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Friendly server of the Instagram account Remuismylaifu!
We have Games such as PMdiscord, counting and Mudae!

Special roles for Youtubers and Artists!

[✨Modern day teenage gamer, Natsuki Subaru, is thrust into a mysterious fantasy RPG styled world on his way home from a convenience store.✨

As he searches for the heroine who he assumes summoned him he crosses paths with a silver haired half elf girl. She helps him, he returns the favor by helping her persue a stolen item of hers that leads to their untimely demises. . .

Until Subaru wakes up again realizing he has the power to "Return by Death". This new discovery as well as his determination to help the half elf, opens his world to an unexpected turn of extremely unfortunate events.]

💙Join us to enjoy our Re:Zero themed server with roleplay and games!💙

💠 Roleplay💠

💠 Games💠

💠 Server promotion💠

💠 Nsfw restricted in NSFW category! 💠

💝Hey! Welcome to the server! We hope you enjoy your time here! Our server is a little dead right now, so we'd love some chat-revivers to come over and chat! We host sleepovers and fun stuff sometimes! I have a million servers! Feel free to ask to join any of them if you'd want! Feel free to stop by whenever you want! Don't worry, we don't bite!💝

.....Finished typing!....✍
Welcome to Rem~ībü! ~
Rem~ībü is a nice anime community directed towards the anime rezero. It is made to meet new people, share interests, and talk about your favorite anime with other people.
𝐬𝐮𝐜𝐡 𝐚 𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐞 .. ♡

☁️ rem is a safe, non toxic server that is dedicated to Ariana Grande! even if you do not stan ariana, you are still welcomed here!


🦋・welcoming members & staff
🌱・giveaways & events
💧・simple/aesthetic layout
🦋・female owner
🌱・lgbtq safe!
💧・cute self assignable roles!


☁️ join our server for more! we'd love to have you!
UN serveur sur le light-novel Re:Zero. Il est géré par les membres du site de traduction Re:ZeroWnFr. Vous pourrez y parler de Re:Zero, que ce soit animé, manga, light-novel ou web-novel.
Hello everyone, this server isnt fully done but im hoping people could join and help me finish or just rp! In this rp re zero takes a sudden twist where subaru never meets emilia and becomes the bad guy!
Ohayo! Welcome to Rem's Cafe Master! Make sure you feel like home Master! Chat with the members at the cafe. Play with the bots
and have fun! This server is Re:Zero themed. That's all.. Hope you join Master!!