hang with cute girls/guys.
♡ Run by 3 single waifus ;)
♡ Memes
♡ Self-Role to tell us about you
♡ 13-17 age range
♡ Meet your next love!
💝You wanna find a small server friendly and open to anyone? Join the glory hole and have some fun adventures with us💖
New server to meet some new people, talk or just to chill in! If you join, you won't regret it!
- We've got things
- So many things
- Lots of bots to mess around with too
- Wow so many things
- Nitro Giveaways for active people!
- Active chat!
Welcome to Teen Hangouts; We welcome Teens to come chat about their day tell us what's on your mind come game with awesome members and so much more!!!
Heart Warming Staff and Admins
Streamer or Content Creator Zone for all!
A verified dating Area to find that special someone!
Special Roles aka Singing Dancing NSFW Verified Gamer Roles
New Server Events such as Gaming Movie Night, D&D sessions (maybe) and much more!
Partnership Channel
2:1 female to male ratio
LGBTQ Friendly
Gaming Section Ex CoD Fortnite Minecraft Roblox R6S Brawlhalla
We welcome all people
A bunch of EBoys and EGirls and Thots and Fuck Boys
13 and above access
verification system
Gender introduction( including Trans and Albinary)
We are a small server for 14-17 years old that is just starting out! We are always looking for more members to join!

We have many bots and channels and are always open to more suggestions and ideas to help improve the server!

❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。
We have:
~ Bots
~ Active Members
~ Active Staff
~ Nice Staff
~ Over 100 Roles
And more!
❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。
「 ʚ saudade ɞ 」 ━ a simple dating and meeting new friends server. ପ( ๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ

・꒰ welcoming & safe community ꒱
・꒰ friendly owners ꒱
・꒰ easy navigation ꒱
・꒰ self roles and colors ꒱
・꒰ over 20+ cute emotes ꒱

come join and talk to us, we’ll welcome you with open arms!

note: our server is 13-17 only!
hey, stinkies. this server is a small-town teen rp where you can,, well,,,,, rp. lmao. the server staff & i have been planning some very special plot/lore twists, so if you're into roleplay servers that keep you captivated in terms of lore and events, this is the place for you😳😳 even if you're just in it for the rp and don't care much for the plot progressions, it's fairly easy to integrate yourself into the setting :))

with that said, here's a bit of the Flowers lore:

on december 4th of 2012, in the humble town of Flowers, everyone over the age of 18 abruptly passed away for an unknown reason. with the internet down and no way to access the rest of world, the remaining minors in this small town were left to fend for themselves.

at this point, you may be asking yourself: well no shit, just leave the town and get help, right? wrong. although there is no physical barrier set to keep the residents from leaving Flowers, there is an invisible boundary set on the outskirts of this small town. any human attempting to cross said boundaries is struck with a seizure-like response, causing them to die within a couple of seconds.

time has passed, and it is now the year 2020. some order has been established-- for the most part. shops and restaurants have been revived, houses maintained, and the elected council keeps the town (sorta) thriving along with the flourishing news crew. however, Flowers still has no way of communicating with the outside world and no living human has seemed to have aged a day since 2012.

we offer:
-self-roles (literacy, lore updates, events, ships, and more!)
-unique rp channels for your characters to play around with
-fluid plot points and interesting events
-relaxed, but organized, community & staff
-open partnerships- dm staff :)

Flowers is waiting for you!
-Flowers staff :)) (join or we'll eat your toes)

copy and paste link- (just in case)
Hello My name is kevin andrews, you are wondering why I made this server my friend is called Theo she is also the co-owner, but I made this as we have movie nights every friday and the members can vote on what time, we have venting channel where you can say your problems and no one will judge you,gaming such as rainbow six siege rust,anime, this server is for teens to date on and mostly social chatting.
new server, not many members so the chat is neat~~
active usually but anyone in this server is easy to chat with
if u take the time to interact~~
not many channels so the server can be easily used also not many retarded roles, just one or two~~

A fun new place to chill and hangout with people. We offer a toxicity free environment, feel free to drop by and talk!
The best community discord with active members and we strive to do the best of our abilities.