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A place where too chill. Also we arent so strict we may have some rules but if you have done something against the rules we wont mind that much. The server could be a place to talk and help each other getting rid of addictions and struggles. And mostly of all we got a e thot!
Family Friendly, many communities come together, so expect many categories and channels, introduction needed to access them, verification taken very seriously.
This discord was created for those interested in NoFap, SR (whether alone or in relationship), celibacy and spirituality .
We have a huge library of SR/Spirituality resources.
We also developed Celibot, a bot that allows you to set goals and track all of your streaks easily !!!
So if you want to share on those essential topics, join us now!
Olá guerreiros, somos um grupo de alphas em que discutem sobre nofap, redpill e etc...
É um grupo de nofap, e eu nao tenho visto nenhum grupo de nofap de lingua portuguesa no discord então criei um, seja bem vindo guerreiro!


Este servidor tem uma funcao em que consiste ter pessoas a quererem mudar o seu estilo de vida para melhor, com o nofap e tomando doses de redpill, pessoas que querem seguir o vosso caminho.
Nós discutimos sobre NoFap e Redpill, agradeço imenso se convidares aos teus amigos para que juntassem para o grupo Alpha
Muito Obrigado seus guerreiros

This server has a function of having people wanting to change their lifestyle for the better, with nofap and taking doses of redpill, people who want to go your way.
We discussed NoFap and Redpill, thank you so much for inviting your friends to join the Alpha group.
Thank you so much your warriors
For those currently in their journey to reach their highest potential/self we welcome you to join our server!
A gathering of cultivation minded people with focus on retention/nofap, and wellness (both physical and mental). We are also the original semen retention server.
An opportunity for people to break free of their previous limitations and help each other come into their own power.
Looking for an awesome accountability partner? Or maybe even a group of accountability partners? Looking to discuss the negative effects of porn and help people and yourself avoid it? Well look no further then TheBigBadWolf's Recovery (noFap) Community Server!

Note: This server is community based, and is not affiliated with the noFap® company. There is not any (official) server made directly by the noFap® owners.
*OFFICIAL* NoFap and PornFree Server

Join a strong, vibrant community, with monthly challenges, point systems, accountability groups, video programs, and more!
Hello Guys
In This Server You Can Make friends
You Can Use This Server For Both Gaming And Social Purpose
Its Completely SFW Server
But Make Sure That You Are Not going Against Rules
This Server Is For Both Introverts And Extroverts
I would like to invite you to a self-development group that revolves around NOFAP/PMO + (optional) Monk Mode, Life Design, Goal Making, Spirituality, and finding a deeper purpose in your life.

An international chat that has members from all around.

A private chat with an intimate setting for those who prefer smaller settings.

Inspiration chats, a rank system where you gain XP by talking, weekly challenges. As well as religious and non religious chats.

We offer four improvement programs. A day counter that adds real meaning, a way to find accountability partners in an instant, a way to take cold showers and connect to your deeper self, and a competition arena to challenge friends to fun actions

Day counters that add meaning – Accountability partner postings – A program that brings the virtual into real life – Religious chats of all types – Friendly competition challenges and more.
We also have a female chat. All ages welcome.
Welcome to Battle For Valor!

BFV is a discord server designed to help people with their porn addictions.
Our main focus lies on quitting porn, not masturbation (although we recommend going for a girlfriend instead of your hand). If you have overcome your battle with porn but want to stop masturbating then this server is sadly not for you. (try the Heirs Academy instead, its great). BFV is more than just a discord server however. Its a game where the players need to gain points / soldiers to increase the size and power of their own city and to take over the territory on the world map. All members in all cities play a competitive role but they are also fighting against a common enemy: PMO, or in our terms: The Dark Forces of Minas Mortis. Will you and your team be able to drive them out and return peace to the Kingdom Of Valor?
The Comprehensive Porn Addiction Recovery Platform.

Our Discord server is a place for porn addicts to support each other, as well as receive advice via the NeverFap Deluxe method of overcoming porn addiction.

The method is explained on the website, which is mandatory reading before joining:

In addition, we have a custom incredible Discord bot, which helps keep track of your posts and motivates you with your progress!

Regardless, I wish you best of luck with your porn addiction recovery, and thank you for checking us out ^_^
Notre communauté a pour objectif de mettre fin aux addictions liées à la consultation de pornographie, et à la masturbation compulsive. Ces deux fléaux sont à l'origine de nombreux dérèglements cérébraux, ils provoquent une dépendance dont il est difficile de s'extraire.

Zéro Fap s'engage à vous accompagner dans votre démarche, grâce à plusieurs dispositifs essentiels :

• Un respect de votre confidentialité : seules les personnes approuvées peuvent consulter les salons du Discord
• Des rôles qui correspondent à vos engagements
• Une assistance en temps réel, grâce au rôle de @Psychologue
• Une communauté qui se soutient et s'encourage pour aller de l'avant, et sauter le pas
We are a growing community that hosts no-fap/PMO-free championships for those who want to abstain from pornography/masturbation/orgasm.
This server is a brotherhood. We quit porn , support each other , challenge each other , push each other , just like a phalanx.