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CloutCord is a NEW social server with active members, giveaways, regular events and games.. we are a close-knit community with:
⋆ male to female ratio 1:1 ⋆
⋆ events & partners ⋆
⋆ self assignable roles + colors ⋆
⋆ active members ⋆
⋆ addicting bot commands ⋆
⋆ cool staff team ⋆
so feel free to come and join us!
-This server is a chill /laid back hangout where you can be yourself and find welcoming new friends around the world here that will be able to talk to you about anything!
-Will be able to post selfies/art and pets for people to react too!
-And so much more!
Hello I am Mushroom!
This is my new boosted music server. If you like music or chatting with friendly people is this the perfect server for you.
We're a small community non - NSFW server dedicated to the Joker and all our favourite DC characters.

Share interests about comics, DC [we love Marvel as well :) ], memes, games, music and anything else that you like) with our friendly staff and members. We also have several bots to make the experience in the server more fun.

We also have a channel for self promo so you get to share your servers, youtube channel as well as videos. ❤

Come join us today! Cool place to chat and we hope you enjoy your stay :)
Hey! Seems like you discovered this server :).
This is a pretty chill anime / community server with dope people ngl theyre pretty cool fr.
It's a new server but we really want to grow a large community with alot of nice people!
I really hope you join and support this server ;)
Thank you and I hope you will find new friends here :D
Welcome to Dank Memz New
Yeah, that's it, we really don't care just join
Very wholesome no toxicity
Please join our Disocrd server. We got raided by a group of retarded hackers 6 times!
A server that welcomes any gamer. Share music that you like and even share your own music that you create yourself. Also a general server we can talk about any topic brought up. There is an NSFW channel but you must verify age first!
This is a server where you can basically do what ever you want. As long as you follow the rules and some of the rules we don’t even care about just come in and have a great time
Although we may be very stupid, we hope you can enjoy your stay! Our community should stay nontoxic, but we do hold very offensive jokes. If you are sensitive, you may have to tread carefully! However, we hope you have fun and you can meet a lot of friends (:
The Duck Squad is a close knit community with people of all types of passions. Spanning from gamers, artists, musicians, photographers and athletic people alike. Our community is the most welcoming and friendly server you will ever experience. We also have a unique team system that allows you to pick a team upon joining!!
Welcome to 𝒮𝓃𝒶𝓅𝒷𝒶𝒸𝓀 ♡!

Join us in a fun, exciting, welcoming & warm community of people from all around the world! You've got almost no restrictions as to what you can do in this server, from hanging out with friends to a little more :flushed:

We'll welcome you anyday, anytime, so join up!
Bienvenidos a Khaos Kingdom, un reino donde conocerás a muchas personas nuevas para platicar y pasar un buen rato!

Diviertete y disfruta de las nuevas experiencias que te esperan en esta bonita comunidad donde podras entrar y encontrar personas con quien jugar, cantar, o simplemente pasar y platicar entre amigos.

Hacemos raids a otros servers y lo subimos a nuestro canal de Youtube. Esperamos verlos pronto! :D

Just a random server you can chill in and talk to people. Enjoy the memes, share images, talk about video games. The opportunities are endless. I hope you enjoy your stay!
A server meant for sharing and finding new things (games, series, art, etc) while having a good laugh

***__Please Join Our Server__***
A server that we are sure would love your company.
We have the following things to offer:
`Hentai Channels`
`Voice Channels`
`And Self Roles`
**__Stings looks forward to meeting you!__**
hola, tu, master que esta leyendo esto,yo soy "sovietic cat", o como tengo apodado en el server "mussolini", y te dire de que trata este server llamado "Servidor en progreso" (se llama asi porque estamos en constante progreso (? que se yo

este es un grupo de joda osea que si sos re serio, no te gusta el desmadre/quilombo y no te tomas nada con gracia, mira capo no te recomiendo entrar.

Aca se:

- boludea/jode
- se es chill, (o te limpiamos los mocos de la cara de una trompada)
- nos/o tratamos de divertinos
- ah y no nos gusta los papulinces, asique si venis aca con tu pacman, podes.. metertelo por el qlo y no usarlo, o si no te gusta, no entres.

(NOTA:la mayoria somos argentinos, asi que va a estar repleto de memes argentinos)

Que te podes encontrar aca?
y mira, aca te encontras de todo, tenes..:

- canal de charla: pa que conosca a la pipol del server (y seguramente a mi, que estoy escribiendo esto soy re activo en la madre esta).
- canal de memes o shitpost: aca subi memes o shitpost depende de lo que tengas, total es para cagarse de risa nada mas (memes dank, porfavor, si tenes memes papulinces metetelos por el ort* y anda a buscarte memes dank por google).
- canal de voces, tanto de musica o para hablar.
- canales de comandos: es para boludear/joder con un bot llamado notsobot.
- un canal para hablar cosas de juegos en general.
- B O N U S : canal de pokecord: mira, yo no lo uso mucho pero de lo que se es que, el bot te va mostrando imagenes de pokemon, y si decis su nombre, lo capturas, izi no? (cuando entres verasmas a fondo de que trata).

Como reflexion final les dire que: Podemos no ser muy activos la mayoria del tiempo pero cuando lo estamos agarrate de tu tia porque c arma la joda y te aseguro que te van a caer bien casi todo el server.

change the world, my final message.
Join the Official Hangout server! I hope you will enjoy the time you stay in our server meeting lots of new people and hopefully making some friends along the way in this active server.
So come and join, I'm sure you'll enjoy your time !
A small but tight community of weebs, gamers and anyone else really. discuss your favourite things, make friends and enjoy spending time in our ever growing community.

🔽We Have🔽
🔹 NSFW channels🔞
🔹 Dank Memes
🔹 Waifu wars & other bots
🔹 Anime & Mangas 🎌
🔹 Cursed Images 👌
🔹 Lots of other fun channels
Flower Viper is a gaming community for everyone so that they can feel included. Most of us are on pc but we also have a few that play on both ps4 and xbox. We are a fun and friendly server, with a focus around games. We play games such as Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and League of Legends and more. Can't wait to meet you all! Please love us we'll love you <3
•This server is for those who genuinely miss Leafyishere/used to be a fan of him and want to sort of "regroup" with the community. 🦎🍃
•Please read the rules. Breaking them and then saying "I didn't know" is not a valid excuse.

•This server is 13-18+.
•WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED OR IN CONTACT WITH LEAFY. This entire discord server is just the fanbase. I hope one day he comes back for the people who are still out here waiting for him and commenting on his last vid every day. Even if it would mean that he would make different kind of content,i'm sure people would still be really happy to see him come back. And i know he wouldn't want us to be sad about him leaving. So I just really hope that he's okay and doing well. 💚
Foxes company is a small discord group looking for members we have memes cursed images for funny haha's. Channels for streaming channels for game development and more. We are very friendly and are looking for you!
Welcome to the sinners club we are looking for to expand this condo that’s completely functional you can be as sexual as u want here