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Hello, I am HolyCrusader. This is the crusader hangout

Many bots.
Fun channels.
Not aggressive.
We are nice.
Good staff team.
『 Welcome to 𝔗𝔥𝔢 ℌ𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔦𝔰𝔥 𝔗𝔲𝔫𝔫𝔢𝔩 』
We provide the following :

◉ Chill & Casual conversations

◉ Bots to use & Daily things

◉ Server events & activities

◉ A Non-Toxic place to hangout

◉ Friendly Staff


『 We may not be very active, but
hopefully you joining can help! 』

Black Georgia is a region server made for Georgians, not just Georgians, Any language people, if you are going to join please talk in English or Georgian, so we or someone will understand you; Black Georgia raids servers that steal/stole from another server things, or they are making illegal actions such as using RAT trojans and stuff, we are doing anything to improve our people's performance, and to rise Black Georgia, also, Black Georgia is a gameplay server too, which means you can stream in Black Georgia, or ask people to play with you, once you join you will be asked if you are an anime fan, anti-anime or normal, why? Basically, Black Georgia didn't allow anime fans before, now they do, to filter out anime fans/normal people/anti-anime people, we ask people about their opinion about animes, if you are going to choose anime fan/anti-anime/normal then you will be given a role, you can change it any time, but you have to ask moderator+ if you are going to join then thank you.
Welcome to Relived Servers MRP!
Enjoy your Stay here!

Check out importantinfo for Important Links such as The Website And Content Pack.

Also, Check out our Rules in discord rules
Once given the role member you are expected to follow every rule stated or you will suffer a consequence in the form of a |Mute, Kick, or Ban|
Welcome to Scythe Networks!
Enjoy your Stay here!

Check out importantinfo for Important Links such as The Website And Content Pack.

Also, Check out our Rules in discord rules
Once given the role member you are expected to follow every rule stated or you will suffer a consequence in the form of a |Mute, Kick, or Ban|
Vampires have existed since time immemorial, living hidden from mortals who over time began to grow in number and strength. The lands once uninhabitable for humans and home to societies of immortals soon found themselves pushed out and further into the fringes of the world. Stories of soul steals and immortal beings were spreading among mortals and fear and mass hysteria grew. The year is 2030. Over 80.0 percent of humanity has been wiped out. Vampires reign. The war for control left most of the world as a wasteland of desert and wreckage. Humanity has banded together in protected settlements to survive, donating blood to merchants to keep the vampire threat quenched. Vampires thrive, able to feed comfortably. They have the option to drink from blood bags, or keep unlucky humans as slaves or thrall to feed upon
The land of the Triad Clans is unmatched and each biome is unlike any other. Each clan having their own traits, weaknesses, strengths, and bloodline.

We have GlacierClan ; a clan of cats being led by SabreStar, their fur extra long and thick, descendants of Norwegian Forest Cats, their home eternally snow and ice... Blizzards do not phase the clan, floods and huge predators lurk in every cavern beneath the surface.

We have ScorchedClan ; a clan of cats being led by JackalStar, their bodies adapt to insane temperatures, their claws extra long and perfect for piercing flying birds right out of the air. Talented jumper and can go for a long period of time without food or water. Sandstorms, drought, and fires are their dangers. They live in the barren lands of a desert.

We have OakClan ; a clan of cats being led by LupinStar, their bodies are large and muscular, built for climbing and being stealthy. They are the cats who live in a lush forest but risk sharing their home with bears, wolves, and big cats from the mountains. Floods, sickness, and big predators are their dangers.

Which path will you take?
Come in and begin your journey, all ranks open (High Ranks earned in RP)
Friendly Admins
Literate/Semi-literate roleplayers!
。 welcome to Cloudy Paradise ~ !!

We have a large variety of channels and things to do.
The server is sadly dead so we are trying revive it so please join and help us!❤🎉
-We have NSFW channels
-Sleep calls
And much more!
We are a server that has rp :3
We try to be friendly free speech is allowed here opions are allowed here even if there not right we will not mute you for it we will also be adding bot things, and more things to do there is a suggestion the for the owner and staff to read and check on so we can comfort people we are lgbt friendly but do not get offended if your called a mean name we do not kink shame and to erp please be Legal in the country you live it dm me for special roles Random#3761 The owner <3
I am going to be nice.. i do not add limits to rp, but erp must go into dms gore rp must be in dms thank you.. For staff ask head of staff or head of mods for the role they will give you a interview we are growing and working on things so bare with us we love you all and are going to make this the best server we can!

The earth is not flat x-x
Lugias Bakery Is a Fun place to be You can make friends and have fun Its a community server And you can be yourself there
Greetings everyone! Need to relax from such a hard day from school or work? A time to relax from the tests and projects to the bills and payments? Well then The Beehive Lounge is for you!

Our Full Description****——————

We are some of the chillest people you might ever meet. No bad vibes here because I will ban you if you come in here with a bad vibe. You can come and listen to any music and relax from a hard day from work, school or anywhere that made you mad and stressed. Everyone is usually chill and here to assist you with anything. We have friendly staff and they will help with anything. So come and join to relax and get ready for more amazing days here at The Beehive Lounge.
This server is a non-ddlg and ddlg, it will be used to bring both together with multiple roles and a still working on finding new mods. Right now it's the owner and co-owner, we hope you enjoy your time here and not to worry about anything! uwu
What we offer:
-Mod Applications (Will be up soon)
-Happy and Safe Place (Always on the look out for those raiders)
-Best Working Staff
-A Gaming Channel (for those gamers!~)
-Multiple Roles (Which you can tell the admins or whoever what you want)
-Just remember that this is a still in the works for anything and we are always on the look out for suggestions.-
If people have a problem with these being mixed, simple answer... DON'T JOIN! uwu
Hey hello we need staff for this server we recommend you to join this server right away.
We have a lot of minigames!
SFW Environment
Incredibly Fun Bots
Incredibly Friendly
Incredibly Accepting
Incredible Amounts Of The Word Incredible
Incredibly Nice Staff
Incredible Selection Of Game Communities

Join The Server Today for fun discussion and cool modding communities :)
Welcome to OwGN-Gaming server Many people asked: "What does OwGN mean?" Let me tell you OwGN mean: "Our World Gaming Now" or "Own Gaming"

We are a relatively new, and growing server, centered about games
We are not daring enough to say we have the best events, nor that we have the best staff, but I can say they are quite good!
We have our own bot, ClemCacahueteBot, that's on most of the time, created and managed by our administrator.

What is server about?
This is a community where you can discover new, unseen people, communicate with friends, play games and try different genre games with your new friends. This group is dedicated to people who are active and who want to find new teams, they could find it here! Feel free to write, communicate and, of course, share your experience, do not mess around. You can also share your drawings and experience on drawing or just in the creation of all the logos! If it's unclear whether there are any questions you can always contact us as an administrator and Lookout, we will always try to help you with the problem or simply responding to your question. The server link is located at the bottom so that you can share it with your other friends on this server.
I wish you have beautiful moments and happy conversations!
Our Server is a nice chill server to relax on with friends, catch pokemons, listen to music, get access to many self-made emojis and much more !
Hello! Metanoia is a server I created to have all my friends in one place. We all play on the minecraft server "mineplex" and many of us play animal crossing. Our staff are all friendly, and always there if you need someone to talk to. We're looking to grow the server into a large community. Thank you for reading, and I hope you consider joining :)