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This is a nice growing community hoping to get more members!
we offer:

1. semi-realistic political RP
2. active staff and members
3. clean and organized server

so will you rise to the top and become the Prime Minister or will you become a disgrace! here is a bunch roles to become and choose from, so what are you waiting for JOIN TODAY!
(This is NOT a country role-play server!)
This is a server for both serious discussions and light conversations about anything. We have a channel specifically for foreign languages.

Novi server za sproščene pogovore o vsakodnevnih temah in hobijih ter bolj resne debate o politiki, zgodovini, religiji in ostalih vprašanjih. Dobrodošli ste vsi, ne glede na svoj življenski nazor. Radi bi, da bi ta server postal mesto intelektualnih debat na višjem nivoju.
Server ima obširen sistem z izbiro vlog (politični pogledi, religija, jeziki ipd.) in poseben kanal, namenjen komunikaciji v tujih jezikih.

Naj te uvodna vprašanja ob pridružitvi ne prestrašijo. 😄
A safe place to condemn communism and its atrocities. Various channels, bots and roles. Political and general talk allowed.

Hello, it seems you have stumbled upon Talk Inc. Well, since you are already here I might as well explain what we are about. Here at Talk Inc. we focus on one thing... TALKING! We would like to create a safe space for all people to SO info of the talking... COME ON AND JOIN!
From Istanbul to Ainu, we are a community dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge in relation to Asia.(This can be philosophy, history, language, politics, or more) Of course, everyone is welcome.
What makes a good community? Before answering that question, let’s zoom out a little bit.

Humans are made to live and work with others in a positive community where we can thrive. We are social beings that have evolved to exist within communities.

Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.

The quality of a community correlates to the degree of engagement and happiness individuals can draw from community interactions. Sadly, some communities promote feelings of self-doubt and isolation.

Positive communities are groups that inspire their members in ways that promote a sense of self-discovery and group connection, encouraging members to express their beliefs and values, as well as build relationships with others.
The Importance of Positive Communities
Involvement in a positive and encouraging community has a tangible impact on individual self-awareness and fulfillment.

Positive experiences with communities allow individuals to feel more connected to their environment and the people in it. This form of connection also provides a support system for members when they are in need of encouragement or sympathy.

Strong feelings of connection to the group also work to combat any mental illness that can arise from alienation in the form of anxiety and depression.

Positive community experiences provide members with a sense of belonging and the feeling of being able to express themselves without feeling judged.

Communities that excel at promoting this feeling of belonging encourage members to speak up about their ideas and opinions, which, in turn, leads to members considering their positions from a deeper perspective. Involvement in positive and encouraging communities facilitates self-reflection and exploration of core values and beliefs.

We are a community centered around thought provoking, stimulating, and scintillating conversations. We strive to maintain an active community through hosting a myriad of events touching on many aspects of our collective interests.

We have a thriving community of people who are actively participating in conversations either via text or voice channels.

We also strive to maintain political neutrality as it helps us draw out the various perspectives in an environment that is both friendly, and welcoming.

If any of that sounds appealing to you, you have come to the right place.
🔹-join rakija empire now-🔹

🔹-we provide-🔹
*craziness and stupidity
*political and apolitical debates
*Historical chat
*meme chat
*many voice calls
And much more

Check us out and meet new people
We accept ofc everyone

Ideas are always open
And the server is Democratic
(so we vote if we have a problem)
Welcome to “True Balance of Power”
We offer:
-Semi-Realistic Roleplay
-New people to meet
-Somewhat active staff
-Talented roleplayers
-Detailed and realistic maps
-Political discussions

Come join, you don't have any time to waste before they take your kneecaps.
We will do it. We also have news on Jimmy's Adventure to Nam.
Server for educating those wanting to learn about the left
We offer access to advice from well read socialists and a selection of suggested readings and works

hai do u own a spine? ... yeah? good we gonna need 1.

haaaaaaaaai seems we are currently being eaten by the far left and the right more and more. center leftists either become progressives or completely disassociate form the left becoming classical libs. often leaving their values behind.

its looking dire for us but better late than never.

are u a progressive or a nazi? dont be shy we got a debate room for u to hang out in and tell us why race is so important to you.
so we can have a laugh.
Hyvin ystävällinen ja rakastava yhteisö. Puolisalainen ja sisällöltään omanlaatuinen. Ymmärrät kyllä, kun selaat /free_speech/ tai /pol/

Yhteisön rahajärjestelmällä voit ostaa itsellesi vaikka Discord Nitroa.
Our mission is to provide you with a chill, open, and above all civil community for conversation and debate. We have a specific focus on politics, but we also.... encourage topics of all kinds. Everyone with civil thoughts and perspectives to share is welcome. Come hang out with us today!

🎙 - Debate Night - Every Friday
👓 - Mock Government - Weekly Events
🖊 - Auto Assign Roles
📽 - Movie/Game/Trivia Nights
🎵- Music Bots
🎁 - Giveaways
👔 - 100% Safe For Work Server
🙈 - 16+ Age Requirement
✨ - Experienced Mod Team
We're an active political server, with the goal of providing a space for left wingers to discuss and share opinions.

We offer:
-Political discourse channels!
-Weekly debate topics!
-An active community!
-Multiple Off-Topic channels for non-political discussion!
-Obtainable staff positions for well behaved members!
-Multiple meme channels!
-A short and easy vetting process!
-Self-assignable roles!

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, give it a shot and visit us!
Academia is a hangout server for college students with newly expanding channels to share memes, play video games, establish new friendships, vent, and more. We also provide several spaces to discuss politics and work on homework assignments with other users. You must be at least sixteen years or older to be a member of this community.

🤝 An active administration that listens to its community and makes the necessary changes to improve the experience.
💙 Memes, art, food, music gaming, cinema, venting, and bot commands!
📚 Tutorials, resources, and helpful assistance from members and staff.
🔔 A new platform to debate politics, go on a tangent, and make new friends!
Ayo! Join our server if you wanna vibe with some really cool people, everyone in here is friendly and caring. Just remember to treat others how you'd like to be treated and you'll have absolutely zero issues fitting in with the cool kids we've got in here. If you like to debate politics, this is a perfect place too, just message the owner and you'll get yourself one SOLD argument outta her ;P.
Philosophs (formerly known as La Liga Filosofia, later Critical Thinkers Philippines) is the first and largest open-discourse Filipino discord society dedicated to civil discussions. It was established back in May 2020 with the goal of starting an intellectual revolution by promoting critical thinking and self-education among all fields of the academic influences.

The server-society features a roleplaying state with a party system that practises a parliamentary type of legislation events through civil debates. The server also offer casual clubs for gaming, lifestyle, anime, music, etc.

We host events primarily focused on philosophy, politics, sciences, sociology, and other significant academic topics.
Free speech guaranteed. A new unbiased political server focusing on social, economic and historical issues with mod opportunities. Your opinion will not be silenced by partial mods while civil debate is always encouraged.
This is a new server, it is focused on discussing international relations between countries, and what role different countries play in global politics.
Feel free to shower your thoughts and have a healthy discussions with the community members.
We discuss about all parts of the World:
Asia Pacific
West Asia
North America
South America

and if you have some special recommendations or suggestions we always listen and if possible make it work.