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Welcome to Nerd Fest! Here you can have all kinds of fun with various RPGs. From Dungeons and Dragons to Star Wars, to Fate, to Homebrews of your own making. Here you can meet people, make your own groups, discuss campaigns, and even play a session or two. We're happy to have you all here and hope you enjoy your stay!
D&D Anonymous is a communal server for people of all ages who want to play D&D, but have no one to play with, or no way to play, just want to see what it is about, or just want to hang out! There are several game rooms set up for people to join, and open resources for people, players, and DMs to use.
Fantasy role-playing game with old school roleplaying elements set in table top style game play.
The Nerd Asylum is a TTRPG community that encourages our members to promote, share, and help create various TTRPG projects. We produce several podcasts, and stream various TTRPG games on Twitch, we do monthly interactive tabletop games to raise money for Extra-Life, and we are also the home of DralaCon, a table top gaming convention being held July 12-14th in Fort Wayne, IN.

If you are looking to DM a game, play a game, stream or podcast a module, or just enjoy TTRPG content, we are here to help. Pop in and say hi. :D
All Things RP
What is it about:
Well simple, a roleplaying community that is a pretty chill community. We allow people to advertise for 1x1 rps or tabletop games.
We have rules you must agree to otherwise we boot you from the server (This is to make sure everyone knows and understands the rules of the server)
Outside of needing to agree to the rules, we’re a friendly community of gamers, roleplayers, and basically nerds and geeks, and writers.
Please note, though we do have NSFW channels that is not the prime objective of the server and you must assign yourself each and every role of the community you get involved in.
I.E. you must agree to the terms of the server to be allowed full access, you must assign yourself the role of NSFW, along with any other roles using bot commands.