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Welcome to the new server called SECTOR 574! (I had to capitalize the whole word and you can't change my mind!).

Here, you can enjoy role-play with other people (and NPCs by yourself) and create unique characters as much as you want!

Create Your Characters!
Let your creativity flow! You can create anything you want here! Whether it is a giant magician cyborg dragon or robot godzilla!

Choose your Alignment!
OUTLAWS: "outlaw" is a word which is used as a title for those who were born outside the sectors and they are able to leave the sector whenever they want.
REBELS: the rebels or "iron-wolf-legion" is a group of (as the government calls them) terrorists that try to bring the government to fall for rights and "true" justice for those who don't get any of those. this group of soldiers, veterans, outlaws, Bounty hunters and even civilian fight for the right to build up a new life outside the sectors.
SECTOR-UNIT: the sector unit is a organization of soldiers Bounty hunters and and other people (even civilians) that are trained to bring justice in the sectors and eliminate those who fight against them.
BLACK-SUN: the Black sun is a guild of Bounty hunters which assassinate every target they get. even the government hires them sometimes. it's a more likely neutral group which fights for those with the better payment.

Join Now! (We're lonely pls join. We need more people to start new events).
We are a small community server trying to grow. We have heart-warming people and staff. We have many channels and this server is a family-friendly server. Thank you for your cooperation.

It's just a fun place where everyone is accepted.. there's tons of nice people and we are all just here to have fun
Hi Welcome to World Of Floof we are a fun loving furry community but anyone is welcome to come say hi.!!!
Hello and welcome to Yeetus Deletus! We support all sorts of fandoms, and especially love Countryhumans. We don’t mind who you are, you’re welcome here!
This server is here for people to create new friends, and overall enjoy your time with others. Push yourself to be social with others, even though you might only have two friends IRL. It has several chat rooms where you can talk about specific things, and so much more. I'm eve open to suggestions! This server is supposed to be chill and laid back, so if that's what you want to do, you can join me and my friends!

I don't have much time to tell you this but I have been overthrown by the bots.

that means no owner

no staff

no coruption

This is a place to make friends.note this is a 13+ server where strong languageis allowed