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Fastest Growing Discord Politics Server!
Politics, Conspiracies, OSINT, History, Philosophy, Military!
AMA's, Debate Nights, Trivia Nights, Global Emoji's,
24/7 Text and Voice, Darth Dawkins!
Partnerships, Unbiased moderation!
We want you to join the Debaters' Lounge! People of all backgrounds, ideas, viewpoints, and opinions are welcome!

- Toxicity within members and staff is at an absolute minimum.

- Make yourself look unique while representing your viewpoints with the 200+ roles to choose from!

- Debate channels where you can discuss and debate politics, religion, history, philosophy, economics, and another nearly unlimited amount of topics!

- Casual channels where you can chat, share art, memes, discuss gaming, music, and all of your favourite hobbies!

- Voice channels for chatting, debating, music, gaming, and lots more.

- Level up and rise up the ranks! Get a new role for every 10 levels you gain!

- A wonderful music bot, an addictive gambling/currency bot, and Akinator. How can you go wrong with Akinator?
Come to Dogeright, the only true political server in all of discord. Doge land is a high-quality server that features:
-An easy and efficient vetting system
-A great mod team compromised of political intellectuals and theologians
-A special place for trouble-makers
-A strong and unified community filled with quirky yet righteous and understanding characters
-A reason to live.
What are you waiting for? Join Dogeright today and achieve ascension
Hello, this is a nice politics and religions server. We are very friendly and welcome you if you’d like to join!
Casus Beli is a victorian era conquest community on roblox .the only difference from normal conquest games is that here we use real player to fight in a battle/combat with musket,artillery,navy and etc weapons

Kingdom of Siam is the only nation that didnt get colonized by western powers survived because of skills in diplomatics but right now on roblox our group somehow became rebellion bc join casus beli too late and someone took our place.We need your help to win this rebellion and take back whats our Join and become one of us

you can either become part of the government,officer,soldier

Discord server: masT2rH
Australia's premiere Coronavirus sanctuary, with quality users and quality chat.

Ride out the plague in the AusChat survivalist bunker!

Discussions both serious and light hearted about politics, culture, books, gaming, computing, sports, and much more.
Eccentric or creative people are very much encouraged to join. People from other countries welcome too.
This is a Safe For Work server, griefers and creepers are not tolerated.
The main focus of this server is to provide an atmosphere in which civil discussion can take place over issues of politics across the globe.The goal here is to work together to form a better understanding of reality, not to simply argue our positions; to treat hot debate topics with tact and respect in the hopes of finding better solutions, instead of dominating our opponents. Feel free to change your mind here, or remain rooted in your positions, so long as you genuinely believe what you say and give others a chance to impress upon you their own worldviews.
Welcome to Interfaith Dialogue a community focused on bringing all people together united under one Earth regardless of their religion and creed. All are welcome here as long as they abide by the rules. From atheists, agnostics, Muslims, Christians, Hindus and much more are invited to join us. Please check us out and help us grow and understand each other.
This is a server of intellect made for those who enjoy indulging in a complex, yet broad area of various sciences and humanities such as Mathematics, General Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Typology, Linguistics and more. Don't hesitate to also delve into the fun aspects of CT such as politics, gaming, nsfw, and debates. Come engage in thoughtful and mind-stimulating discussions or hangout and chat!
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Nerds and geeks welcome.

Must be 18+
The largest simulation of Canada's politics with an active political community!

- Active since 2016!
- Français est bien accueilli!
- Participate immediately in the House of Commons or the press!
- No party suits you? Make your own!
- No political knowledge needed!
welcome to the debate server! Here we debate about politics so if you want to learn something new,debate or just have fun you have found the right place!
PS:we are not neocons pfp is just for fun,also we accept every ideology
We are a territory of Elysium based in the US state of Illinois. We have a nice community, and love our guns! The Regional Bank also has actual money invested in it so that’s cool too.
The purpose and aim of the server is to be an environment conducive to intellectual growth and enrichment for our members. We wish to use reason above all else to solve problems and questions, particularly regarding those of politics and philosophy. “Truth" is our highest good and value, and our loyalty ultimately is to the truth only. Thus in Plato's Republic, we seek to use reason and logic to find truth through rigorous thinking that we wish to be as self-aware, self-correcting, self-directed and self-disciplined as humanly possible. We seek to create members who extol objectivity and eschew dogma as that is the first step in becoming a lover of wisdom.
Communists, Socialists, Leftists of all stripes are welcome! If you have questions about leftist theory, this is a great place to ask.
A server for political and current events discussion.
-Staff are all long time friends and active
-Friendly atmosphere
-Reasonable amount of free speech (within Discords guidelines/TOS)
-Weekly formal debates
-Movie Nights
-Plenty of roles to choose from
-All ideologies welcome
-Relatively lax rules: Just be respectful to one another/no porn/no gore or shock images, etc.

We're looking forward to meeting you!
We exist to shine the light of scrutiny into the dark crevices of Wikipedia and its related projects; to examine the corruption there, along with its structural flaws; and to inoculate the unsuspecting public against the torrent of misinformation, defamation, and general nonsense that issues forth from one of the world’s most frequently visited websites, the “encyclopedia that anyone can edit.”
The Trump Republic is Discord's largest independent server dedicated to US President Donald J. Trump. We welcome mainly right-wing members but have a debate section for the purpose of debating opposing views so all are welcome.

We have active lounge and activity channels for Trump supporters to chill, and political debate channels to discuss current events and policy with fellow Trump supporters and those with opposing views.

Please note that members of the far-right and far-left are prohibited from the server, this includes anyone advocating for fascism, communism, any form of racialism and white supremacy.

The server is 13+ in accordance with Discord policy.
A Century of Conflict is a nation/geopolitical rp that starts in the year 1900 which we plan to keep going on until at least the year 2000. In this server, players get to choose their nation and shape the course of history as they see fit. By the year 2000, things may be drastically different than how it happened in real life. Perhaps Germany didn't lose World War One, or perhaps the Soviets never took control of Russia... Who knows! It's all up to the players to shape the course of events!

-- Some things we offer --

- A unique economy system, in which players aren't limited by bots, and in which players can't just spam things out because they feel like it.

- A non-toxic environment, because those are far too common these days.

- Elements of realism, to keep things from turning into either massive memes.

- A pretty chill staff, with opportunities to join the staff team every few weeks.

- A pretty chill community, so you don't have to worry about being overwhelmed.

- Free cookies.

- We don't use dice to determine battles, because RNG is really lame.

And always remember: Democracy is Non-Negotiable.
Your guide and portal for everything relating to Kurds and Kurdistan, striving to give you the best information and explanations regarding the Kurdish struggle for democracy, liberty, and equality. We welcome all nationalities, colors, and creeds to join us in our bid to raise awareness.
We are an extremely tightly knit server built around political debates. We have a community that is very cordial, and many of us know each other on a fairly personal level. Our server is very diligent about maintaining civil discourse and having substantive discussions. We have people of a wide variety of political persuasions, whether it be libertarians, conservatives, socialists, social democrats, communists and everything in between. We have periodic voicechat debates that are planned ahead of time that gives people time to do research, prepare sources, and form a designated group of participants that will debate, with moderators moderating the debate and asking questions. Administrative and disciplinary decisions are made democratically by our team of moderators. Additionally, we have plenty of shit posting when appropriate.
Discord community dedicated to discussing academic and topical economics, finance, business and politics -- while also having room for laid back banter! We encourage people who are intellectually curious, respectful and genuinely interested on these fields to join our dynamic and evolving server. Users of all backgrounds and education levels are welcome to join ;)