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═~══~═~═ WEEB UNITED ═~══~══~═
We are a 24/7 active server
Anime and Gaming server!
be yourself here and engage in any
kind of conversation with us.

@|everyone is welcome to join!!

💞┊Welcoming community
🍓┊Find new friends
🦊┊Active chat
🌈┊multiroles n color roles
🕊┊Weekly events
🍥┊Bot Fun
🍄┊Play Games
🥀┊ Nothing but family
🐣┊Quality memes
🔞┊Nsfw & Nsfw memes

Join us now!! >:3
Hello there strangers yang lagi baca ini 👋
Iya, kamu. Lagi nyari server kan?

Kalau belum ketemu tempat yang cocok, coba kesini deh. Tapi...

Jujur ya, kita ga punya keunggulan dibandingkan dengan server lain. Isi orangnya rada aneh, it's so bizzare inside here. Kadang juga servernya sepi banget, not even single being spotted alive.

Perhaps, you can skip this one.

Eh, tunggu dulu. Kalimat diatas itu jangan dianggap negatif dulu, member disini rada aneh karena orangnya unik, dan mungkin kamu ga bisa temuin di server lain. Servernya sepi karena kita ga perlu member terlalu banyak, we strive over quality, not over quantity.

Jika kamu merasa dirimu an unique existence, ataupun ga terlalu suka crowded server tapi butuh teman buat diajak ngobrol.

Why not with us?

Kita menghargai setiap individu yang ada di server, and we don't toying around with that word, kehendak member lebih tinggi daripada admin disini.

Dan sebagian besar member disini bisa menjadi teman curhat anda, if you need any listener out there for coping out. We care about your mental health!

Jadi, tunggu apa lagi!

As for the owner i just want say. A stranger is just a friend you haven't met.
HELLo i present you this kind and funnny server join on your own risk. We play games and hang out together on trees like monkeys. Also Please HELP ME THEY TOOK MY AFDGJKG
Hang out on this server with star wars fans,we have some cookies and cool bots.You can listen to music.
- For fun and kosovo
- Server based on memes, entertainment and gaming
- Without kids
- Come in, don't be pussy
- Just join
Brand new server - just chilling w the bros, talking bout whatever shit comes to our heads - dont get offended pussios
This is the most incredible ground breaking piece of shit server you have ever seen.
But it has limitless possibilities, endless cursed chaos left and right, Many activities, many mods to bully your ass and be ploopy
(Hot waifus enter now)
(Hot waifus enter now)
(Hot waifus enter now)
Come in and do what we cant, enjoy yourself.
We are the truth finders. We will not tolerate any liers. Everyone who speaks the truth in this server is amazing. We will be great friends.I rather not say what happens to the people who lie...
Der Disord Server Bujalordmisterio
ist ein Community, Gaming Server wir sind noch neu und klein es würde echt net sein wenn ihr mal ferbei schauen würdet

Welcome to The Horny!
We are funny fun fun men that do the funnies together because we are the epic!
We have,

Epic memes
Epic moderators
Epic people to hangout with
Epic bruh moments
Epic free roles (omg free roles????!!!??😱😱)
Epic emotes (haha emote so funny 🤣🤣🤣)

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a dating server. A lot of people have joined because they thought this was a dating server.

Join now for free! (OMG for free?????)
Hum... Salut ! Tu veux un serveur où tu peux chill tranquillement ? Oui ? Alors regarde moi ça !

〜Ƭнε καρραšт яεαʟм〜

◆💥 Un serveur Communautaire basé sur TOUT ! Il peut y avoir du gaming comme du manga/anime etc...

◆🌟Pour les membres actifs, Il y'a une catégorie rien que pour eux ! Ça pousse à être actif hein ? Son propre salon... Oups! Je m'éloigne du sujet.

◆🥀 Le Serveur est nouveau, mais on espère qu'il grandira vite!

◆🤖 Des bots tel que Koya, Unbelievaboat, Rythm, et j'en passe plein d'autres !

◆❔ Des questions ? Le staff est très actif et à l'écoute des membres !

◆🎮 Des Rôle-Menus à disposition pour mieux vous connaitre entres vous!

◆🎉 Des Event Quotidien tenu par nos Animateur/trice!

◆🆙 Des contreparties pour les plus actif ! ça vaut le coup non?

◥◣Tu es convaincu ? Alors viens donc! L'invitation au serveur est juste ici!◢◤

We Frattelli! Annoiato dei soliti server? Beh questo server fa al caso tuo, qui dentro c'è di tutto e qualsiasi cosa tu possa desiderare infatti abbiamo:
🎮 Tanti canali testuali
🎲 Canali dedicati ai tuoi giochi preferiti
📺 Creazione di grafiche gratis
🎧 Canali vocali e bot di musica
😳 Tante meme e divertimento
🤝 Partnership
🎆 Ruoli speciali
🎉 Eventi a volontà
🎊 Giveway

Che aspetti bro! Entra nella nostra community e invita i tuoi amici! Artigiani della qualità 😳
It's a anime server with loads of weebs and both friendly and active members also we're doing weekly giveaways so what are you waiting for?

Join Weebs world!
1:1 ratio female male, anime themed
server with several dedicated and nice channels. Over 50 custom and original emotes.
☆here you find the best anime images
♤every month there will be some discrete nitro giveways, for real anime fans. here you will find memes, walpapers, nsfw, anime list and more!
Hai Hai! Nice to meet you, I’m the owner of the server Ero•Sennin or Pervysage. Yes this is a growing Animeserver, they’re still memes, and gaming chats for FGO, Bang Dream, League of Legends, Arknights Azur Lane, and more. We have many NSFW channels such as Yuri, Yaoi, Neko, you name it. We do also have wholesome channels for you and anime related channels!
((18+ ONLY)) Cum Sock is an Australian server for meeting cool people, chatting and making friends. There are plenty of roles to choose from and earn, as well as people to talk about absolutely anything with. This server is not for the lighthearted. Toxicity is not tolerated.
Um grupão muito legal, Entra ai pra bater um papitcho com um pessoal TOP, Grupo de "Comunidade" pra fazer amiguinhos o grupo tem uns bots legais, você pode escolher sua corzinha pra não ficar com a cor de um cargo pre-definido então aproveita as 40 cores diferentes! O grupo não é cheio das regras mais basicamente não seja otário da um entrada ai pra ver.
Need a 6-month vacation twice a year? BOUGIE is calling you 🤙

| Vibe with amazing members
| Join server activities like 🎬 Movie nights, 🎳 Mini-games...
| Enjoy different topics like: 🦋 Animes, 🐸 Memes, ▶️Streams & more

If something is missing, it's you ;)
This is what we offer!

participate in the greatest of clan wars!?

have fun roleplays!

post some memes!!

talk to a wholesome community!

use various bots!

listen to songs on the server!

obtain ranks through texting!

participate in awesome giveaways!

talk about shows!!!

share some pictures!

play games togethere!

and most of all....
HAVE FUN!!!!!!