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Looking for a server to talk about Cod Mobile? Meet new members to play with or collaborate? Anyone is welcome!! Join Here!
Zapraszam na Polski Discord gry Eternal Return: Black Survival gdzie zbieram ludzi do wspólnego pogadania i pogrania.
Gra to połączenie gatunku MOBA i Battle Royale. Twórcy ciągle rozwijają grę i z dnia na dzień przybywa coraz więcej graczy.
W najbliższym czasie deweloperzy nie mają zamiaru wprowadzać gier rankingowych, więc postanowiłem że przy większej ilości aktywnych osób wprowadzę wewnętrzny SYSTEM RANKINGOWY bazujący na ilości zdobywanych/traconych punktów LP. ZAPRASZAM GORĄCO !
Рады приветствовать на сервере PUBG LITE! Здесь ты найдешь как напарника, так и помощь по игре. У нас имеется система званий, от НОВИЧКА до ЛЕГЕНДЫ! Общайся, будь онлайн и у тебя автоматически будет повышаться уровень. СТАНЬ ЛЕГЕНДОЙ СЕРВЕРА!!!
**Welcome to Apex Squad Server**
The entire mumber of Apex Squad is thrilled to welcome you
Our server is filled with fun and exciting things to do everyday
Become part of our growing server, we can’t wait to see all that you accomplish.
**we hope you enjoy and experience everything our server has to offer.**

Présentation de la ASPECT :

❔ Qui sommes-nous ❔

La ASPECT est une team scrim composée seulement de joueurs Switch. Nous somme la seul team Switch sous loi 1901. Et actuellement l’une des meilleures teams scrim Switch dans l’Esport Européen.

Nous recrutons:

Gérant publicitaire: 1/3
Joueur Scrim : 9/....

Nos ambitions:

- Encore plus perf.
- Être encore plus connu.
- Être sponsorisé par des grandes marques.
- Atteindre 1000 membres sur notre serveur.
- Etre reconnue comme la meilleure team scrim Switch.

Si nous atteignons les 1000 membres et plus, plusieurs tournois vont être créer pour notre communauté.
N’hésitez pas à nous rejoindre !
Cel mai mare server de discord pentru WARZONE din Romania.
Avem locuri pentru fiecare, alatura-te celei mai mari comunitati din Romania!
Evenimente organizate ocazional, va asteptam!!

Call of Duty Warzone Romania Battle Royale

[English channels available as well.]
Team Imitate is now recruiting

Our Socials:
👾 1600+ Discord Members
📷 1K+ Instagram
🔴 1.50K+ Youtube (Recently Started)

-> Level 3 Discord
-> Pros: Total Comp Earnings: $18,000+
-> Fast growing community
We are also partnered with CERD, the Collegiate Esports Recruitment Directory. They which allows high-school level players to be scouted and recruited to collegiate esports programs, all for free!
Formerly DR (DeadshotShooter), we now identify as IlluminatiGaming. We are a nationally ranked competitive BR CoD Mobile clan. Comprised of skilled/experienced players who do not want to just be a "number" in a top clan, we would rather be underdogs and make a name for ourselves. We ideally seek players with 1.2k+ dmg, 30% accuracy, and 1k+ games played; however, if your stats don't look near that, try us out anyway. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and ask. AsianBobaGuy#0069
Find open lobbies for cod mobile battle royale any time of day for NA, EU, and Asia. Lobbies with real players instead of bots!
Welcome to ODM
Dimana Semua Player Berkumpul untuk mabar
dengan bermacam macam fitur dan event giveaway hadiah menarik

Lets Join !
We are Team 7 Figure, a Fortnite based team looking to take over the scene. We are looking for Content Creators, Streamers, Staff Members, Competitive Players, and Creative Warriors. Each role a different aspect to the team and with there own requirements to join. If you are interesting in joining please join our discord server and you will get more information there. Thanks
Papermarks server offers its members a channel with all up to date fortnite leaks and news. We also have a fun community and dank memer. We may do dank memer giveaways later if enough people want them. We also have a self promo channel where u can promote your own discord!
Welcome to Blast Royale!

In here, the fun is in the battle! Come and join us!

We are looking for people to help us out! If you have any cool ideas for us, join and tell us!

Hope to see you soon!
Small Ninjala community server. Includes channels for discussing anything from gameplay and lore to sharing your fanart. Several voice channels for hosting matches with others, and fun theming. Join today!

Duosphere is NA's largest duo-focused server. We host events for PUBG Mobile.

• Duo scrimmages streamed live every Monday and Thursday night!

• Duo tournaments, custom rooms and other fun events. Join the community!
A friendly server with active members and daily players. In colossus we don't care about your KD or skills we just like playing together and having a good time. So all are welcomed from new players to pros, we occasionally do warzone kill chace tournament which is hosted within the server. Colossus is primarily a warzone group but we also play others game such as:


Among us

Call of duty Cold wars

Hyper scape

Assassin’s creed multiplayer

And more...

If this server interests you please consider joining.


If you would like to partner with colossus please talk to one of our staffs.

Members joining must be 18+
Venez rejoindre le serveur ! Il es très actif très Bonne ambiance , y'a vraiment de tout
Bienvenue en tout cas a tout ce qui rejoignent le serveur ♥️
an upcoming server for ALL content creators to come and help support one another to help each other grow on all social media platforms! Give Clout To Get Clout.
We are a new Fortnite team that supports all servers and are working to get more and more people everyday :)

Welcome To TradeZone!, We Are A Gaming Server Mainly Focused Towards Fortnite Save The World And We Are A Hub For Trading On Fortnite Save The World.

We Offer A Wide Range Of Interactive Bots, Friendly And Active Staff, A Trustworthy Middleman And Taxi Services, Regular Additions And Updates And STW Item Giveaways Every Now And Then For Milestones.

So Why Not Come Along, Have A Laugh And Make New Friends! We Would Love To See You Here!

Thanks For Joining!
KimBosNL Community Chat is a soft, gentle, and non-toxic gaming community. Here we value respect and kindness for one another.

This is what you can expect from the server:

♡ Friendly & warm people
♡ Iconic & cute emojis
♡ SFW & high moderation
♡ Multiple games
♡ Community chat

Current server-relevant games:

💜 OldSchool RuneScape - RS3
💜 Pokémon - PokéMeow
💜 Among Us
💜 Fortnite (EU)
💜 Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp
💜 Animal Crossing - New Horizons
💜 Dead by Daylight
💜 COD - Warzone

There is so much about this server that i cannot possibly write it all down. Instead, why don't you come join and see for yourself?

I hope to see you there!

Much love,

Server URL:

Help the community grow and follow me on Twitch! @KimBosNL
Trading Universe is a Save The World based trading server. Even though the main focus is on trading, there are still channels related to mission help, middle man, taxis, and even battle royals channels too. When you are in this server, you will have the best and safest trading experience you have ever had.