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Je vous présente "CAI - Centre d'aide Informatique".
Nous vous aidons dans les montage de votre ordinateur, nous vous donnons des conseils pour vos configurations, nous pouvons vous aider dans la programmation, nous vous aidons à essayer de réparer votre machine si elle ne fonctionne plus,...

Nous recherchons des développeurs dans chaque langage pour l'entraide. Nous recherchons aussi des personnes ayant des connaissances dans d'autres domaines comme le hardware,...

Nous vous attendons avec impatience.

À très bientôt !
Ekivium is a hacking/cyber-security server with a growing community, where you can get help with programming, share your code, work on projects with the entire server, try to win a challenge and chat with cool people!
Welcome to our community run Java Programming Server! We're a community with a diverse range of beginners to experienced professionals, all with a desire to learn and improve!

We have several focused channels including:

- Dedicated and moderated help chats
- Project showoff
- Question of the Day and daily discussion

Come and participate - whether you are learning or grinding out Java Beans, we welcome all contribution!
Come here for support with anything technical. We can help with PCs, game problems, and much more. We are always looking for people who know their way around stuff like this. We have support for nearly 24 hours. Come and join us for help and maybe even stick around!
Art Sellers Compendium is a server for sharing various places you may sell your art in! This server is focused on connecting artists to clients so they can sell their work. We specialize in featured servers which help content creators in starting out online commissions.

✦ A wide variety of art, graphic design, and game development servers you may sell in
✦ Advice in selling content online and how to set up your commission business
✦ Software events
Gametester Community is a German Gametester Community. We are Steam Curator and making Gametests, Lets Plays and Live Streams on Twitch. We make Game Key Giveaway Events, Gaming Events and Game-Quiz.
Visit us and have fun:
We're a community of digital creatives building awesome things together! From our Twitch streams where we create open source games and apps together, to the inclusive digital incubator we run, Dev Launchers has been lovingly crafted to help people grow and flourish in the digital age. Whether you're looking for people to connect with for your next project, or in the process of learning a new set of skills, come say hello! Make new friends while making things that matter.
Hi there fellow discorder!
Are you looking for a place to be yourself and chill!
This server is for you, we chill and talk.
It'll be great if you joined in!!!
Programming Space is discord server about programming & developement. There are anime, meme and gaming channels.
A growing server for programming enthusiasts. We have a team dedicated to clearing your doubts, channels for awesome discussions on hot topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence and cyber security, a channel dedicated to projects and a channel for job postings as well.

SnowSec is a computer science related discord server! We are a new server and beginner-friendly! We would love to help out with any issues you may have or any questions you have. We have multiple experts available.
Os presento el nuevo server de hardware gaming y software

Aquí podrás aprender cosas nuevas acerca de la informática, desde desarrollo web y componentes hasta configuraciones avanzadas de software.

De momento somos solo 480 personas pero crecemos rápido.
Únete y encuentras la solución que necesitas, aprende y adquiere experiencia ayudando a los demás.
print ("Well hey there! You're looking for a tech server? Well, here you go! At here, we talk about tech stuff, either it's just phones or something very cool like Linux! We also accept Apple fans, don't worry. If you want to talk tech 24/7, this place could be a good place just for that. We got some cool admins too! Join the fun boys!")

Türkiye 'deki en büyük Instagram sayfalarının oluşturduğu ve şu an 1000+ üyesi bulunan Türkiye Geliştiriciler Topluluğu
Yaklaşık 2 senedir ünlü Udemy hocaları ile beraber oluşturduğumuz bu toplulukta, yeni projeler oluşturduk, hatalarımızı paylaşıp çözüm bulduk ve onlarca kesimden yazılımcı ile bilgi paylaşıp sohbet ettik. Sizi de aramızda görmekten mutlu oluruz. Hadi Katıl!
Stelle hier deine Fragen, so blöd sie auch sein mögen! Du bekommst definitiv so schnell wie nur möglich eine Antwort, die Mitglieder werden dir sicher weiterhelfen!
A community of student and professional developers. Join us for free instruction, paired programming, code/project review, collaboration, and more. Looking for exposure to new concepts? Engage in peer review on your projects? Want to shout to the world that your API is online and ready for use? Looking for help getting through your latest assignment or project? If you can ask a good question you're like to find a good answer here!

If you're more on the expert side and you're so inclined you can engage in the Feinberg method of learning, where you reinforce what you do know and spot weaknesses in your own studies, by teaching a few code-along courses or just share your latest project.

Regardless of your skill level though we are eager to have individuals from the software development sphere to collaborate and converse with. To teach and be taught.
In short: We'd love to have you. Come on in!
this is a discord server where you can get free software for windows / mc maps / fps boost / roblox stuff