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Server (von 1711) auf 1-24
Looking to have fun and chat with others? The『Adventurer Guild』is an anime and gaming focused server! We have a wide variety of chats and are willing to listen to our community's suggestions!

We Have Fun Bot Commands!
A Variety Of Chats!
Hundreds Of Memes!
Anime Conversations!

Come check us out!

*a community for the dark and twisted*

[ ] As modern bohemians we're drawn to the darkest recesses of the mind. We understand that you're misunderstood.

[ ] Mature but laid back staff won't over moderate your witty banter, but never will we fail to maintain a safe and positive atmosphere for you to socialize and create new friendships.

[ ] Active group of gamers that play together daily! Join the fun in titles like PUBG, Ark, IMVU and more!

[ ] While we do have an NSFW channel, we don't tolerate nudity or graphic images. NSFW doesnt need to be lewd.

Key Features:

• Aesthetic and clean channels list
• Ping roles, no more mass mentions!
• Self-Assigned roles to show off your personality
• Active voice chat, come say hello!
• Nitro Booster rewards including customizable, private voice chat for you and your friends
• Groups for mobile gaming
• Engaging Discord RPG with Guilds, Classes, Races, PvP, Bosses, Raids, Gear, Leveling and more!
• Robust lineup of bots to provide a seamless, pleasant and fun experience (ProBot, Discord RPG, Pokecord, Mudae Gacha Cardgame, Rythm and much more)
• Personal profiles with currency, reputation and point tracking
• Social events including Karaoke, Skribbl and Cards Against Humanity games!

If you have experience and are a mature, friendly person consider applying for our open staff positions including Helper, Moderator, Event Manager.
A server for the fans of the meme-lord Youtuber, The Meme Sheep (found at: ) This is his official server! This server is for those of you who enjoy memes, gaming, making friends, meeting new people and having overall fun! Anyone is welcome to join the server. With special roles, events, and the ability to apply for staff, I'm sure that you will love it (: Come check out the server and say 'hello!' It's a safe community for everyone, and we're sure you'll love it <3
Playing every game you want, up to 20+ games and always you have teammates. Top 3 population:
D.D.U. is a friendly gaming/streaming server to help you find players for pc, console, and mobile games. We offer self assignable roles, game specific chats with roles, meme chats, music bot, stat bots, partnership, and more.

Our current games include Apex legends, fortnite, pubg, cod, battlefield, pubgm, Rules of survival, bullet force, Minecraft, Skyrim, and golf-it. There is a chance for new games to be added in the future as well.
A welcoming server that anyone can join.
- Has an array of bots
* Game bots
* Multiple music bots
* Image bots
* Color bot
* Etc...

eSports Organization with teams in multiple games. Join us and apply for a tryout if available or be part of our community!
** Battlefield V - Hanseaten Hamburg [HH] Community **

Ahoi zusammen!
>Teilnahme ab 21 Jahren <
>we are currently more focused on players speaking German<

Wir sind ein Freizeit Gamer Clan mit dem Schwerpunkt PC Multiplayer Shooter. Wie in anderen Clans auch, haben uns Leute verlassen und es sind auch wieder welche dazugestoßen. Das gehört dazu. Der Spaß steht für uns ganz klar im Vordergrund. Wir können auch mal verlieren ohne Wutausbruch!

Angefangen hat alles mit den ersten PC Games (so 1999, 2000) wie Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Battlefield 1 - 4 und aktuell Battlefield 5.

Hier wird in einer gemütlichen Runde entspannt Battlefield 4 & 5 gezockt. Also alle Freizeitsoldaten sind herzlich willkommen. Entspannt euch und genießt das Teamspiel.

Wir freuen uns auf neue Mitglieder
( ab 21 Jahren ), die so wie wir entspanntes
PC-Zocken in der Gruppe lieben.

Diese PC Spiele werden aktuell am meisten bei uns gespielt:

1. Battlefield 5
2. Battlefield 4
4. The Division 2

Möchtest du Teil dieser netten Community werden, dann bist du herzlich willkommen.

** Wir sind die HANSEATEN **
Here at SocialRejects Gaming Community, we are primarily a Ps4 console community, but we offer a community for all gamers, Console or PC, and we have a certain etiquette that we all have come to adopt, not just for DayZ server play, but guidelines that will help you fit in with the community and come to understand our mission to create a community of respect, tolerance, and a family oriented spirit of gaming. Our vetted community are very tight and hold our members in high regard, because ultimately, at the end of the day, this should be about having fun.

We operate 2 DayZ Server, one Chernarus RP Server with rules, and a No-rule Vanilla flavored Livonia server. We also play other games commonly such as PubG, CoD MW and well as a few others that may be in the works such as considering a new Rust server once it releases on Ps4
Hey, we are friendly people from Germany :) , we play a lot of games, one of them is Battlefield and some Destiny2! Join us and have fun! 🤪

Moin, du bist ein netter Zeitgenosse und auf der Suche nach einer Gaming-Community, dann bist du bei uns genau richtig. Wir sind eine deutschsprachige Gaming-Community und stetig auf der Suche nach gleichgesinnten schießwütigen Gamern! XD Tritt bei, lade Freunde ein und fühl dich wohl! Alleine zocken macht nun mal kein Spaß! Übrigens zocken wir letzte Zeit vermehrt Battlefield und Destiny2! Komstu her! 🤪
Selamat datang di server kami.
server kami berdiri sejak tahun 2017 , walaupun member kami tidak begitu banyak. ikatan persaudaraan kami sangatlah kuat.
ingin bergabung dengan keluarga GPS ?

syarat mudah, ga gampang baper haha
👋Сервер начинающего стримера PUBG LITE | ZimplePlay discord
Доброго времени суток! Приглашаю вас на мой дискорд сервер! Здесь я провожу стримы по PUBG LITE, играю с друзьями и подписчиками. Так же проходит набор команд на киберспортивные дисциплины. Я всегда рад новым участникам на моем сервере. Вас ждет добродушная, дружная команда, живое общение и веселое времяпрепровождение. Залетай!
Hey you, yes you,

Welcome to our `SFS EXTREME` family,

Wait your asking why should you join?

1. We hosts *competitions* every weeks!!
2. We're having a *Active* server
3. We supports hard working *YouTubers*
4. We're having emotes of *sfs parts* to teach new gamers.
5. We share awsome bp files everyday.
6. Music flows in our vains!!
7. We have *Achievement roles.*
8. Awesome bots like * mantaro, TATSUMAKI* and others.

We believe in working something *unique* . We can't explain this *vibes* in words. Tight your seat belts join the server and get ready for roller coaster ride.

( Server is still under construction period only few things are left to be made so please hang on)

A new made gaming server to promote gaming.
If you are a gaming fan, then please join and be a part of the C00l community.
We do we offer
~Friendly community
~Lots of fun bots
~Lots of text and voice channels
~Active members
~Self roles
~Separate channels for feedback and suggestions.
and so on.
Help us grow this awesome server.
У нас активный сервер с доброжелательной администрацией, если вы ищите себе друзей для игр, то милости прошу зайти к нам)
Сервер где можно хорошо провести времени в компании, и поиграть в разные игры.
A server where you can have a good time in the company, and play different games.
На этом сервере можно поговорить и поиграть с другими геймерами можно создать клан или просто найти друзей для команд или просто говорить на разные темы очень приятноя отмосвера.
Играем во всё, что предложишь именно ТЫ!
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