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SorPoDor SorPoDor
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השרת SonicIL Club
שרת טוב 40 איש הצוות שיש טוב
הגרלות איוונטים ומלא דברים שעושים
שרת אחד הטובים לפי דעתי
N̵̎̔ư̸̔l̵͊͑l̴̈͌ȉ̵͊ț̶̐y̸̛͋ N̵̎̔ư̸̔l̵͊͑l̴̈͌ȉ̵͊ț̶̐y̸̛͋
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Literally to get it to show up
The RP is set in an alternate timeline where the main characters never existed. Create your character and embark on thrilling battles. Push yourself to the limit and even unlock super Saiyan
Woodyinho Woodyinho
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The perfect server
It really is what the title said. Chat, gamble, play games, listen to music, buy waifus, look at memes with fun people on the server from different backgrounds and cultures. You can also choose your own role and rank up the kore active you are!
Juice.EXE Juice.EXE
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Good people
In this server you get to see a wide range of people, which is always fun for me. It keeps a group from being stale or boring. Plus, there's more chances of finding the right people to vibe with.
LeenaLie LeenaLie
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Absolut gute Aufteilung. Übersichtlich gestaltet und gut erklärt sowie gutes und freundliches Personal :)
Also ich finde es ist ein top Server zum chilln, labern und mit Freunden talken
Nedai Nedai
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i like that server
i like that server i like that server i like that server i like that server i like that server i like that server i like that server i like that server
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I am apart of this server and it's so much fun! The people are awesome and so is the owner. Yes it's kinda slow rn but that is because we don't have a lot of people.
Janni Janni
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Super Community
Bin seit knapp 5 Tagen auf diesem Server und habe schon viele witzige Stunden erlebt - manchmal bis spät in die Nacht trotz Arbeit.
Sehr freundliche und hilfsbereite Community, ist auf jeden Fall ein Besuch wert! :)
Paolix Paolix
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Une ambiance familiale
Ce serveur est très cool.J'y suis depuis fin juillet 2019.Je trouve que ce serveur à une ambiance assez familiale.Le point positif c'est que le staff parle beaucoup avec nous ce qui n'est toujours le cas dans les autres serveurs.Le serveur peut-être très actif mais en même temps mort.J'y trouve que du plaisir dessus je vous conseille vivement d'y aller.
Akiko Akiko
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Un serveur cool et accueillant
Ce serveur est top. Avec une équipe accueillante et à l'écoute. Je pensais pas trouver un serveur où je ne serai pas juger et puis finalement il y a eu la caverne. Ce serveur est vraiment top, je vous conseille de le rejoindre et sa créatrice serait vraiment ravis de vous accueillir dans son serveur
Jake Cook Jake Cook
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There are multiple channels in which you can connect on with others that play multiple Forza Games, for example, Motorsport 7 or Horizon 4. They also host competitions to do with photo taking skills and paint jobs! Excellent.
ALivingNobody ALivingNobody
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My Hero Acdemia Server Review
I really like the people there, they're all so nice. I also like how the moderators keep everything at bay. A really good server if someone were to ask me.
uvijekjepriruci uvijekjepriruci
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Amazing staff server really great community
top1pomorze top1pomorze
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Serwer jest mega, gdy prosiłem o role to dostałem ją w minute a administrator byl offline <3 Polecam z całego serduszka ,3
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Great Progress So Far!
With almost 100 active members and counting we now have a good community with a real mixed level of individual experience.

Members who are inactive are also removed after 30 days, so the ones who stay are the ones who want to be there and contribute!
C̏̿̌ͬͭ͛ͤ͆̐̈́́̂͜҉̶͈̺̳̱͟ C̏̿̌ͬͭ͛ͤ͆̐̈́́̂͜҉̶͈̺̳̱͟
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Very friendly people, relaxed, And funny. Im enjoying the server so far! And can't wait to see it grow into something bigger!
YT-Redsneax YT-Redsneax
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bewertung von REDSNEAX
eigt alles gut......................................................................................................................................................................................................................
Adaśśśś Adaśśśś
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Serwer jest bardzo fajny, dostajemy rangi od razu gdy wejdziemy na serwer, jest duzo botow i nie jest przedewszystkim nudno! Polecam
tycho.79724 tycho.79724
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Design review
Ze kunnen goed designen zeker een aanrader ❤️🔥 Ze kunnen goed designen zeker een aanrader ❤️🔥 Ze kunnen goed designen zeker een aanrader ❤️🔥 Ze kunnen goed designen zeker een aanrader ❤️🔥
Space GamerX Space GamerX
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what a weird server
lmao this is the best server ever i can always be myself aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i neeed 80 charactersssssssssssssss
vicelord vicelord
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Najlepszy serwer randkowy
Najlepszy serwer randkowy, znajdziesz połówkę ze swojej okolicy. Gorące dziewczyny
Adohorn Adohorn
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La Voglia di Ruolare
In questo Server si può ruolare costantemente. E' una cosa che non ho visto da altre parti
just.me just.me
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super cool
i just joinend and the owner is super friendly. There are cool bots and super friendly people!!!!!!!! ITS so cool and i love this server!!!!!!!!!! the owner(queen) is super funny and makes cool jokes. I love this server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay enough lol°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°
Kurogane Kurogane
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Active japanese learning server ngl
I learn alot of things here and met someone awesome here, so why not hop in this server and try to be comfy here. UwU OwO

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