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Hello, and welcome to The Thinking Cup! We hope to see your writing/art and help each other improve where we can. We strive for a friendly, positive atmosphere for everyone to feel relaxed and happy. We hope to see you here soon! :)
if u like games come join we will have freandly staff and modes we have music and other bots come join. We have a rpg bot and other amazing bots
We got youtubers to
This server is for anyone who wants to join and hang out with a bunch of chill people. And enjoy their time around us. We play games, listen to music, and just chat with each other. It's pretty self-explanatory
Hello! I have just the right server for you. Do you want to rawk out alongside fellow emos in a music channel? Suggest banger tunes and news about many of the bands flying the emo colours?? You can do that here! We have our own channel dedicated specifically to many bands :) We believe you'll have a good time and have fun if you do decide to join. Have a nice day! :)
This is an awesome server mainly based on dank memer and pokemon. we have fun to play games and we host givaways. we have music channels and we use mee6 and carl for moderation.
Hello! We are The Anteiku☕ group of people who like to hang out and chill! We support LGBT, watch anime and we are all super friendly. We have extremely nice and active mods to support you! We also have many bots for you to play with and voice chats. Did I mention super cool emojis? Please join we always look for new people ♡!
We are a friendly server of juice wrld so if you wanna join. dats cool wit us mane, no toxicity, chill staff and partnerships
If you want to learn Spanish/Improve your English/hangout this is your server!
We have natives that love to help and very friendly yet responsible staff members to make sure the server remains safe and everyone has fun!
We have:
Jackbox Games!
Among us!
Very friendly members
Amazing staff team
and so much more!!

We will be so glad to have you on our server!
— nightly retro theme
‧₊˚✧ friendly, active kpop server.
‧₊ safe for non stans too

— 𝙬𝙚 𝙤𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧 ;;

✶ lots of emotes
✶ active/helpful staff
✶ monthly updated aesthetic
✶ simple partnering

we hope to see you soon!
Welcome to Skittles! Plenty of things to do and things to talk about from sports, memes, games, or just daily adventures! Come hang out with us; we await your arrival!
]FuTKreM is a multipurpose server where you can talk about not only gaming, music, coding, playing with bots, but `all sorts of other fun!!! Also, no age discrimination and anyone is allowed!!! JOIN NOW!!!

The main things in the server are:-
>>>fun hangouts

Also.... if you want to add something to the server.... you can tell the server owner in a channel called #👌server-suggestions

React to messages to get roles in #😃reaction-roles. Ask for custom roles in #👍new-role-suggestions and you can ask for other available roles in #❔asking-for-roles

Have fun!!!
Hi there! You might be looking for a server to join, Then how about you join the
server, 𝓐 ~ 𝓒𝓱𝓲𝓵𝓵 ~ 𝓗𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓸𝓾𝓽 ~ 𝓩𝓸𝓷𝓮 ~ ?

Features & Specialities :

• Meet & interact with new friends

• A friendly environment

• Daily giveaways

• Reaction roles

• Many fun bots

• Cool events


Welcome to Slothy's room! We are a wholesome soft server that allows anyone to join :) We give out music bots, custom roles, karaoke, movie nights, and more! Our server is also new so it's not very active, but we hope it grows more. Come join to meet new friends :))
☆ 𝙂𝙝𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙤 𝙋𝙤𝙚𝙩𝙧𝙮 𝙈𝙚𝙙𝙞𝙖 ☆
All Hip-Hop Mutli-Media Platform Created in 2020 by artists for artists!
Instagram: @GpmcMedia YouTube: Ghetto Poetry Media
✧│Weekly Uploads!
✧│Amazing Booster Perks!
✧│Chances For Promotion!
✧│Graffiti Writers & Talent!
✧│GPM Podcast & Media Influences!
✧│Weekly Battles, Concerts, and more!
✧│Custom Bots, Dope Emcees, and more!
If you love dark music, experimental music, dark stuff, Animes, AMV's, editing, producing or similar things, than join our server. We are a worldwide Cyber collective active in wast areas of art, music, clothing and much more. This is the official main TRASH Discord server. Join the underground and become a Cyber Demon.
We offer you:
-Different Bots
-Channels for all kinds of stuff
-Self roles
-A nice atmosphere
-A friendly community
-Friendly, active and competent staff
-Official TRASH members
-TRASH updates
Hey! This server is meant for meeting and talking to new people, so tell us about your day, send us your art, recommend music - in fact just send your social security while you're at it. ;v

We're pretty laid back, we don't care what you do. Just read our rules, get some roles (we've got a ton) and you'll be good. There's always someone in vc or someone willing to be dragged into vc, so don't be shy. We particularly love classic rock and indie, so if that's your thing...hehehe join, we've got lots to talk about ehehe... Come in already smfh, what're you waiting for?
This Rushers Club is designed with fun, freedom, and diversity. We try to keep a friendly community and see to the needs and wants to those joined. Our server includes:

Music 24*7
Dank Memer ( rob & heist disable )
Venting channel
Server and YouTube channel promotions!
Friendly Staff
Self roles
Welcoming members
And more!
Koya Bot
InviteManager Roles

This server was created as a safe, non-discriminatory place for everyone. We are a fairly small server so every member counts! We're always very open to suggestions and would love you to give us some to help shape and improve the server.
Join us! "Come inside its fun inside" ---- Lookin for chill people who like to chat, vibe, meet new people & all of the above! Come join our crew you won't regret it 😏
TuplaW on suomalainen Discord palvelin johon jokainen on tervetullut!
Voit hakea itsellesi peliseuraa ja uusia ystäviä tältä palvelimelta. Saat myös mainostaa itseäsi tai kaveriasi tällä serverillä.
Ei liikaa sääntöjä vaan sopivasti jotta jokaisella olisi mukava olla!
Tervetuloa tutustumaan TuplaW:n mönkiäisiin!

Tältä servulta löydät itsellesi:
-Juttelu palstan missä voi keskustella mistä vain
-Kuville ja videoille tarkoitettun kanavan johon voit lisätä meemejä!
-Mainostus kanavan! Mainosta vaikka twitch kanavaasi tai tinderiäsi!
-Peli aiheisen kanavan! Tärkeimmät keskustelut peleistä
-Mukavan ylläpidon ja uusia ihmisiä!
An official server "Scorpion Club". All about gaming, listening music, having fun, having a random event, streaming and more. No NSFW content. Join now!