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A server for all, furries, non-furries.
Gamers, artist, streamers, youtubers, and writers are all allowed!

Hello all, I am a growing Youtuber (BorkPlayz) and I've created this server to communicate with any of my viewers/fans and anyone who has interest in the Roblox/Minecraft community. You can join to make new friends in case you get lonely,bored or need a buddy...i am also personally here and others are too. You're welcomed to join the fun and interact with new people!!!

My Youtube Channel-

Also...server is brand new under beta and construction, suggestions are welcomed :)
We are a gaming community and we even have our own lounge so that everyone can meet new people! This communtiy was built from my fan base now its growing!

Alot of bots

Voice Channels for all gamers & non gamers

🙅‍ Make new friends 🙋‍‍

Active staff

We even have our own music channel!

memes & even selfies
Welcome to the Discord Server for Peashooter Everything, who has about 200 subscribers on YouTube, but kinda quit. I made Plush Videos, and occasionally upload there and stream on twitch. This is the BEST way to contact me if you are a fan. In my server, there is
-A chill And nice fanbase and server
-7 bots (maybe more)
-Chill and understanding staff
-Simple and easy-to-follow rules
-Occasional game or movie night (movie night includes tv shows)
-Events to participate in every now and then (some people have earned nitro 😏)
*We also joke around a lot and ping, so if you dislike pings or can't take jokes, i don't recommend joining*
**no NSFW! This is said in my rules, but i really want people to know this before joining the server to begin with.**
Hope to see you soon :)
A discord where you can ask for collaborations, get advice and feedback on your videos, get advice about your thumbnails, talk about your statistics and promote your youtube services!
You can also promote your YouTube, Twitch or anything else!
We have weekly events and fun polls! With the addition of knock knock jokes! (!knock & !knockknock)
You get a special role for the amount of subscribers you have, starting at 25+!
There are also special reaction roles!

DISCLAIMER: It is a brand new discord, so it would be greatly appreciated if you help us grow!

P.S.: This server is more about advice, help & feedback than advertising, if you're more into advertising join our other server "Auxiliary Youtube Booster!" (
Community server for the YouTube channel Zayence, Twitch channel LordZay. We're a pretty laid back and chill server with lots of diverse topics and interests, though we primarily revolve around Type-Moon, anime, and gaming. Join us if you want to have a good, relaxed time.
Welcome to RYG, the official community for the "Roblox Youtuber Group" on Roblox!
⭐️RYG is the largest content creator group on Roblox (Over 18k members in the group) ⭐️

🔴What We Offer: 🔴
-Friendly Supportive Community
-Channel/Video Advertising
-YouTube Help and Resources
-Server Events (i.e. game nights)
-Invite Programs
-Nitro Benefits
Much more!

👍Join if you are a YouTuber, or just enjoy watching and supporting channels on YouTube. 👍
Hello! Welcome to YouTuber paradise! YouTuber paradise is run by a YouTuber with over 120,000 subscribers looking to teach others, collab, and share video ideas! If you have the same dream as me to becoming big one day off of YouTube, this is the server for you! Everyone here is welcome from entrepreneurs to inspiring social media stars! This is a server you will enjoy
We do weekly giveaways ranging from gift cards, to TikToks, to many other things! (Giveaways will start at 100 members)
Do you like midi's well this is the placr for you this discord is for samusic a great midi and music maker he also does the occasional live stream
clothes ideas😎
Fan art🎭
Game nights🎮🎮
YouTube ideas 💡🧐
Looking to play
```Ever heard of the YouTube Channel GroundControl? Say no more! This is the official discord server for GroundControl. Not only that, but we have everything listed below:

[ ] - Active chats 😍

[ ] - Promotion on your YouTube and Discord 💸

[ ] - Many bots to interact with 🤑

[ ] - Giveaways! Nitro giveaway soon? 🎉

[ ] We hope your time at GroundControl 😁

[ ] Invite Link: ```
🔥The ultimate Minecraft Discord server! 🔥
New Minecraft Bedrock edition Realm out now!
Community focused, many channels to help you!
Friendly Active Staff and owner
Owned by YouTuber with 30,000+ subs
Anyone is welcome who follows are simple rules!
🔥Now Is The Perfect Time To Join🔥 👇
The HelloGreedo Cantina is the official discord server for the Youtuber HelloGreedo. We're the primary destination for all things Star Wars and for other entertainment. This server offers Star Wars discussions, debates, memes, and more! Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan or simply a lover of all film, I think you’ll enjoy the HelloGreedo Server.
Bienvenido a YerKo's Lair Una comunidad de todos y para todos en donde podrás convivir con desconocidos y conocidos y hacer muchas cosas más!

Podrás hacer de todo, Jugar con nuestros BOTs, Hacer alianzas con el servidor, Invitar a tus amigos al servidor, Enviar memes que te gusten, Subir tus dibujos y arte, Avanzar de nivel, y ser el usuario más destacado del servidor!

Tenemos un STAFF Divertido y Casual, Una lista de Emotes personalizados creados por nosotros, BOTs hechos por los usuarios, Sistema de Niveles y Rangos, Selfroles para ponerte colores, nacionalidad, etc.
Hi, My name is CT Thunder, I'm a Youtuber, this discord server is very chill(Satire jokes here and thereXD). Top 10 most active of every month(xp resets every month to make it fair) in my server gets free nitro (:
Welcome To My Discord. I'm Miiyuko, The Owner Of the server. It pretty much involve around certain things, but I pretty much would enjoy a lot of love and support for my server.
An unofficial Plainrock124 Discord server, for all people who love plainrock. The server is currently very small but please join and help it grow, maybe even King will
Join 🤪
Do you want to grow your channel, get more views and subscribers? Get advice on your channel, content and gfx? On this server there are many channels to help you become a better YouTuber and grow your channel, find other people to collaborate with and get a channel review. We provide a friendly and chilled out community, and are always welcoming new members. Join today and grow together!
my discord server would love to have you. we have great staff and do giveaways every now and then which you can use your coins to purchase items in the shop. <3
Welcome To The Server of Dark Ajax
Where you can do the following
- Support others.
- Make new friends.
- Collaborate with others.
- Play tons of games.
- Give suggestions to help out the server.
- Stream with others/make videos with.
- Enter daily raffles for your choice of a server emoji.
And most importantly HAVE FUN.
We're a small discord server for every channel on Youtube! Do you want to share your channel and videos with the community? Then this discord server is for you! Talk with the community about recent events, youtube news and more :)
A YouTube chat sever, where you can collab with other people. Over here you can talk to other YouTubers.
You can Collaborate and talk to other Youtubers about New Youtube Rules
+ Hello there and welcome to the Cyber Space!
We are a small server looking for new friends to meet and have fun with!
+ The server has :
- Roleplaying!
- Bot Fun!
- Friendly Community
- Staff constantly looking out for threats
- Few and Simple rules
- Memes
- Custom emotes that YOU can suggest! (sfw only)
- Rare pings, so you don't get disturbed!
- Rentable annoucement chats for Youtubers and Game Devs!
+ We would like to see you come here to
help us grow and have fun!