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Mожете да се присъедините към, Българския канал за игра -Dota2 -CsGO -PuBG -Apex Legends и други заповядай те !
Gamers Unite!

An amazing server where you get to discuss all the games you want!

You can also play some games against members of the server!

If there is a game you want to be added, you let us know and it will be there shortly!

We are hoping this server will grow massively.

I would also like to thank my admins for making this server possible!

Join today!
If you're a gamer, but like you're also a slut, bo ydo we have the server for you. 18+ only though.
We are Genesis Gaming! Previously an Overwatch PS4 community, we are now reforming our community to appeal to a variety of Ps4 games such as Apex Legends, Fortnite, Borderlands, and many more. Genesis Gaming offers a warm environment for PS4 players of all backgrounds and skill levels. We would love for you to come join us!

Toxicity-free community
Make friends and find players across many games
LFG to find like-minded teammates!
Friendly and active Staff team.
Contests, giveaways, and other events coming soon!

Join our Discord server!
This is the official discord server of redhorse445's twitch channel. Come check it out and show love for the twitch channel as I grow.
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:arrow_forward:APEX LEGENDS
:arrow_forward:And more...


➣ All country allowed
➣Be a pro
➣chat with new users
➣make new friends
➣invite for play new games
➣free for your gaming exp


This is the official group APEX99:hugging:
:kissing_heart:Enjoy your gaming life :heart_eyes:
We are a curated clan of Indian gamers ,we like to keep it clean ,minimize bullying and concentrate on the fun parts ,our shared passion ;gaming. No matter what game you play we have a place for you .Make new friends and enjoy at YO!O India. Cheers!!
The Art World United discord server is a Art and Gaming community network with a friendly community and events! Events range from a various of games to full on tournaments, and with a chat where you can make friends with. We're still a growing community that is looking for staff to help improve the community.
InternetFriends: A small discord server looking for active people who just want to play some games and hang out. Primarily FPS but we play just about anything/everything ranging from Apex Legends to LoL and everything in between (PC, Xbox, and PSN). 17+ only (With our own Minecraft Server!)
Dark Predator Gaming Is Actively Recruiting

We are a fast growing Multi-Platform Competitive Gaming Community. Are you ready to take the next step? Look no further, we offer DPG tournaments, Custom GFX, VFX, and a sponsorship oppourtunity. If you're interested in being a part of this amazing fast growing community, come sign your team or yourself up and make sure you DM a **DPG | STAFF** member to get information. We look forward to having you in the community!

We're Looking to fill the following positions

*DPG | Streamer*

*DPG | Content Creator*

*DPG | GFX Artist*

*DPG | VFX Artist*

*DPG | Staff*

*DPG | Recruiter*
Welcome to the Official FPS Asylum (Gaming Community) Discord. We're a community of passionate & friendly PC, Xbox and PS4 gamers. We work with game companies for game promotion with giveaways for our members. Remember, we are a community of all ages.

Our Discord:
✅ 24/7 Active Staff Members
✅ 24/7 Active Community w/ XP rewards
✅ Discord Nitro Booster
✅ Custom Member Roles
✅ Community Section
✅ Looking for group Section
✅ Content Creators Section
✅ Gaming Coaching
✅ Game Deals
✅ Voice Channels
✅ Humble Bundle Partner

Trending FPS Asylum Games:
🔥 Apex Legends
🔥 Battlefield V
🔥 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
🔥 Counter Strike Global Offensive
🔥 Escape from Tarkov
🔥 Fortnite
🔥 Hunt: Showdown
🔥 Insurgency: Sandstorm
🔥 Overwatch
🔥 Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
🔥 Sea of Thieves
🔥 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six |Siege
Welcome to the ultimate gamers paradise. Hope are interested in having a great gaming experience. Hope u could join, we have tons of game-involved stuff on this server. We have:
- game chat including Fortnite, Apex Legends, Minecraft and more
- public chat
-outlandish chat
- fun bots
- and more coming soon.
Hope u would enjoy the UltimateGamer's Paradise.
New server for Apex Legends (Xbox 1).
- Friendly community looking for more active members!
- Dankmemer bot, nsfw section, pancake bot for music🎶
- taking emote requests for any emote you need
- Ask for the apex carry 😇
Hello everyone! We are a small friendly community that likes video games and enjoy memes
we play games like Apex Legends,Overwatch,Minecraft etc, we also have our own minecraft server
Come check us!
We are a friendly community always welcome to new members we play all types of games together. Cs go, fortnite, apex legends, league of legends, dota 2 and pretty much any game you can think of so if you wish to find players for games you play look no further we always welcome new people to play with.
Looking for a group on Apex Legends, Rocket League, or a dedicated Minecraft server? Join here.
Also recruiting for discord junkys that can help on the maintenance of the discord server.
United Indian Gamers is a leading Indian eSports Community/Company.
-We host Competitive/casual Gaming Tournaments on a timely basis
- well established Indian Gaming Community engaging in a wide variety of games who strive to build a non-toxic friendly gaming environment
-We keep our community well-versed with the current developments in the gaming industry
We provide quality and transparency to our members with an actively moderated #complaints channel.
UIG was founded on 5th of January 2017 by a group of 3 friends Saransh Sehrawat, Sagar Choudhary & Sushil Wadhokar
Managed by @Saransh#0001
All are welcome. Building a friendly gaming community for competitive to casual players. Find your squad here.

- Apex Legends
- The Division 2
- Rainbow Six Siege
- Fortnite
- Misc.
A small community for gamers and weebs.
Associated with Trendonamo on Mixer and Twitch.
-Many bots to play around with.
-Different channels for different topics.
-Some nice people.
-Occasional server events.
Come join and be a part of the hideout.
Once you join read the rules and and react to bot message to access channels.
🎮 **Gaming for Dummies** 🕹

**Have you been looking for a server with a great community that supports all your favourite games? This is the one for you, from active members and fun community to our devoted staff members! You can’t find a much better server than this! What are you waiting for? Come become a dummy!**

**What we have to offer:**
[💬] Active chat and helpful staff
[🥇] Regular events with prizes and giveaways!
[🤖] Fun bots - Pokécord/Casino/Akinator
[🕹] Different game chats - Fortnite/Minecraft/Apex Legends and more to come
[🛃] Custom server emotes

Welcome to
We are a gaming server that is a gaming clan/community server built of CASUAL and COMPETITIVE gamers! We have spots open on all of our games **ON ALL PLATFORMS**
** our motto “havet vil herje”**