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Just a general chill server. Hoping to gain more people soon come join and talk.
Read rules first :)
goos is a server where we chat, share memes, videos, art and all kinds of things. we also have events such as movie nights, game nights and art competitions as well as fun minigames in chat :)

this is a server for all (under 18).

this server is currently a work in progress, so if you see somethings missing, thats why

dont be afraid to talk

g cya in the server
Simply a place to chill and chat with others ~ 🌹🖤

We have...
-A wide selection of chats with various topics
-Lots of bots to have fun with
-An overall goth/alternative aesthetic
-Dating profiles
-Daily activities to partake in

(💀🖤 - We're brand new! Come be a part of our buildup - 🖤💀)
Olá forasteiro, vejo que é novo por aqui, te convido a entrar no nosso servidor, venha, vc será bem aceito e respeitado.😎👉👉
-Staff 24h✔️
-Membros ativos e legais✔️
-Sorteio de Nitro a cada 3 meses✔️
-Cargos exclusivos✔️
-Chat variado✔️
-Sistemas de nível, com cargos e recompensas✔️
-Eventos variados semanalmente ✔️
Celkem server kde jsou celkem lidi jsme málokdo je weeb tady jsme gameři,máme rádi memy máme i vlastní MC server
¡Hola! Tengo flojera así que no escribiré una biblia aquí. Los invito a mi servidor totalmente random, Solo es para pasar el rato y por diversión. Podemos organizar y establecer eventos o variedad de cosas dependiendo de los mismos miembros, Somos pocos así que me gustaría que entrarán para socializar y poder pasarla bastante bien.
˜”°• **Welcome To Miya's Coffee Shop** •°”˜

Welcome to the Coffee Shop ☕ Here, all members are welcome. We're a community/chill server where you can talk to new people and make some new friends! 💗

If you're considering paying us a visit, we have tons to offer!

• 💬 Active chats for those who love to talk and socialize.

• 🎨 Plenty of self roles and colors for you to choose from.

• 📃 Organized channels.

• 🟫 Our own dedicated Minecraft Server

• 🔶 Helpful Staff; We're here to help no matter what you may need.

• 📘 Fair and simple to follow rules.

With much more to come! If you'd like to take a stop by, we're waiting to welcome you. We hope you enjoy your stay at the coffee shop!
🦀 friendly sfw community
🌊 tons of roles, fun bots, and easy layout
🍍 hiring free pms and looking for staff
🦑 welcoming for everyone
Welcome to Kogarashi 雪!

Kogarashi is a server for people who want to chill and be part of a close active community of people, as well as talk about their favourite games, anime and many other stuff.

We like to keep rules simple so if you like servers with more freedom in chatting this server is just for you!

We also happen to offer:

❆ Wide Variety Of Channels, includes Gaming,memes,Anime pics and much more!

❆ Various Cool Bots (Server Exclusive Bot Soon)

❆ Great NSFW Channels.

❆ Gaming Category and chats for fans of Genshin Impact, League and even FGO.

❆ Fun Creative Events from time to time.

❆ And many more occasional gatherings. (both VC's and Text)

And if you happen to worship anime thighs, you are especially welcome to join us
Joe mama's house is a place to hang and meet new friends
- Dank memer
- Giveaways
- Gaming
- Memes
- Community
Founded 2020/9/24 ♡

Here you can learn languages ​​in English, Chinese and Japanese

In addition to socializing and learning, you can also find acquaintances and amateurs

Activities will be held from time to time

As long as the chat upgrades, you can unlock more emojis

You are welcome to join and help us improve the server!

2020/9/24 建立 ♡





チャットがアップグレードされている限り、より多くの絵文字のロックを 解☆除

Honey night へようこそ、サーバーの改善にご協力ください(ˊૢᵕˋૢ)
🌌 Welcome to Cloudywind! 🌌
Cloudywind is a community discord server meant for people who want to talk, vibe, and meet new friends! Here we offer many different channels for the various hobbies people may have and welcome all into our community!

🌌 What we'd like to showcase: 🌌
✨ Friendly Community
✨ Good Ownership
✨ Good Rules
A LGBTQ+ safe space for people who want to make tons of anonymous friends. Always safe and very small currently. Please join the family
I welcome everyone here in my server new or veteran fighting game enthusiasts, this server here is for people who love fighting games or even want to get into such genre from classics like Street Fighter and Fatal Fury to modern games such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate or Skull Girls. What you can do in this server is making conversations, making friends, play games (even if it’s not a fighting game) and hang out. We have a variety of content such as memes, bots, nsfw (which btw is optional), and share some art. For any new comers who are now joining I hope you enjoy this server me and my friends worked hard on and have fun.
Welcome to Arts!

A fun server we’re currently reviving. Here you can share your art, characters, interests, culture, whatever! Come make friends along the way!
This is a server where we make friends and chat about our favourite interests. We don't judge here, we just all be friends.
•°ᵂᵉˡᶜᵒᵐᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ᴬᵇʸˢˢ~ ⁽∪.∪ ⁾...ᶻᶻᶻ •°
・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・hola hola

🌙 ;; Nuestro server es una comunidad tranquila para pasar el rato riéndonos, compartiendo y charlando. Tenemos memes, música, diferentes tópicos para conversar ya sea casual o serio, variedad de hobbies y gustos, etc. sientete como en casa.

🌙 ;; Contamos con variedad de canales para diferentes temas, staff activo y responsable que te escuchará si tienes algún problema, bots para pasar el rato con los demás, eventos para las festividades y muchas cosas más!

¡Te estaremos esperando!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Foreign people who wants to
learn spanish is also welcome!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hey Friends! If you wanna have fun , chill, make friends and hangout then join our server! You can find among-us players here and you can too talk with friends ! ♥️♥️ Join our server to have fun! SEE YOU THERE 😉
Hello, owner here!

This is my wonderful server, and me the owner, Bubbles, has had much fun creating it!
We have many nice members for you to make friends with! We hope you join and if you do here is a list of things we offer!

~Self roles
~System support through plural kit
~multiple language chat
~A semi active community
~Stories aleast once a week, hosted by Bubbles!
~Movie nights
~A safe place to vent
~A cool staff team!
~An active member role for people who are at least level 10!
~looking for partnerships!
~now offering a roleplay channel!!

We hope you join, regardless have a good day! ^^
Bubbles out!