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New Giveaway Happening NOW!

KAWAII AF DISCORD EMOJIS!! (all emojis content is created by XxMizzVampyxX & content sources can be found in #content-sources channel)

chat, post, weeb it up!
~>nitro emojis
~>emoji suggestions channel
~>”controlled” exsclusive pokécord channels
~>a server for kawaii af content & weebu friends!

=^..^= kawaii bots =^..^=
Ayana { = }
IdleRPG { $ }
Kawaiibot { + }
Nekobot { n! }
OwO { owo }
Pokécord { ! }
Pollux { p! }
Tatsumaki { t! }
Uberbot { . }
Yui { yui or y! }
Attention Nitro users! Want to have quality emojis for your use on other servers? Now you can! Emojis for Nitro Users has up to date meme emojis.

Welcome to Nitroly, a server that aims to provide nitro users with the finest emojis to use all across discord.
This server offers you dozens of fun, and meme emojis to use all across discord. We have a growing member base that you can chat with in the multiple channels the servers offers you.
This is a small nitro emote server i made so i could have a few of my own emotes while i had nitro, but i decided to make it public for others too

NOTE: **no free globals, you need discord nitro to use these emotes for free**
Spicy Emotes is a server that aims for people who wants to get some emotes across the Discord platform with their Nitro.

You don't need to be active nor acquire Nitro in order to join the server. The server is here to give some fun to people across the community.

We have level system, emojis, channels for you guys to post memes or to chat with others and more. I'm planning to add more features to the server to help people have fun.

We also accept people's suggestions of emojis we can add to the server so they don't have to go through the hassle of setting up a discord server to upload their custom emojis.
Emotes & Nitro emotes server with other exclusive offers!

Anime, kawaii emotes server with new emotes added every week!

Gain exclusive access in Vamp by Vampy server to post emote suggestions for guarantee in server emote upload.
👋Welcome In Gabi's House ! We hope you enjoy and stay on this server as long as you can!

On this server you can find for you:
🆓Free games avaible on steam
📣Links to huuuge giveaways
🤖Bot credits giveaways
📢Advertise channel
🙃Blob emotes to use if you have nitro
And more!

In our server are super leveling and inviting system:
➕Gain new ranks by inviting your friends to this server!
📶Reach new level ranks for new special channels and gifts!
💸Earn money by chatting and buy ranks!
100 Animated and normal emotes ranging from peepo to u mom gay! join today! <3
ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀɴᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ᴘᴜʙ...[ɪɴsᴇʀᴛ ᴛᴇxᴛ ʜᴇʀᴇ?]

I'm not sure what kind of server this is but I worked really hard on it. I feel its polished enough to go somewhere hopefully. Here are some cool things about the server:

- Some Really Solid Gif Banners 💡
- An Introductions Page 🎟️
- The Ability to Customize your Roles! 🍆
- Actually I just realized they're limited to Color Roles... but I digress 🖍️
- We have a snake in our habitat too so. Uh. That's also a thing. 🐍
- A dog with mild depression. 🐶
- And E-Girls????? 💅
- I'm
- Running
- Out
- Of
- Things
- To
- Say
- And more? 💬

Staff roles are also up for grabs, but I'd appreciate it if you could first stay for a bit and make yourself at home.
♔ aesthetic ♡ is a community server for chatting with new people or friends
▹selfie channels
▹fun bots
▹cool roles
▹many nitro emotes
▹and much more
we're pretty small but we've love to have you to talk to ♡
Wassuh ya’ll. welcome to the mango server ! Created by Mango#3348. We’ll like to invite you here for awesome nitro emotes and wonderful people ! Help us get this server active and we have levelling system as well, awesome bots you can have fun with also.
Don't Wait, Join Now!!
hi there, my name is raptor
this server is very friendly, it features :
-Nitro Emotes that constantly get updated (GIF emotes and image emotes)
-Self Roles
-A friendly community
-MANY bots, MANY of them.
-Userphone channels (kinda like omegle but with text only)
-Tatsugotchis with yggdrasil

And much more!

(hissssss im tired)
An up and coming discord server that has a community of anime lovers and gamers!
A Low-Moderation Server with 52 Emotes. Hope to see you there! -Cinnavon
Join us and get a bunch of emotes pwease (if you have nitro hehe)
A collection of servers with emotes taken from chat sticker packs. Suggestions are allowed and reccomended.