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This is the worst meme server on discord. It will give you terminal autism. For the most cancerous edgelords only.
DΞFΛLT has invited you into his discord server!

= Here's what this server can offer you! =

- Free animated emojis!
- 🎮 Gaming! Find a teammate for your corresponding game!
- 💰 Economy An economy system to compete against others!.
- 👥 Community Yet another chill, and a non-toxic community...Like all other servers "promise".
- 🤖 Bots Tons of bots, about 35.
- 👏 Memes Everyone in this server = Cancer.
- 🔴 Roles React to instantly give yourself a role!
- 🏳️‍🌈 Colour Roles Loads of colour roles...41 to be exact.
- 🔊 Advertise You are always welcome to partner with us.
- 🔥 Games Play games like Hangman, TicTacToe and chess with the community!
- ❗ Updates Get updated for patches on your favourite games,The Fortnite item shop and YouTube videos!
- 🥔 Potatoes! Buy one get one free!.

Chivvy along mate!
The state will be glad to see you there.
A server where anything goes!
We are looking for new staff and partner managers!
Highly tolerant admins & total freedom of speech!
Active Voice Chat!
Self Assignable Roles!

tags: gaming community anime rp roleplay fun memes chill games music social voice chat friendly art the boys planetside gmod overwatch shit autismo chat
lame community with some semi-lame people, please join and feed my ego
dont join if ur a pussy
Must be 18+
Community oriented but kinda cancer
We are a music/meme group, dedicated to spreading as much Cancer and Autism as possible
Hi, Phil Swift here with Flex Tape! The super-strong waterproof tape! That can instantly patch, bond, seal, and repair! Flex tape is no ordinary tape; its triple thick adhesive virtually welds itself to the surface, instantly stopping the toughest leaks. Leaky pipes can cause major damage, but Flex Tape grips on tight and bonds instantly! Plus, Flex Tape’s powerful adhesive is so strong, it even works underwater! Now you can repair leaks in pools and spas in water without draining them! Flex Tape is perfect for marine, campers and RVs! Flex Tape is super strong, and once it's on, it holds on tight! And for emergency auto repair, Flex Tape keeps its grip, even in the toughest conditions! Big storms can cause big damage, but Flex Tape comes super wide, so you can easily patch large holes. To show the power of Flex Tape, I sawed this boat in half! And repaired it with only Flex Tape! Not only does Flex Tape’s powerful adhesive hold the boat together, but it creates a super strong water tight seal, so the inside is completly dry! Yee-doggy! Just cut, peel, stick and seal! Imagine everything you can do with the power of Flex Tape!
Fun server. Mainly cancerous. No kids. Join us
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a server where you can do whatever you want because well idc rlly have fun
Go fuck is general chat... NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF (Disclaimer, don't go in NSFW)
if you want to chat with your friends here's a empty server (we're broke on members lol)
Join Discord's ultimate shitposting central post your best memes and john wick needs your credit card number. Someone is already Tracer though and subscribing to T-Series is an instant ban.
This is likely the most accesible server and at the same time safe.
In here you can meme around and share memes with strangers you maybye did not ever meet before.

This server is 14+ because here you can use strong language and so.

Join or I will eat your children.
Welcome to my small discord server full of loads of crap and way too many goddamn categories such as places to post cursed memes, listen to music, quote dumb shit we say with no context what so ever, and dick around with some meme worthy bots. You can meet tons of great and unfunny members that you’ll probably regret talking to including me. (But I still love them) As an Admin, usually the trouble maker in this server. So prepare to put up with a lot of bull shit from me and the other members involved. Before you come into the server though, I politely ask that you please read the server rules and info as well as discord’s terms of service before you play around in the server. Thanks! Hope you enjoy your stay! -M
hola, call me daddy clout ;))
this is a cancer server
join at ur own risk
see ya :D