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The best of the world's operators have come together to form Task Force Rainbow, an elite division dedicated to the response to terrorist attacks. Pick a character, a canon operator or an approved OC, and work with your team to face the threat head-on.

+This is a Roleplay server dedicated to Rainbow Six Siege, where you will be role-playing operators from the game, building character, making headcanons, and interacting with other Muse's and Mun's. It's descriptive, and texting based role play..

Staff Notes:
+We, the staff, encourage rich storytelling, detailed roleplay, and above all a commitment to having fun. We require that you are of age to participate, as we do allow mature themes.
+Our staff is enthusiastic about encouraging other members of the community to join in during role play, or have themselves personally engage with said role-player.

Events are hosted by our GM staff, The Gm’s will tell the higher-ups of their event and get approved, then announce their event for the future. The events will always be a week out and not just unexpected and unannounced.
Disclaimer: During events, we keep it very serious.
Enjoy a land full of gamer's, Learn new games, or join teams of games you already know, chat with friends, and meet new people!
An organized community for Squad part of a multigaming organization of 1700+ member in 40+ games. You can find the community on
Vortex gaming community
a place for you to make new friends and expand your gaming friends list and enjoy your game play with other members and get 24/7 support you will never have an issue join vortex gaming community today
We Provide
Fun for everyone
friendly players and staff
24/7 support at all times
Suggestions on different games to add
This server Is Out for you to enjoy
Just a normal server for good and non-toxic people. This is a new CODM clan FLTR means Frontline Tactical Rushers and this server's priority are the Asian players which need a clan to be in, we also welcome NA and EU members and members from other regions as well but the timing will be according to Asian timings. We need good players as well as non-toxic ones for this server, I hope you find this server as a good and useful one and I'll talk to you once you join us, this is a SFW server also, we require mature ppl and good players to join, this is not a garena clan.

E-Sports Tournament Organization for Amateur & Professional Gamers!

☆ Staxx’s GameHouse is an E-Sports Event Organization with a vision of ensuring that the amateur gamers of today, can be the new top professional gamers of the future! ☆

Every event is structured differently, and we payout all kinds of prize pools! We believe every amateur team deserves a chance to shine alongside the professional teams, so come and get your shot next!

Become apart of our community and grow with an organization that wants to HELP you grow‼️


➥ Weekly Minor Tournaments! 🏆
➥ Monthly Major Tournaments! 🏆
➥ Legit Cash Payouts! 💰
➥ Highlights and Exposure from our events! 🎥🤩

The Uprising Begins! Join our official Discord Server!
Benvenuti nel server "La Cantina Dei Bambini Italiani", siamo un server emergente dove vogliamo coinvolgere tutta la community italiana di videogiocatori per fare conoscenza e trovare gente con cui giocare insieme.
Oltre questo abbiamo stanze per parlare e per vedere film/serie tv/anime insieme.
Buon Divertimento a tutti.
Jump on pubg mobile and come join us for a game. I.G.N. TDR๛Dirty潔者 as always you can join our public Facebook page and Discord channel as well. Links to those are here
My other channel:
Epic Fortnite gaming server we hang out in real life in Saudi Arabia Xentrics gaming. Feel free to join even though you can't come. You can also join and play any other game you want. We just like to have fun.
A small growing gaming community of active members Hangout with us in VC or in shrimp chat and get to know us

🦐Meet other shrimps
🦐Eat algae 🥬
🦐Active Growing Server
🦐Play games like CSGO, Minecraft, Halo, Tarkov, Etc. with us.
🦐Laid-back Moderators
🦐Active VC
🦐16+ years old to join
Our aim is to make this the only gaming Discord that you will ever need by letting everyone have their own personal gaming channel. That way if your friends or clan is not online you will be able to join other gamers in the same game or play with others in a different game without ever leaving this Discord. Your only responsible will managing your room. We will handle the rest. Join us today!
Un clan Francophone sur Destiny 2 !

- Entraide, entre débutants et vétérans !
- Bonne entente, des events
- Quelques nitros à gagner !

Bon jeu Gardiens !
💫anime, and LeagueofLegends/ Gaming💫
🎤looking for positive, social, and active members🎤
🍿🥤anime/ movie streaming nights🥤🍿
🔥Self promo section🔥
🎉friendly and brand new server🎉
Hello, this server was made by AllHackNoSkilll with the help of myself (dmkrunker). We are both streamers though Hack has been streaming a lot longer then me. We would love for you to join our server. We are also both big promoters of clan Sinful (Sin.) Join this server and ping/DM myself or Hack to see if your qualified to join. We also have what you could call movie nights and movie streams. If you are looking for a fun community to join and fun people to talk to join us. We will also try to help you with any problems you may have weather they are Krunker related or not. Thanks!
-----------------------🎄🎄VELKÁ VÁNOČNÍ GIVEAWAY🎄🎄 -----------------------
Velká Vánoční giveaway o 2 hry!!! Pro podrobnější informace se připoj na náš server.

Ahoj, připoj se na náš CZ/SK Gaming server. Náš server se zaměřuje na FPS hry (CSGO, R6S, TF2 atd...).Také vlastníme vlastní MC server !!!!!
Také se občas dělají giveawaye o klíče na hry různého typu. Také máme různé boty (MEE6, RYTHM, PATCHBOT atd...). Tak neváhej a připoj se k naši Gaming komunitě !!!
We are a growing Krunker community server! Join up! We have fun and friendly members, a wide variety of bots and channels, and more!
✦ 𝑩𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒔 𝑮𝒂𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝑻𝒆𝒂𝒎
✦ En yakın arkadaşlar tarafından kurulmuş. Amacı saygı ve sevgi çerçevesinde eğlenmek olan bir topluluktur.
✦ Gerek yeni dostluklar edinmek, gerek dostluklarımızı pekiştirmek adına buradayız.
✦ Sunucu Özellikleri ✦
🏆 Aktifliğinize göre kazanacağınız roller
🎮 Oynadığınız oyunlara göre roller
🎨 Size özel tasarlanmış emojiler
🎪 Toplu oyun etkinlikleri
🎉 Çekilişler
🎶 Kullanabileceğiniz Müzik Botu
We are currently looking for members to help grow into great players so that they may one day be a part of our professional rosters. We are looking for active players that are well versed in FPS and looking to play at a higher level. What we are looking for is your willingness to grow and help others grow alongside you. We are looking to create several teams with a high level of skill.

What you can expect at R!OT:

Inner scrims
Mature superiors
Serious players
A willingness to help you grow as a player


Rank: Pro 1 - Legendary (Requirements will be raised when we’re more into the season)
Ranked K/D: 2.0(Exceptions can be made depending on skill level in the first test, apply only if you are confident in your ability)
Age: None really, Prefer 16 (What we really want is mature behavior)
Level: Minimum of 30 (Will look extra into you if you are low level)
Region: None specifically (We will attempt to create rosters going on region)
Respect: Respect EVERYONE no matter what role they have.
Device: Needs to be able to run 60 fps consistently
Communication: Have to be able to communicate at all times, tolerable microphone.
Note that even if you do not meet the level and KDR requirements, you can still have a shot at making one of the rosters based on how you play in your recruiting stage
Trash gamers
Trash gaming
Pog members
So yeah, you should join. Join so that u can also be pog.
Da games we play:
-Among us
-Escape from Tarkov
and many more.
Ur not still reading are you? Ifk man, anyway, we also have some pretty pog emojis
Servidor de habla hispana, principalmente localizado en Latam, contamos con dos boosts y buscamos en un futuro contar con una comunidad grande, activa y respetuosa, ¿Buscas una comunidad para jugar y compartir gustos? Este server es para ti.
-Contamos con staff activo y respetuoso que estará dispuesto a ayudarte con lo que gustes
-Contamos con diferentes bots y chats adecuados para cada necesidad
-Diferentes roles dependiendo de tu actividad en el server, mientras más activo seas más arriba aparecerás en la tabla!!
-Variedad de juegos extensa
-Guía de inicio para los usuarios nuevos en discord!.
Esperamos y tu estadía sea de tu agrado
The server is a Skayden Gaming fanbase! We play pubg, codm and Among Us! Join us to have a good time!
>> Hello we are Anonymous and we are a SMALL COMMUNITY based in EU but accept players from anywhere in the world.

>> We are a small community server for those who enjoy playing CODM and would like to get along with other players.

>> This server is NOT A CLAN. However, if you are indeed looking for a clan, pop up in #general and state your region. There are players here who have their own clan and might interest you in joining theirs.

>> This server was originally made for the championships from Summer of 2020. Fortunately our member count grew so it has decided that we open up for other players to come and join for funsies.