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𝓐𝓷𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓟𝓪𝓻𝓪𝓭𝓲𝓼𝓮

Witamy w Anime Paradise.Jesteśmy bardzo małą i nową społecznością discorda zainteresowaną głównie grami i anime.
Na naszym serwerze oferujemy:
-brak toksycznych osób
-0 ograniczeń wiekowych
-dużo kanałów dla zabawy
-estetyczny wygląd serwera
-konkursy na różne rzeczy
-miłą moderacje
-dobrą zabawę
Dołącz do społeczności 𝓐𝓷𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓟𝓪𝓻𝓪𝓭𝓲𝓼𝓮 ⛩

Dedicated server to YouTuber and Streamer, SixStriker. Growing community looking for more members, we do a lot of giveaways as long as you meet the server level requirement 😳.
Comunidade Gamer Brasileira, com VIP Grátis, revestida de zoeira, eventos, duelos, desenhos, bots e etc... Jogamos Minecraft Cs:Go, Valorant, Among Us, League of Legends, Rocket League e muitos outros Chega mais!
Привет всем! Это наш маленький сервер, где есть много хороших и добрых людей! Здесь вы можете найти тимейта для любой игры! Ждём именно вас :D
Welcome to SF!

This is a community of people who are into chatting, video games, and other interests.
The original purpose of this server is to organize multiplayer parties for cracked games. However, we have evolved into a bit more than that, as we also play non-cracked games, or just chill in general.

👇What we offer👇

💬 Hang out in the chat!
🎮 Play games with us (even cracked ones)!
😠 No power abuse, very light moderation!
🤖 Server exclusive bot!

Our most played games:
- Hearts of Iron IV
- Europa Universalis IV
- Minecraft
- Among Us
- League of Legends
- Grand Theft Auto V
- And a bunch of other games as well!

So what are you waiting for! Come join us.
◆══════◥◣🔥VONGOLA FAMIGLIA🔥◢◤══════◆
Dołącz na jeden z najbardziej aktywnych serwerów Discord o tematyce CS:GO i innych gier!

🔥Na naszym serwerze znajdziesz🔥
✅Miłą atmosferę
✅Ogarniętą Administrację
✅Poradniki do CS:GO
✅Pomoc Informatyczną
✅Różne tematy
- Heyho, willkommen in der Kurdo Lounge!
➥ Wir sind ein Community-Server, auf dem du neue Freunde finden kannst und über alles reden kannst! Wir haben einige Bots, mit denen du herumspielen kannst (nosexual) und sind eine aktive und freundliche Community! Außerdem hosten wir ab und zu Events wie Turniere oder Giveaways.

Was du in der Kurdo Lounge tun kannst:
🤍 ┇ Bei Events/Giveaways mitmachen
🤍 ┇ Spaß mit unseren exklusiven und anderen Bots haben :PogBruh:
🤍 ┇ Unsere Nitro-Vorteile genießen
🤍 ┇ Eine Menge Emojis nutzen
🤍 ┇ Musik hören (mehrere Bots)
🤍 ┇ Mit uns chillen und Spaß haben!
We would love to have you in our server.
This is a active Csgo trading server, with giveaways and much more.
So what are you waiting for? Join us!
Welcome to Comet Guides! 🌠

Comet Guides is a multi-purpose community in which prioritizes self-improvement in certain FPS [First Person Shooters] to increase the scaled charts of your individual performance in terms of aim, recognizing individual talent, healthy habits, and setup arrangement. Comet Guides will vigorously guide you through various challenges as well give information as to what is comfortable as a player as you attain free resources, ranks, and assistance to become a great player.
Plain and simple, this server is for:

- FPS games like CS:GO, Valorant, R6 etc!

- Meeting new teammates!

- Having a good time in general!

Hope to see you here!



-Dużo kanałów głosowych do grania, rozmawiania, słuchania muzyki
-Dużo kanałów tekstowych do rozmawiania, szukania graczy
-Aktywna administracja
-Rangi za level
-Kanał z twórczością
-Kanał z przydatnymi wskazówkami
-Boty umilające czas
-I wiele więcej...

Chcesz się przekonać? Zapraszamy:

• CS:GO server for all gamers. We own specific voice and text channels for the entire Counter Strike community users. The server has nitro booster perks for the supporters.

• The server owns dedicated streamer roles, which allows you to advertise your own streams, many self roles to get a customizable profile details.

• We host many skins giveaways every weeks, and community tournaments with prizes.

• The server is presenting an active community, with active staff members.

• Our CS:GO server is climbing to 30.000 members and is one of the most populated CS:GO community servers covering the globality of the game

»→ Level based role and reward system which allows you to earn skins.
»→ Secure CS:GO skin trading moderated by staff members
»→ Private channels and game voice channels
»→ Hosting CS:GO skin giveaways and tournaments free to join
»→ Community events (CS:GO deathruns, 1v1v1v1, etc)
»→ And much more, feel free to join and be a part of this community!
ᚔᚔᚔᚔᚔᚔ⭐ ! Bonjour ! ⭐ ᚔᚔᚔᚔᚔᚔᚔ
Приглашаю тебя на сервер => 🍀 ATMOSFERA
Ссылка -
А по промокоду !promoelite вы получите роль: 🅴🅻🅸🆃🅴,
которая выделит вас на сервере
♻Мы ищем: ♻

゜ 【😅】 Общительных и весёлых людей°
゜ 【👤】 Модераторов °
゜ 【😍】 Пиар менеджеров °
゜ 【😎】 Ивент менеджеров °
゜ 【🥰】 Хелперов °
゜ 【🎯】 Bump"erov °
У нас :
゜ 【🥳】 Большое количество текстовых каналов и войсов °
゜ 【💞】 Много ботов (хорошо настроенных) на различную тему °
゜ 【🍕】 Экономика °
゜ 【🔞】 18+ porn °
゜ 【🎮】 Тиммейтов для совместной игры °
На сервере плохой актив так как сервер восстанавливается на прошлые ряды.
-Trading with others in this community
- Chatting with other members
- Entering giveaways
- Chatting with other chicken fans (From Dust 2)
You like HVH?
Want to ask questions about hvhing or need some help? join too!
Join now! We got our own HVH server and a chat for people to talk and hangout
Magyarország Counter Strike közössége, ahol értesülhetsz a legújabb CS:GO frissítésekről és esport videókról, illetve csapatot kerehetsz és beszélgethetsz.
Do you need a server for trading your CS:GO items or other services? We've got you covered!
⌠💰 Buy, Sell, & Trade⌡
⌠🛒Cheap Shops⌡
⌠📩Invite Rewards (coming soon)⌡
⌠💜Nitro Rewards⌡
⌠✔️Verified Sellers⌡
⌠❌Known Scammers are banned⌡