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This basically a server for the public, a chill server. It mainly consists of teens though. Hope you enjoy this chil hangout! ♥️
Howdy yall come join my server we got corn and anything you want here just gotta say please also this i what you call a dating server so come join
This is our happy little server that we a trying to get active. We have minecraft bedrock realms that many members actively play.
This is my first discord server, and probably my best
hope you like it
This server has memes, games, and Minecraft enchanting tables
(Of course)
Come chill and hangout with us! We play games, listen to Kpop, and talk about random stuff!
This is a totally serious server run by a totally serious random idiot you found online, we are 100% honest about our knowledge of running a server, to be honest, i'm the best of the bunch, we have NSFW chats you can choose to see or not, we also have other chats you can choose to see.
Wie sind eine freshe Community auf der Suche nach neuen Mitgliedern. Bei uns steht der Spaß aller im Vordergrund. Join us!
If you can't be bothered to fill out an application, DO NOT BOTHER JOINING.
Yeet The Chat is a chat for people who just want a server to chill in. We post memes, NSFW smut (on occasion)
WE are generally are just people looking to meet new people & make friends thru the power of Yeet.
(We are LGBTQ friendly.)
This is Bear's Boys. I'm Bear. Come hang out with the boys. We're pretty chill and a lot of the members are funny. We just wanna harbor a community that's chilled. Most of our members like vc, so that's a thing. Join if you want, idfk
This is a sever for... i don't even know what XD jus feel free to do whatever just follow the rules i love you <3
Welcome to ¿ South Park ! A small roleplay server made specifically for South Park and its fandom.
A server where you can spam to your hearts content and chat with awesome people. Memes, anime, chatbots, and more!
We aren’t technically safe for work, but we welcome people of any age, race or gender. We’re mainly here to have a good time.
At Ridgepaw science labs, horrific experiments take place. Will you be part of the unlucky ones to be experimented on? Or will you be the one experimenting? Or will you guard the place and make sure none of the experiments escape/Harm others?
Welcome to Thucc Community!

In Thucc Community, you can talk about different games, watch memes with your friends, and just talk to new people! By the way, Duck + Thicc = Thucc.
- Welcome to the age of streamers come join!
- 5+ followers to become a streamer role
- To become a youtuber role must have 5+ sub
- Verification for the people to keep yall safe.
- Fun for all