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CheeZe CheeZe
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I wish I could give it 0 stars
So, I don't normally do reviews. But, by goodness, this deserves one. I won't go much into the writing. Some people enjoy one-lining but it's not for me. What I'm here to write about is the unfair staff and rules.

I've seen the general chat deleted, been told that people got muted or put into slow mode for asking questions about some of the server's rules. Namely: changing the gender/sexuality of a character is not allowed. And, by their logic, that means everyone in canon is straight unless straight-up explicitly mentioned otherwise. Not only does this stifle player's creativity and interactions, this is clearly homophobic and transphobic despite what the staff might tell themselves. This is the classic "I can't be a homophobe, I have gay friends" excuse.

Who is to say these characters aren't actually gay or trans? It's terribly uncreative to think that a franchise needs to out every single character in order for them to possibly be part of a wonderful community.

When I expressed interest in a character and mentioned my partner joining as well with me as a duo, I was merely met with an insulting and immature "Ew". I could say the same about this server and its owner.

The owner (KF) can make any excuse they like. But I speak on behalf of many when I say that it is clear, cut and dry that this person is a homophobic and transphobic bigot and uses rules as well as the "sanctity" of canon as an excuse.

Even people just posting ship art of gay characters got banned with no warning and explanation.

Oh, not only that, but the owner goes into other servers in order to send unsolicited invites in DMs in order to try and drag them into this terrible server. Anyone who also goes into the server gets annoying frequent DMs from the owner, pestering them to audition and RP.

I wish I could give it no stars and warn any that look for decent writing and a welcoming community to stay well away from it.

As one of the people unjustly banned for questioning terrible rules said: "This server is a b r u h moment."
Polarsin ⚡ Polarsin ⚡
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Legacy Atalaya
Un servidor inspirado en DC COMICS pero de eso nada mas, es como una familia, al entrar fácilmente te trataran como uno de ellos
hay diferentes juegos que puedes jugar como lol, wow, osu, minecraft entre otros, diferentes temas de conversación y diversión infinita
Dame●♤~Pride / Akira~♤○ Dame●♤~Pride / Akira~♤○
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Unique and friendly server.
I like the server, it's a unique theme of hawaii years into the future, the way to make an OC is clear and not strict and it is all original.

The people are also friendly and help out when they can.
kz 🎱 kz 🎱
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Great RP
The RP has an excellent training system, so you don't have to type paragraphs for hours to 'train' but you don't just get what you want easily either. It's very balanced and has custom plot, villages, et cetera. Overall great.
L£g£nd4r¥ L£g£nd4r¥
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Fortnite clan
Very good discord server with different channels , some for the clan an others to talk with other people
envymeenergy envymeenergy
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nice admins and rules are enforced to ensure a non toxic community! I would reccomend that you join .
Black𝓑𝓲𝓵𝓮 Black𝓑𝓲𝓵𝓮
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Fav Server
Definitely my favorite server on Discord. I find myself always coming back for more whenever I join their VCs or NSFW chats. I can't help but love the staff and members!
ItzSkye ItzSkye
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Funny People, Great Environment
It’s been almost a year since I’ve joined molly, it’s an amazing server with great people. Really worth joining.
hideri hideri
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Comunidade amigável.
O pessoal do grupo eh bem amigavel, bem gente boa, e interagem bastante, tem um servidor 24h do AO (Attorney Online) e no geral eh bem legal.
Oj Oj
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Best Roleplay Server
I understand as an admin, I have a bias. But I was never in the circle of the admin team. Through good roleplaying, knowledge of the server, and the staff's help, I became one of the most active and highest ranking members on the server.
Cyber Cyber
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If you are patient, then this may be a fit for you.
The three stars go for the patience of the server owner in reviewing my application and giving me (mostly) valuable feedback. I unfortunately must deduct two for several reasons:

- I spent hours making a 1500+ word character biography, made it into a fancy pdf and even gone through the trouble of making a google account so they could review it. I followed the advice of not one not two but three reviews, only to be denied because I did not put up two paragraphs of my character's physical description... Even though his physical traits are listed out very clearly in the biography. Additionally they were asking for chronology in a biography where chronology was in fact applied. Apparently I did not title my paragraphs well enough for them.

- Speaking of the format, I don't understand the "formatting nazism" of this server. Touching back on the previous point, they ask for two paragraphs for your character description on top of a separate list in the general biography where you already have to include your character's age, height, weight, eye color, hair / fringe color, build, etc. To ask for two paragraphs is really, really much. Additionally they ask us to provide our character's physical flaws, which opens us up to metagame. Anyone can view your application, see the flaws you listed, and use that knowledge against you without their own character having any IC knowledge of the sort.

- They also ask for another two paragraphs for your character's personality, and will not allow you to use your exceptional skills that are branched off of your character's psychology, in addition to a simple list with brief explanations of your character's psychological traits. I do not understand the reason for this.

- They have a no-lurkers rule, which makes no sense especially when you are busy with life and are not on discord 24/7.

I see a lot of interesting characters and may even generate the patience to go back and conform my application to their standards, but honestly it seems pointless especially with the server's activity being as low as it is... I strongly suggest for them to ease on their application requirements to allow new characters to be brought in and thus permit more activity in their server roleplay.
Coaster King Coaster King
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Ist Zuverlässig und es sind fiele tolle Leute vertreten :)
24 /7 Musik bot
Alle sind Hilfsbereit
Guter Support
Cooles Level System
Coole gratis Wallpaper
Mr. Bakbuki Mr. Bakbuki
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Free cards
the staff are nice and you get free cards from this server.
i love this server so much!
Emily2 Emily2
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Great Server
Unique Server, good stuff. Trash Staff, join and make it better :D

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Review should contain at least 80 characters.
Review should contain at least 80 characters.
Firegirl Firegirl
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My Favorite Server
This is truly and honestly my favorite Discord server that I have ever been apart of. Everyone is super nice and welcoming once you get verified. They have truly become a family to me. Krexa (the owner) is honestly a wonderful person to talk to and you can tell she truly loves the community she has built. The only part of the server you might not enjoy is the welcome channel when you first join but, as long as you're a girl and get verified the community will welcome you and be there for you as you need. Everyone in the community is extremely supportive and loving to the wonderful women who get verified. I have made so many connections in this server. It's just such an amazing community. If you are a woman looking for other women to be around I would 100% recommend this server to you.
FloMark FloMark
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Trixer Trixer
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Good server friendly staff amazing admin named Matthew helps alot. Owner is a E-girl so have fun simps/e-boys
MrEdgariux MrEdgariux
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Žiauriai geras serveris, rekomenduoju užeiti, labai linksmą vidui taipogi man reikia parašyti iki 80 žodžiu, kad galėčiau papostinti šita reviewą!!
Sub to Lowy Sub to Lowy
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So lit🔥
Fun sever, open to anyone, just a bit inactive at times, but an awesome community trying to grow. No drama what so ever, does giveaways every now and then. This server is just a vibe trying to always grow. All in all, very cool, fun and chill server. Rating : 8 out of 10
• 𝕀𝕝𝕝𝕦𝕤𝕚𝕠𝕟 • • 𝕀𝕝𝕝𝕦𝕤𝕚𝕠𝕟 •
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It’s, not that hard to tell tbh.

The owner of this server stole from obviously multiple servers that have put hard work and dedication into what they have created. When questioned about it, he simply deleted the messages and banned the people.

Lovely people. I’m loosing my trust in the human race.
SuckMyBalls SuckMyBalls
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Lol nice
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Good Server
I have been in this server for over 1 year now and i have met so much people and i just found everything about the server great the roles system, the channel layout and the community
Szajn Szajn
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Jest fajnie, bo ja tutaj jestem. Dlatego nie krępować się, wbijać, gdyż ja nie gryzę, lecz połykam w całości. ~ Szajn
santomb santomb
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i love it :) it cool there so many things u can do there and u can talk about a lot of things

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