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Galactic Clan (GTC) is based in OCE and is home for the most competitive and the best of the best of FPS like Fortnite, Overwatch, R6 Siege, CS:GO and many more titles. Practice and play with the best players from Oceania to enhance your skills, play in tournaments and compete for prizes or simply hang with the best and keep up to date with our YouTubers and streamers and support our quickly growing community!
Ember's Nook

We're a community based server for gamers, artists, and people looking for a good time! We've got channels for art, music, memes, and much more. Have art you want to share? Post in our art channel! Like to share and find new memes? We've got a ton! But beware of beans... No matter what you're looking for, you can find it in Ember's Nook.

We've got:
- Friendly and welcoming server
- A variety of channels
- Tons of bots
- Friendly staff
- Over 80+ members and growing!

So what are waiting for? Join now!
rebuild from past server which had 400+ members

giveaway at 200 members

- e girls (HELLA)
- cool emotes
- giveaways
- 1:1 female/male ratio
- vcs
- events
- partnerships

Welcome to Autistic Mafia. We welcome shitposting, memeing, and trolling. At the same time, we encourage serious discussion. This server also has a focus on computer security.
A new server to meet people everywhere! Chat and make friends! Never be lonely again!
The communication hub for fans of Pandora Nyxie - Whether you came from Reddit, Twitch, Instagram, or elsewhere. We come for the nudes and stay for the chat, hope to see you there ♡
This is a chill but active server where you can make new friends, voice chat and listen to music.
We are a growing and friendly community with people from all around the globe.
Our chat rooms are filled with life and there’s never a dull moment in our server, so come join and you won’t regret your stay!
If there is any way we can improve our server, don't hesitate to tell us! 💕
hey you there
Join my meme server because i want you too.
We have dank roles,dank channels,semi dank emojis and dank bots
Also get ready to be robbed because that also happens
Our server is a Premium server in dank memer so you can use pls weekly here

💗 Official Discord Partner.
💗 Wonderland is a home to the diverse, out-going, curious, weird, and fun society!
💗 Tight knit community, growing faster than ever.
💗 The best place to meet and make new friends! 9000+ members.
💗 Gaming ✦ Movies ✦ Music ✦ Anime ✦ Events.

**Age requirement is 14+.**
Welcome to ʏᴏᴜᴛʜ.™
We have:
● Giveaways
● Friendly users
● Achievable Roles, XP-Levels, Self-Assignable Roles
● Music bots
● Variety of entertainments channels
● Selfie channel!
● Spam safe
● Idiot safe....ish

Owner: @RaMeTo#7454
A JoJo server me and my friend made, Chill. Few rules, Its never serious here. So do whatever basically. As long as you don't break the rules, Other than that have fun

And me and the staff dont act like pricks and stuff. Everyones like a staff member in a sorts but not with the staff permissions y’know.

Just ask me to be a staff i'll probably say yes.
Hi there!!
This is a Server where you can have fun in any kind of Games and with other Friendly people in the Server..... and Everyone is welcomed !
We are having a Gaming! Clan join us if you are intrested!
A large community, you may have heard of us before, rumors. Weve changed, had a revelation if you will. We hope to earn your patronage.
Bem vindo(a) nosso servidor! Venha para fazer amigos, conversar sobre assuntos variados, compartilhar memes ou até jogar jogos!
(Servidor em crescimento)
A chill server for people to find friends in! Lots of friendly people always ready for chat and fun!
The staff is always there to ensure a friendly and positive environment so everyone gets to have fun!
We offer a lot of stuff like memes, anime discussion, gaming chat, lots of bots to play with nice art channels and many more!
While we have NSFW content that can be turned off!

So why not join us, its free after all!
Here at The Galactic Trade Federation, we have the best of the best server quality in both members and bots such as

-Paid Chat who is the owner of The Galactic Trade Federation!
-A. lock smith who is the best meme lord in our server!
-Milord Mudkip is the person who streams daily day and night but also tends to drink vodka.
-Spider-Boi is the person who is best in useless knowledge!
-COLD NOODLE is the best of the best for anime stuff!
-OwO bot is the bot that you can tell to clap, slap, punch, etc to other peeps.
-Pokecord is for peeps who like pokemon!

We also have

-Level up bot
-Self assignable roles
-Custom Roles
-Requested roles
-Role play channels
-Nsfw channel
-Neku appreciation channel

And more!

So come and join us for many stuff that you may be interested in and we hope that we get to see you in. The Galactic Trade Federation where we worship Stan Lee and trade with multiverse dimensions!

PLUS! we are also looking for peep's who want to be apart of the Moderator role/rank and if you like to apply for it come and join or dm the owner for more information.
We are a non-toxic community in which you can find a place for you and your interests, just hop on and im sure you wont be disappointed :)
Community dedicated to build an environment for everyone to feel free and experience new things while making new friends. Our members love being here and we hope that you too.
Hello here at the Church of Thighs we love and appreciate thighs and other cute things. We have a small but growing community of cosplayers nerds and more that are excited to make new friends. Join the church of thighs for thighs, new friends and more!
A S T R O W A V E an aesthetic theme server for everyone! Games, voice chats, memes and more! 13+ Server <3

- PokeCord And BoxBot

- VIP (Verified) Chat

- Partners

- Open Staff Slots

- And More

⊱Active and chill members
⊱Partnerships regularly
⊱60+ Self roles
⊱Pic perms
⊱Friendly community
⊱Introductions, selfies, self promo
⊱Giveaways (nitro, spotify premium, etc.)
⊱Events regularly
⊱1-1 ratio of girls and boys
⊱Level roles
welcome to taco bell!!
a fun comunity server!

we have:
-friendly staff
-cards against humanity channel
-selfies channel
-polls channel
-userphone chanel
-self roles
and more!!
Hey, are you into DND, RPGs, Anime, Pokecord, and/or just having fun? If so, you should check out our discord server. We're pretty small right now, but have a close community, daily DND sessions (where anyone can GM), and a dedicated text-based RPG. As for pokecord, we have a professional marketer to help you with all your pokecord needs, a fantastic community, and a casino for credits. Come experience the fun for yourself!