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We are a highly active Escape From Tarkov community [NA/EU]. We welcome everyone no matter your age or skill level. Hope to see you in there have a good day!!!
Ave potential Legionnaire!
We want you to join our discord.
3000+Players|Max Level Discord|50+Custom Emojis|

We are a open and unrestricted community to players from all walks of life and experiences. We have international players, military veterans, experienced players, noobs, boomers, and youngsters. We take pride in being welcoming to every type of player in the games you play and offering them a friendly team to play together with. Our players have donated more than a thousand dollars to our community and our discord is 30+ boosts! We are thriving.

Who Are We?:
We are a highly organized tactical realism focus administration that has very relaxed policy on a friendly discord. This makes us exceptional with allowing players who wish to have extreme tactics and cohesion to reach their highest potential, but also simply allowing people who just want to kick back and play some games with good friends to play in those same groups.
We take pride in our Roman Legion themed nomenclature and discord graphics and take it quite seriously when it comes to titles, rankings, and server-made documents. We think that this makes us stand out from your 'average serious gaming discord' and we think you will like it too!

Who Are You?:
To us, you are a potential warrior. We want to train you, we want to work with you, and we want to have you fly the Impera Banner with a well organized and cohesive team.
Here are some of the things we are looking for:

The ability to properly and cleanly communicate in comms.
A mature and level-headed disposition.
Willingness to banter and enjoy unserious chatter outside of serious games.
The ability to work effectively with a team.
A friendly attitude that places the team over all else.
Does this sound like you? Join today!

Extra Information:

All of our players are removed within a month of inactivity, so you can count on us to all be active and willing to team with you!
We provide a sense of community that no other gaming discord will grant.
We have a very relaxed administrative and rule structure to allow for a friendly environment to all people.
Custom community generated content such as guides, roles, special custom made events, and streams.
Need further persuasion? Please feel free to message any of our experienced Leadership members or Centurions(officers) within our discord. We will be more than happy to talk to you, and teach you!
Welcome to Tarkov! This is a new server aimed to bring new and experienced players together to help form a tight knit community. Our goal is to help those that are new become more familiar and comfortable with the game, while on the other hand, wipe lobbies with the experienced players. This will be a place you can relax and meet new people while sharing your experiences from Tarkov.
Looking to get active Tarkov players into one place to interact, play, and grow together!

1. We offer instructors to mentor new players

2. We have 24/7 activity

3. We have trustworthy and helpful staff.

Come on in, all are welcome!
Growing gaming community that focuses primarily on Escape From Tarkov. Friendly atmosphere for all gamers from all walks of life.

Come and enjoy a free taste test from The Stewpot!
We are a growing gaming community that plays a large variety of games but with a strong focus on Escape From Tarkov.

We have a comfortable amount of fun channels and VCs, and would love to have more people to squad up with!
Welcome to our new community
this discord is to bring Dutch/English EFT players together.

this discord is made to make the game easier. with the advantage of
multiple bot's.
there is no age restrictions on this server. everyone is welkom who is struggling inside the world of Tarkov.
Recruiting is no easy task
Nor is kicking Gluhar’s ass
Looking for good group play?
Then nows the time. Join today!
For our ranks are now open
And this is our only slogan
Strictly English speak no other
I’m sure we’ll all get along together
A friendly community to grow strong
Creating an everlasting bond
Let us prosper and succeed
For we are the Menace 2 Society
We are a new server that welcomes new and seasoned players alike. This server is mainly dedicated to playing escape from tarkov but we still have plenty of channels for a wide assortment of games, especially simulation games such as star citizen, ark, and flight simulator etc. We utilize a small ranking system to help organize members and keep our serving running smoothly. We are always look for new squad members but as of now we are looking for new squad leaders as well for seasoned players. If you're looking for a chill laid back group or a serious try hard group or both then join today!
Hey, tired of playing alone?
Or running around cluelessly trying to find an extract?

Well fear not, hop in meet a buddy, and game on, now you'll die together :)
Escape from Tarkov most active and positive Discord Community

100% EFT
We have 24h/7 activity
Unique Bots
Active but non-intrusive administration
Level 3 Discord
12000 minutes of Voice Activity EVERYDAY
We're just a bunch of degenerate cucklords from all skill levels ranging from shivering nail biters to battle hardened super-chads. If you're laid back, non-toxic, and looking to just have fun; join up and become a part of our community. There's nothing more rewarding than brotherhood and camaraderie.
We are a brand new Tarkov server looking to offer a place for new people to learn as well as experienced members to have fun and pass on their knowledge
Moin Escaper.
Wir bestehen aus einer Truppe von etwa 130 Leuten, die zusammen Tarkov unsicher machen.
Zu uns:
- Ruhige, humorvolle und engagierte Spieler
- Erfahrene Spieler sowie Neulinge
- Täglich online zu (fast) jeder Uhrzeit.
community of Tarkov players from all walks of life. We have experienced players willing to Sherpa. As well as noob trying to get started.
This server is a server for me and my streamer friends as well as our community! We hope you have fun playing with us and other community members, as well as chill and talk with us!
Welcome to the Shturm-Trupen! We are a newly formed community who primarily plays Tarkov, but also dabble into other games. We have mil-sim, casual, and hardcore Tarkovians here, so groups for all kinds of players. We also offer a Sherpa program in conjunction with the GOP discord to help newer players have an easier, and more exciting experience.

When you are part of this community, we ask that you are respectful to every member, regardless of rank, or experience.
We look forward to seeing you enlist with the Shturm-Trupen.
🐀 The Rats of Tarkov Discord Server 🐀

A discord were players of Escape from Tarkov can team up. Many experienced players play together on Rats of Tarkov and despite our name, we're not only "rats" come join us to play Tarkov the right way.
Hey, we are friendly people from Germany :) , we play a lot of games, one of them is COD Warzone and some PUBG! Join us and have fun! 🤪

Moin, du bist ein netter Zeitgenosse und auf der Suche nach einer Gaming-Community, dann bist du bei uns genau richtig. Wir sind eine deutschsprachige Gaming-Community und stetig auf der Suche nach gleichgesinnten schießwütigen Gamern! XD Tritt bei, lade Freunde ein und fühl dich wohl! Alleine zocken macht nun mal kein Spaß! Übrigens zocken wir letzte Zeit vermehrt Warzone und PUBG! Komstu her! 🤪
We are a new NA EFT Discord server.

Looking to get active Tarkov players into one place to interact, play, and grow together! If you are already quite good, and you want to help the game community, teach new players, you are more than welcome!

1. We are open to all experience levels!

2. We have Active Members!

3. We are a 16+ Server

4. Non-toxic community
Welcome to Atlas Gaming!

At Atlas Gaming we strive to develop a gaming community that is inclusive to all types of gamers. Whether you play your games passively or super competitively we have a place for you. This is a stress free discord that develops some killer events for all of our hosted games. We're a fairly new discord, but we're already hosting tournaments, giveaways, challenges, trivia, and many other activities! -

A message to experienced gamers and new gamers: The atlas community progresses and functions through your gaming experiences. You can find a new squad for your favorite game here! If you wish to show off your solo-player game knowledge or experiences you can do that as well. Don't hesitate to hit that join button below and hop in a voice channel! To get full access to the discord, make sure you read the rules channel carefully and click the green checkmark to gain access to our wonderful community. We can’t wait for you to join our community!

Join the Admin!
The Atlas Gaming administration is currently recruiting staff members. We are expanding rapidly and need motivated individuals to help run our ever growing community.
Come join the Atlas Gaming staff as a new member of one of the positions listed below:
Discord Recruiter - help promote the community
Moderator - keep the community safe
Atlas Streamer - create content with Atlas
Event Planning - help create community driven events
Companions - welcome new players to the community
If you are interested in being a part of the Atlas staff check out the discord and message the community manager with the specific discord position you are interested in and why.

What we offer:
- Friendly and hardcore environments-
- Exclusive member Tournaments -
- Frequent community events where your suggestions are implemented -
- Bitchin' Bot Integration -
- Dedicated Administration -
- Exclusive Streamer Content -
- Noob friendly Environment -
- Regular Giveaways -