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❄️Winter Lounge❄️
❗ Hey you, yes you, would you like to join our discord server? Would you like to meet new people?
Participate in our giveaways and the activity of a real community? Well, join our discord server now!

💠 We provide:

- ✅ Active chats: start talking with our community members and take part of it easily
- ✅ Non-toxic members: tired of being bullied by toxic people? Well, you will never find any toxic environment in our lounge.
- ✅ Friendly staff: they make sure that chats are clean. They will listen and answer all your questions.
- ✅ Fun bots: Dank memer, gamesROB, Elit looter... all of your favourite bots are here!
- ✅ Giveaways: during them you can win discord nitro 🎊
- ✅ Emojis: Use our unique animated emotes even if you do not have nitro with help of Not Quite Nitro bot.
- ✅ AND MORE !
We're a discord community looking foward for more members, we love gaming and would like you to join us! We're looking for new active staff to help us out. We're mainly a community based server but we also love gaming! so come on down and join us! we love to see new faces here and it makes us happy to see new people. We have tons of good emotes if you have nitro and you will love them, join now!
🗣️Ai chief de caterinca? 🙋‍♂️Ești prietenos și amuzant? 🤩Acest server este perfect pentru tine. ✨Aici vei găsi oameni amuzanți, prietenoși și dornici sa te cunoasca.

♦️Info server♦️
🗣️Voice chat
🎮Voice gaming
🔒Voice privat
🤖Boți muzica
🤖Boți amuzament
🔝Auto roll level

👍Te asteptam!

Wir bieten dir einen schön Aufgebauten Server mit vielen Bots! Ausserdem eröffnen wir in den nächsten Tagen den MC Server. Wenn ihr einer der ersten sein wollt, einfach mal joinen!
----- To Satisfy Your FiveM Needs! ----
---------- Cheap Patreon Keys! ----------
----------- Looking for partners! ----------
---------------- 100% Free! -----------------
Want a Fun Experience on a Brand New up and coming Minecraft Server?

Well now, you're in luck! Introducing The Garter!

A New Minecraft Server that has Recently Opened and are looking for new Players to join! We offer a lot of fun games inside the server as well! Stuff such as,
And a Ton of Minigames as well!

We offer a ton of unique minigames and originals as well, such as Hunger Games, Skywars, and our game Cake Clash, just to name a few!

What are you waiting for? Come on down to The Garter!
❀ Es cult

❥ LGTBQ+ server, we accept everyone!

❥ Cult, we are a pfp cult trying to grow. Without the pfp you are allies that support us!

❥13+ server, we are looking for 13+ people here.

❥ Active members, we have active members here.

❥ We accept every language and everyone.

︵‿︵‿♡ ︵‿︵‿

A fun group that accepts everyone, wanna join? here is the link!
join :
Server NSFW (18+)
- A community dedicated to fun!
- 9 ranks for time played on the server
- No restrictions to play
- Only a few rules
- only 24 addons for fast download and boost FPS for no lag
- Less time to download stuff
- No useless addons
- Fun stuff to do (Like crafting weaponry and all such)
- No toxic admins
A German/English Discord for anything, we deliver different options for rp (Text, Gta, Arma).
Some Servers are still Work in Progress but some access is already possible.
Minecraft Mulitverse Plugins Server with multiple Gamemodes: Bedwars, Survival, Varo, Underwaterworld etc.
Season 1 Starts very soon!
Join the Discord now to be the First one on the Server!

5x H/G
Breeding, Tameing 15x
New Discord Join here and get Rdy for Season 1!

FivePD Response, we are a community that was founded on the 1st of May 2020 from that point on we have been growing ever since. Our community is pulling a consistent and dedicated playerbase and we have formed a tight bonded community with a love for roleplaying FivePD because of this.
We make sure your experience within our community is one of the best experiences you have while on a FivePD Server, our staff team is constantly active making sure any questions our community members have are answered effeciently.

**Where can you find us?:** You can find us in the FiveM Server list by searching "FIVEPD RESPONSE"

We would love for you to join us on the discord aswell and come and hang out and experience the amazing new resource "FivePd" that lets you interact with AI's

**Applications?** YES! We have open applications these applications are:
**Staff Applications**
**Dev Applications**
**Whitelist Application**
Why is law enforcement not an application? Because you dont have to its FivePD! come and patrol the streets however you like (Aslong as it is legal)

**What do we have?** Custom LEO Vehicles, Custom EUP Uniforms, Custom FivePD Scripts, Custom Callouts, Active Admins, Friendly Community

**Heres the link give it ago what do you say you might love it like we do**
Do not join this server for the sake of satisfying your curiosity. This is not a place for everyone. We only accept people 15 and older. What we deal with is real, and NOT to be mistaken for any sort of roleplay/ARG/Creepypasta.
We are always welcoming members and we are always seeking assistance. In order to find out more, you may join and ask a moderator.
▶ IP: ◀

We're a Minecraft Bedrock Server with a large variety of fun minigames to play! Our goal is to bring the best experience to players, which is why we really want to hear your feedback for us to improve! Join us on Discord or follow us on Twitter (@SkyBladeMC) to stay up-to-date!

To summarise, here's a list of things that we offer:
- SkyWars ⚔
- CoreWars (BedWars Equivalent) 🛡
- TNT Run 🧨
- Clash (All-vs-All PvP) 💘
- Spleef ⛏
- One in the Chamber 🏹
- SPLAT (Team Paintball) 🐱‍👤
- Build Battle 👷‍♂️
- Punch (Sumo Equivalent) 👊
- Free-Build Creative 🏗
- Daily Rewards ✨
- Rewards System with Shop 🧰
- Game Statistics and Leaderboards 🔢

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some friends and get playin'!

As a welcome, run '/redeem' in-game and enter code 'WELCOME' for a reward!

We can't wait to see you online! :)
Apocalypse MC is a developing server bringing factions and a story together.

The story is as follows.
A volcano, years ago, had exploded, wiping out most life on the blocky place that was earth. The few that had survived grouped up in a giant crater formed right next to the volcano. There was nowhere else to go. To the north was a giant volcano, the south was a path straight to a cloud of ash and the west and east was simply a giant wasteland. The ash cloud had formed a ring around the volcano, trapping them in. They gradually formed the community as we know it today, but it didn't all go as planned.

As the tribe slowly grew and grew, the 10 or so original survivors began to succumb to greed. They, in secret built blimps to escape from this nightmare. After stocking up on supplies to last them an eternity, they took to the skies, and created a small island to manage the others bellow. They slowly got worse and eventually tyrannical, sending down supplies to the settlers bellow to watch them fight over them. After many years, the settlers bellow had split into groups too. The largest are the miners and the guerrillas.

Miners mined into the volcano to find the precious magmore, and accidently discovered the magma chamber of the volcano, still quite full of lava (nether). The Miners never really bother anyone but can get aggressive if you insult them or their pride.

The guerrillas are a large collection of warriors who are bent on destroying the creators, and anything that stands of the way of them and the blimps. For some reason this includes anyone who isn't a guerrilla. Some say they have gone mad...

Many others decided to go solo, or form small groups. They did whatever it took for them to stay alive.

Eventually, the original survivors (now widely known as Skyrants), grew tired of watching their roads and buildings being torn apart - even though much of what was left was not theirs - and sent the Watchmen. The Watchmen are a robotic sort of creatures, that range from the heavy lumbering, golems to the small and nifty scouts. They won't attack you unless you attack them first or damage the roads. It is rumoured that inside the Watchmen's base, there is lever that can deactivate the golems and send fast travel shuddering to a stop. Unlike golems, however, scouts will continue to work if their base gets shut down and will fight brutally.
Wir suchen User auf unserem Discord-Server!
Falls du mal Langeweile hast kannst du gerne mit uns reden!
Viel Spaß.
We are an ever-growing community with the aspiration to make a safe and fun place for players of all ages to join! We offer plots of 3 different sizes starting from small to large! We host minigames as well as have a server wide roleplay set to open soon!

You can join our server at !
We would love to see you there!
Ich sage mal Hallo :)
Zum größten Teil geht es in unserem Discord um das Thema Spielen (Paladins, Minecraft, Dead by Daylight, Fortnite und vieles mehr), dazu kommt auch noch, dass wir einen eigenen Minecraft Server für die Community besitzen. Zusätzlich streame Ich selbst auf der Streaming-Plattform Twitch.
Von Pc bis zu Nintendo Switch/Handy ist alles vertreten, wir sind derzeitig auch am Planen wie wir vielleicht mal ein Turnier (Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, Mario Kart) veranstalten könnten mit Preisen.
Es sind verschieden Bots auf dem Server Installiert (Nate Bot, Rollenzuteiler, Musikbot, Erisly,...)
Natürlich sind auch viele Anime Liebhaber auf dem Server und auch andere Themen sind immer Willkommen.
Vielleicht klingt das ganze ja ein wenig Interessant und ihr schaut mal vorbei :)
🌟 🌟 💫 Druid MC 💫 🌟 🌟

DruidMC is a new RPG server focused around magic, urban fantasy, and long, exciting storylines. [WIP]

We are currently not open to the general public, but are looking for all staff positions. Rules are extremely relaxed, you by default get creative and tp at the lowest rank, and all commands may be used for personal use.

If you want to apply or have any questions, join our server!
No rules server..
(There are few rules and those are: No gay people or trans people. no scat no gore those are all the rules. join lol cause rules like: mass ping/ping everyone, spamming is allowed).
We have an epic 30 player PvE economy cross play realm. In the realm we do have ways to PvP such as a team dueling pit, a battleground, a FFA arena, and a section of Overworld dedicated to PvP. If PvP isn't your style most of the Overworld is open for the taking! Come join us!