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Server (von 2466) auf 1-24
Pengen punya kru kocak dan koplak? disini tempatnya :V
-Low rules
-Kru yang ramah dan kocak
-Room gaming tersendiri
Enjoy the server lah pokok e disini orang nya santuy santuy, jgn malu berinteraksi kita bukan orang penting kok lulz ;)
Godspeed Gaming is a gaming server for all. We have many games of different categories that you’ll find at least one game you’ll love. We have even more than just gaming, we have memes, anime, collections, nature, daily life, and etc. I hope you find something you enjoy here. Thank you.
if you are here just join advertise and leave just don't join at all because that kinda just rude.
TK Trading is for all CS:GO related trades.

• Active friendly community who enjoy playing games and interacting with each other.
• Active staff team to ensure no one gets scammed on our server.
• Regular giveaways.
• Price checking channels.
• Guides on how to get started in trading.
•Mini Games on server.

Are you looking for free cs:go cheats that have been leaked or cracked?
Are you looking for leaked cs:go configs,injectors,loaders?
Are you are looking for good hvh servers?
Are you a nn?
Are you looking for some help on how to paste?

nn's pastes is a friendly community of pasters,cheaters and nonamers.

---- Join Us Now -----
We are an all around gaming discord we mostly play Rust, CSGO and FiveM(GTA MOD) and some Battle Royal here and there. We are between the ages of 14-25. We are all mostly active we are small but we are hoping it grows! We give away a lot of our rust loot once we finish on our server usually. We have a bunch of bots and fun things to do on this server so check it out!
We are a growing up community, hosting game servers, Counter-Strike 1.6 for the moment, CS:GO, TF2, Gmod, Minecraft, GTA Samp, MTA and more are on the plan, join us and claim your best gaming experience today! 🔥🔥
Counter-Strike 1.6 Download:
hi there we are here to offer:
- godly teammates who will carry you (100% not a scam)
- 24/7 soft loli breathing
- friendly people to talk to
we're very nice I swear
also we mainly play r6s so if you're into that come play with us!
p.s. No Fortnite
Founded on the 20th of April 2019
MetriX e-Sports is an organization looking to make massive strides in the field of esports.

We currently house a CS:GO and R6:S team, both of high caliber and dedicated enough to reach the apex. Currently, we're solely dedicated on improving and increasing the standards of these 2 teams we host.

We are also looking for highly skilled Fortnite players for our new roster and a manager for it aswell, come join and talk to the staffs!

MetriX also has it own minercaft server with economy and essential plugins. Featuring survival, raid, custom enchants and much more!

Come join us in our epic journey, where we will try to reach the pinnacle of e-Sports, and try to become one of the most renown and famed e-Sports organization in the WORLD. Together we shall rise!

We feature a non toxic discord community to be in with huge amount of channels for you to talk in about anything you like and a leveling up system which gives you rank based on activity!
Discover more via this link :
Current sponsors:
Rogue Energy
If you ever make a purchase, please use our referral code "METRIX" for 10% off on any purchase! If you do you're giving MetriX a percentage of income each purchase so please consider purchasing from Rogue to have a taste of their pro energy gaming energy drink!


Referral code: METRIX

Please consider donating to our organization to help make our journey easier. Donating right now comes with perks in the discord server and we'd be forever grateful to the contributors of the first few donations we get!
Donation link :

Soon we will be livestreaming some quality games of our teams and start creating other contents as well. So do follow us in our social media:

'We are together, we are MetriX'
- Nitro boosted (Level 1)!
- Variety of text chats and bots, music bot!
- Giveaways, and events
- A variety of emotes

Welcome to XyberC Discord, a place for gamers, geeks, nerds and the like to meet and chill out!
XyberC is all about creating an environment for avid fans of games, anime, music, manga, writing, and many other interests; especially for those who live in the ASEAN region!
Здесь сидят игроки с которыми можно пообщаться и найти команду для совместной игры. #csgo
Centurions of the Empire Esports is a small discord and currently looking for moderators and staff. Currently, this is just a chill server that will host tournaments for players that want to get into the esports scene. In general, we are mainly doing CSGO and LoL, we may expand into other games over time. At first, the discord will be a bit empty, but I will be active as much as I can. Also, we are looking for players who want to find other players to form teams. So why should you join COTE?

1. If you want to test your skills against players in practice tournaments in CSGO and LoL, this is the place.
2. If you are looking to form a team and need players COTE is the place for you. Your team can also participate in our Tournaments.
3. Eventually, we will have streaming and media service for highlights from games, interviews of teams, and guides for CSGO and LoL from your favorite teams and players in COTE.
4. Since the organization is new, we will be practicing and developing as an organization. Please feel free to tell us how we can improve as an organization. It will be a big appreciation, as of course constructive criticism is welcome in a professional environment.
5. Get yourself known to some other players. Young talent can be found here for team owners looking for a roster and also get yourself known as a player. Sadly since the server is very small currently, we do not have many players. That doesn't mean you shouldn't join of course.
6. A friendly environment is quite important, of course trash talk is always fun and completely fine. Although toxicity including derogatory terms and harassing others, spamming, attaching malicious files and links are not welcome. So we try to strive to keep a clean friendly environment for improvement and some fun.
7. Of course, you can just chill as a member who likes LoL and CSGO. We will also have casual tournaments as well.
8. A ranking system based on your wins in tournaments.
9. We are looking for players that want to get the ball rolling in the esports scene as it is only growing.
We are a community from all over the world, trying to rebuild.
We play a variety of games and we are generally friendly, looking for more people to play with :)


A nice and neat community server.
What started off as just a steam group of friends has turned into a Disocrd server.

Focused mainly on video games but we want to make sure everyone feels wanted here.

We have some things to offer you:
• Multiple channels for gaming. Read the info channel.
• Bots you can use for some entertainment.
• Very little rules.
• Friendly staff.

Come join and be active, we can't wait to see you!!
====TEAM OPAL===


Chill chats❄🌨

Meet People👥

Play with Gamers🎮

and more! 🎓

Make sure to Read #「📜」rules if you havent already when u joined.

Discord Link:
We are a gaming community looking to bring our rosters to the next level!
- Active staff
- Active members
- NSFW channels
- Rosters
- Partners
- Media Affiliates
░▒▓█►Just a fun place for gamers to talk hangout and meme.
loads of supported games and counting.
lots of rules for active members and cool people.
a bunch of bots for fun, memes, and more.
(looking for staff dm me if interested)◄█▓▒░
Hello! Come join our server! It is a friendly gaming community we are starting up and its a place to make new friends and feel at home! We are all gamers here, tall or whatnot. Talk about any game, or suggest a game to add! And guess what? You can be the most chill person just by joining the server! (No NSFW at all please thanks.)
Der deutsche CSGO Server fürs Matchmaking. Wenn du Bock auf eine gesellige Runde CS hast, bist du mehr als willkommen bei uns. Keine nervige Teammates, keiner Cheater.

Wir bieten:
⦿ Eine verlässliche, effektive Spielersuche und starke Moderation
⦿ Turniere und Community Events
⦿ Eigenkongurierbare, private Voicechats
⦿ Eine Talentschmiede und die Möglichkeit im Esport Bereich Erfahrung zu sammeln.
⦿ Regelmäßige Givaways
TeemoArmy Arabic Gaming Discord Server !!!

🔥 Many Events And Giveaways
🔥 Comfortable Server Interface
🔥 Friendly Members And Community
🔥 A lot Of Games To Play With Friends
🔥 Many Features And Roles
🔥 Supports Games News And Best Offer And Deals
🔥 Supports Content Creators
🔥 Supports Memes And Fun

🔥🎮Featured Games🎮🔥 : CSGO - Brawlhalla - Minecraft - League Of Legends - Rust - Among Us - Stick Fight - DayZ
- Rocket League - PUBG - Scrap Mechanic - WarFace - PUBG Lite - Call Of Duty Mobile - PUBG Mobile And More !!

Welcome And Have Fun In The Server !!!😻💖🔥
We are "Human Gaming" and we believe that we are all just humans gaming that want an easy way to connect with each other.

We are looking to fill gaming slots for our dedicated servers! We have dedicated servers for the following games: The Forest, Unturned, & Minecraft. The more people that join, the more gaming servers we will be adding. ^_^
This is a channel dedicated to gaming, currently focused on my CS:GO stream. We are a tight-knit community of gamers that enjoy having a good time in everything from Hearthstone to World of Warcraft. Whether you are looking to improve in CS:GO or just want a place to chill and hang out, feel free to check us out! We do 10 mans here and there, play on an awp server together, and always are open to delving into other games.
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