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Discord Server mit dem Stichwort Robux

1 - 24 von insgesamt1413 Servern
8 = 100
15 = 200 Robux
25 = 300 Robux
50 = 650 Robux
100 = 1250 Robux

At 10 or 100 members we will make peice SUPER HIGH!
🔴We are a Roblox based rewarding server, all of our rewards are listed below!🔴
🎉Daily giveaways from Robux to coins!🎉
🎊Multiple drops for Robux and coins every day!🎊
🛒Public Marketplace to sell and trade🛒
🎁Invite rewards, level rewards, and boost rewards🎁
🔆9000 members and growing!🔆
💜150 Robux just for boosting💜

Hello There!
Dino’s Paradise Is an amazing server for roblox players!
Not only does the server have an active and out-going community, we also have a bunch of fabulous rewards and giveaways!

This is the best server for you!
Tired of the scam sites that offer you "free robux"? Now free robux is a reality. puts robux into your pockets for simply completing offers, surveys, quizzes, and more!

What if you're a scam?
We only ask for your username so there is no possible way we can scam you.

What's different between this and other reward sites?
Unlike other reward sites, our payout rates are much higher and we never run out of stock.

We also offer invite rewards in the form of robux, Skyblock coins, and other in-game currencies!

Use today!
| ⟼ active chat & community
| ⟼ free nitro/robux giveaways daily
| ⟼ looking for staff often & fresh emotes
| ⟼ nsfw categories with the hottest nudes
╔╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾╾ ╗
╎ İninal Oyun #15 invite = nitro
╎ Boost
╎Pubg Mobile UC
╎Ve Daha Daha Fazla Ödüllerimizle Karşınızdayız
Tired of getting scammed from those fake "Free robux" sites that are just cash grabs? Well there is now a legit site that makes free robux a reality. With we give you robux just by completing simple surveys, offers, and quizzes. You could also earn robux through giveaways, promocodes, and being active , and way more instantly deposited into any roblox account you want!

Q:What if this is a scam?
A:We will never ask for your roblox password and only ask for your roblox username to deposit your robux into any roblox account you desire via group payouts.

Q:What makes better then other sites?
A: has the highest payout rates compared to other site, and we have many ways for you to earn robux and you can deposit robux at the minimum of 1 robux so no worry about needing to gain 5 robux or complete any offers before you are allowed to deposit your robux into your pockets

Everyday there is a new many way to earn robux. With daily giveaways, daily promo codes, and 24/7 support you are guaranteed to get the free robux.

Come and join today!

1️⃣) Ever needed GFX? Well this is the perfect server for you! Here we sell and buy GFX!

2️⃣) Want to chat with amazing and chill people? Join SGK now!

3️⃣) We need trusted, and hard working, moderators and administrators! We announce a lot of moderator applications.

4️⃣) Wanna have roles? then head over to the roles channel!

5️⃣) If you want to become a GFX artist, just put 1-2 GFX's you have done! And wait for a ranker to give you a specific rank, depending on your skill!

6️⃣) Have fun selling or buying GFX!

7️⃣) 2+ Server Boosts!
New Giveaway Server!
🍻 Welcome to Roblox Central 🍻

Roblox Central is a server for all Roblox traders/players. Our vision for this server is for a comfortable, safe, and gainful environment where you can earn robux, trade, and socialize with others. We host many events and giveaways for a chance of you winning robux.
- adopt me Giveaways everthing what we find! (it is all FULL GROWN most time)
- Robux giveaways every week!
- Trading
- Bloxburg giveaways
- Jailbreak giveaways
- More nice stuff
Join now to claim your FREE ROBUX!
THis is totally free and u can get some Robux right now!
Don't miss out on the free Robux!
New server intended for trading, selling and buying mm2 and adopt me items. New verify system
One of the only legit rewards servers with 10+ ways to earn robux/rewards in just a short period of time. Not only that but we have a active community, giveaways at least hourly and over 10 giveaway channels!
Come join the Bready Bunch!!! It’s super fun with lots of giveaways!!!! Mainly roblox but planning to expand! We have anime too lol 😂
This is a robux giveaway server. You figure most of these are scams. Sometimes your correct. But for this one... you would be incorrect. This is an actual giveaway server. Don't believe me? Come see for yourself! We have rules, information, events, giveaways, games, proof, self roles, polls, a general chat, a bot command chat, and of course, memes. We also have channels for applications for moderator, sharing your roblox username, and partnerships!
Looking to get some free robux?

Join the server and check out the site.

We give the highest paying rates with a lot of giveaways/events/game nights with prizes of robux.

The boost rewards are 100 robux ATM (withdrawable to anyone) each time you boost

Every time you bump the server you get 5 robux