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Just random gaming server for finding friends to game & chat with.
Feel free to join and check the server out.
We have channels for Among Us (10 people for the voice channel), Minecraft and just from 2-6 user voice channels
Counting bot in the server with Dank memer
We offer:
⭐CS:GO Trading Platform⭐
⭐Weekly giveaway's⭐
⭐ Friendly Community⭐
⭐Guides for Free CS:GO Skins⭐
✔️Join now✔️

—»» Welcome to the Dreamland! ««—

Dreamland Trade is a CSGO trade server offering a great place to relax with skin connoisseurs and novices alike.

We offer multiple community-driven tools and functions, including:
Giveaways / Trade Channels / Screenshots / Price Checks / Inventory Value / Reddit Posts

We also offer the Cash Trader role for any verified traders who want to initiate cash trades.

bro why are you still reading this just join
A tightly knit, active, friendly community, with people that are here for friends and fun.

- Friendly staff and members
- Community activities
- Active participation in games, e.g. CSGO, Minecraft, and others
- Custom discord bot in active development

Avg daily statistics (Aug/Sept 2020):
- 700 messages
- 6 hrs voice
Blaze9 & Amigos

O canal Blaze9 Web Casting é um canal de vídeo-aulas, além de ser o maior canal especializado em Counter-Strike 1.6 do Brasil e um dos maiores do mundo. Apresentamos aqui vários conteúdos dos mais variados tipos relacionados a vários assuntos, desde dicas de CS, downloads e personalização, até dicas para YouTubers.

O principal objetivo do servidor é unir não apenas a comunidade de Counter-Strike 1.6, como também de outros jogos. Aqui você pode fazer amigos e obter auxílio sobre algum problema, seja de software ou até mesmo hardware.
If you like games like Among us, Fortnite and CSGO you should probably join my server, we have game rooms for you to play with your friends and we have a music channel.
I would be flatterded if you join!
We are an awesome little community looking to grow and to have more people to chill with.
We host almost daily giveaways and have weekly gaming events.
Games we play : Minecraft,Roblox,CSGO,Terraria,Krunker

We even have our own bot with more than 1000 lines of code.
Join the Community!
- Chat
- Self-Promote
- And More...
+ 𝗙𝗥𝗘𝗘 Editing Sound Effects and Overlays

This server belongs to

✨Serenity ™
✨This server is a gaming server (CS:GO/Valorant/Fortnite...)
✨Friendly members
✨Open for all
✨Giveaways, Events, Minigames and more !!!
✨Enjoy your stay :)
✨This is a new server and friendly community✨
✨No toxicity✨
✨Chill server✨
✨edgy humor✨
Hello! We are a CS:GO Trading Server owned and managed by staff with years of expertise in the CS:GO Trading Scene. We strive to provide the best environment and safest place to trade all your skins. Welcome!
I've made this server so that other people can join us chill, have fun, find people to play with. It'll be an honor to have more gamers in here
👍 Jeśli szukasz osób do wspólnej gry lub po prostu się
nudzisz to zajrzyj do nas. Tutaj zawsze jest coś do roboty.
Hello welcome to 𝔾𝕝𝕒𝕤𝕤 ℍ𝕠𝕦𝕤𝕖

We're a new laid-back, gaming community server with chill staff and a friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to help everyone make friends and always have a queue, whether your goal is to rank up or to have fun. Also memes.

We try to remain drama free so we ask everyone to neither be too toxic nor too offended <3 It is a gaming server after all ;)

*We're currently playing a lot of Valorant, but also down to play csgo, overwatch, r6, warzone, PUBG, minecraft etc.
. Welcome To The Continental .
We are a small community of avid gamers and anime enthusiasts. To add, we are pretty much open to anything and anyone. We promise you a pleasant time in this server; given that you follow the rules and not overstay your welcome.

☆A welcoming and growing community
☆Active chat
☆Roles scaling with level (permissions unlocked with roles achieved)
☆Livestreams of movies, shows and gameplay
☆Channels for a variety of games of every platform
and more!

Note: to fully access the whole server, please read the rules and react to the given message . Thank You !
Team Volted is an esports organization that was founded in March, 2019. Team Volted has line-ups in three games as of 2019 moving into 2020. Our primary goal is to strive to the top with the best and to be recognized and respected by other organizations within each game’s competitive scene.
Hola, 4rk Community, es una comunidad donde puedes hablar, conocer gente, quedar con gente para jugar tus juegos favoritos, también puedes invitar a gente y obtener premios increibles, que esperas para unirte!
• CS:GO server for all gamers. We own specific voice and text channels for the entire Counter Strike community users. The server has nitro booster perks for the supporters.

• The server owns dedicated streamer roles, which allows you to advertise your own streams, many self roles to get a customizable profile details.

• We host many skins giveaways every weeks, and community tournaments with prizes.

• The server is presenting an active community, with active staff members.

• Our CS:GO server is climbing to 20.000 members and is one of the most populated CS:GO community servers covering the globality of the game

»→ Level based role and reward system which allows you to earn skins.
»→ Secure CS:GO skin trading moderated by staff members
»→ Private channels and game voice channels
»→ Hosting CS:GO skin giveaways and tournaments free to join
»→ Community events (CS:GO deathruns, 1v1v1v1, etc)
»→ And much more, feel free to join and be a part of this community!
-Trading with others in this community
- Chatting with other members
- Entering giveaways
- Chatting with other chicken fans (From Dust 2)
Hey! We're Team Autumn. We're a European team for the games Valorant, CS:GO and COD. And we want you to be a part of our community!
We provide:
+ Decent Players
+ Helpful Admins
+ 5-stack search
+ Valorant news
+ Free GFX&VFX
+ Free Coaching
+ A Managed Discord Server
+ Growing Social Media to promote our Members
+ Many People to play with
And much more!

We accept everyone regardless of Gender, Skin Color, Sexuality, Religion or age, as long you have the right mentality.

We are currently looking for: CS:GO players.
Requirements for main team:
+ Be familiar with all competitive maps, and know basic callouts.
+ Must know all callouts for at least one map.
+ Have at least 40 hours on csgo
+ Be a good team player
+ Be willing to flex roles if needed
Requirements for secondary team:
+ Be familiar with at least 5 maps
+ Have at least 20 hours on csgo
+ Be a good team player
+ Be good as a certain role, but be willing to try a different one if needed

- And obviously, Don't be toxic.
It's a CS:GO Community where we cheaters hangout and talk and share stuff.

We are not toxic on this server or we try not to. Cheating can be seen two ways
in a bad way or a fun way.
Cheatings is not bad if just do it for fun, and there are cheaters that are evil and cheat in matchmaking.
We are just helping people to do it for fun and have a great time while doing it
The Soviet Bunker - a community of gamers who admire the Soviet culture. We post memes, play games, such as CS:GO, Among Us, Valorant, Minecraft, and TF2. We love to meet new people and chill in voice chat. Friendly staff members will help you with all questions, and make sure that you have the best time in the Soviet Bunker!
Bikini Bottom is a chill server meant for gaming and general chatting! Join to meet new people, make friends, memes, music, LFG, and more! Server generally consists of teenagers.