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The Storm Reborn pays homage to the AOL Rhy'din of old, and caters to the veteran and new RPer alike. Do you miss the old mayhem of mass spars? The prospect of running with an old vampire clan family? Join our world filled with Vampires, Lycans, Angels, Demons, the Undead, Dragons, Elementals, and even brave Mortals who all vie for their place within this old world brought back to life. We do the best to offer our members a roleplaying escape like no other, including:

- Fully integrated dice system to prevent god-moding while allowing role-play over roll-play.
- A present and helpful Moderator Team.
- Engaging interwoven storylines with events.
- Group, guild, pack, and clan support.
- Currency to add depth and realism to earned resources. (Coming soon)
- Customized bots including a profile system, dice bot proctor, and more!
- Grab some AOL nostalgia with some Mass Spars!
- Dedicated and knowledgeable Race Leaders who are ready to help.
- Create your own story with our Bestiary!
- Online XP tracking system to help track your progress.

... and we're just getting started! Come and check out almost two years worth of story, friendship, love, loss, strife, and everything in between. Come back to the days of AOL Roleplaying and help keep Rhy'din alive!

A Storm is coming... will you brave it?
Las Alas is a modern fantasy version of Los Angeles, California, set in 2019. The city is inhabited by both mortals and supernaturals, who live out in the open. Anything can happen here. Any race or level of power is welcome.
Fantasy role-playing game with old school roleplaying elements set in table top style game play.
Community of writers

Welcome to Lanisle Island, the Bermuda Triangle of Rhy'Din...

Wonder why your car suddenly died inexplicably? Or why your phone shut itself off? Or, perhaps your friend is an android or has synthetic parts and suddenly they're malfunctioning....

If you guessed that technology doesn't work here, then you would be right!

Welcome to stepping back into time, Rhy'Din style. Lanisle Island is meant to be like a melting pot of people from all walks of life, etc, but with its drawbacks. Time to resort to the old fashioned way of handling things - swords, guns, etc. Steam powered machinery is acceptable too!

Electricity is limited to those who may be capable of producing it through magical/supernatural means. However, they will find their methods weakened considerably - so don't be thinking that fixing your car or phone is simply a matter of just "jump starting" or "plugging it" my friends....
18+ Muns please! We're laidback, but passionate about our writing and creativity.

Harbor Town may be a small server, but we are always growing, changing, and adapting to what our members play. We're a community of writers that roleplay, writing stories together with our characters. There is only ever ONE server wide SL that we encourage everyone to participate and offer ideas to the GMs of how their characters can be actively involved.

Server wide SLs are not done simply overnight. They are drawn out, allowing everyone a chance to participate in either a small way or large depending on what they are capable to offer without losing sight of their real life obligations.

Members also have their own individual side SLs that they are welcome to invite others into with them. Though we don't allow them to overly affect Harbor Town as a whole unless they are based in the town since we don't want to lose sight of the over all setting.

Welcome to Harbor Town!

A small seaside community where everyone knows their neighbors by name. Proud home of the Harbor Town Pirates, one of the many high schools within Rhy'Din. Harbor Town offers beautiful sights, friendly faces, good food and entertainment. For the most part, it is a peaceful town.
The Grumpy Gator Bar and Grill. Started on AOL around 2011-2012. The bar is located on the outskirts of Rhy'din City to the North, in the middle of nowhere. (There are no back alleys or street corners) Behind the bar is a trailer park, complete with trailers to rent for short or long term stays and near by is the Gator's Nest, a bed and breakfast owned by the same people. The Gator is a Hunter's bar (characters based off of Supernatural) but is set up to be neutral territory for all manner of supernatural type patrons so long as they don't cause trouble in the area or break any of the very few rules.

All are welcome to join in. We have more than one server to host the Gator and the surrounding areas. There is no application to join, just add a basic character profile and a picture and jump on into the bar to play. (Bob is the resident NPC bartender) The bar is a just a bar, sure things happen in and around it but it's the characters who are the story line. Open play for all.
The planet of Kazenperia is over six trillion light years from Earth, in a quadrant in the same universe. It is part of the Silverstar system, a quadruple star system consisting of three blue-white supergiants and a black hole. There are three planets in the star system--Marnuchin, the lava planet closest to the stars, Kazenperia, the largest planet, about twice the size of Jupiter, with an ice ring around it and multiple moons, and Zerobelu, the far out, frozen planet.

Kazenperia is a nexus world, primarily populated by the races of Starlightzendorians, Dark Star, Starzendites and Polyzons, but many races of mortals, immortals, gods, celestials and demons make their homes on this now peaceful planet. The moon of Toraz is like Earth, and its civilizations are more primitive, with medieval and modern settings.
Kazenperia is a world six trillion light years from Earth. Divided into a futuristic land of light and medieval land of darkness, and orbited by a moon called Toraz that is a nexus of medieval Rhy’Din and modern fantasy, the world is open to all RPers, with no race or power restrictions.
Looking for the old days of online roleplay on AOL? Want to rp with people with no need to create a detailed character sheet? Wait to have your character approved? Not be called boi or see uwu everywhere? Then our server is the place for you! Join Rhy'Din, an attempt to create the chat RP of old. Just join and jump right on in. No need to read up as public channels are purged every day, making each time people enter a new experience.

We are a new 18+ server of a mixed fantasy setting always looking for new members. We offer ooc channels and a place to request 1x1 rp partners as well. We will even create channels for your character if it is something you prefer, which can be exempted from the purge rules. We are always looking for feedback on ways to improve as well. Please, come try us out!