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find out by joining retard
Welcome to the world's most epic server. If you join this server you get an n word pass. Regularly engage in autism, stupidity, aids, ebola and cancer in this artful server.

Virgin? Social Anxiety? Depressed? Excellent! Dark humor, nsfw, toxic chats and to top it off, we have the best edgy emotes in town. Come check us out! You lowlife loser.
You know how every discord server is filled with uptight sensitive babies? Well it's a pain in the ass and I've created this server to let everyone talk how they please, there will be some rules, let's not make it a complete cum dump. A server made by assholes for assholes. What are you waiting for liberal, do one thing right in your life.
slit ur tendons muppet i stg dont join dicknog lmao leave u tweaking on the pavement u ape ++* my dad edates my mom hehe apes
Bring your own gas mask, if not then I'll throw you in with the Jews
Tbh we are kinda cancerous af but I promise we can be mature about stuff (sometimes)
Please dont be an underaged child (17+ only would be preferred)
We are doing a giveaway so come check it out 🙃
Frost will send you feet pics if you join 🐸
Hi and welcome to The Garden, an Occult-themed meme server! Come stop and smell the roses in this meme server for those that have an interest in all walks of life! Our channels include ~Diviation Memes ~Conspiracy ~Religion ~Magic And everything in between! We hope you drop by!
Welcome to Cancerous HQ! The new shitposting server in the community and we hope to grow, What's different than our servers compared to others? tf do you think this is a free market and you expect UNIQUE servers? well if that's the guess then you're RIGHT! we have

24/7 roadside assistance

immediate quote

Acceptance gaurent- oh fuck I was reading the wrong scrip *ahem*

The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test tha- oh goddamnit wrong script again.
we are a bunch of retards from all around the globe that unite to spread aids across the interwebs no normies or fuckboys or senstive cupcakes ..snowflakes you get the picture just join and post aids and get earaped daily and yeah join you fuckface welcome to the family you CUNT.
This is a server where boys become men. A slightly anime themed shitpost server. Come and chill. We have hentai and memes
We are a up and coming community that is complete aids. We are probably the most cancer community you have ever been a part of. If not then whatever i really don't care. If you join, you are consenting to being bullied and otherwise curb stomped. But don't worry, Its all in good fun! Everyone no matter who or what you are is welcome! We do not discriminate in this community. We are all equally trash.
Hey my name is sofi. uwu. my irl bf bean (discord name). set up a server 4 me n my !single! friend tam. (ps gr8 ass). this server 4 shit n giggles. not too cereal hehehe
Satan`s kitchen is a good community run by good people.Dont join if your over 20, dont join if your under 14. Most of the members play minecraft so having an account would make it easier for you to fit in. My only rule is to not get offended and don`t take things too far. BTW we are not Satanists.
This server is a cancerous hell hole, do not near. Only the bravest of the brave join this server and make it out alive. If you are easily offended, I would advise you to slowly walk away, and to find a server that will better suit you.
Sup FUCKER, wanna shit post anywhere for absolutely no cost whatsoever to your reputation, status as a member, or your mute status? The Jazzy Void is in HIGH DEVELOPMENT but that doesn't stop you from joining.