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Salut ! 👀

Je te présente notre serveur !
Voici son nom : ASTRO'

C'est un serveur communautaire très spécial !

Voici une présentation rapide :

> :beginner: ~ Nous sommes muni d'un staff présent et à l'écoute tout les jours et presque a toute les heures.
👀 ~ Nous avons une communauté sympathique.
🏹 ~ De nombreuses animations qui pourraient te plaire !
💎 ~ Petite soirée cinéma sympatosh.
⚡ ~ Tu ne risque pas de t'ennuyer, nous parlons de tout et rien a tout moment nous sommes ouvert a tout sujet !

Bien sur comme on dis plus on est de fou plus on rit alors rejoins nous !

🌹 ~ Partage à tes amis, si le serveur te plait !

📄 ~ Ton ticket pour nous rejoindre:
Kararita Is a Anime Server Where You Can meet Friends ,Play Games And Discuss Your Favorite Anime! And Have A great Time 👍
If you want a server full of kind people and places to chill with friends, this is the right place for you! We offer tons of enjoyable channels and a few great bots. There's nothing much to it, except a great server of very friendly people!
hello and welcome to teletubbyland

we have:
a tyrant
3 channels
slight toxicity

as long as you won't shove your depression down our throats, feel free to join

*:・゚✧ Welcome to Laid-Back Café! o3o)/~ <3

We just opened and are waiting for you to come visit us! Our Café accepts everyone while it's main goal is to vanish your loneliness and anxiety away!

What do we offer?
☕ • A place where ignorance isn't tolerated.
☕ • A place for people who needs to be heard.
☕ • A place with mature staffs to keep on peace.
☕ • A place you'll feel home right away.
☕ • A place of the tastiest coffees.
🍪 • SFW only.
🍪 • Leveling system.
🍪 • Our own (work in progress) bot.
🍪 • Soon 24/7 music bot with different genre of music for each.

We're rolling out the red carpet, just waiting for you, so what are you waiting for? Come here, don't be shy!~
Memers, weebs, furries, cool kids. We want you because we want the best, and YOU are it. So, who's ready to make some quality shitposts?

This server features channels for many subjects such as:
- Funny / interesting / stupid quotes from other people
- Bad Memes
- Anime & Japanese Culture
- Good Memes
- Artistic Showcase
- Memetic Showcase
- Furry Stuff
- P0rn (of many flavors)
- Spicy Memes
- And more!

Enjoy features such as:
- Rights
- Levelling
- Meme Machines
- A sense of pride and accomplishment.

We also do things sometimes, such as movie night and trivia.*
| ᴀɴᴏᴍᴀʟʏ |
⊱❥-»Chill laid back chat
⊱❥-»Game nights
⊱❥-»Egirls & Eboys
⊱❥-»Active friendly staff
⊱❥-»Fun currency and custom bots
⊱❥-»Positive vibes and chats

༺ ══════════════ ༻
Active members who play
Minecraft,Csgo & more!
༺ ══════════════ ༻

We're a cool server that plays lots of games! We have a vote every week to play another game from Bedwars to Cards against Humanity! So why not tag along for the ride? We speak French and English, and often talk about topics involving video games, programming and more. We have a very active community so it would be great if you could join us :)

Nous sommes un serveur sympa qui joue à beaucoup de jeux! Nous avons un vote chaque semaine pour jouer à un autre jeu de Minecraft Bedwars à Cards against Humanity! Nous parlons français et anglais, et discuter de sujets concernant les jeux vidéo à la programmation. Nous avons une communauté très active, donc ce serait génial si vous pouviez nous rejoindre :)
Hey hey! Welcome to Lucario's Lair We're a new Pokécord server and are currently striving for 1000 members. Joining will certainly help us out :)
What we have to offer:
✓ Frequent Giveaways 🎉🎊
✓ Contests/ Quizzes ❓
✓ Meme channels/ Gaming channels/ Anime stuff 🎮🌸
✓ We partner! As long as you cooperate of course 🤝
✓ Friendly staff that'll be willing to help you in anyway possible (server-wise)
✓ Many MANY Pokécord spam channels 🎉🎊
✓ Fun and Engaging Pokécord Gyms
✓ Daycare [COMING SOON] 🐣

Auttaja: https://auttaja.io/lucarioslair

Original: https://discord.gg/WhXqnqp


The first 20 people to join our server and challenge the gyms stand a chance to win 20 Legendaries in commentation of the opening of Gyms in our server! This event will end on 30th April!
-10 April 2020
The first 50 People who join join and say owo in #general stand a chance to win a Legendary! This event will end on 25 April!
-17 April 2020

**Enjoy your stay <33**
Just a small server I'm putting together
Accepting Admin applications
Just vibing
Couple of bots more comin soon
Pokecord, Waifu Bot, and Idle Rpg!
We got some roles
— eclipse ☁️


꒲・low moderation
꒲・new active community
꒲・cute emotes and self roles
꒲・egirls and e boys
꒲・nitro giveaways

Join please <33
Welcome to the Bag of Chips! We're just a small server created by a group of friends looking to expand a little and make some new friends!
We got a lot of fun content, including:

- Active vcs! 📞
- Lots of channels! 📖
- Level up system! 📊
- Game bots! 🤖
- Meme channels! 🤡
- Partnerships!
- yes
- and more! ⭐

Interested? Come join!
Join us in this Strip Club Theme Server and and have fun!! (16+)

Nitro Boosted ☆ A active hangout discord with over 600 members! ☆ Meet New Friends ☆ Active Calls ☆ Active Chats ☆ Fun Roles ☆ Irl Pictures ☆ Share Your Art! ☆ Free Promotions
Scoop's Community, is a small little server where's gamers, weebs, and furries can actually talk and find a good place to be at, and we hope you have a fun time in scoop's Server!
join or die >:3 were chill and fun. If you leave we will hack yer account. come for drugs
| Neko Home |

»»————-———- ★ —————————««

Laisse moi te présenter notre serveur!
Si tu aimes :

»»————-———- ★ —————————««

|• Rencontrer des personnes extrêmement sympathiques !
|• Rigoler un bon coup grâce a nos membres tous bizarres a leur manière !
|• Les serveurs avec peu de règles et des très simples !
|• Les serveurs actifs !

»»————-———- ★ —————————««

Alors n'attends plus ! Notre serveur est fait pour toi !
Invite link: https://discord.gg/nHu7BAP

Missing your friends this quarantine? Tired of being alone? Want to make online friends but you don't know where to start? We're here to help you meet some new friends then!

We're a wholesome, sfw server with a friendly, hardworking staff team and welcoming, active members who both are looking forward to having you be part of our community!

We also host our own custom bot and exclusive economy system!

♡ ❝ 𝑰𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒔 ❞ ────────────

♡ Anime / Manga
♡ Gaming (LoL, OW, Warzone, Stardew, MC, etc)
♡ Programming / Bot Development
♡ Music (kpop, jmusic, etc)
♡ Art / Creativity
♡ Pokecord, mudae, yggdrasil + more

♡ ❝ 𝑱𝒐𝒊𝒏 𝑵𝒐𝒘 ❞ ────────────

〉Accepting partnerships (no member count req)
〉Hiring PMs (no req)
The Ace Club is a server for aromantic and asexual people to find like-minded friends to have fun and chill with! Everyone who isn't aro or ace is welcome to join us too.
This is a chill server for everyone Including YOU!

- Has fun community

- Fun bots

- Music bots

- Chill community!

Anything you want, ETC!
⚠️Toxic is a server for the trollers, raiders, memers, the ones banned from everywhere else.⚠️

☣Everyone calls us toxic, so why not embrace it?

☢This server is dark, and pretty offensive.

☣For the twisted, and the ones who enjoy us.

☣All bans are voted on by the community.

⚠️No rules, follow TOS.

☢Cute Vanity roles for the e-girls.
。˚₍🕸₎ ; @the murder cult !

ー we are a non-toxic server, with friendly staff and members. we offer a chaotic-chill environment and anyone is welcome! we've been a small group of friends for almost four years now, until recently. ー

 .      ﹢ ˖     ✦      ¸ . ﹢  °  ¸.    ° ˖ ・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚ *  ¸ .     ✦˖       ° :   ﹢     ˖ . •  . ﹢˖✦ *  .      ﹢ ˖     ✦      ¸ . 

。˚₍🔪₎ ; @what do we have ?

› 〉 almost always active channels !
› 〉 tons of color, personal, & ping roles !
› 〉 partnerships & self promo !
› 〉 weekly voice chats !
› 〉 cool bots & emotes !
› 〉 vent channel & a support ping !

*  .      ﹢ ˖     ✦      ¸ . ﹢  °  ¸.    ° ˖ ・ ·̩   。 ☆   ゚ *  ¸ .     ✦˖       ° :   ﹢     ˖ . •  . ﹢˖✦ *  .      ﹢ ˖     ✦      ¸ . ﹢

ー join now and become part of a growing family! ー

--Welcome to Chitty Chat Den--

━━━:About Us:━━━

A community solely based on social interactions,
expressing emotions where everybody understands,
giving everybody the attention they deserve , and letting
a network of people around the world connect,
chat, and relax.

━━━:We Offer:━━━

• Over 10 bots specialised for fun and entertainment
• Friendly mods that are always willing to help
• Giveaways & special events
• A chill, non-toxic community

━━About The Community━━

We are currently a small community and growing, so we would really appreciate it of you would join and help us grow. The more members we have the greater the fun. Join Chitty Chat Den and never be bored again!
Music Utopia is a little music server I made for people to join, share their music tastes, and maybe make some more friends, I don't plan on this becoming a big server but if it does it would really make me happy, feel free to join and voice your opinion on music and your favorite songs/musicians [No Politics, Please be nice, and have a good time]
╰──➤welcome to 𝒆𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒍 !!!

it is a new pastel sky themed server made for making new friends and socialising.

we offer:
┊❥ cute and fun emotes!

┊❥ active owner!

┊❥ staff applications!

┊❥ partnerships!

┊❥ wholesome community!

┊❥ monthly aesthetic theme change!

┊❥ friendly people!

┊❥ self and color roles!

┊❥ ur very own role! (just ask owner)

┊❥ a variety of bots and channels suitable for ur liking!

─ ✎⋅⋅⋅ we hope to see u there. everyone is accepted. hope u have fun <3