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We're here to help, trade, share tips and hang out.

We have:
Radio Channels, PVP Channels, Team up

Giveaways, Free shops for traders

Epic RPG, Casino, Pokemon, Dank memer

and more!

Playstation, PC and Xbox
Its the year 2242. Everything is goin downhill since theres no chosen one nor a protector for us. No nothing. Every single human is in danger. The New California Republic, those "pure" snobs at the Vault City and those jet barons over at New reno....they all want the same thing. More power. Even worse, This so called Enclave is still a major faction, doing what they want over the other factions and humans, basically massacring them in the "name of humanity" and claiming those innocent wasters they kill as muties. ass. Other ones...well, they're trying to survive either way. Some tries to do good to humanity while some others just does even worse to them. Hell might as well pack your stuff and get out of this shithole but you cant because you're trapped here on the west coast. So what will you do? Sacrifice yourself for the greater good for humanity? Harass the defenseless ones? Maybe even just try to decide.
Steel of Defiance

Steel of Defiance is a very close knit community comprising of Military/Veteran members, as traditional we keep to ourselves and do what The Brotherhood does away from faction politics and drama, though we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty if we are threatened.

To fully become a member you must go through a basic training session, please be patient and be aware you only see 1% of the server

[Do Not Join if you’re just gonna sit in the server, inactivity or no interaction leads to being kicked]

1. ⁠Unique bot

2. ⁠High activity, +60 members

3. ⁠Weekly Operation and Events

4. ⁠It’s own Official Codex

5. ⁠RP Patrols and PvP Wargames

“Si vis pacem, Para Bellum”

Join Ranks Today!

[Xbox One]

Check out our subreddit too for all Brotherhood fans!
A new, peaceful Fallout 76 group. Para-military fashion. But we value peace overall. We are a small but growing community and we like to be chilled and laid back. Come by and check us out!
Join up to make your mark on the world and get rid of assholes for fun! The Gunners are bounty hunters for hire we kick anybodies ass for the right price.
Halt there Wastelander! Do you wish to make your mark on the world?

Then join The United Brotherhood and be prepared for the reclamation of Appalachia!

- We now have a force of 430 strong.
- A very friendly and inviting community with veteran members willing to help newer players!
- A full lore friendly based ranking structure, where you can level up just by playing the game and talking on the server!
- Optional Light RP!
- A detailed and eventful history with a legacy dating back to the legendary original BoS Faction server in June of 2018!
- A followable Fallout 76 news channel with extra info you wont get to see anywhere else!

Ad Victoriam Brothers and Sisters.
This is a Fallout RP server that is oriented around a wasteland settlement known as "Remnant." It is currently being developed but the plan is to have the world surrounding the sprawling city be dynamic and influenced by the role players actions with NO RESTRAINTS to allow total and utter freedom.

Fallout is one of the best post-apocalyptic game franchises there is. And this server is for fans of that franchise. It doesn't matter which Fallout it is, it's Fallout, and the game you love.

Our server features include:
- Discussion and lore channels for all Fallout games!
- Fallout Game Franchise News
- Optional Fallout Roleplay
- 76 Trading Channels!
- 76 Faction Missions!
- Level Roles
- Share or find mods!
- Fun bots
- Partnerships
- Fallout Radios
- Lots of Fallout emojis
- Friendly Community and events!
And lots more!

Just remember, what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

Наш уютненький сервер который мы планируем развивать. Играем в разные игры. Так же при достижении 100 человек на сервере (без учёта ботов) мы планируем провести мини-турнир в CS:GO 2x2 на 300 рублей от нашей администрации :D. Заходите, поиграем.
Vault-Tec here! Welcome to The Vault-Tec Brand Fallout Kin Server! Welcoming of all Kinnies and Systems! With a simple, easy to understand rule-set and blacklist, this server is a comfortable environment to stay in when the uranium bombs have got you feeling down!
In Our server we Have
-Fallout Role Play
-fallout Themed bots
-Fallout help
-And Galaxy news radio
-Still being worked on
|| Fallout: Poseidon's Wake ||

Fallout Poseidon's Wake is a new Fallout RP Server, set in the aftermath of the Destruction of the Poseidon Oil Rig and the Death of Enclave President Dick Richardson (Fallout 2).

Focused on being a sandbox roleplay, the server aims to allow people to enjoy themselves as they develop their characters over a prolonged period of time. With that in mind, it was chosen to focus the RP in New California before the conflicts that defined Fallout New Vegas.

If this sounds like the server for you, we are looking for both players and staff to help grow this small little community into a self-sustaining space for good roleplay.

So please come check us out!
When it comes to Fallout 76, we believe that casual is the way to play. Despite the bugs and hiccups, our community is dedicated to having fun, helping each other out, and generally enjoying ourselves. With active looking-for-group and trade channels across all platforms, our members have little trouble clearing the game's more challenging events and getting their dream gear from friendly faces. Regardless of where you live, or what you play on, our general and off-topic channels are always welcoming and lively.

Our attitude is simple: play, chat, vent (within reason)-- but remember that we're all here to enjoy ourselves.
Howdy! If you're interested in a D&D style Fallout experience, this may be the server for you!

We have,
- A dice system that rewards risky gameplay
- Experienced Game Masters
- A character creation system that allows player creativity

The story is following the events of Fallout New Vegas, other than the Courier was killed in Goodsprings.

If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to stop by and check us out! Have a good day/night, and thanks for giving this a read! :)
Fallout 76 Trading Hub is a real time trading platform for the game. We are also a huge community who are passionate about the game. This server is for all gaming platforms!

FO76TH Is not just a trading platform but a place for everyone. Here we have a good variety of services you can use. We have our real time trading areas for each platform, we have service channels where you can get help for your armor and weapons.

We have a sherpa program where you can get help to the game by veteran players or be teached by them.

We have channels dedicated to keep you safe from scammers, we do have middleman and courier services.

* Real Time Trading for Fallout 76
* Passionate & Friendly Community
* Sherpa Services
* Price Checks
* Armor & Gunsmith Services
* Trading for all platforms
* Scammer lists & scammer reports.
* Fallout 76 official news & status.
Fallout: The old world is a main themed im Europe in 2158. We disclose from the original fallout lore to create a special project. Basing on the mods fallout London ( purely for reference ) and the fallout lore with our creativity, we offer a unique rp experience.
👋Hello, this is the Brotherhood of Steel: Dawn Rising Chapter! If you couldn’t tell we are a Fallout faction! We mainly focus on Fallout 76.

We have many ranks to be promoted to and if you play Xbox you have a better chance of ranking up since at the moment most of our members play on Xbox.

For any further information and questions either dm the owner Mr. Time#1342 or join the server!
Your service to this nation has been recognised ,and you are being offered an opportunity to join the United States Upper military Echelon Within the Enclave.
you may have many questions and in time will be given a full brief upon your induction and orientation

As a member of the Enclave you will be among the finest men and women that this great nation has to offer from the brightest of our minds to the strongest of our souls we have Americans from all walks of life who are proud to be apart of our organisation that will ensure the continuation of what our forefathers started well over 500 years ago

Upon your arrival and shortly after you have been brought up to date you will be free to choose a path with us that suits your interest and skill set

Please contact us at to request to join

We will be patiently waiting for your response

Regards; Colonel. E.V Barracus

We are an Enclave Arma 3 Unit that has been around for 1 and a half years. We are looking for new members to join us in our expansion and growth.
Hello, wastelander We are building up on all 3 consoles, Ps4, Xbox, and Pc.

We are Brothers and Sisters if we need any assistance or supplies we are willing to give, however, if you are a new recruit we will be hesitant to give you too much so remember that.

We are also looking forward to any allies. Message the Elder Immediately if you want our support.
We have a commendation system, where killing certain creatures and doing certain events will give you a certain amount of commendations. Each rank has its own commendation requirement, and level requirement.

You can make and advertise your squad if you don't have a full one.

We also have bots to make things more interesting
The server takes place in 2291, after the events of all the existing Fallout games.

New Vegas remained under Mr. House's control after the events in Fallout New Vegas. The Legion was defeated and pushed East of Texas, though they plan to begin retaking lost ground. The NCR remains strong in New California, with their influence slowly spreading into other surrounding states, such as Oregon.

The Commonwealth successfully destroyed the Institute's main headquarters through the Minutemen. Due to this, a unsteady peace was kept between the factions in the area: The Brotherhood of Steel, The Railroad, and the Minutemen. In the destruction of the Institute, however, the Minutemen allowed for many of the residents to flee. These remnants of the Institute moved further West, trying to establish new permanent bases in Texas.
-Harassment has no place on this server. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.
-Do not metagame or create unreasonably OP characters for roleplay
-PTK (Permission to kill) is needed when attempting to kill another roleplayer’s character
-Express permission from another roleplayer is also needed when delving into the more disturbing aspects of the Fallout universe (such as enslavement or NSFW activities)
-Use the appropriate channels for interactions on the server
-NSFW content is to be kept out of the server. If a scene is heading in that direction, you must give a tactful “fade to black” or something similar.
"We're an of the people, for the people kinda place, you feel me?"

This is a Fallout 4 Text-Based Role-Play!!!


War. War never changes.
The year is 2287. Nearly 210 years after the bombs fell, and that fact - that quote - is becoming more apparent by the day.
People attempted to start again, to live their lives as irradiated people in this barren Wasteland. Some people managed, living lives, having children, carrying on the legacy of the human race. Others… weren’t so lucky.
The experiment of Vault 111 failed. Every single occupant perished, except for the boy that was kidnapped from his parents some 60 years ago. There was not a sole survivor.
Now, the Commonwealth is divided. People still at each other’s throats to accomplish what they believe is right. At war with their own kind.
But, after all - after everything the human race has been through. They should have learned by now. But… no. War never changes.

What we offer:
- A friendly, welcoming staff
- An LGBTQ+ safe place
- Tupperbox Support
- A New Community
- Accepting both canon and original characters
- Many role-play channels
- Quick and flexible reviews on submissions