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ducttape ducttape
so gud
yes. amazing. yes. no n words btw please. 80 characters pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Supreme Bandit Supreme Bandit
It's great if you know what you're doing.
If you're a good Roleplayer, you can accept bad things happening to your character, and you know an even small amount about military etiquette, you'll love this server. It has a great storyline and engaging events and while sometimes mistakes are made and drama starts, I find it's outclassed by the quality on the server. Russia ftw
BoxWithAHat BoxWithAHat
The server owner left and left some new guy in charge who changed everything and fucked up the revival/ptk system. It's just gonna be like every other hogwarts clone.
DoctorMan DoctorMan
Hello I am alt
When I first joined this server I was welcomed with open arms. The community is active, and it is not a safe place. But that's not a bad thing. I absolutely love the conversations I happen to be apart of, and the best part is that most of the people are lurkers. You can trust me because I'm not a mod
Joyful_Jerker Joyful_Jerker
The most supportive server i've seen!
This is literally the most caring, supportive, and friendly community i have encountered! Everyone is wonderful, friendly, and so supportive! You really make long lasting connections here and its incredible!
Cranberry Juice Cranberry Juice
We love this
Supreme Leader rules all, very nice server with very cool people in it 69/10 would recommend :)
LeighPlaysMC LeighPlaysMC
Good Community Server
Exility is a good programming community server for Discord Bot developers out there!
iddeku iddeku
Nation RP done right
Upon joining you get to decide to run a Nation. Important information in the form of google sheets offers helpful guides and links offering detailed and easy to read instructions. Discord Nation also offers several immersive properties that leave either a positive or negative effect on your Nations Economy. Lead your nation responsibly.
Community shows a gray area between IC and OOC comments which may be used strategically or as an propaganda tactic to ruin your nations international reputation.
Btown Btown
Good Community
Type-Z Gaming Community is an all in 1 Community for Streamers, Gamers, Giveaways, Help, and Feedback!
Eelmeister Eelmeister
Short time, but fun
I joined a few months ago and only stayed for a few months.My experience with the mods was good only getting a unjustified mute. The community was fun, but tends to take things seriously so you have to be obvious when you meme. RP was pretty fun though and there was a lot flexibility with what you can and can't do. Love from Kazakhstan.
Its not a server, its a family
I've been on this server for a couple of months now, and and I love it here. I'm happy to say how different this server is from the others. We're one big family here, the admin are actually ACTIVE, and talk with you in the chat, the owner especially, he's a good guy with a huge heart, and will definitely take the time to reply to your questions. We have a surprisingly troll free community considering our size, I've actual yet to see a genuine annoy person on the server. We also have top tier hentai channels for all your lewd desires. I'd definitely recommend this server to a friend, if I had any :).
stertyzx stertyzx
really good
gives quick service
fair with the rules
always fun
nice staff
in my opinion this server is so good but i think it can become better :)
VampX VampX
Great Admin Staff and Story
I love the story that they are creating here! The admin staff is super helpful in character creation and in getting you involved in the story. They have a clear path of what they want and need and are ready to unfold new stories at any point in time! Always keeps you guessing!
Hurder Hurder
A wholesome, welcoming community.
As a female user on this discord, I can attest to the fact that they fully embrace and welcome feminism and equality for all. This is one of the few communities that I've found which truly respects women and their plight against the patriarchy.
Gryphon Gryphon
Pretty good
Out of all the nation servers, this is probably the most enduring one. The admins genuinely do care about the server above all else and tries their best to make a good geopolitical rp. While the server did have its problems within its user base due to people's inability to separate rp-speak and ooc interactions. However, when the mods gets their shit together it is genuinely a good experience. Do note that you need to have A LOT of patience in this community as you can see from the one star review. The only problems I have is how much of a revolving door the mod team is and the pace of events strongly depends on how active they could. Overall, the server is fun rp-wise but the disputes between community and the mod team will grate on you due to how high-stakes the rp events are.
Undyne Emerald Undyne Emerald
Good ig
Playerbase can be bad on the occasion and mods could be a little more active. Of course not their fault but hurts the server sometimes. Other than that events are good and shows a decent amount of realism to irl.
Pedro Candia Vázquez Pedro Candia Vázquez
Excelente servidor
Muchas mejoras de boost gracias a la comunidad, muy bien organizado y administrado. Ademas que las opciones son accesibles y facil de usar.
Roger Crowe🌮 Roger Crowe🌮
Llevo unos meses en el server, ni bien llegando, ya te están regalando juegos, las personas super agradables, siempre hay alguien para jugar diferentes juegos, 2 juegos a la semana GRATIS, simplemente no hay igual, debería haber todavía mas gente en este gran server
ur abusive uncle ur abusive uncle
how 2 type
hi sori how 2 type i kennut see plz help wat huh wat >:((( okuurr https://disboard.org/server/618687777805959178
🧸ㄗ∪SSㄚ Sㄥ丹ㄚモ尺🧸 🧸ㄗ∪SSㄚ Sㄥ丹ㄚモ尺🧸
Ballance ton quoi
Meilleures serv discord rencontre amoureuse amical chill fun vous aller bien vous amuser dessus je vous le dit ❤️❤️
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Almy Almy
not good
The mods are inconsistent in literally everything. Favorites are clearly chosen when it comes to punishments and things like that. If the mods like you, you are immune to any form of punishment or reprimand. Also, there will be times where there will be many updates a week, and then times where literally nothing happens for a week. And the structure of the server results in us having to reset every few months because it gets boring. If the community wasn't as good as it is, I wouldn't have stuck around as long as I have. Also, everything is super unnecessarily confusing.

The split structure of the mod team makes things hard too. When I tell a mod I want to do something, 50% of the time I get ignored, 40% of the time I get told to DM a different mod, and 10% of the time they can actually do it. Also, nowhere does it say what mod does what, so you just have to hope you're sending it to the right one.

There's very little organization. There have been several instances of retconning because mods approved stupid things, and often great ideas don't come to be because the mod team simply ignores them.

Don't recommend for the actual roleplay, however the community isn't bad
Aiden-Jayy Aiden-Jayy
Good server with a lovely community
I have been a part of Kinks ’R’ us for over a year now and there is an absolute reason for that. The friends I have made here have been some of the best friends I have ever made and I was almost instantly accepted into the community as not just another member but as a friend.

The staff are amazing (though I may be biased as I am one of the staff) and really do try their absolute hardest to fix issues in the server and deal with any problems accordingly. Yes mistakes do happen but people must remember that we are human and mistakes do happen.

The server is well organised with many RP rooms, as well as your general community rooms where you can talk to like minded people and make friends just like I did.

If you are a kinky person looking for a kinky community, I couldn't recommend this place more :)
kujira kujira
aiya server farmlilar
eberyt1me I see dis server. I join. I sad. I as a Chinese man is disappointed. Asia so sad. Make my heart sad. Dis is tragedy. Aiya. Even tho I am strict Asian dad I very love creativity. This no creative. A copy. :(
Jenny Jenny
Melhor servidor do mundo
Sempre gostei deste servidor, eu amo jogar com amigos e amo conversar e conhecer pessoas novas, super recomendo, servidor como esse não tem igual

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