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The Original 'The Vault!' 2100+ members and growing! The Vault is a gathering point for any and all Wasteland Explorers looking for a social hub, a local watering hole, a place to discuss your adventures in the Wasteland, as well as a place to meet other Dwellers ready to get out there in the year 2102. We have giveaways, contests, Vaults & Vertibirds, and many other gaming rooms as well! Come on by!
This is a community server for all fans of the Civil Accounts which cover: Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Outer Worlds, Rockstar Games, Tom Clancy Games, Minecraft, World News, Nintendo Games, Witcher, Halo, From Software Games, Borderlands, Assassin's Creed, Bethesda Games, Tolkien, Call of Duty.
We have bots that moderate the channels, play music etc. It also has channels for NSFW with the other channels kept clean for all others.
I'd highly recommend you check it out, and help it grow and expand!

Come in out of the cold dark wasteland and join the ranks of
This is a Fallout 76 faction which follows a more Spartan ideology. Play Fallout the right way.
The Virginian Centurions.
Welcome to 'Darkened Skies Over Chicago': a brand new RP server based on the Fallout universe! We have a lot of plans for the future in terms of mechanics, events, locations, factions, and much more: with a properly immersive RP server from our beginnings in the vault into societies scattered across the wasteland. However we do have some problems with proper growth: as most advertising in proper Fallout communities is banned, so we need your help to properly develop this community into an active an welcoming server suitable for everyone!

We're offering open-ended RP, a new community to discuss in, immersive and entertaining content, better mechanics, and much more. So if you're interested: feel free to join, share your questions, concerns, or whatever you may have and I'll happily answer! I hope to see you on our journey through the wasteland: dealing with the hardships, so that you may finally overcome the pain and survive in the ruins of the United States.
Play Fallout 76 the right way! Join an amazing community of over 500! With the ability to help rank up faster then before. Check out our Instagram page @westvirginiarepublicfallout
The year is 2281, and both the NCR and Legion are looking for control of the Hoover Dam. Courier Six was shot dead by Benny, but not before hiding the coveted Platinum Chip, thus ruining Mr. House's master stroke. Without a wild card to tip the scales, the tensions between Bear and Bull continue to grow, day by day. War is coming back to Nevada, it's only a matter of time.

For war never changes.

This is an open-ended, player driven server with the intent of being the platform for players to craft their own adventures with their own original characters. We have a robust rolling system, with stats made specifically to simulate the game's experience in a RP environment.
Large friendly gaming community (PC ONLY). PVP and PVE both. The rules are simply: Don't tear down your fellow guild mates for fun and no drama. We would LOVE to have you, We have a collection of very excellent people here and they are all waiting to meet you. :) We play many games together including Fallout 76, Overwatch, The Division 2, and we plan on playing New World as it drops in August. This is a large community that likes to help each other to have a more excellent gaming experience. Join us!!
Fallout: Genesis 2284 is a fallout roleplay server which acts in the year 2284. If you want to do some roleplay with friendly people then are you here on the right place! We are working the most time on the server to give our community a nice place. A place to enjoy. Even if you dont like roleplay, you can talk with other people about your favorite games and you can share your own creations or memes! We are happy to see you soon on our server!

About our rp:
-We have all the wastelandes and mayor locations from fallout.
-We have our own lore for other areas of the US
-We have our own currency
-We have our own bounty and quest system
-We have several bots for rp like tupperbox and dice maiden
Fallout is a server dedicated to the world of fallout, this server allows you the users to roleplay as oc's in the wastelands, either joining a canon faction or creating your own, or even traveling as a loner searching for your propose in the world.

What we offer:
- a growing staff team that is very knowledgeable of the fallout world.
- lose rules allowing the freedom to do as you want while also holding order
- a custom factions system
- many faction-based roles
- a fun OPTIONAL gm system that can be used for allowing interesting experiences and challenges.
- and so much more

Join to see what else we offer and begin your journey in the world of Fallout.
Welcome Wastelander,
We are the NCR a group dedicated to upholding pre-war values of democracy and we need your help to succeed. We offer a variety of roles from doctor to soldier. To allow for any play style. So come help us retake the work we once knew.
Praise be the NCR.
"Good Morning! Vault-Tec calling!”
Welcome to Fallout: Destiny! A discord server focused around the game franchise of Fallout, owned by Bethesda Game Studios. Here are Destiny, we offer much for our members, including the following;

-Weekly and Monthly quizzes based on a fallout game, factions, etc. to test your knowledge on the fallout franchise, as well as offering rewards for correct answers!
-General chats, gaming channels, all the chats you could want to talk to to fellow Fallout fans!
-An active staff who is always willing to help out members in the best way possible!
-A roleplay section for our roleplay members! With most every location you could think of and many systems to make roleplay more interesting, roleplaying here on Fallout: Destiny should be fun for most everyone!


We hope to see you on Fallout: Destiny soon! And if you do decide to join us, then congratulations of being prepared for the future!
Fallout is one of the best post-apocalyptic game franchises there is. And this server is for fans of that franchise. It doesn't matter which Fallout it is, it's Fallout, and the game you love.

Our server features include:
- Discussion and lore channels for all Fallout games!
- Fallout Game Franchise News
- Fallout Roleplay
- 76 Trading Channels!
- Level Roles
- Staff Applications
- Bots & Emojis
And more!

Just remember, what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Hello! We are the Fallout: Appalachian Tales, a fallout rp and general gaming server. We mainly focus on Written Narrative Roleplay surrounding characters across all factions in Appalachia.

We have been a pretty tight group since early on, and we’re primarily Playstation. Now that Wastelanders is fully launched, we’ve gotten back into playing the game like old times. We’re open to all players that enjoy PvE, running events, or just grinding Gold Bullion

Of course, not everyone’s into RP and just enjoy investing their time on discord chatting about games, lore, and just fooling around. We’d also like you to join us on about any game that catches our attention, since even our main game can feel a little tiring.
Welcome to Vault 38! Vault 38 like many vaults before it was created for the sole purpose of collecting data on its occupants. Some vaults used more extreme hypotheses as their basis for their experiments, but this vault was simple, it was created to mirror the old world in all its forms. Thus just like the old world, this vault would be broken up and separated into classes. You are born into a class, either Upper, Middle or Lower class. This class is where you start, but it may not be where you end. The Upper class has the fewest occupants, but lives in a life of luxury with a higher salary then those in the lower classes, for these reasons they must strive to protect what they have by any means necessary. The middle class, which is the most populated of the three works hard to keep their spot safe. Just like the middle class of the Old World these dwellers live in comfort and are paid fairly, but also strives to earn a spot higher up the class system. The lower class though abundant in occupants has less space than the other areas of the vault. Where some members of the upper, and middle class have quarters all to themselves, the lower class quarters are made to hold entire families in the same unit, leaving little room for expansion. The lower class does have one exception to this rule. This exception is in the form of extremely large quarters, reserved for certain criminal elements residing in the vault. These quarters have rooms to hold up to ten members quite comfortably, and include workstations and supplies in order to keep a steady stream of chems flowing through the vault. As well as small arms to protect or antagonize the locals. These three systems all have checks and balances to them, and each are watched carefully by the Overseer himself who has not only the vault security at his command, but has the best robotics money could buy at the ready. This included Protectrons, Turrets, and Eye bots as well as a few deadly Sentery bots armed and ready for any threat both foreign.or domestic. The main goal of this vault is to see the American dream at work. To watch how its dwellers react to the class system, and to see how its all affected when one person wields full power over its inhabitants. How will you effect the story. Will you start from the bottom and work your way to the top by any means necessary? Will you use your politics and cunning wit to keep you and your family safe at the top of the food chain. Will you start a gang to rival to sling chems and make money from the safety of the lower class? The possibilities are endless, but the choice is your!
Greetings fellow wastelanders! We are the newest faction in the West Virginia and we are looking for people to join our ranks. If you are in need of a good wholesome community for questing, leveling, future raiding, crafting and trading then this is the place for you. So come on in and lets explore the fallout world together!

This server is for PC players only we also have a rp essence however you are not required to participate.
Fallout: A New Life is a recently finished Fallout RP server meant to showcase and offer a world where all the series' factions are at the peak of their power. It falls to the members to help craft this world, shaping it's events and political landscape. The server offers a wide variety of areas to roleplay, from the toxic hellhole called the Pitt, to the City of the Dead, the Sierra Madre, even to Western Canada and all of the Lonestar Wasteland.
Hello, and welcome to The Vault we are a fallout based, a roleplaying server that hopes to provide a secure and nice vault to all of our occupants. Either stay in the vault and work your way up like a vault dweller. Or go into the wasteland and do expeditions and competitions and risky your life for big rewards. Or even become the next vice overseer. What way will you choose?
Invite Rewards.
Fun Bots
Stable Economy
Expeditions and Competitions with rewards
A massive wasteland for you to explore.
Join today, to experience the amazing vault.

Welcome to the vault. This is our Lore
It all started back with the great war that then grew into paranoia and tyranny.; unimaginable things, that we wish we could unsee. This all led to a nuclear war. Three Vaults were built but only one of them survived the colossal blast. The shockwave alone made thriving cities turn into ghost towns. As one of the USSA's vaults, the infrastructure was well built and managed in preparation for such a catastrophe. Ever since then, we've been thriving and trying to rebuild our piece of society here in The Vault. Though the tensions rise again, as from chaos, more shall be born. Be weary. Stay Safe. Stay in The Vault.
Join the Discord specifically for RPG fans | Mass Effect | Dragon Age | The Witcher | The Elder Scrolls | Fallout | Cyberpunk | And More
The theme of the server is colors obviously theres chats for fallout and terraria dank memer can be used for the money game memes and other things there is a leveling system aswell
Welcome to Fallout: Eternal!
We started our journey on April 20th, 2020. We are committed to creating a fun and accepting environment for all Fallout fans alike to hangout and meet other people without the fear of toxicity.

With an awesome general chat area and several opportunities to make new friends using our unique faction system, you shouldn’t be finding yourself feeling lonely or bored!

Currently, we have several extra categories for all interests. Using reaction roles, these can all be picked to your liking, including:
-Gaming Platform Channels
-Creator Channels
-Game Bot Channels
-Roleplay Channels
-And More!

So, are you interested in joining our community? Come and say hello!

Note: We are currently still a work in progress!
Looking for a random Fallout RP server? this one follows a alternate path of "what if the courier stayed dead" among other things. this server offers a fallout rp experience along with faction+worldbuilding players can take part in, current focus is on the west coast though there is plans to expand to all of post apocalyptic America.

Story: In the years since atomic hellfire rained down upon the world, much of what would be called the Continental United States have changed, in the west coast 2281. a courier carrying a certain package would be ambushed in a attempted robbery. after finding out that the Object they where looking for was gone after a sandstorm set the delivery off course. the Courier would be shot and buried, he did not get back up. The NCR's authority over the mojave would slowly wain, eventually a robot + Goon coalition would push them out of new vegas. leaving it a independant city state. how long that will last is uncertain.
This is a new server, our lore isn't complete yet! but so far, we are taking it one step at a time! ^-^

The year is 2300, the turn of the century. 13 years after Fallout 4, the latest in the games' canon. The setting is the state of Florida, a part of the Gulf Commonwealth in the Fallout Lore.

This universe is supposed to fall in with what happens in the other games and stay as lore-friendly as possible. The lore is explained in parts in each area, so yeah.