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Iron Guard is a dynamic World War II roleplaying server. Even though it is historical, the community decides the outcome of every battle. This means exactly what it sounds like, Germany could come out on top, Poland could come out on top, China could come out on top. Anything is possible with a large enough community. That is why I ask you to join Iron Guard so that as a community together, we could create an alternate history universe that you, yourself, decide.

What do we offer?
- Friendly and Active Staff
- Available weaponry and vehicles
- Multiple channels to roleplay and combat in

What do we need?
- More active members
In 1943, in the midst of World War Two, a school in Ireland provides a sanctuary for children with powers. A town nestled beneath the mountain serves as an escape for these children, so they don’t feel as trapped. At thirteen years old, children from the countries in the Allied Powers are shipped off to this school. Some parents hide their children for as long as possible until their powers are too obvious to hide any more, and those children get taken away.

In this brand new server, you will be able to make your character a student or staff member using the templates provided. A very basic knowledge of WWII is helpful, although not required. If you have questions, the staff will be more than willing to help. One lining is not allowed. We would like intermediate members, but beginners and advanced writers are more than welcomed as well. We look forward to rping with you!
A server were you can get new friends, and talk about history. Anyone is welcome!
Server contains History channels, Artist Channels, Writing/Reading channels, and NSFW channels (You need to give yourself a role to access these channels)
Currently, it is 1956. WWII never ended because Hitler never killed himself. When the Americans, British, and Soviet Union came to Berlin, he launched an offensive and killed them all with his simplistic yet effective move. He soon retook commanders and reformed everybody, moving them deeper into post that are required and pushed the Russians all the way back to Moscow, crippling them. The Germans also retook France and all of that. Japan and Italy left the war due to them being afraid of what to happened to them. It's up to the Left over USSR, America, and BRitish and Commonwealth to protect the future and to see what happens to it. Fate lays in your hands, what will you do?
Short lore.

Germany does human blitzkrieg

Soviet UNion falls

Stalin dead

America and Britain must protecc (so does canada)

Italy and Japan yeet out of the war

World might die
Brand new World War 1/World War 2 Discord server where members are able to chat about WW1 and WW2.
The Militaria Trading Post is a friendly place to buy, sell, and trade militaria items from Any history, mainly World War II.
In no way to I or our member associate ourselves with the Nazi Party nor the Neo-Nazis.
We are but collectors and lovers of history and that is all we are.
Feel free to mingle. Feel free to buy and sell.
With Poland gone, Germany has pushed into France, overwhelming allied forces there. They have reached Paris, and the fighting is getting tense. Forgotten Warriors is a roleplay community that roleplays the German attack on France, you have the option to make your character, and fight for German, British, or French forces.

Be aware, we make unfunny & offensive jokes, come on in if you’re like us.
We are a rather small, (but large at the same time) community based around an alternate scenario, in which Erwin Rommel takes the throne from Hitler and Europe decends into cold war. The year is 1947 and the truce between Britain and Germany hasjust been broken, noone knows when or where the next Great War will start . . .
Welcome to the Waffen-SS!

We are a gaming and roleplaying server mostly dedicated to WWII-related topics and games.

-Historical Discussions
-And much more

Disclaimer: We are not a Nazi server and do not intend in any way to condone, glorify, and/or promote Nazism.

Enlist today!
Let's keep this simple, I'm in need of a WW2 era builder for a British group in ROBLOX. I've been looking for months and I couldn't find anyone, so I've made this server. Join and let me know if you're interested, there's more information to find.
Beginning in 1936 the world was preparing for war. You have to choice as a nation, rebellion, organization to change the world forever in this Alt History Second World War scenario. Join a roleplay with mechanics that make sense.

- Play as any country big or small or even as a Rebellion!
- Build your country up and conquer new territories and integrate them into your country
- Make friends, allies, enemies, and more!
Welcome to Obliviosaeque Bellum!

Develop your country in a WWII scenario, in terms of military, economy - make careful decisions that are alternate from real-life, whilst maintaining realism, if you will. Your country is awaiting you to play as it, so why not?

• WWII Country Role-play Server
• Second Server of the [UN] United Nations server sphere
• Professional and active staff, new server!
• Fun and detailed role-play - literate!
• Daily events when we reach 20 members!

and much more to come!

So why not come join today? We're waiting for you!
Dies ist ein Server für jegliche WWII spiele. Wir haben die Richtigen Kanäle und Bots, was wir noch brauchen, bist du!
The world has been spiralling out of control since 1939, but only you brave galiant warriors can affect how the world goes with your contributions and help! You can be a deciding factor for victory for the Soviets, victory for the British or victory for the Germans! worry not now, for the war has juat begun...and who will finish it? the people!
This community was founded to create a friendly environment of gamers and history enthusiasts of roughly the era 1918-1945. The gaming part of this community is pretty self explanatory. Rather the history side will date back to the end of as well as parts of WWI, that leads up to WWII. Discussing topics such as weapons, equipment, vehicles, tactics, strategies, logistics, technology, individuals and much more.
The Price Of War is a WW2 rp, where you take on the role of a country's leader or a general, nearly everything is open! The server has a quite realistic battle system and a gamemaster system to decide if actions succeed or fail, but the server isn't focused on just war, we also do diplomacy and trade! join now and I will see you there!
The trenches call to you!
We are an RTS style server that encourages you to think outside the box with planning and strategy. Very game will have a GM if sorts watching over and helping the players run their countries. Talk With other leaders in the general assembly. With sessions to the campaign every week, can you capture and rule Europe?
-RTS style
-Resource management needed
-Weekly sessions going throughout the campaign
-welcome to players new to this sort of thing
-were figuring this out as we go so let's get to it!

The fists of the German War Machine turn its gaze towards the Greek isles. Almost without a fight, the nation is recolored, with the flags of Germany and Italy. Black Jackboots march through the streets of cities that once held the greatest empire known to man. White sheets of Parachutes dot the sky, and tanks leave their own imprints on the dirt and mud of Greece. This once peaceful nation, the one that drove back the Italians, now it bends to the will of the German Army.
"WE NEED HEAVY *insert static noises or sum* NOW, WE GOT KRAUTS UP OUR *insert static noises or sum* PLEA-" Welcome to war, son. We got 34,250 infantry rushing up the Normandy Beach Omaha, aka Operation Overlord / D-Day. The Krauts are up the beaches shredding everything in their past, as bloodthirsty animals looking for their prey. Meanwhile, we have Resistance members following the specific orders to make this operation work in France. Bombing garrisons, sabotaging trains and convoys. If everything doesn't go wrong, the Yankees just might make it? Well, now the rest is up to you. Get your M1 Garand and get on that damn higgins boat, your up for a damn ride of your life, as you will finally feel fear like no other. "Hitler made only one big mistake when he built his Atlantic Wall. He forgot to put a roof on it."
--World War II U.S. paratrooper aphorism. Welcome to hell, and if you want to survive, you better get damn used to it.
An RP server dedicated to reenactments of the Second World War. Char development is a major focus. Alternate history can occur if certain events are impacted. Start year is 1939
The year is 1943. The Japanese navy has made short work of the American pacific fleet and is preparing to strike the final blows. Who will you fight for?
Disclaimer: The Waffen-SS is not actually a Nazi server. The server and its members do not in any way intend to condone, promote, and/or glorify Nazism.

We do:
-Historical discussions
-And more

Enlist today!