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After the Great War ended in 1922, the world was completely reshaped. New countries were born, old countries had fallen, and many countries such as the Commonwealth of Albion, United States of Liberion and the Germanic Empire had completely reshaped their borders. The League of Nations was created the following year to help the world recover faster and hopefully bring unity among nations. And, to perhaps prevent another world wide war, after all, almost a quarter of the world's population was killed in the fighting. The introduction of combat magic on the frontlines of war, as well chemical weapons, dreadnoughts, aircraft and many, many more “technological advancements'' made sure of that. Civil war broke out in many poorer countries that were left ravaged by the war, only to be annexed by larger countries.

In 1934 the element, which came to be known as Caelisium was discovered. The gold like material was found to be incredibly light, and containing magical properties. So when caelisium is infused with with steel or other heavy metals, it decreases their weight by astronomical amounts. This new material, has made things that would’ve seemed impossible only a few years ago, possible. The economy saw a massive boost, jobs increased thanks to new emerging technologies. Military technology also saw a massive boost, as countries started developing mechs, that were truly, a miracle of modern engineering in this era.

As a result, It ignited yet another arms race, and a global trade war between the League of Nations and East Eurasian Alliance. This is where we look to Lorora. The small port city is now the main trade hub of the Commonwealth in the South Pacific. Many independent merchant companies wage a figurative war against each other, trying to control trade routes and tax each other, trying to extort as much money out of everyone as possible. As a result, pirate activity has also jumped. They raid merchant ships and in some cases, take over weak merchant companies while fighting the large companies.

But during this time of “peace.” A new storm was brewing, far below the realm of earth. :)


What our server offers!

1. Plenty of bots to screw around with, but not too many
2. A friendly and accepting community. If you wanna have some dumb fun we’re down for that.
3. Guns, lots of guns. Did I mention factions, such as pirates and merchant companies.
4. Semi literate roleplay.
5. A diesel punk like setting in a alternate universe taking place in 1943.
6. Monsters!
7. Magic!
8. Much more that I’m too lazy to list.

Anyways! Come on down and check out the server for a bit.

United States Marine Corps 1940's

Have you ever wanted to be a Marine on Iwo Jima? In the Phillipines? Well, now you can! In this roleplay community you can be a Marine during WWII! From the Phillipines to Iwo Jima! We have an amazing and kind staff team that is willing to help you with your every need! So, you ready to enlist?
Led by a now experienced staff team, Death or Dishonor is a WWII RP server which started in 1936.

With a proper staff team that understands history, a complete warfare system and technology system allowing custom design with high scrutiny from the GMS, Death or Dishonor is a realistic alt-history server where different decisions will have realistic effects upon your nation.

So what are you waiting for? If you want a WWII RP with competent and active GMs, this is your choice. Join now.
Welcome to emperor’s 3rd group army! Where you can play hoi4 with friends and more! You can also socialize in this server and talk about WWII, Join now!
The Ardennes - 1944. The Ghost Sector. The only enemy is the snow, until the 16th of December where the Germans launch a devastating offensive against the allied lines, the fighting is only growing more intense as the weather keeps growing colder.

What will you do in this frozen hellscape, aid others with the red cross, try and live as a normal civilian, drive a panzer, hold the line against the German Advance? Its up to you.

++Reasons to Join++
+ A new, and small, server.
+ Roleplay set in France and Belgium in 1944/1945.
+ The RP will be directly impacted by your actions, and may carry on after the battle of the bulge
+ You can be new to roleplay and know nothing about the context, or have done it for years and have a fair bit of knowledge, we don';t mind.
+ For those with questions or who are unsure on what to do, you can feel free to ask staff or even just other members what to do.
+ We would be willing to partner on a case by case basis.

~~ Bots ~~
~ Disboard (Advertising)
~ Dyno (Utility)
~ Nadeko (Admin)
~ Rythm (Music)
~ Tupperbox (Optional for roleplay with characters)
The Militaria Trading Post is a friendly place to buy, sell, and trade militaria items from all eras. You name your war and we have the collectors. We hold a wide range of expertise from novices to experts and we are open to teaching anyone. Make your connections here and thrive in your collections
In no way to I or our member associate ourselves with the Nazi Party nor the Neo-Nazis.
We are but collectors and lovers of history and that is all we are.
Feel free to mingle. Feel free to buy and sell.
This is a message from the ANTIGLAS SOCIETY.
The Antiglas Society is a WWII-based roleplay server that takes place in Europe in the far, far future (67000 to be exact). In this dystopian world, humans made entirely of glass (known as Prisms) are shunned and massacred for being too "weak" due to their ability to shatter on command. The Antiglas is a society created by humans made of rock (Stonehearts), ice (Icicles), steel (Metalheads), and willpower (Warriors) who come together to spread this propaganda all over Europe, and then the world. Will you follow the Antiglas? Or will you join the growing underground resistance known as Shatterstorm to protect the glass humans?
Please consider this message.
Thank you!
Greetings. This is a Gmod project which looks into how well we can run a fictional campaign with historical accuracy following a German Company. We use NutScript and rely on immersion.
Come talk about everything tanks! In this server we love tanks and everyone is welcome to talk about them!
The year is 1939. The 2nd Great War has begun. Men and Women all across the world join their armies. I see that you would like to apply. Click the button that says join the sever to get to your local camp! Good luck trooper!
This server is a mass dedication to the study and deployment of every single platform of warfare possible. From swords and shields, to tanks and jets-- it covers every era, and every platform known on the internet.
It has more than only weapons and vehicles, but also channels for things like rations and cooking, tools, medicine, military equipment also for sale, and much more. (Also horses, for those equine people)

Along with possessing special ranks for those who complete certain tasks on the server to help establish and reward them for excelling inside of it.
If somehow that isn't enough to keep you busy, for those imaginative war lovers-- there is a fair sized "role-play" section to keep things active and interesting while simultaneously learning for fun!

On top of all of this alone, the server also has strong rules to protect its users from false information, server raiders, and makes sure never once new recruits are in danger.

When you get in, don't be afraid to kick back, relax, and enjoy the past!
ello there! Want to come out and talk about some military history with the boys, or learn something new? We got u covered! If you ever get bored, we have a military-related fact every day, plus a daily meme? So why don’t you join and see what we’re like?

•Channels and VCs for all your needs
•Daily dose of facts and memes
•Active staff
•Constant improvements
•Rewards for activity

And much more! Join, its free ;)
A server were you can get new friends, and talk about history. Anyone is welcome!
Server contains History channels, Artist Channels, Writing/Reading channels, and NSFW channels (You need to give yourself a role to access these channels)
Dies ist ein Server für jegliche WWII spiele. Wir haben die Richtigen Kanäle und Bots, was wir noch brauchen, bist du!
Welcome recruit to the Pacific Theatre. This war takes place in 1942, on islands in the Pacific. This war has two sides, The U.S. Military and Imperial Japan, aka the Rising Sun. You can fight for Freedom and revenge for pearl harbor, or, Fight for your Emperor and defend your nation. BANZAI.
We have

• Air, Ground, & Naval battles, whatever is your style we got a place for you. From grunt storming the beach, to a Ace in the sky, and even a ship captain.
• Custom units
• Active Staff
• Custom lore and islands. (Alot of it built off of CoD WaW)
• Events hosted often, especially on weekends.

The year is 1919. The Treaty of Versailles signed. The Austro-Hungarian Empire dissolved. Nations liberated.

The allies recent win has put them on a high. The war is labeled the Great War. The Germans are distraught at their government’s surrender. They no longer have a Kaiser. What were they to do?

The Russian Civil War rages on. The Whites vs The Reds. Will the communists come out on top, or will they be defeated? In this server, you can change history.

Join now!
Salut! Welcome to L'état français! This is a community, where you can make friends and join political parties that you like.
-Learn French from native French speakers.
-Join political parties and vote in polls.
-Talk about World War II France and events.
-Meet new people with similar views.
-Have Fun With The Game Bots
-Have Political Debates On Real World Problems
-Fight against other nations
Good luck on your French journey, and vive la France!
***THE COALITION OF OCCUPIED SERVERS*** is the coalition of WW2-themed roleplay servers, which is constantly on look-out for partners and enthusiastic roleplayers seeking to dive into the darkest period of human history.

Amongst many things, we offer helpful, knowledgeable staff, as well as a list of reviewed servers where you can roleplay to your heart's desire. So, what are you waiting for? Come! Join, and be part of this growing family!

Looking for partners, and potential staff members.
Let's keep this simple, I'm in need of a WW2 era builder for a British group in ROBLOX. I've been looking for months and I couldn't find anyone, so I've made this server. Join and let me know if you're interested, there's more information to find.