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Welcome to the agency R.U.I.N. (Rouge Unwavering Intelligence Negotiators), currently this is a community that is here to help those who need it whether that be through the means of discord, personnel, disputes, or maybe you need council about what has happened to you. This discord is filled with agents that are capable of helping you in what ever task they are assigned, but remember the human limitations. We Also Advise To Keep Any Information You Learn About Our Agents Secretive As Will They Do To Your Information.

We have a lot to offer, you may hop in and give it a try if you feel so inclined to test out our services.
Welcome to the Discord Protection Authority community [DPA for short]
Here we help rebuild, report, and stop discord ToS/Guideline breaking shit-heads.
We're not super active but I am slowly updating the server for more activities.
if it gets bad enough, the law will come in depending on the action, especially life-threatening.
People underestimate power, we handle it.
Join today and help us. Main ideal is anti-raid in which is the most seen problem faced on the platform.
The best server, this will be your dream home and we will have many fun roles and an anime community can combine with hanging out. Enjoy!
Welcome to Discord Help! We offer you free advertising and we do build servers for you. But our main point is help you with your discord server! Join now!
The #1 spot to find Discord help, Discord server help, Discord bot assistance, and also support for other applications.

~ Bot Assistance so you can get your bots configured just right
~ Discord Server assistance so you can sleep at nigh
~Discord Assistance for any issues or questions you have with Discord
~A Guides channel with useful videos, links, and even cheat sheets to help you with Discord
~Advertising channel to allow you to post your server and gain members.