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The Chill Kingdom ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Gaming! Chatting! Active Mods! Steam Giveaways! Over 2000+ Great Members!


Chill Kingdom is great little place to hang out and chat with fellow humans. (f you're if your into that sort of thing) We're still growing but we're growing VERY fast! Join the server and come chat to @everyone AND our friendly Mods and Members to have a great time !


(Join for more info)
Server Link: https://discord.gg/gyChpWZ
Backup Link: https://discord.gg/KF4uNdz
Read the rules before rping.
Welcome to Sunshade Forest!
Sunshade Forest is a brand-new server based on forest theme. If you want a nice and cozy server, this is the right server for you! Our server is still small because it hasn't been long since it was built. Join today and make our forest alive!

Some of the features we have:
· Friendly people
· Separated, private language channels (more channels are coming soon!)
· Unique levels based on plants
· Forest-themed channels and categories
A server where you can meet friends, new and old. We have no specific topic or theme, besides meeting new people and having a good time! We’re a chill and hangout server with over 35+ self assignable roles and all custom colour roles we also host events and giveaways pretty often. Our team of mods will always do their very best to ensure you have the best experience possible.
The Bento Box Club is a diverse group of individuals opening their finished home to newcomers. Come on in, take a seat and join this adorable club. Movie nights, listening parties, and boredom channels here Bento Box members (the sushi rolls) try create a cozy haven for everyone. All ages welcome, bring snacks while you're at it. <3
This is the server of a twitter artist, @SmolArtistChar. I'm a mtf trans girl artist trying to grow my little community here. We have a dedicated art role to ping to share your art with people who wanna see more art, so you could get some exposure for your art here! We're also very friendly and welcoming. Please join, we'd love to have you!
Welcome to C2: Remastered
We're quite a new server however we do have lots on offer!
With 3 bots and a strong community we believe you will enjoy your stay here!
We're a very open community and we invite anybody in!
Pst... yes you hehe the one reading~ come by & join this growing server uwu
Welcome to coffee & chill zone;
Where you can be chill & drink a cup of coffee with us ~☆
《 Features 》
● Friendly members
● Active staff
● warm, friendly & family like server
● level up roles with cool colors
● pokecord
● cards against humanity & true or dare
● many entertaining bots
● weekly giveaways & events
● special monthly events
● music bots & karaoke nights
● server currency & shop
● partnerships
"Come down at the coffee & chill zone"
We can assure you, you will have an enjoyable time with us ^_^
A nice small server trying to grow into something fun, not specifically a dating server but we wont stop you, we are nice people and we don't judge c:
we also have reaction roles!
Plz Come And Join my server.could use some partner managers,we have also started having events
tuesday=movie night
friday=gaming night
saturday=karaoke night
sunday= Guess the song night
Hello everyone I am here to invite you to EpicKing Hangout Discord, Here you can talk to all sorts of people that might have the same interests as you, and certainly interesting people!

We have loads of VC's and Fun Chats for you to enjoy!

We also run nightly events

Features in our server
High Moderation - Our staff monitors the chat seriously and mute or ban those who break the rules!
Event Roles - You can win a role for the more competitive events!
Lots of 24/7 music bots! Join the chat, relax and listen to music!
Staff - Professional/Respectful/Fun Staff
We have self assignable roles!
With attentive admins and a relatively laid-back attitude, The Dragon Keep is a furry server that manages to have a welcoming community. We take pride in our flexibility and listen to our user base. If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to stop by and give us a quick look!
New server. Wanna make it big ,pls join! Intend to make it a cool place to wear off your stress, get cozy , get more friends and chat and know a lot more people! Everyone from any part of the globe is welcome!
Koolaid Gaming Community REBORN

Owner~ @Ryan | On Break
Co-Owner~ @!Co-Owner | Noot

Welcome @everyone to the Koolaid Gaming Community
We Are A Friendly Community/Gaming Server Based Around Social Interaction, Popular Games, And More!
We Also Have A Full Staff Team Waiting To Meet Your Needs And Answer Your Questions!
And We Grow In Members Daily!

We Do Events Such As Cards Against Humanity, Movie Nights, Challenges, Contests(counting to 1000), Giveaways, And Much More!

We Offer~
Lots Of Conversations Through Text Chats!
Game Specific Voice Channels, Lots Of Gaming Talk
Music Bots With Determined Music Rooms
Friendly active members
Voice Channels To Socialize In Or Maybe Argue
Experienced Staff Ready To Solve Your Problems (Not Your Math Hw, Smartass...)
Active Staff To Answer Questions And Keep Chat Clean!__

Dm @YaFoundAce:dog2:#5218 for info on joining and partnership !!!
Note~ We are currently looking for new staff members to join our ranks in the Koolaid Gaming Community
Just Fill Out The Form @here ~ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1yLYOqeG5O4ir6o4qKhxoyiw_idLV2z7ZKvKDB88y8Os/edit

Constantly Growing and Improving the server!!!

A server for Filipinos by a Filipino. We welcome all people, pinoy or not. We have fun bots, good moderation, and a growing server complete with assignable roles and more to keep your experience unique and great. Come check us out and be a part of the server.
We are trying to get active and get growing. Come join us and make this a reality.
Welcome all to the server, this is a server made by teens for teens so you should be able to fit in easily. Its pretty active but why don't you join and make it more active.

Welcome to Nightlife!

Who we are: We are a relatively small community “chill” server, geared towards making new friends, discovering people with common interests, and just spending time together!

What do we have?
• Custom emotes and roles!
• NSFW channel for those of age!
• An active and accepting community!
• Movie nights and game nights!
• Regular VC’s!
• Much much more!

Come for the people, stay for the experience! See you there!
Overwatch RPG is a Custom Game Mode built within Overwatch. It runs seasonally like Competitive (each season begins and ends with new hero releases, so each one is 3-4 months), but the players of the game get to influence how the meta unfolds using points in an RPG-like progression system. If you're looking for a new way to play Overwatch and like Action RPG style skirmishes, this may be a good fit for you!
Welcome to Merry Lounge!

This is a place where you can let loose and vibe out; You feel like talking with other peeps and get to know them? Listen to music with our fellow members? Connect with each other and play games, voice channel talks, roleplays and more? Share your proud artwork and drawings with us? Anime? Well this is the perfect place for you! Our people around here friendly and helpful so you will be at ease and to have a great time and we would appreciate that this is a drama-free server. So please, free to join a chill place and find yourself right at home!

The Christmas season has kicked in and is well underway, we would love for you to join us and get into the Christmas spirt with us!!

PS: We have the Pokecord bot in our server which is used by our fellow members but we are looking for more Pokemon trainers so if you're looking for a place which also does Pokemon, you've also found the right place!

Main owner: GreekGod#3549
Hey there and welcome to anime earth there are lots of things that we can offer all our new members.

- Events
- Active and respectful community
- Fun emotes to use
- Active staff
- Fun bots such as waifu wars
️- Tutoring to get help on work
NEW a new added roleplay catergory dedicated for roleplayers. Its a multiverse anime roleplay area that we have.

Here is what we don't do that other servers do!

-Inactive Staff
- Drama
- A bad community

We are also looking for new members so what you waiting for?

So what are you waiting for? Come check it out.
This Server is a Erp/Rp 16+. We offer some Erp Rooms as well of Rp rooms and can make more along the way to fit Member Base. Come join this very, very fresh server and come have fun!!
Chill server for peeps who play LoL or just want to have a positive chat.
We are a community server designed for people to just non-toxically just talk and socialize, We are here to meet new people, see fresh faces and make new friends.
welcome to nekocake!
hi there! we're a small chill and friendly community, where everyone can talk, have fun, chill and do many more! ❀
if you find any kind of toxic people, feel free to DM and report! ♡

what we have:
➳ friendly peeps
➳ tons of cute animals
➳ animuu (=´∇`=)
➳ custom emotes
➳ bots!

we're a new server!
feel free to join us~ (´・ω・`)
We are a fun, interactive, entertaining, artistic and cooperative community.
We play games, draw, play music, chat and more. Everyone here is your friend! If you need help on stuff, someone will help ya out. Just ask :)