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A server to both chill and follow the progress of the horror visual novel I’m creating! Upload fanart, fics, get behind the scene progress or just have a chat, listen to music and share memes!

- Rythm bot for your music needs
- Multiple chats so things don't clog
- #aesthetic channels for you to enjoy
- A whole section to show off your art, writing and memes
- Yui bot, there for entertainment!
- A category for game development and suggestions
- Friendly mods
- A bunch of server emojis for fun times!
We're making a team for a development on a certain Roblox game. It's currently a big ambition and we probably need helps along the way, this server serve as a easy communication between devs, and discussion. We're making this server also serve as a public place to discuss and report the progress on our project.
Cockatoo Development Studios is a newly-established indie game studio.

Just released our first Android game very soon and we have a another PC game in the works! Help us beta test and be a part of our community!

Come join in, follow our journey and have fun playing our games!
Hello! Welcome to The Killers Cabin! This is a server where you can meet people who like most things associated with the Horror Genre, Gaming, Game dev, And other kinda of art! We would love to see you come by.

~ Lucid! and fellow members of The Killers Cabin
Our server is a small community that has some features
- developers developing on games

Games include: GoplexFPS

(I know it’s not a large amount of games like some people expect but we are trying our best)
This is the Bound Forest community discord server. Here you will be notified as soon as we have something awesome to show off before we post it anywhere else!

You are also able to help shape the game as we love to hear your ideas.
Join our server for a lot of knowledge and fun. Such as,

-We do Minecraft events. Like TNT run, Spleef, Build battle etc.
-We do roblox minigames and other things in roblox too! such as playing simon says, Playing roblox shooter games etc
-By winning these events you get special prizes in the server too!
-We do giveaways!
-Our staff members are VERY active
-We even try to help out Programmers with programming! such as Unity, Unreal engine etc.

We try our best to make the server as best as possible. We would appreciate alot if you would join it. Thanks :D
Wandering to find a place where you can chill and/or talk about programming?
If so, Programmer's Wonderland is happy to welcome you, because our server is all about
coding, collaborating, helping each other, and having a place to talk with friendly people- and so much more!
We have a wide variety of topics even for non-coders and we’re always listening to suggestions from our community.
In our server, you can expect:

- Bot's with very useful and fun commands!

- Safety from raids and trolls

- Place to enjoy chill conversations and friendly events!

- Listen to music, laugh at memes, or enjoy gaming with other members!

What are you waiting for? Join now!
Death Awaits is a game that I am currently working on. It is a roguelike-like in a very limited 3 color palette. Come here to see what I'm up to, and give feedback on the project.
Only Join if you have an hack the box account since verification is only allowed via htb accounts, we will support others soon.😉
In our server you will find like minded people for whom coding and hacking is their passion.
As you may have noticed we write coding along with hacking and hacking along with coding.
This is because we think they both go hand in hand.
Our server is full of either experienced people or people who know the essence of learning.
From beginners to expert programmers/hackers, everyone is going to find what they have been looking for.
Find answers to your questions, or help others with your knowledge.

Bonus:- People in here are not sadistic coder or hackers. They are chill and will talk about anything related to tech.
Ps:-Everyone loves to game in here and some might be otakus

->[For both]You will get free resources to learn coding as well as hacking(They are beginner friendly).
->[For coders]People in here know almost all the languages or atleast have some idea of almost all the languages.
->[For hackers]We wont ask why you wanna do something. Tho you are free to tell us if you feel like it. Everyone needs
privacy and we respect that
->[For coders]We organize friendly competitions for you to participate and in turn learn from the experience*

* This is solely based on the number of participants interested in participating.

Bonus Feature:-
->[For both]You will get updates when any major game is free on any distribution service(steam, uplay, epic games store, etc.)
Welcome to the Hexmod official discord server, in this server we promote the HexMod bot, I, the owner, release fun games every now and again, we also are the fan server for my twitch and discord.
We also host giveaways and so much more.
So come join the HexMod official discord server today!
Andrej` Designs
- We are a growing community of artists, writers, game designers and more!
- We have a friendly and positive atmosphere
- Join us @
Welcome to the official Gamaddict Community Discord server!
Our hardworking team is committed to ensuring that everything Gamaddict creates is excellent, fun & exciting games. There is no limit when it comes to our unique and imaginative games.As a rule, we’ve agreed never to release anything “less than awesome”.

We hope that you will have a good time here and you get to discuss interesting subjects and topics related to video games and its development and make new friends! This server is created for both Gamaddict beta testing and discussions, and also gaming and game development related topics.
The Creativity Circle is open to creators of all skill levels who want to learn together and teach each other.

Our goal is to work together to fight creativity blocks of all kind (writers, artists, etc.) and turn it into a never-ending circle of productivity! We hope that you'll be willing to join and help us build a positive, motivating environment for fellow creators.

We have:
- Roles for many different creative pursuits (writer, artist, game dev, etc.)
- Monthly events!
- Chill community
Our mission is to support and empower Indian Godot gamedevelopers by educating them, giving a platform for discussion and collaboration, and above all make game
Join This Amazing Server And Interact With People Of Different Skill Levels
We Discuss, Help And Learn About Various Fields Of Technology
Some Of The Fields Are:
2.Game Development
3.App Development
4.Web Development
5.General Programming And Coding
And alot More, Join Now To Have Fun.
We are RPG developers and fans ⚔🛡
World building and roleplay ⛏🗡
Everyone is welcome.
🏹Game Development
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🔞NSFW (♀♂⚧🦊)
This is the official discord server of my new game. The game will be released in the future (4 months+) but if you join now you can watch the game and the server go through all development stages. And if you join now you might be in the top 50 1st people to join the server! So all 1st 50 people to join will get a boost for the 1st day of the game's release, a special role in the server, AND a spot in the "Special-Honors" channel in our server. (+ maybe a message over your head in-game that says "OG")
Hangout, script library, and game development news all combined into one! This is the main server for RenvironsAR, a open-world google-earth style sandbox game!

Anything satellite imagery is more than welcome!
Plexi is a newly forming game development team! We hope to work together in making several game projects whether it be a small coding sample or a bigger project such as a full game demo. We would like to invite you to join our discord and help kick start our team!
1. Very friendly owners
2. Open to inexperienced creators
3. Relaxed environment to meet creators
Hi there, our new server focuses on software based development ranging from
general software engineering to video games and web development. This server
acts as a journal where developers can make blog posts on progress and
general development.

If you're working on a project or feel like this server could boost your passion then come and say hello.
🎉Welcome to Zayther's Discord Server! 🎉
Zayther's server is home to a fabulous community of game developers and gamers alike! Join and discuss about game dev with Zayther and his community from his YouTube channel and get insider looks on his games.
What we have to offer:
🎀 | A Nice and Friendly Community
🎫 | A Visible Self Advertising Channel
🎉 | HUGE Giveaways
🤝 | Partnerships Available
🏅 | Perks for Boosting Server
🤖 | Fun Bots including Dank Memer etc.
Can't wait to see you there!