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santa cruz santa cruz
il y a 42 secondes
Nashmara Nashmara
Fleur infini
Il est tes instructifs et solidaire et respectueux je trouve après c'est mon avis
il y a 2 minutes
toast シ toast シ
the staff is really kind and caring, they do look after the members in the server and they're all so sweet omg i love them all ;w; the roleplay here is also above and beyond, it's enjoyable so i highly suggest you join! i had really good experiences with this server, and it's my favourite demon slayer server by far! not to mention the wonderful members, they're all very welcoming so you'll fit in easily. if you do join, i hope i'll see you in the server and maybe we can rp together one day qwq
il y a 2 minutes
tortillachipswithsalsa tortillachipswithsalsa
Interesting discussions
Post the usual debate event times, where people starts to cool down from their fiery debate. We usually delve into cool and interesting topics which last on for hours upon hours
il y a 2 minutes
Emre"Roise"Sünbül Emre"Roise"Sünbül
En iyi dclerden
Bu güne kadar gördüğüm en iyi ortamlardan abi kardeş ortamı mevcut kesinlikle bulunulması gerek...
il y a 3 minutes
Seby Seby
5 Stars
Best server i ever seen they giveaway 150+ accounts everyday and the invite rewards got over 20 vouches in 2 days
il y a 4 minutes
Scylrz Scylrz
Awesome and Fun!!
this server is really creative, and it's a great community to be a part of. Probably also the closest we'll get to an actual hunger games, and I love that. Really fun to interact with people, and things get even better when the games start! It's a great server in general!
il y a 4 minutes
ᵔᴥᵔLight ᵔᴥᵔLight
Lots of egirls
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How you so ratchet but same time classy? (How?)
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Nah, sike, I won't even pay mind (Nah)
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Been about a check, so I had to bounce back (Back)
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And yeah, this my jam, tell DJ, "Run it back" (Run it back)
So what, I took ya' bars, fuck you gon' do back? (Huh?)
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Green up in my gas, eyes low, off the pack (Uh)
Talkin' hot, I look at your bitch like my cum rag
il y a 5 minutes
Vxzty Vxzty
what can I say about intel, It's an awesome server overall

Great community keep it up
il y a 6 minutes
\ramen\ \ramen\
Strict rules but just right
Many people have complained on the server rules, but I quite like them. It’s properly enforced and on the event in which staff are doing things out of hand, you can easily report them through the plato bot. The replies there are quick and the matter is efficiently solved
il y a 6 minutes
konrad_124 konrad_124
Bardzo fajna społeczność ogółem spoko serwer fajnie sie bawię na nim jest ogarnięty Polecam bardzo dobry serwer😀😀😀
il y a 6 minutes
Kaguya-sama Kaguya-sama
The new maven role they added which they describe to be “The maven role is given to those who are considered experts in a specific field of study and/or knowledge. Every person with this role is considered the top mentor in their expertise.” Is quite interesting. I have been to a few of these maven lectures and I must say, I am impressed
il y a 9 minutes
Cicero Cicero
I’ve been on and off discord loads, but this server has to be the best I’ve been on, even at work, I love just listening to the debates and discussions! It’s a great way to pass my time
il y a 10 minutes
-𝓜𝓮𝓰𝓪𝓷- -𝓜𝓮𝓰𝓪𝓷-
The self care club is a wonderful environment and makes me feel better. Once i joined i instantly felt better and it gives you people to talk to, things to do, and it kind of gives me some sort of purpose.
il y a 11 minutes
SaŞa SaŞa
valorant türkiye
Saygılı insanlardan oluşan bir ortamı var. Arkadaşlık ortamı mevcut. Oynanabilecek yeni oyuncular bulunabiliyor. Her seviyeden her yaş grubundan oyuncular var. Twitch üzerinden dönen yayınlarla turnuvalar düzenleniyor.
il y a 13 minutes
Vxzty Vxzty
Great server
This is the best server on discord, 7A is ma fucking home rn I sleep in VCs

Great staff team and awesome owners.
il y a 14 minutes
julius caesar julius caesar
Amazing server!
This server is amazing, there’s always great discussions going on and never a dull moment. The morning debates are fantastic, where all debates from quantum physics to cap vs soc are discussed!
il y a 17 minutes
rubix rubix
I love the plato bot!
One of the main reasons I love this server is because of the plato bot! I feel like it can do literally anything and everything. The embeds it makes are so aesthetically pleasing.
il y a 18 minutes
Vxzty | PM Vxzty | PM
Suite 7A
Great server, Great staff, Great community. Period.

Would pick 7A over any server anyday
il y a 18 minutes
Ginger Ginger
Social Spot
This is a good place to hang out in general. I originally joined a little over a year ago looking for some social atmosphere since I had moved to a small town for school. Well, I've since moved from that small town, but not from 7A. There are so many people active you'll be hard pressed to find a boring moment in this server. There are also dedicated staff and routine events that make it easy to be engaged and involved.

The staff is also regularly around, so it's fairly quick to establish rapport with people and find your own group or groups as you get to know your way around the server. After enough time on here speaking with active members on the regular, I've also found 7A to be a good place for peers--there have been groups and events focused on things like photography, gaming, fitness, etc.

7A is a well-rounded server that has what you're looking for, just be mindful of others and have a good time!
il y a 20 minutes
JuSeF StAlIn JuSeF StAlIn
Super serwer!
Haikou o tym serwerze:

To fajny serwer!
Bardzo go lubie, polecam!
Dołączcie wszyscy!

il y a 22 minutes
Crakers Crakers
Un serveur accueillant et très ouvert
Le Royaume est un serveur ou l'on vous accueille dans de superbes conditions et ou tout le monde est sympathique. Peu importe son statut ou son rôle, tous les membres sont à l'écoute et vous aide à en apprendre plus. J'ai d'ailleurs beaucoup appris grâce à ce serveur. Je vous le conseille fortement 😊
il y a 22 minutes
alpha male alpha male
Amazing Small community!
This server has a very nice and small community with staff that are helpful, yet you can have a joke with them.
il y a 24 minutes
HungryChatterXD HungryChatterXD
The best mix of both worlds
Anthalor is a server with diverse races and species, it is clear that the staff and owner alike take great time and pride with their work. The server is fun to roleplay in and the community is nice (at times). Anthalor I could definitely see to reach maybe 70 - 80 members easily so long as people give it a shot, that includes YOU reader!
il y a 25 minutes

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